Chapter 2 – Going out and meeting a “noble person”

Ye Fan went to seven pharmacies, bought more than a dozen Chinese medicines, spent 200,000 yuan, and lost nearly half of his entire fortune in an instant.

Ye Fan soaked in the bathtub comfortably, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Although it cost more than 200,000 yuan, Ye Fan was still a little happy when he felt the rising spiritual energy in his body.

In his previous life, he was known as Bai Xiaosheng. When disciples of the sect encountered problems in their cultivation, they would always ask him for advice. However, Ye Fan knew that there were actually many people who disdained him behind his back. Immortal and mortal are different, he is smart, but he can only live a hundred years of time, and the Nascent Soul cultivators, they can live for two thousand years.

Although Ye Fan pretended to be light-hearted in his previous life, how could he be truly reconciled when he saw the disciples in the sect flying with their swords one by one, flying high to the sky.

After absorbing the last bit of medicinal power, Ye Fan walked out of the bathtub.

Ye Fan moved his arms and legs, thinking about how to make some money. When he went to the pharmacy before, he found a lot of useful medicinal materials. However, a ginseng that was born in seventy or eighty years would cost millions. Ye Fan’s pocket is almost empty, he really can’t afford this money.

Ye Fan took a comfortable nap and then headed to Antique Street.

On the Antique Street, people came and went, and Ye Fan couldn’t help feeling disappointed when he saw the Antique Street full of fakes.

“Brother Fei, this jade Buddha is not bad!”

“Miss is really discerning. The previous owner of this Jade Buddha in Qingyuan City has been enlightened. The previous owner is already eighty years old. That is a real expert, ah! As the saying goes, jade can support people. Miss, if you buy this jade, this jade will bless you. Miss, you will never be disappointed.”

“How much is this jade?”

“Thirty thousand!”

The beauty turned her head and looked at the man on the side with expectation. “Brother Fei, what do you think?”

Ye Pengfei looked at the beauty, endured the pain, and said at once: “If you like it, buy it.”

Just as Ye Fan was about to leave, the man opened his mouth, “Yo, isn’t this Young Master Ye? I heard that you were kicked out from the Ye family. Where do you live now? You’re not sleeping on the streets, are you?”

“You are…”

“Young Master Ye is really a noble person who forgets things a lot, he doesn’t even remember me.” The young man’s face sank, showing a bit of displeasure on his face.

Ye Fan stared at the young man a few times, and quickly recognized that the man in front of him was a distant relative of the Ye family. This man followed his stepmother’s son, his “younger brother”, Ye Zhize all day long, far more than Ye Fan. Ye Fan has no status in the Ye family, so the lapdogs around Ye Zhize also look down on Ye Fan.

“I remember you, you borrowed some money from me, can you pay me back?” Ye Fan asked.

Ye Pengfei blushed and said, “Who borrowed money from you?! Crazy!”

Ye Fan grabbed Ye Pengfei’s arm and secretly pressed some of Ye Pengfei’s acupuncture points, and Ye Pengfei stopped moving at once.

“Two months ago, Xingdong District, Starry Sky Cafe, you borrowed 200,000 yuan from me, do you remember?” Ye Fan exerted some force on several acupoints on Ye Pengfei’s body, and Ye Pengfei suddenly felt the feeling of being pricked by steel needles.

“I remember now, isn’t it only 200,000 yuan? I’ll pay you back.” Ye Pengfei laughed dryly.

Ye Pengfei transferred 200,000 yuan to Ye Fan’s account, Ye Fan looked at the increased balance in the account, smiled, and said, “I’m so lucky, as soon as I go out, I meet someone who owes me money.It’s really a case of someone sending me a pillow when I doze off.”

Ye Pengfei was so angry by this sentence of Ye Fan that his liver hurt.

“I won’t talk to you anymore, I’ll go first,” Ye Fan waved his hand towards Ye Pengfei and left.

The beauty beside Ye Pengfei said somewhat strangely, “Brother Fei, why did you give him money?”

“This guy is pitiful. He used to be the eldest young master, but now he’s a pauper, so I should be helping the poor.” Ye Pengfei felt a panic in his heart. He didn’t want to pay back the money, but he also couldn’t not pay it, ah!

This guy, Ye Fan, he didn’t know how he did it just now, but he actually paralyzed half of his body.

“This Ye Fan seems to be a little different,” the beautiful woman frowned and said.

Ye Pengfei secretly said: Isn’t it? He almost didn’t recognize him at first. Ye Fan has always been gloomy, likes to lower his head, and has a gloomy air all over his body, but the bright eyes just now look full of vigor and vitality, the whole person looks very sunny.


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