Chapter 208 – Editor’s Notes & Demon Realm Tour Group

Editor-in-Chief’s Notes:

“I was in a very busy period when I was writing the editor-in-chief note of this issue. Everyone knows what happened before, war, negotiation, follow-up, and recently, we finally opened the Demon Mall to the Dijon tribe. Now that the war is over, several parties shook hands and made peace, although there is no sense of urgency anymore, the follow-up is just too much, after all, it was a war, how many people were involved in the war. I can’t help but lament how many people have to pay the price for one man’s capriciousness and one country’s capriciousness. Sigh, hate, I swear I will never forgive those who started the war. The truth behind the war will be announced in the future, the Dijon tribe is also innocent in a sense, a victim, and is now allied with us, so let’s leave the hatred elsewhere for the time being, everyone.

These few issues of the magazine focus more on reality, and some readers have responded that they don’t like to read too many realistic things, and prefer to have fun reading novels, watching movies, and reading my funny editor-in-chief’s notes, I understand what people think, but what I want to say is that we can be happy, and can enjoy the fantasy out of reality, because someone has held up reality for us, so we can stand on the reality to enjoy those things. The rise and fall of our country is the responsibility of every man, not only for the sentiment of ‘patriotism’ and ‘love of one’s majesty’, but also for the benefit of all of us.

Winter is a season of farewell, New Year is coming, we have experienced enough things in the past year and accumulated enough memories to make us smile, brood, cry, happy, and painful. This issue has a special column looking back on this year, “Demon Realm Magazine” invited Supergirl, Hell’s Frontline, the siren singer, Sandy, and Theodore, who has now become the Grand Chancellor’s assistant, to give a special review of the year, oh, and the special guests include me, of course, I have to get involved everywhere I go, haha. ——Open the magazine, you will see the annual summary of the renowned Great Demon King, Grindelwald, himself.

Hey! That’s right! I think you’ve all heard that I’m a Demon King now, hahahaha… Okay, Baron Baker glanced at my editor-in-chief notes when he first came in and told me that my Demon King prestige has been wiped out through this series of ‘hahaha’. Those who are loyal to the Church scriptures will cry when they see me like this, and it is estimated that they will start to ask, ‘This is a f*cking demon king? Are you f*cking kidding me?’. But to be honest, I have seen the description of the Demon King in the Church scriptures, I, hahaha, hahaha… But there is one description that is very correct, that is, the Demon King likes to eat Paladins. Yes, that’s what I am.

Cough, I wasn’t talking crooked. Let’s get down to business.

In this column, Professor Binns will use a leisurely tone to tell us about the daily life of the Magnolia School of Magic. He is so immortal that he actually writes the taste of youth and vitality, which makes me feel very strange;

Then there is the travelogue of the Succubus Castle brought by our familiar bard, Grant. Oh yes, he brings a Demon Realm travelogue in every issue of the magazine. In this issue, he finally arrived at the Succubus Castle that everyone was looking forward to. If you want to know what the Succubus Castle looks like, then quickly open the magazine, hey;

Next is the photography brought by Defoni, the two-time winner of the photography contest that we are very familiar with. He was one of the guests at the Ice Emperor’s wedding. This time, he brought us some photography of the much-anticipated fairy tale wedding. In addition, he also visited some soldiers who came back from the front line, photographed how they healed the wounds in their hearts after the war, and photographed the families of the deceased…

Finally, there is Xiaohuo’s (Little Fire) column. He brought us the recipe of fried steak with rosemary, and he also wickedly took a photo with the finished product. When I was sorting out the manuscript late at night, I was so hungry when I saw this. Oh yes, this is the legendary Howl of the Demon King that is so famous that the entire Church of Light is afraid of it!

Compared with the previous issues, this issue has clearly returned to a peaceful life, and it feels good to know how precious such a peaceful life is after experiencing fluctuations. ‘Don’t be dissatisfied with your life, the most dreamed of is an ordinary life.’ Next, allow me to give a little publicity to our next Dark Elf album, titled “Over the Top,” and I assure you, with Baron Baker’s chastity, that the whole album is very good.

Well, the editor-in-chief note of this issue ends here. Once again, I wish you a Happy New Year! “

The last issue of the magazine was themed for the New Year, and there were a lot of photos of the demons celebrating the New Year, which made readers yearn for it.

Because there are more and more programs on the magic phone, the role of the magazine seems to have declined a little, but at the current stage, the magazine still has an irreplaceable and absolute role.

Now the public has become accustomed to buying “Demon Realm Magazine”, Hill has also lowered the price of “Demon Realm Magazine”. After all, there are too many channels to make money now, so there is no need to use magazines to make money. There are lottery draws on the street to send magazines, movie tickets to send magazines, all kinds of gifts, and there is a free reading area in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall – nowadays, all literate people are probably reading “Demon Realm Magazine”, so you can imagine its influence. If it weren’t for the fear of being wasteful, Hill would have wanted to give away “Demon Realm Magazine” for free.

However, the price of the magic phone and its ancillary products, Hill is not going adjust it for the time being, so let’s continue to maintain the previous luxury concept.

The school in the demon realm is currently on the right track, and half of the main teachers in it are paladins, which is a hell of a scene. Hill thought. That said, Hill found himself boasting about the demon culture to humans, and human culture to demons. Maybe one day, the two races will really complement each other.

Most of the human beings in the demon realm today are the poor class, who came to do manual work. Hill gradually gave the production of some ordinary goods to these humans to carry out, at the same time, he also opened a lot of factories in the human world, entering into various fields, in other words, Hill has provided a large number of jobs for human beings, which has greatly promoted the development of the economy.

Then there’s the Dijon people. The mood of the Dijon people has been ups and downs recently. First of all, it was announced that they would attack Mülheim for glory, so they attacked, anyway, they did this every year, and then they immediately got defeated, and suffered a heavy loss. This made the people of Dijon feel very angry, and then the peace talks followed, which the Dijon people considered to be a disgrace. But they didn’t have time to feel humiliated for long, because the chief died unexpectedly?

Then the new chief’s operation left them at a loss. The new chief drove away the Church of Light and welcomed the Dark Church. In retaliation, the Oitin Empire stationed their troops in the southern territory of Dijon, the Dijon people had not had time to scold the new chief, and the chief himself stood up and explained that our country had long been eroded by the Church of Light, and they themselves were annexing us little by little. You see, they were able to take our southern territory without any effort, and the soldiers in the south have all become members of the Church of Light. This is proof.

As soon as the Dijon people heard it, they felt reasonable, and then they wanted to take revenge on the Church of Light.

And then, the Demon Realm Shopping Mall opened.

At first, the people of Dijon thought that compared to the previous big events, the opening of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall was just a trivial matter, the result, after some time had passed, they suddenly realized that although the previous events seemed to a big deal, it didn’t really affect their daily lives, but the Demon Mall was different, it was like a demon that quickly drained their pockets of money, and they actually willingly wanted to spend more money?

Dijon is different from people in other countries. They don’t have the habit of saving money. They are actually more used to barter. As a result, as soon as the Demon Mall came out, they all began to use currency and start saving money. The elders of Dijon almost cried, they worked hard for more than ten years, hoping to circulate the currency, but it didn’t work. Now it was easily done by a demon mall. What is this, should they be happy? Should they be relieved? Should they be moved… All these made them feel sour and painful for a while.

Ice Emperor Claude once also experienced this feeling. At that time, the major lords were reluctant to send their children to Winter City. He and his father worked hard for a long time but couldn’t do it. The result, those noble young masters were attracted by the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, and were willing to live in Winter City… Forget it, it’s considered a good thing after all.

Ha ha. Ha ha. Dry laugh.

Those food, those movies, those music albums, those novels… A lot of Dijon people were not very willing to learn the common language. Well now, they started to learn the common language in order to read novels. The Dijon elders were dumbfounded when they found out about this.

“We must be vigilant about this. In just one week, the influence of the demons is already greater than that of the Church of Light in the past!” said a Dijon elder forcefully.

“How to be vigilant? How exactly?” the current Chief, Mattis, asked, “Close the Demon Realm Restaurant?”

“Well… there’s no need to close the Demon Realm Restaurant. After all, it’s just food. Ahem, so it doesn’t matter. Ahem, it’s delicious after all,” a Dijon elder said a little guiltily.

“Should the cinema be closed?” Mattis asked.

“Um…” a Dijon elder fell into contemplation.

Mattis said leisurely: “Iron Man 2 is coming out soon.”

A Dijon elder immediately said: “I think the movie theater can also be preserved. After all, it’s all made up stories, so it doesn’t matter.”

“Okay.” Chief Mattis nodded, then he said, “Magic phones? Should we ban it?”

A Dijon elder was dumbfounded, he was still playing all night last night… No, he was studying “Red Moon” all night, and that Weibo was also quite interesting…

Chief Mattis knew what he meant by looking at his expression, so he continued to ask: “What about the other things in the Demon Mall? The Demon Realm Magazine?”

“No,” another elder said, “The Demon Realm Magazine publishes a lot of the latest news, and we have to keep an eye on it.”

So, everyone fell silent…

The meeting appeared to be a complete failure. It failed completely. The other side hadn’t even made a move yet and their group had already thrown out their own strategy.


Hill handled everything at hand with great efficiency, and when the people of Dijon were still immersed in the feeling of discovering a new world, an explosive news was announced: the first wave of the demon realm tour group was officially opened.

After transforming the Demon Realm for so long, the Siren Palace, the settlements of various races, various manors, hot spring resorts, and including the railroad, can finally bring direct economic benefits. Nowadays, the pirate immersive theater welcomes a group of players every 40 days, and if the Demon Realm Tourism is also fixed, then the money will pour into the pocket like flowing water. Hill is now happy to develop the economy for humans, improving their technology so that they can generate more income and make more money.

Because only when humans make more money, can he earn more and more money from humans. Happy.

“Demon Realm Magazine” says:

“Floating Island + Dark Forest + Black Dwarf Snow Mountain + Blood Clan Castle + Underwater Sea World, a total of ten days of luxury tours are waiting for you here.

In addition to seeing the beautiful scenery that can only be seen in movies and magazines, you will also experience an unprecedented hot spring resort (including milk bath, flower bath, medicinal bath, red wine bath, etc.), and you can also go to the goblins’ gathering area of Scarborough market to buy a variety of interesting small goods and works of art, you can also dive with the help of the siren, get close to the magical sea, sit in the ghost-faced bird and fly over the crater where the dragon inhabits, and in the ghosts’ Deathstroke Town to enjoy the dance of ghosts… a dream trip to the exotic demon realm, I cordially invite you to have a long ten-day daydream with me.

You can enjoy the falling snow in the transparent glass room, listen to the rustling wind outside in the treehouse, and fall asleep on the big boat with the sound of the waves… The tour group will be divided into multiple teams, each team has 9 tourists, and each team will be equipped with two guides, one human and one demon, to get close contact with the mysterious demons, and experience an unparalleled enjoyment.

We have everything ready, what are you waiting for? “

There is no need to use the magic mobile phone to promote it. After Hill’s advertisement came out, it is no exaggeration to say that it immediately caused an uproar in the three countries.

“Demon Realm Tour Group! Demon Realm! I can really go to Demon Realm!”

“Wow—! Hot spring resort, what is that, hot spring? Milk bath? Flower bath? Wow, I’m looking forward to it! I’m going, I’m going!”

“Rest in a glass house! A house made of glass! It’s too luxurious!”

“Wuwuwu, I want to go to see the Siren Princess’ palace, you can go to the Siren Princess’ palace, wuwuwu…”

“It’s really like walking in a dream scene, no matter how much money is fine! Isn’t it just gold coins? I’ll give it to you!”

“This has been my dream place since I saw my first movie.”

“I want to see these sceneries with my lover and experience these feelings together, it must be beautiful.”

“I used to think that life was just like this, constantly repeating the path that my father had taken, inheriting the title and serving His Majesty, but then, His Royal Highness Grindelwald… No, after His Majesty appeared, he brought us a lot of things, and I discovered that life could actually be this interesting, and I could also enjoy so much scenery… really, he changed my mind, my perception, everything about me.”

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