Chapter 212 – Church’s Counterattack

When the first group of tourists in the Demon Realm Tour Group enjoyed a trip that was almost perfect, there was an idea that quietly spread in the human world.

In the lively tavern, in the drunkenness, in the dark alley, some whispers quietly appeared, quietly affecting people’s hearts.

“Demon Realm Tour Group…”

“Spending so much money to go to the Demon Realm…”

“There are actually many beautiful places in the human world. They went to the demon realm before they even finished visiting the human world. I really don’t understand them.”

“The demon realm should be beautiful, and it’s shown in the movie, but after all, it’s just a movie. Since I’ve seen it in the movie, it’s not really interesting to see it in person.”

“The demons may be really short of money, and they all use this method to make money.”

“I think demon realm is beautiful, but it’s not worth spending so much money to go to.”

“I think the most beautiful in the demon realm is close to the level of the movie.”

Some kind words, some seemingly sensible words, some quietly changed thoughts.

It had been ten days since Hill noticed this thought, and he was a little surprised at how it came about.

At this time, Hill was in Magnolia City. The Magnolia Empire was a victorious country in the war against Dijon. This made King Magnolia too inflated, but of course, he knew where the victory came from, so he had to resentfully replace the swell in his heart with swell elsewhere to vent. Hill’s visit to Magnolia City was mainly to deal with some remaining political issues. Although most of them were handed over to Monroe, he really couldn’t get out of it completely.

The Cecil family, the Jackson family, and the Borel family are the three major families of the Magnolia Empire. The Borel family was immersed in the fall of Prince Borel, the Jackson family became more powerful, but the Cecil family, who held military power, was not at a disadvantage because of this, after all, it is military power.

General Cecil knew about the current situation of the Magnolia Empire, but he was not good at political intrigue, and he was at a loss when His Majesty became a puppet.

In fact, the Church of Light sent someone to contact him, saying that as long as he cooperates with the Church, the Church can restore the majesty of King Magnolia. As a result, General Cecil drove the church people away. Although he was a little stupid, he was not that stupid. All the majesty the church could give was false majesty. At present, although King Magnolia has no dignity, the Magnolia Empire has dignity, which is why he did not tear his face. If they change churches, King Magnolia and the Magnolia Empire will lose their dignity at the same time, he knows this.

Theodore tried to contact General Cecil but couldn’t start. He was trying to grow, but his span was too great, so he couldn’t do enough. In this case, he found Old Jackson for help. With the help of Old Jackson, they successfully approached General Cecil, moved him with emotion and reasoning, and persuaded him, and finally it was completed. General MacPherson Cecil was a typical warrior, and he was good at listening.

Hill returned from this trip to wrap up the matter first. The more things Theodore does, the more powerful he becomes, and he’s going to be a more qualified politician than he’ll ever be over time, Hill thought. After that, Hill went to review the ‘Birds of Dawn’ charity organization. Jefferson Jackson built the headquarters of ‘Birds of Dawn’ in Magnolia City. He plans to include the Dijon tribe in the scope of ‘Birds of Dawn’ charity soon, at the moment, there are still some important documents that need to be reviewed by Hill.

Hill opened the document and read two pages before closing it again. He went to the Jackson family’s house and caught a live Old Jackson to fix it with him.

Old Jackson was naturally quite good at this kind of political affairs. With him by his side, the efficiency increased exponentially, but after all, Old Jackson is too old and couldn’t serve the king for a long time (?), so soon after nightfall, he wanted to slip away. As a result, Joan Baker came into the ‘Birds of Dawn’ headquarters and found Hill to report the news about the rumors.

Hill frowned slightly.

“The danger of such a statement is great,” said Joan Baker. “Even if this trip to the Demon Realm shows the same as what has been shown, our reputation will still fall, and the result will be predictable if the trip is not as good as what we have shown.”

Joan Baker is right, at present, the demon realm, demon race, and Grindelwald are held too high, especially when the public sentiment is generally fluctuating after the war, and there is no room for half-hearted gloom.

Hill heard his implication: “Do you mean that someone behind the scenes is manipulating this kind of talk?”

“Perhaps its birth was accidental, but to spread to such an extent is definitely not accidental.” Joan Baker said dryly, “This is my judgment, the next investigation is beyond my ability to reach, so I came to report to you.”

“Thank you for your hard work.” Hill nodded, he chose to believe Joan Baker’s judgment, and then Old Jackson saw Hill look at him…

“I’m very tired,” Old Jackson said. “I’ve been reading papers for two hours, I’ve taken care of so much of the rest of the ‘Birds of Dawn’ business, I only took a short nap, you can get Theodore or Jefferson to look into this.”

“Are you finished? Dear Old Jackson,” Hill asked.

“Finished,” Old Jackson said.

“Well, now that you’ve finished then stand up and come with me,” Hill said.

Old Jackson couldn’t help but roll his eyes, the corners of his mouth drooped for a second, then his fists clenched and then unclenched, and finally, all the expression on his face turned into a helpless smile as he stood up and walked away with Hill.

Joan Baker, who witnessed all this, couldn’t help but think, ah, what a domineering demon king.


The righteous have a righteous way of investigating, and the evil have an evil way of investigating. After conducting a not-so-dignified investigation, Hill finally pulled out several hidden strings that the Church of Light buried in Magnolia City.

The dim yellow candlelight reflected the figure of the Demon King, and his red eyes were ethereal.

“Old Jackson, do you think the church expected the hidden strings to be pulled when they made this move?”

“Of course, it was expected,” said Old Jackson.

“Then what do you think of the Church’s move?” Hill continued to ask.

“Just average.” Old Jackson replied: “They can’t guarantee that the real demon realm is not as good as in the movie, but if they succeed, they will gain a lot from it. If they fail, they will only sacrifice some secret chess pieces, it is also the qualified practice of the higher-ups, but not good enough.”

“No…” Hill approached the candle and stretched out his fingers to fiddle with the flame. The flames burned his fingers, and blisters quickly scorched on his humanized skin: “If it was in the past, this trick would be almost impossible to solve.”

Old Jackson was stunned: “In the past… when was it?”

“In the past, when humans and demons were at war.” The flames were flickered by Hill, reflecting on his face, his expression looked more unpredictable.

Old Jackson was taken aback by the meaning of Hill’s words: “You mean…”

“Actually, I’ve been lying all this time.” Hill stretched out his palm and put it in front of the candlestick, he opened his five fingers, so the shadow of his five fingers covered the whole room, “The Demon Realm was once a desolate place, you can refer to the Dijon Tribe for the construction of the demon race. The buildings are shabby and crumbling, but there are many beautiful sceneries, but the Church is right, the human world also has those beautiful sceneries. Then, from the time the war was lost, I planned to keep weaving a beautiful lie to the humans.”

“You…” Old Jackson was shocked, “What are you…”

“Then I continued working hard trying to turn what was in the lie into reality, and I’m doing it while I lie. That’s about it.” Hill closed his five fingers and extinguished the fire directly with his palm, the room instantly dipped into a cold darkness, only his red eyes emitted demonic light: “Why are you showing such a shocked expression, Old Jackson?”

The darkness at this time became cold and sticky.

Old Jackson didn’t tremble anymore, he was silent for a long time, and said calmly: “Just shocked at your talent beyond the heaven.”

Hill smiled lightly: “As expected of Old Jackson.” After saying that, he didn’t bother to pay any more attention to Old Jackson, but turned to a few tied up hidden strings of the Church of Light over there: “I think you should know what it means when the enemy suddenly spills his secrets in front of you.”

After he finished speaking, he walked outside, the darkness stretched out its tentacles to wrap their bodies, and with a slight puff, the smell in the room suddenly became more sticky and unbearable.

Old Jackson stood there for a while. At this point, all of Hill’s general ideas and strategies after the war were placed in front of him. Old Jackson felt that he really knew too much.

It’s because the church knows the “truth” of the demon realm that it made such a move. If it is really according to the demon realm two years ago, Grindelwald really made a mistake this time. Really can’t be careless, Old Jackson couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat.

After Old Jackson left the room, he found Hill in the back garden. Hill was standing in the late winter garden looking at the full moon of Magnolia City.

“Actually, you’d better not disturb a demon king at this time,” Hill said with his back to him.

“I understand, but I couldn’t resist coming over to talk to you,” Old Jackson asked.

“Aren’t you afraid?” Hill seemed a little interested, “You were obviously shaking with fear from me in the room before.”

A lie that deceived all human beings, playing with ideals and beliefs in the palm of his hand, and then casually uttering those words of great power in a casual manner.

At that time, the candle was extinguished in his palm, and only his blood-colored pupils guided the direction in the darkness.

Fear. How can one not be afraid?

“My reason is urging me to flee, but my remaining emotional thinking tells me I can treat you as a friend,” Old Jackson continued.

“As is usually the case, you’ve got your thinking patterns backward,” Hill said.

“That’s the usual case. And you obviously aren’t,” said Old Jackson.

Hill couldn’t help raising the corner of his lower lip, but the arc quickly subsided: “Are you here to ask me what I think about this?”

Old Jackson nodded.

“Honestly, thinking about how many humans have come close to the truth I’m hiding, this should theoretically make me shudder. They’re just talking about it, every minute, every second, every narration makes my influence a little less, dropping a little every time. Theoretically, I should be very anxious about this. Even though I have been engaged in construction in the demon realm for two years now, in theory, there is still a gap between this and the real dream… There are many ‘theoretically’, the first ‘theoretically’ is that the Demon King should theoretically be a crazy belligerent guy with all kinds of desires.” The moonlight fell on Hill, his tone lightened: “But the first ‘theoretically’ failed. Now, I’m the Demon King, I’m not just that, so the next ‘theoretically’ will also be invalid. That’s it.”

Old Jackson asked tentatively, “You seem to be very confident in the Demon Realm Tour Group?”

“The first group of tourists will return to the human world in five days, let them tell the world how true my lies are.”

After Hill finished speaking, he lifted the blood-colored cloak and turned to leave.

“Don’t worry about this matter, even if the Pope has the power to reach the sky, I have been preparing for it for a long time…

…for him to mess things up.”

The last whispers melted into the night, tinged with a bit of coldness.

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