Chapter 3 – Business is difficult

Ye Fan found an antique shop, spent 2,000 yuan to buy a rune pen, bought 100 pieces of rune paper at the price of 100, and bought ink pads, lucky bags, cinnabar liquid, etc. The full set cost 20,000 yuan.

After buying the talisman tools, Ye Fan went to buy a pair of traditional Chinese medicine baths that were similar to yesterday’s.

Ye Fan absorbed the medicinal power and couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

The spiritual energy of this world is too weak, and his physical aptitude does not seem to be very good. Ye Fan thought about it, if he wanted to practice by meditation, it is estimated that when he reached 80 years old, he would only be at the third or fourth level of Qi-training. So, this elixir cannot be less, since elixir cannot be less, making money has to be put on the agenda.

Ye Fan picked up the pen and drew a few pieces of talisman paper. Ye Fan also drew talismans in his previous life. No matter how difficult it was to draw, Ye Fan could draw them.

However, spiritual talismans need spiritual power to work, so although Ye Fan drew the talismans without mistakes, they were all waste talismans.

Ye Fan worked hard for two days and finally drew six talismans. Ye Fan’s cultivation was too low, and every time he drew a talisman, the spiritual energy in his body would be exhausted.

Looking at the talisman in front of him, Ye Fan has a feeling of an infinitely bright future.

…. …

Under the overpass of the Hongxing Building, there has always been a place for fortune-tellers from all walks of life. Today, there is a little brother in casual clothes under the overpass. Next to the stall of this young man, there is also a tree of candied haws.

“Little brother, do you sell candied haws? If you sell candied haws, you have to walk back and forth and shout.”

Ye Fan glanced at Master Yuan, who was known as Yuan Tiangang’s successor, shook his head, and said, “I don’t sell candied haws.”

“Then who are you?”

“I’m a talisman seller.”

“You are mainly selling talismans and selling candied haws on the side?”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “No, I don’t sell these candied haws, I want to eat them myself.”

Master Yuan looked at Ye Fan, shook his head helplessly, and said to himself: It’s a pity that such a handsome young man is so silly. Selling talismans while eating candied haws, who will buy, ah?

Ye Fan was born in the Blue Cloud Sect. When he was born, his parents and elder brother were already able to fast.

Immortal cultivators pay attention to pure heart and few desires, and immortal cultivators who are obsessed with food have always been despised by others.

Ye Fan has followed his parents to eat bigu pills since he was sensible. For more than 20 years, he doesn’t know how many delicacies have been missed. After arriving on Earth, a bunch of candied haws can make Ye Fan extremely satisfied.

Ye Fan didn’t understand Master Yuan’s mood, but said a little depressed: “Why is no one here?”

Master Yuan sighed and said, “Business is not good these days! More people oppose feudal superstition, and the competition is also fierce. What astrology! What tarot cards! It’s so messy, not good.”

Ye Fan: “…”

“This talisman is so beautiful!” A young man and woman came over.

The woman who approached looked like a metaphysics lover, wearing a string of Buddha beads on her hand and a jade pendant to ward off evil spirits around her neck.

“How many kinds of talismans do you have?” the woman asked.

“There are two kinds, the peace talisman and the healing talisman.” Ye Fan secretly said: His cultivation is too low, and now he can only draw the simplest talismans. When his cultivation is higher, he can draw all kinds of talismans.

“How much is a peace talisman?”

“Thirty thousand,” Ye Fan said without hesitation.

A bit of anger appeared on the man’s face, “Crazy, Yuanyuan, let’s ignore this person.”

The woman reluctantly glanced at Ye Fan’s booth and followed.

“Little Brother, thirty thousand for one talisman?!” Master Yuan asked as he stared at Ye Fan in astonishment.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Well, 30,000 each.”

“You really dare to make a price!” said Master Yuan and shook his head.

Ye Fan said in disapproval: “30,000 is already very cheap.”

In order to draw this talisman, he was exhausted to death. Every time he finished drawing the talisman, he felt that his strength was drained. He had worked so hard to draw the talisman, and it would not be fair to sell it for 30,000 yuan. Who is he? The young prince of the Blue Cloud Sect, who knows everything about immortal cultivation, he has such a noble identity, a talisman sold for 30,000 yuan is very expensive? This group of scum without vision.

Ye Fan stayed under the overpass for an afternoon and met four people who came to ask the price.

Two of them were the previous couple, and after asking him, the man called him crazy.

Next is an old man, and after asking, he scolded him earnestly. “Young man, you still have to be honest, it’s not right to cheat people, ah.” After saying that, the old man walked away with his arms on his back, lamenting that the world is getting worse and worse.

The fourth is a young man who told him that the varieties of talismans he sells are too few and too monotonous. He has a stable and cheap source of goods that can be supplied to him.

Finally, Ye Fan welcomed the fifth and sixth guests, a little cute boy and a little cute girl.

Ye Fan glanced at the little cute boy and secretly said: This kid started picking up girls at such a young age instead of studying.


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Bigu Pills – what immortals eat instead of real food, either to save time or to avoid the toxins in mortal food, one pill can make you feel full for one day or up to three days (well it depends)

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