Chapter 210 – Demon Realm Tour 2nd √

Tara ten minutes ago: You are bewitched by demons!


Tara 10 minutes later: Okay, I was bewitched by the demons too.



The visitors were divided into groups of three and checked into these pretty little cottages. Their guide, the Paladin, first took them into one of the cottages and introduced them to the specific use of the various pieces of furniture.

All the visitors were dazzled and enchanted by the amazing furniture that they had not heard of at all before.

The apparatus called refrigerator is a very magical cabinet. Tara can feel the magic aura on it when approaching, after he opens it, he finds that there are layers of drawers inside, with all kinds of wine, ice cream, and desserts. The interior of the refrigerator was carved with a simple refrigeration magic array researched by the scientific research department, which was naturally powered by magic crystals as the raw material.

The villa has an open-air bath, plus a large bath with a magical atmosphere. The entire style of the bath is Hill’s imitation of ancient Rome, embedded in the ground, with dozens of beautifully carved faucets, in addition to several buttons for different functions. One that can make big bubbles, one that can make foam, one that can adjust the water temperature, and one that press down to produce dense mist, which can circulate the water back and forth to massage the skin… The foam can hold people directly to the surface of the water if it accumulates enough. This bath was first modeled by Hill after the high-class bathtubs on Earth, and then referenced the prefect’s bathroom in Harry Potter.

There is a movie screen on the balcony, and the projection stones are sorted in a cabinet next to it, making it a small private theater with an ocean view.

“I think it’s fine to stay here for fifteen days.” One of the noble ladies of Magnolia City said this: “No need to go elsewhere, this is good enough.”

“I think so too,” another noble lady agreed.

It was a long journey, so after demonstrating the use of some furniture, the paladin tour guide announced that they would gather at 7:00 pm, and then let them go to their respective rooms to rest first. Tara is not sleepy, he is very excited now. It is said that there will be swimming time next, so the tour group specially prepared a kind of clothes called “swimsuit” for them, which can be worn directly into the sea. Tara first put on his own swimsuit, the upper and lower two pieces, a black tight-fitting clothes, the size is just right. His bare feet stepped across the wooden floor to the balcony, and what he saw was the crystal-clear sea.

In the middle of the balcony is a large circular pool, the pool and the sea are connected, with a comfortable hammock hanging above the water. Just looking at it, Tara feels that he is going to die on the spot.

What kind of beauty this is, he never thought that there is such an extreme scenery and extreme enjoyment in the world. He walked over and touched the hammock with his hand, and the hammock shook slightly, just in his palm. He was suddenly moved again, the dream lay in his palm. He leaned on the railing next to him and got on the hammock. There was a blue sky above his head, a blue sea under the hammock, the sea breeze was blowing, and there were occasional crisp chirping of seabirds. Before he knew it, he fell asleep.

This night, he slept very deeply, and Zorig, who was traveling with him, woke him up and said that it was time for dinner.

Dinner… Tara felt like his mood was broken a lot.

Among these human kingdoms, the food of the Fussen Empire is relatively the best, followed by the Dijon tribe. The grassland people’s barbecue is the best among humans, and their dairy craftsmanship is also quite good compared to other empires. Tara has also tried food from other countries such as Mülheim, and the conclusion of the attempt is: eating their food is for survival, not for living.

And the food of the demons, Tara did not have any expectations.

Is the food provided by the demons cooked? Or bloody? It was true that Dijon people used to eat bloody meat, but this practice has become less and less common. Even if he can eat it, what about the ladies from Magnolia City? Tara couldn’t help but think so. With such concerns in mind, he walked through the villas with everyone and came to the Marina Restaurant. There are lamps hanging from coconut trees, wooden tables and chairs under the coconut trees, and tropical flowers and fruits on the table, which looks very beautiful.

Let’s hope it’s not too bad. Tara thought. If not, he can eat more fruit to fill the hunger. He made such plans.

After everyone was seated separately, the first dish was brought up, and the human waiter introduced, “This dish is named Ants on the Tree.”

Tara:  …

Tara’s eyes widened, as expected of the demons, eating ants… Really…

In fact, when Hill first launched this dish, the demons thought he was going to be retro. After all, the things that the demons ate back then, such as fried bats, such as cockroaches in sugar juice… The name of this Ants on the Tree sounds quite the style of the food back then. But in fact, the name of the Ants on the Tree is taken from the shape of this dish, the minced meat pasted on the bean vermicelli looks quite like a bit of ants.

Tara was thinking that he might as well eat fruits when he was stunned by the strange aroma that hit his face. The fragrance of bean paste, the fragrance of mung bean vermicelli, the oily fragrance of chili peppers, and the meaty fragrance of white-spotted wild boars mixed together to form a unique fragrance that made him salivate.

This, what’s going on? Tara thought blankly. How can I have such a big appetite for a plate of ants? Does this food have the same magic as those “refrigerators” or something?

Before he could figure it out, he saw that Miss Magnolia City on the table next door rolled a part of the “Ant on the Tree” with a fork and put it into her mouth.


Tara was startled, and immediately thought that even those young ladies have the courage to eat this kind of food, so what is he afraid of? He stretched out his fork tragically, rolled it a bit and put it in his mouth, and then… his eyes widened.

The vermicelli is smooth and fragrant, very chewy, and the top is not ants at all, but minced meat. The minced meat is very crisp and fragrant, plus the burst of dried chili peppers, this bite almost made his soul fly to the sky.

What is this? What is this? Do demons usually eat these? This is really damn delicious ah?!

Tara roared in her heart.

Tara couldn’t help but take another bite. This time, he tasted more flavor. The refreshing taste of the vermicelli neutralized the overly rich and tangy taste, making the whole feeling just right… However, no bread to go with it? Next, the human waiter served a white staple food, which Tara did not know, so he asked Zorig next to him, and Zorig replied that it was rice, from the south.

The food that came next dazzled Tara, such as light but smooth and delicious steamed oysters, refreshing sweet juice, fresh and sweet mango sticky rice, wonderful coconut ice cream, slightly sour and delicious lemon steamed seabass…

The dinner this time is mainly based on the seaside style. The most popular among the noble ladies is the pineapple fried rice. This is a very Southeast Asian-style food. First, steam the demon rice with coconut milk, so that the fragrance of coconut and rice can be mixed. Then take a large pineapple, scoop out the pineapple meat and cut it into small pieces, fry it together with assorted vegetables and shrimp and other ingredients in order, put it into the hollowed-out pineapple, and finally put it all together in the oven… also known as the body of the fire elemental spirit chef, to simmer for another five minutes. Sprinkle a handful of cashew nuts after taking out, this taste is absolutely amazing. Full of golden yellow, dotted with floral green color, sweet and sour, but not only sweet and sour, the rich and multi-layered taste makes people feel relaxed and happy, plus the dish itself is rich in nutrients, it can be said to be the most delicious dinner at this dinner party.

Tara took a sip of the iced white wine and couldn’t help but think, if this is the plot of the demons, please continue this kind of plot, if this is a sugar-coated cannonball then Tara is going to nibble even this cannonball with intent.

His previous mental activities were so stupid, what was in his mind, why did he play so much drama? Tara couldn’t help but think. Then he thought, what the heck! Obviously, in theory, his previous thoughts were normal, okay? It turned out that he was a normal person… But this food is really delicious… hehehehehe… hehehe.

Halfway through the dinner, the gramophone on the other side of the restaurant played a song. It was “Just One Last Dance” by the newly popular siren singer, Sandy. This is a blues-style love song. In fact, it is a bit sad, but in the silence of the beach with blowing sea breeze, listening to it also has a special flavor.

“We meet in the night in the Spanish café
I look in your eyes just don’t know what to say


The wine and the lights and the Spanish guitar
I’ll never forget how romantic they are”

It really complements the scene in front of them somewhat.

Tara peeked over at Miss Magnolia City who was laughing and talking with her companions over there, he heard them call her Diane, Diane Leslie. She is really beautiful, the environment in front of her is also really beautiful, the music is really too good. Tara almost forgot about his “mission” at the moment.

On the first day, everyone was very excited. They ate their fill, drank a lot of wine, listened to a lot of songs, and were escorted all the way back to their small villa. Tara’s excitement hadn’t passed yet, and he pulled his companion and asked him to talk about the demon realm. They were lying on the water hammock chatting, and then Zorig opened the projection stone and started watching a movie with Tara.

This was Tara’s first time watching a movie.

They watched the first part of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and Tara was so shocked by everything in the movie that he wanted to watch the second part immediately after the first one, but Zorig was so sleepy that he persuaded him that he could watch it in the cinema when he returned to Dijon later, there was no hurry now, what they needed most now was rest and then see how the guide arranged their trip tomorrow. Tara had to suppress the itch in his heart and went to sleep with Zorig.

After getting into bed, Tara saw a button on the head of the bed, he pressed it, and then, under the dumbfounded gaze of him and Zorig, the roof of the villa slowly opened, leaving a thick layer of glass, they could directly see the brilliant starry sky above their heads, and they were bathed in the moonlight and starlight of the demon realm.

“Where are we?” Tara finally couldn’t help but ask, “Is it the demon realm or heaven?”

Zorig murmured, “I don’t know either…”

“Is this really the same world we used to live in?” Tara asked again.

His question speaks to the hearts of many people.

If Hill was there, he would probably say with a smile: “Of course, it’s the same world. One of the main reasons I’ve done so much is to tell you, yes, there are so many beautiful things in this world.”

What can really overcome foolish belief is not another foolish belief, but the self-consciousness born from the heart.

Of course, if many humans foolishly believe in the Demon King Hill, he would have no opinion. Hehehehe.

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