Chapter 211 – The Demon Realm Tour ends

The next day, the tourists went into the water to visit the Siren Palace under the guidance of the tour guide, and the accompanying female siren told them the story of the siren in a melodious and beautiful voice.

“We used to go on land very rarely, because the sea gave us everything we needed, the sea was beautiful, charming and vast, we domesticated sea beasts and hunted in the forests of the seabed, we mined the minerals of the seabed for our own use, we lived in a world of our own… In the past, this was good, because we could stay away from a lot of disputes,” said the siren.

Tourists listen intently while strolling under the sea with the siren. They were wrapped in a huge transparent bubble to maintain their breathing. The bottom of the sea is covered with white sand, and there are underwater plants of various brilliant colors. The water is surging. The leaves of these plants are swaying gently with the waves, and the fish are swimming in them, which is very beautiful. The roof of the underwater palace is covered with white clam shells, and the clam shells automatically open and close with the flow of water. Each clam shell has pearls in it, which are shiny and very beautiful. ——This was originally constructed after the description of Andersen’s “The Daughter of the Sea”.

All the tourists were amazed.

The siren continued: “But now it’s different, Lord Demon King let us see the outside world, we were hungry for more, we wanted more from the outside, we remembered our honor as a demon, not just a siren. So we went out, we went out to the demons, and we went out to the world.”

The siren was talking about her own clan, but the tourists couldn’t help but empathize with her, humans are no different.

The walls of the palace were blooming with flowers from the bottom of the sea, fish could swim into the palace at will, the windows were inlaid with amber and precious stones, the back garden had different theme colors, bright blue, fire red, deep pink… it was unbelievably beautiful. Everything was glowing and they felt as if they had stepped into heaven.

“We like sparkling things, and there are many gems and pearls in the treasury of each siren. I heard that Lord Demon King is going to migrate a part of our family to the sea of human beings. He said that from the Plague Islands to the mainland of Magnolia, there are countless shipwrecks on the route to the Isle of Storms, and we can dig up the treasures in these shipwrecks, and we are looking forward to that.”

The tourists listened with a smile on their faces.

The morning passed so happily. The siren guide took them to a small market of the siren, where tourists took out their wallets and bought some pearls and gemstones, and both sides felt they had made a profit. —Although the siren has increased the price exponentially, the price of the pearl and gemstone is still lower than that of the human world, and the quality is better.

Lunch was served at the underwater restaurant.

The underwater restaurant is a transparent building constructed with magic, and the main material is crystal engraved with a magic circle. After entering the underwater restaurant, the tourists took a big mouthful of breath. Although they could breathe in the magic bubble before, it was always different from the real air.

All the utensils in the underwater restaurant are basically transparent or translucent, such as quartz, mica, glass, crystal, calcite… Of course, there are also some rare gems, all of which make this submarine restaurant very dreamy. All the meals at noon came from the bottom of the sea. They were all relatively light, but they were as delicious as last night.

During the meal, a huge blue whale came not far from the restaurant. It was swimming slowly in the dark sea, passing through the small school of fish, emitting cold light. The scene was magical and unbelievable. The lights in the restaurant are dimmed just right, and from a tourist’s perspective, it looks like a blue whale passing through the playful stars in the deep night sky.

— “I cordially invite you to have a long ten-day daydream with me.”


“There are a lot of dolphins living here, so the Lord Demon King called it Dolphin Bay.” The paladin took the manuscript given to him by Hill and began to introduce the basic information of dolphins to the tourists.

“The dolphin family belongs to the cetaceans, and the largest species in the dolphin family is the killer whale… Dolphins have a very high homosexuality ratio, and it is said that it and humans are the only…er…” The paladin was stuck.

“The only what?” a Magnolia lady asked curiously.

…the only species that have s*x for pleasure rather than reproduction. The paladin couldn’t read the manuscript before him. Demon King, how do you even know this? “In addition, the male dolphin’s courtship method is very rude. He directly shoves the female dolphin away and does not give it food until it agrees…cough. If it looks at a female who already has a child, it will kill the baby and let the female re-enter, uh, estrus.” The paladin doesn’t want to read the next part of the script anymore, what ‘male dolphin will use his brother’s nostrils for that’.

In fact, humans have also found that male dolphins will bite off the heads of small fish to make aircraft cups for themselves. Really scary to death. But Hill did not add this thing.

The paladin quickly browsed the manuscript, and at the end, Hill wrote: “Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures, but they are different from humans, they have no moral values, so don’t impose human morality on them. But we can also learn from this how frightening it is to have a group of intelligence combined with desire, but without the restraints of morality.

The Paladin was stunned when he saw this. He felt that his thinking was too narrow. He finished these strange things in a smooth voice, and then solemnly said Hill’s last words.

…and regardless of how much humans can accept.


Diane Leslie is the younger sister of Viscount Leslie, unmarried, and her sister-in-law is Lady Helen, the first courtesan of Magnolia City. She likes to stay with her sister-in-law very much on most days. Her sister-in-law will tell her various opinions, which leads to Diane’s much broader knowledge than that of ordinary noble ladies, and she has her own opinions on various things.

She originally thought that she would not be surprised by any information after receiving Helen’s education and the influence of the film and novel of the demon realm, but this trip forced her to accept a lot of strange knowledge (…?). The accompanying tour guide told them with a serious face that the so-called broadening their horizons is not only to see all kinds of scenery they have not seen before, to experience all kinds of feelings they have not experienced before, but also to receive all kinds of wonderful knowledge that they have never heard of before. The knight was so serious that Diane thought he was right.

The culprit, Hill, sneezed, and then he said to himself: “Well… although I overdid myself in the tour guide script, the paladin should also choose whether to tell them. Should be…”

After leaving Dolphin Bay, Diane returned to the cottage with her friend Melissa Cecil. It was already dusk. The paladin tour guide told them that there was no special event tonight. Everyone could go swimming in their swimsuits at the beach and also take a walk around the area. Everyone had brought their locator gems with them, so there was no worry about getting lost.

Diane wanted to go swimming, but she was a little shy to wear the swimsuit prepared by the demons. The swimsuits designed by Hill are already very conservative, but they are still a little too sexy compared to ordinary clothes. Diane was hesitating when she saw Melissa come out wearing a swimsuit. The red swimsuit made her skin seem to be glowing.

“Aren’t you going to the beach?” Melissa asked naturally. She’s a very open-minded girl – she’s more open-minded than ever since she came back from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” immersive theater, hey, she’s a pirate lady, isn’t it just a close-fitting swimsuit, what to be afraid of?

Diane froze for a while, she had a feeling that she would lose if she showed shyness, so she said as naturally as possible, and rightfully so: “Of course, I was just reminiscing about the whale I saw in the underwater restaurant at noon.”

“Okay.” Melissa flashed a smile, “I’ll meet you on the balcony.”

It didn’t take long for the two noble ladies to arrive at the beach in their bathing suits. The sea was very charming at sunset, with the fuchsia sunset all over the sky, and the beach had a scattering of people, and the feeling of stepping on clean sand with bare feet was amazing. They walked hand in hand on the beach, the waves brushed their ankles, and they took pictures of each other with their magic cameras. Everything was so beautiful, and before they knew it, the sky was full of stars.

The next day, they took the train to Deathstroke Town, the territory of the ghost family. Compared with the fairy-tale underwater world, there is a kind of dark and decadent beauty here. The flowerbed decorated with bones is full of blood-colored flowers, lingering with purple mist. The cemetery is full of crooked crosses. There was a small banquet in the evening, and the ghosts danced for them. Their fingertips and skirts constantly dropping magical blue light spots, which made their dancing beautifully breathtaking.

On the third day, they arrived at a large marketplace of the demons, which was close to the capital city being built by the demons. Diane could see the majestic shadow on the horizon from a distance, and she couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Paladin, what’s there?”

“That is the city His Majesty is building,” the paladin replied.

The paladins called Hill His Majesty, and some tourists asked the reason curiously, and they replied that they had now officially pledged allegiance to the Demon King, which made the tourists a little surprised and thoughtful at the same time.

“Can we go there?” Melissa asked.

“It’s still under construction, so it can’t be done,” the paladin said. “His Majesty said that the construction will be almost done in the spring. You are welcome to come and play at that time.”

Dini showed a longing look: “What does the city of the demons look like… I’m so curious.”

They have only seen tribes of races along the way, but they have not seen big cities like humans.

Most of the merchants in the market are goblins, and the customers are of various races. After a group of humans came in, they immediately aroused the curiosity of the demons, which made Diane and the others nervous and excited. The goods in the market are dazzling, all kinds of magical potions, all kinds of magical supplies, gems, herbs, and the are also feathers of fallen angels, the tears of ghosts, the volcanic rocks of dragons, and the crystal fragments filled with magic. …and so on, dazzling the tourists.

They also went to the tavern in the market, and some daring men chatted up with the demon customers in the tavern and had a drink. The Demon Dragon tour guide watched this scene and took out a magic camera to take a few pictures from various angles. He felt that His Majesty the Demon King would definitely like this kind of photos of humans and demons living in harmony, maybe they could be published in the “Magazine”.

This half-month is really a perfect dream for tourists, walk into the territory of the dark elves to see the beautiful plants that glow; step into the realm of angels and be shocked by the magnificence of the Floating Island; watch the territory of the tauren to feel the savage and rough atmosphere; live in the Gothic castle of the blood clan, completely immersing themselves in the dark Gothic atmosphere, and have dinner with the nobles of the blood clan… The hot spring resort is the last stop, which has elegant wooden buildings, and simple and minimalist decoration style.

Diane and Melissa discussed it, and tried the red wine hot spring for beauty. It was really so comfortable, coupled with a good taste of wine. After that, they rinsed their body with clean water, and went back to the room to sleep on the soft bed. They just want to get drunk and not wake up.

It’s a pity that tomorrow is the last day in the Demon Realm.

In her dream, Diane dreamed that she had persuaded her brother, and he agreed that she would live in the demon realm forever.


On the last day, they took the train back to the seaside villa on the first day, and that night was also free time. The guide paladin told them that they were free to spend the night at their own discretion, or they could walk to the open-air restaurant that night to eat something and drink something, the restaurant was specially cleared to receive them that day, and they might be able to run into some demons today.

Tara, from Dijon, had planned to go to the movies, but on second thought, it was his last night, so he might as well go out for a walk. He greeted his companions and walked along the beach to the open-air restaurant that night, familiar coconut trees, familiar wooden tables and chairs. Sure enough, there were some demon guests in the restaurant, and a female siren was singing on the stage, and some guests below were dancing slowly.

Two bouquets of flowers and a candle were placed on each table. The sound of melodious singing mixed with the sound of the nearby waves, and the wind carried the scent of wine and the salty smell of the sea. The comforting moist air opened every pore.

Tara hadn’t even walked into the restaurant and he already felt drunk.

I will leave the Demon Realm tomorrow, I will go back to the human world again, I will have to deal with those messy interpersonal relationships, I will face people I don’t want to face, and I will go to see the already tired scenery.

There was a crisp laughter over there. Tara raised his eyes and saw Diane Leslie joking with her girl friend.

“We meet in the night in the Spanish café
I look in your eyes just don’t know what to say


The wine and the lights and the Spanish guitar
I’ll never forget how romantic they are~”

It’s “Just One Last Dance”, the same song as the first day they came here, what a wonderful coincidence.

A few hours left ’til the sun’s gonna rise
Tomorrow will come an it’s time to realize~”

After hearing this, Tara couldn’t hold it anymore, he took a deep breath and walked to Diane, talking to her for the first time, maybe the last time: “My Lady, can invite you to dance on the last night?”

Diane looked at Tara in surprise. She had some impressions of this sturdy Dijon man, but she didn’t expect that he would ask her to dance out of the blue! Melissa next to her gave her an encouraging smile. The expression “last night” from the other party also made her shiver. She got up and gave him her hand, “My pleasure.”

Melissa whistled unladylike to send them off. She sat there and watched them dance for a while, feeling her heart itch. She looked around and saw a handsome dark elf man sitting alone over there. He is so handsome! Melissa screamed for the first time in her heart. Then her second thought was: I’m going to dance with him!

So, Melissa drank the red wine in the glass, walked over, and asked, “Mr. Elf, would you be interested in asking me for a dance?”

The dark elf was cutting wood with a knife, and when he heard her voice, he raised his head in surprise. It was the first time he had seen such a bold human woman, and then he remembered what Lord Demon King said, so he stood up and replied, “Okay.”

So Melissa also got her wish and danced with the handsome demon man.

Maybe the music is too beautiful, maybe the scene is too beautiful, maybe the lights tonight are too romantic.

Their hearts began to beat.

Even if we never meet tomorrow, at least today is the perfect end to this dream journey.

The Demon Realm Tour Group, the first trip of the tour, ended successfully.


Later things.

When Tara and Diane danced, they talked about their yearning for the demon realm, and Tara said he intended to come to the demon realm to seek a job. Diane listened with a thumping heart and said she also wished to stay in the demon realm, but her status was not so convenient. Tara blurted out in excitement at the time: “Wait for me.”

A year and a half later, Tara became a diplomat at Dijon’s embassy in the Demon Realm, and the two kept in touch by letter during the period.

Two years later, Tara formally proposed.

As for Melissa…

The person who danced with her that night was the younger brother of one of the five elders, Albrecht. The second son of the patriarch, oh yes, he took over the position of the dark elf patriarch many years later. And many years later, Melissa took up an important position in the Cecil family. As a member of one of the three magnolia noble families, she also traveled to and from the Demon Realm from time to time, and found out the true identity of the handsome elf who danced with her that night. It was undoubtedly a romantic encounter and a wonderful feeling, but the two did not develop into lovers, but close friends.

Fate is indescribable. Those who bridge these fates are also destined to be praised all the time.

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