Chapter 1 – Genius Reborn

The smell of disinfectant permeated the silent and cold ward.

Two young nurses on duty were outside the ward, chatting in boredom.

“The young master in the VIP ward is quite handsome!”

“So what if he’s handsome? That’s a pervert. He’s about to get engaged and he’s still playing with women outside, but he was caught in a police raid, and a huge scandal broke out.”

“I heard that he was high on dr*gs when he came in, children from rich families can really play, ah!”

Ye Fan was lying on the hospital bed, his eyes couldn’t stop turning, he didn’t understand how he could wear this person with the same name and surname.

Ye Fan was born in the Blue Cloud Sect of Cangxuan Continent. His grandfather was the sect master, his father was an elder, and his elder brother was an elite disciple. He was a veritable second-generation cultivator.

When Ye Fan was born, it coincided with the fall of the purple star, born with a vision that shook the clan. Almost everyone thought that Ye Fan would be a genius in cultivation.

Unfortunately, when Ye Fan tested his spiritual roots at the age of five, he was found to have no spiritual roots.

The Will of Heaven always loves to joke with people. Although he has no spiritual roots, he has a nine-colored soul, and all those with a nine-colored soul are rare geniuses in alchemy, tool refining, talisman-making, formation, and beast-controlling. It’s a pity that he can’t cultivate, after a hundred years, he will be a pile of ash, and everything will be gone.

Ye Fan is very fortunate that he was born in a very warm family, and his parents did not give up on him because he could not cultivate.

On the contrary, although he could not cultivate, he had free access to the sect’s Hidden Scripture Pavilion. Over the years, Ye Fan has read all the scrolls of Hidden Scripture Pavilion and become a master of theoretical self-cultivation.

With a single sentence, he broke the bottleneck of his mother Jiang Hanzhu, making Mother Ye a Golden Core Elder. With one sentence, he broke the shackles of the sect’s alchemy elders, and the elder’s alchemy success rate increased by 20%. He gave his brother, Ye Qixian, some pointers and made him practice the Nine-Sky Sword Art to perfection…

However, he couldn’t cultivate, he was too weak after all. He just went out to see his fiancée to withdraw from the marriage, but was involved in the battle between two foundation-building cultivators, and was shocked to death by the aftermath of the battle between the two .

If he can’t cultivate, no matter how smart and talented he is, he will still be a weak scum in the end.

Ye Fan lay on the bed, grinning, his eyes full of excitement, the first step of cultivation is to absorb spiritual qi into the dantian. The step of absorbing qi, he tried thousands of times in his previous life and never succeeded, however, in this place where spiritual qi is scarce, he actually succeeded.

Ye Fan frowned and secretly said: The spiritual energy in this place is really too scarce, but as long as one can cultivate, one can’t ask for more.

Ye Fan took off one side of the clothes, it’s been five days already, which was enough for Ye Fan to merge the memories of the original body completely.

The original owner’s origin cannot be said to be outstanding. There are four major families in Cangcheng, Ye family, Wu family, Liao family, and Gao family. Ye Fan’s father is from the Ye family, and his mother is from the Wu family, it is reasonable to say that with such a strong alliance, Ye Fan’s identity should be noble, but this guy is a very unlucky guy.

Ye Fan’s mother died when she gave birth to him, and the Wu family felt that he had killed his mother and treated him lukewarmly, and Ye Fan’s father, when Ye Fan was less than a year old, took home a “younger brother” who was not much smaller than Ye Fan, and perhaps even bigger.

Although the stepmother was good to Ye Fan on the surface, she kept making small movements behind her back. For example, in this raiding incident, Ye Fan was just invited to a place to have dinner, but broke into the room of two ab*sed women and was caught by the police who came over.

For another example, the original owner actually died from taking sleeping pills, but, somehow, it was rumored that he was high on dr*gs.

Ye Fan opened his eyes and rolled over from the bed, his body was almost recovered. Ye Fan decided to leave the hospital and go to the pharmacy to look for some medicinal materials that might be available.

Ye Fan took out a bank card, and there were about 500,000 in the card, which was about the entire fortune of the original owner.

After the scandal broke out, the original owner was expelled from the family. Ye Fan didn’t intend to have too much contact with the Ye family, or be contaminated with too much karma. Of course, if the Ye family came to the door, he wouldn’t mind giving the Ye family a little color.


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  1. Eh, now I want to read the whole story about his original life, shame there is no such thing. Also liked how this is going!

    1. “… he wouldn’t mind giving the Ye family a little color.” Does this mean they would become black from anger, red from embarrassment and blue from beaten up? 😂

  2. “… he wouldn’t mind giving the Ye family a little color.” Does this mean they would become black from anger, red from embarrassment and blue from beaten up? 😂

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