Chapter 209 – The First Batch of the Demon Realm Tour Group√

Andy Andrews said in his book “The Traveler’s Gift”: “At least we should have two impulses in life, one is for the love regardless of all consequences, another is for the travel we can leave anytime.” This statement is now spread through the network so well known that it has almost become a buzzword. The author then adds a slightly extreme line in the book, but Hill likes it: “A life without travel can only be called survival.”

The modern level of development has given people the basic conditions to travel around the world, Hill likes to travel, when he was still on Earth, he considered travel a kind of pilgrimage. Since born in this world, the world is so big, so many interesting people, so many beautiful sceneries, and you only live in a small city forever, even only revolve around work and life, such a disappointing thing to do in life.

Hill is gradually instilling this notion into the people of the other world.

You live for yourselves, not for God. You fight for yourselves, not for illusory beliefs. You are your own masters, and you have the right to enjoy your own lives.

It was not obvious in peacetime, but in previous wars, this idea was directly displayed in front of people.

Back to travel. People from the other world have the concept of travel, but their proportion among the nobles is not high. The main reason for this is the development of productivity. The other world has beautiful scenery, but the infrastructure is too poor. For some noble ladies, travel means long-distance labor, poor conditions, poor quality of food, difficulty sleeping at night, loud noises, difficulty showering, etc. After forming this idea, some noble ladies even thought that women who liked to travel were “too wild” and ridiculed them for acting like men and being too strange. Originally, Olivia was classified in this category, but now she has successfully stepped out of the criticism of others and stood at a height that those who laughed at her could only look up to.

The travel advertised by the Demon Realm is obviously different.

Hill began to instill in humans the concept of how good the demon realm is when he made the first movie. He used “let’s have a long daydream together” as the slogan of the demon realm tour group, which is exactly an arrow to the heart. Then Hill clarified the superiority of the accommodation conditions in the publicity, coupled with the temptation of delicious food, so that the people who disliked traveling itself immediately put down their worries. Once the defenses were off, they were left with a wholehearted desire to go.

There are a lot of nobles who signed up for the tour. Apart from their yearning for the demon realm, there is another reason, if they become the first group of tourists in the demon realm, they will be admired by others when they return to the human world, and become the object of everyone’s attention in banquets… This is another very big temptation for the nobles. For both public and private, and for love and reason, they all don’t want to miss this trip.

The Ghost Binns, one of the five elders, is responsible for registration and fees. Ghost Binns was full of emotion when he took over the job. It’s only been two years, he still remembers the contemptuous eyes of the humans toward the demons when negotiating the treaty, those scenes are still vivid in his mind. But now, humans actually think that chasing the demons is chasing the fashion. They are proud of being close to the demons, and they are willing to pay so many gold coins to come to the demon world. This is really too moving. Ghost Binns thought so, and habitually squeezed out tears, and then his subordinates quickly stepped forward to use the crystal bottle to put away the tears. This is the daily life of Ghost Binns.

Because of the plan to develop in the direction of popularization, the price of the tour group is not sky-high, but the first batch must have both backdoors and money. After just one week, the quota of 30 tourists was full, and all of them were great nobles of the Magnolia Empire, Mülheim, and Dijon tribes.

By the way, the people of the Dijon tribe don’t trust the demons very much, but they are reckless, ah! Demon Realm is beautiful? Interesting? Delicious food? Then go, whether there is danger or not, just go. …Actually, if they were on the same side, Hill quite liked the character of the Dijon people.


Tara is the first tourist of the Demon Realm Tour Group.

He was born in a noble family of the Dijon tribe. The Dijon do not have a family name, only a first name, which symbolizes that they belong completely to themselves. However, if they wanted to, they could add the clan’s name to their own name, but few people do that now as the boundaries between tribes are gradually disappearing.

The seat of nobility in Dijon is not hereditary, and everyone has to work hard on their own – at least on the surface. But the fact is, where there are people, it is inevitable to have selfishness and this selfishness secretly bypasses the system and exacerbates the inequities. In addition, a good background means good material conditions and educational conditions, so the children of nobles still have the advantage in all aspects. Despite this, it is still easier for commoners to get ahead here than in the Magnolia Empire.

Tara’s father was an elder of the Dijon tribe, and his father was a powerful figure in Dijon. After the tour group appeared, his father asked him to join, but Tara himself had little interest in it. This is mainly because he was running around when the Demon Mall was hot. He took part in the war against Mülheim, and he felt a little sad and melancholy about the deaths of several of his brothers under magic crystal weapons.

In fact, under normal circumstances, the Dijon people actually do not fear death and do not resist death, but this time is obviously different, Tara feels that their deaths are really worthless.

If it was a competition with the opponent’s real sword, if the opponent pierced the chest with a knife and died, he would feel that his brothers died a good death, and he would bless their fearless eternal life, bless their bones and grassland into one, and turn them into nutrients for the grassland.

But the death this time is undoubtedly absurd. They were shot by the improved magic crystal guns before they could even rush to the Mulheim people, and then they were completely killed by the magic crystal bomb that fell from the sky. It’s so frustrating. Tara thought. This is not the way a grassland warrior should die.

The families of his two friends were selected as cannon fodder for the first wave of the attack at that time, so all of them died. After the war, he followed the custom of the Dijon tribe and held a three-day wake for his friends’ loved ones on the battlefield in their place. Three days later, the war began to wind down, and he accompanied the troops to collect the remnants of the army along the way, pacify the civilians, and redirect the scattered ones back to the tribe. Mülheim looted a number of their towns along the way, but not indiscriminately killing innocents or setting fires, making the loss acceptable.

After doing all this, Tara returned to the Grassland Royal Court with the troops, and then his father ordered him to join the Demon Realm Tour Group before his butt was hot.

“Are you asking me to die? You are really my father,” Tara said, and then was beaten by his father with a stick.

Through his father’s explanation, Tara was dubious, how good is the Demon Realm? How is it possible? Then his father said that there were many nobles from the Magnolia Empire and Mülheim participating in this tour group, and they were top nobles. That he should take this as a task to approach them, seek information, and have a good relationship with them.

Tara accepted this statement, and he did a lot of psychological construction for himself. I am a grassland warrior, and I am a man who will become an elder in the future, isn’t just the demon race? Back then, humans even defeated the demon race, the demon race was just a defeated race! …but to travel to the Demon Realm, it’s not much fun to think about, what is there in the Demon Realm? Lava? Withered plains? Blood-colored moonlight? Forget it, just treat it as a military mission. Tara thought so.

With such an idea in mind, he made complete preparations. On the day of departure, he hid the dagger in his shoes, carried a sharp knife, loaded a variety of weapons, and also wore an amulet.

A total of six Dijon people participated in the tour group. Tara knew these people, they all belonged to the noble class, but to Tara’s surprise, they actually gathered together and chatted excitedly, saying what ‘floating island’, what ‘siren princess’, and some unintelligible words to Tara. How did this happen? Tara couldn’t figure it out. Did these people really go there for fun? This made Tara feel unbelievable.

According to the itinerary, tourists from all over the world will go to Famagusta first, and go to the Demon Realm through the passage there.

Famagusta. Tara’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the name of the place. That legendary dark land is controlled by the Dark Church. He unconsciously looked at the few fellow clansmen who had traveled with him on this trip, but saw that they did not change color. Tara was suspicious, are these people so courageous? Shouldn’t he also pretend to be as brave as them? As a result, as Famagusta got closer and closer, Tara finally couldn’t help asking a relatively familiar fellow traveler in private: “Zorig, aren’t you nervous?”

“Nervous? A little nervous indeed,” said Zorig.

“I can’t see it at all,” Tara said.

“But it’s more of excitement, excited to see the scene in the dream,” Zorig said.

“A scene in a dream?” This description made Tara even more confused. He thought about it and asked: “We are going to the Dark Church in Famagusta…” The terrible power of the Dark Pope has been widely circulated in the Dijon army, and they have indeed fought the necromancer of the Dark Church before, so the shadow is quite deep.

Zorig was stunned for a moment, then said, “Oh… I forgot that you just came back, maybe you don’t know that now, the Dark Church has entered our territory, replacing the Church of Light.”

“What?” Tara blurted out. He knew that they were used by the Church of Light, and he also knew that Dijon and the Magnolia Empire had signed a contract with Mülheim, but he did not know that the Dark Church had actually replaced the Church of Light.

“But neither the god of darkness nor the god of light has anything to do with us,” Zorig said, “I believe in the god of the grassland, and I fight for Fabir Reinin and Dijon.”

Tara nodded after a few seconds: “Yes.”

“But the Dark Church is much better than the Church of Light.” Zorig grinned and patted Tara’s shoulder, “You’ll know soon.”

Know soon? What a joke. Tara frowned, he didn’t know what happened to these fellows, were they bewitched by demons?

They soon arrived in Famagusta, and to Tara’s surprise, it looked rich and beautiful, not the same as the dark land he imagined. Then their group met up with visitors from two other countries, and immediately began a burst of mutual introductions between nobles, Tara quickly entered the state, ready to meet a few more nobles of other countries by the way to gather information.

Tara actually looked down on the women of the Magnolia Empire in the past. He felt that these women were weak and deceitful, and they were inferior to the grassland women who could kill people on horses, but he felt a little fascinated by such contact. These young ladies from the Magnolia Empire were wearing beautiful clothes he had never seen before, their jewelry was inconceivably exquisite, and the good smell on their bodies made him a little moved. Do perfumes smell so good… He couldn’t help but wonder. He clearly remembered that the perfume of the Magnolia Empire was quite choking. They have delicate skin and beautiful makeup, and they all look like lovely angels. If Tara knew that the elements that made up the angels were all from the Demon Realm, he would probably faint on the spot.

All of them smiled restrainedly and behaved gracefully. For the first time, Tara recognized the beauty of restraint. He suddenly felt that restrained noblewomen had their charms as well, and he suddenly felt as if this task was not bad.

It didn’t take long for the tour guide who was in charge of taking them to the Demon Realm to come. The first one who came in was a demon. This was Tara’s judgment based on his overly burly body and the terrifying aura surging on his body. He was horrified, this demon could easily tear apart all the humans here, and the weapons he prepared were completely useless! As soon as he was stunned, he heard the noble lady of Magnolia, whom he had just met, scream: “Arman! It’s Lord Arman! Lord Arman, I love you so much!”

Tara: ? ? ?

Then the second sound came from an aristocratic girl from the Ice Empire who looked quite cold: “Mr. Arman! It’s nice to see you!” She almost roared.

Tara:  …

Then came the third sound, from a big woman weighing 200 pounds: “Mr. Arman, can I ride you like Mira?”

Tara: ? ! ? !

Who’s going to tell him what’s going on? Has the world gone crazy? What is happening? Are these women all bewitched by the demons?

Then Tara saw his companion Zorig come forward excitedly: “Mr. Arman, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m your loyal fan.”

Tara was struck by lightning. Well, men are also bewitched…

He thought that whatever happened next would not cause him mood swings, but the second tour guide came in, and the second tour guide, Juju, was actually a paladin… What the hell is this, this is not a fallen paladin, this is a paladin who can still use holy light. How come after working outside for more than half a month, the world has completely changed?

Tara just watched helplessly as the paladin stepped forward and bumped his fist with the demon dragon, then smiled and said some words of comfort to the tourists, and then they followed the demon dragon and the paladin through the passage to the Demon Realm, and onto a strange big iron box that the paladin called a train.

After getting on the train, Zorig saw that Tara was in a bad mood, so he came over and asked him, “What’s the matter? You seem to be very worried?”

“That demon… what’s going on?” Tara asked.

“Oh, he’s an actor, he plays the character of Arman in “He is a Dragon”. He is also one of the five elders of the demons. He is very powerful. I also have his photo album,” Zorig said.

Tara felt that he understood every word, but he didn’t understand all of them together. “Okay,” Tara said, “even if that demon is not dangerous, it’s not a good thing to come to the Demon Realm, right? Are you also forced by your father to perform a mission?”

“Ah?” Zorig said blankly, “Why is it not a good thing? It’s good.”

Tara was about to speak when the big iron box stopped, and then the paladin said with a smile, “First stop, the Endless Sea, everyone can get off.”

“What’s so good about the Demon Realm, I doubt you all are enchanted by the demons. Isn’t the Demon Realm just a…”

While talking to Zorig, Tara got out of the car with the tourists, and the scenery in front of him suddenly became bright, the blue sky, the beautiful sea of clouds, the golden sand, the coconut trees, and the peacock blue crystal-like sea. There are also beautiful and exquisite villas on the beach. On the second floor of the villa, there is a long slide leading directly to the sea. The sun is shining, and you can directly see that the table on the balcony of the villa is full of fruits and red wine, and there are also reclining chairs that look very cozy.

“Isn’t just a… f*ck… what is this…”

Tara said dumbly.

At this point, he feels that his worldview has been completely subverted.

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