Sacrifice to the Devil 48

Chapter 48 – Without him, I would die

What is Ying Chen going to do? Love confession? Marriage proposal?!!

Wen Yu has always disliked such things in public, he felt it was awkward and manipulative. Now that it was really happening to him, his mind went blank. He stood there nervously, not knowing what to do.

He saw Ying Chen walking towards him step by step, and saw the handsome face of the man with a slight smile, as splendid as stars. The cheers around him grew louder and louder, and Wen Yu was so nervous that he almost forgot to breathe.

Finally, he saw Ying Chen walk in front of him, put the rose in his arms, and said softly, “Go, let’s go home.”

Wen Yu: ???

When Ying Chen saw that he was not moving, he asked strangely, “What’s wrong?”

Wen Yu: “Ah, oh, go home.”

He took the flowers blankly and got into the car after a bunch of students stopped cheering.

The students watching were stunned: ???

Go back, go home???

What about the romantic confession of getting down on one knee?

What about the promise and beginning of pure love?

Wen Yu didn’t come back to his senses until the car started: What confession? What proposal? He was completely overthinking it. Ying Chen, this old demon, has no idea what it means to hold a bouquet of red roses in front of others!!!

He was very annoyed and smashed someone who was driving with a bouquet of flowers: “What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you to leave first? Why are you standing outside with flowers and waiting for me!”

Ying Chen was suddenly scolded and was stunned: “I was waiting for you.”

“I went to the back door just to hide from you, you—” He almost cursed: “You really came to the back door!”

Ying Chen was wronged and aggrieved: “I sensed that you went to the back door, so I came over. Why did you hide from me?”

Wen Yu: “You’re still asking me why, you didn’t see so many people looking at you at the school gate?”

Ying Chen drove the car with one hand, grabbed Wen Yu’s hand with the other, and coaxed, “Let them know that you have a boyfriend, so you don’t have to worry about girls in school chasing you.”

Wen Yu: …

That’s why Ying Chen deliberately brought him to and from school in a high profile these days.

Well now, the whole school knows that he has a boyfriend, and the two of them still live together.

Forget it, that’s fine.

Wen Yu hugged the flowers, lowered his head, and couldn’t help smelling the fragrance of the flowers.

“Like it?”

Seeing his actions, Ying Chen asked full of expectation.

Wen Yu gave him an angry look.

Ying Chen was lost: “You don’t like it. I also heard Lin An say that lovers should send red roses to each other, I should have known not to listen to him.”

You are a thousand-year-old demon, and you’re learning how to chase a boyfriend from a child?!

Wen Yu wanted to laugh angrily: “I didn’t say I didn’t like it. Don’t send it to school in the future.”

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At this banquet, Wen Yu not only invited Liu Yiming, Xu Cheng, Zhao Xiaoliang, but also his uncle Guan Haitao.

Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang knew in advance that Wen Yu had a boyfriend, so they just looked forward to seeing Ying Chen himself. While Liu Yiming and Guan Haitao were surprised when they received Wen Yu’s message in the morning.

Ying Chen went to pick up Wen Yu and hadn’t arrived home yet. Uncle Zhao and Lin An received the guests who came one after another and entertained them.

Since Guan Haitao entered the villa area, his eyes were not wide enough to see everything, and when he arrived at the house, he couldn’t close his mouth when he looked at the luxurious decorations.

With a heavy face, Liu Yiming whispered to him, “You are Xiaoyu’s uncle, don’t you even know about the kid having a boyfriend?”

Guan Haitao was picking up a vase with a sense of age on the mahogany shelf, looking at it with bright eyes, and said, “Damn! You know this kid Xiaoyu, a boring gourd with a dumb mouth, he didn’t tell us when he was admitted to university, not to mention the embarrassing thing of him getting a boyfriend.”

Liu Yiming’s face became cold: “What do you mean, getting a boyfriend is embarrassing?! But if you guys were a little more attentive to Xiaoyu, this child would not have this character.”

Wen Yu is the child he watched grow up, and naturally, he knows what these relatives are doing. But he didn’t expect them to be so indifferent to Wen Yu. He was extremely disappointed, and felt even more distressed for Wen Yu in his heart.

Guan Haitao put down the vase and retorted: “Every family has a black sheep, and Brother Liu is not from my family, you should stop interfering in our family’s affairs. Since it’s okay for Xiaoyu to have a boyfriend, why do you always pull such a face? It’s as if your own daughter is being bullied. Besides…” Guan Haitao pointed to the spacious and luxurious villa hall and said, “Isn’t the boyfriend Xiaoyu found very good?”

Liu Yiming was so angry that he couldn’t help but speak louder: “You don’t worry about Xiaoyu being deceived? You don’t ask what kind of person that Ying Chen is? You don’t worry about him being at a disadvantage?”

Guan Haitao: “What’s the loss for a boy? Besides, Xiaoyu called us over today, didn’t he just let us know what kind of person he is.”

Lin An came over with a fruit plate, and was stunned when he heard their quarrel, then walked over with a smile: “Hello Uncle Liu, hello Uncle Guan. You eat some fruit first, my brother and the others are almost home.”

The two stopped arguing and looked at the handsome boy. Guan Haitao asked, “Are you Ying Chen’s younger brother?”

Because the Guan family knew what relatives Wen Yu had, if Lin An suddenly appeared, Guan Haitao would become suspicious. Therefore, at his banquet today, Lin An’s identity was set as a relative of Ying Chen.

Lin An replied politely, “Yes, uncle.”

Guan Haitao: “Do you usually live here?”

Lin An nodded: “I usually go to school with Brother Xiaoyu. Brother Ying Chen watches the house and waits for us to come back.”

Guan Haitao questioned: “He didn’t go to work? Then…”

How come he has so much money?

Lin An was not very clear about Ying Chen’s work, but in the face of his elders, he answered as best he could: “Ying Chen doesn’t have to go to the company every day, and he works at home and handles affairs most of the time.”

When Guan Haitao heard it, he quickly inquired and asked, “Does he have a branch in S City?”

Liu Yiming knew what he was thinking by looking at him. He suppressed his anger and said, “Guan Haitao, what are you thinking?! Why don’t you ask Xiaoyu later? How much can a child know?”

Guan Haitao said angrily, “It would be strange if Xiaoyu could tell me.”

Soon, Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang also arrived. There are a lot of topics to talk about with the guests. Liu Yiming is no longer having trouble with Guan Haitao for the time being.

While a few people were sitting in the hall chatting with each other, the sound of the car driving into the yard sounded. Lin An immediately got up and ran to open the door: “It’s my brother, they are back!”

Liu Yiming and the others looked out of the floor-to-ceiling windows at the same time, only to see that the black luxury car slowly driving into the parking lot gradually stopped, the front two doors opened at the same time, and their Wen Yu walked out on one side with a bouquet of roses, and glanced towards the other side with a cold face.

On the other side, Ying Chen got off the car. With an indifferent smile on his face, the tall and big man walked a few steps to Wen Yu’s side after getting out of the car, stretched out his hand to hold the boy’s arm, and walked home with him.

The living room suddenly fell silent.

Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang were surprised at the same time, and they exchanged glances: “Damn it, so handsome!”

Guan Haitao looked at the graceful Ying Chen and the parked luxury car, and his eyes lit up. As if looking at his golden tortoise-in-law, he feels that he has made a fortune.

And Liu Yiming’s expression was still solemn.

Wen Yu doesn’t care about his relationship with Ying Chen being known, and it doesn’t matter what others think of him. But the only person he didn’t know how to face was Uncle Liu. He pushed in the door together with Ying Chen, and he was inevitably a little nervous when facing his gaze.

“Sorry, I got out of school late, and there were still some traffic jams on the road. I made Uncle Liu and you guys wait for a long time,” he said to several people waiting inside while changing his shoes at the entrance.

Ying Chen, on the other hand, smiled at the people inside: “Hello, I have kept you waiting for a long time.”

There is a calm temperament in him, but a simple sentence can make a few people stand up straight.

Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang prepared a bunch of jokes and were suppressed, looking at the indifferent Ying Chen, they only felt that they did not dare to make mistakes.

Guan Haitao wanted to come up and use his elder status to take a little advantage, but at this time, he was also suppressed by Ying Chen’s indifferent smiling eyes. A little at a loss, he scratched his hair and said politely, “Nothing, nothing, we also just came not long ago, and usually there is a traffic jam at this time.”

Liu Yiming didn’t speak, he frowned and examined Wen Yu carefully.

Still thin, but in good spirits, the stretched brows are less sad looking compared to when he lived in the Guan family.

He should be fine.

Wen Yu was mentally prepared, took Ying Chen’s hand and walked in front of the crowd, and said with a serious expression, “Uncle Liu, let me introduce to you. This is my boyfriend, Ying Chen. We’ll be together in the future, always.”

Ying Chen held Wen Yu’s hand tightly, and replied with a gentle smile from everyone: “Please rest assured, I will always take good care of Wen Yu.”

Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang were young and lively, they couldn’t help but want to hold Wen Yu’s hand and say congratulations, but the two elders were present. In particular, Uncle Liu’s face has been so sullen that they can’t even make fun of them.

He only dared to wink at Wen Yu.

Wen Yu smiled and said, “I know this is a bit sudden, why don’t we go to the dining room first and chat slowly while eating.”

Uncle Zhao had already prepared a dinner party for the guests, and Lin An has been busy pouring tea and water for the guests.

After a few people sat down and said a few words, Liu Yiming began to step into the topic and asked with a serious expression, “When did you meet? When did your relationship start?”

Wen Yu: “After moving in, we met and chatted a few times, and then we just went with the flow.”

He didn’t lie about this sentence, it was indeed the meeting between the two after moving in.

Liu Yiming: “It’s not that I doubt it, Wen Yu is still young, I’m worried that this kind of thing happened so quickly. Mr. Ying, you said at first that you wanted to repay Xiaoyu’s parents for saving your life back then, how come you didn’t only find Xiaoyu, but also became his boyfriend?”

The implication is, how did you hook up with Xiaoyu!

Of course, the entanglement between the two people in the past life cannot be told to these people, otherwise it sounds more like a lie.

Ying Chen knew that Liu Yiming was really good to Wen Yu, so he did not contradict his questioning at all. He also answered seriously: “Because I like him.”

A simple sentence seems very convincing. Reassures other people instantly: Ah, so it’s Xiaoyu. How nice.

Only Liu Yiming was unrelenting: “What do you like about Xiaoyu?”

This boy is young and handsome. These are Xiaoyu’s strengths, but they can also be weaknesses.

Especially when it comes to men with power and special fetishes.

Ying Chen: “He is kind, simple, and loyal. These are the reasons why I like him.”

Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang couldn’t help laughing loudly.

The two of them knew Wen Yu better, loyal to his friends is true.

But kind? Simple? Are these used to describe the one who doesn’t want to die when fighting Wen Yu?

Wen Yu glared at the two of them.

“Uncle Liu, I know what you’re worried about. Ying Chen and I will prove it with time, so you can rest assured.”

Liu Yiming: “Silly boy. We are ordinary people, and our status, power, and wealth are vastly different from them. Really wait for a long time, you will suffer a loss but he has nothing to lose, and you can lose everything.”

“No.” Ying Chen interrupted Liu Yiming: “I will not let him suffer.”

In order to reassure Liu Yiming, he took out something that would convince humans completely, “What I own is Xiaoyu’s, and I have transferred some real estate and funds under my name to Xiaoyu’s.”

He waved his hand towards Uncle Zhao. Uncle Zhao immediately understood and quickly brought a folder to Liu Yiming’s hand.

Ying Chen: “You can easily investigate the authenticity of these materials.”

Liu Yiming: ???

Are all rich people’s practices so simple and straightforward?

Guan Haitao, Xu Cheng, and the others were also taken aback. They couldn’t help but leaned over to look at the information in Liu Yiming’s hand. It was impossible to judge the value of the property at first sight. They only saw a passbook in the name of Wen Yu, which showed the deposit balance followed by many zeros.

Guan Haitao looked dazzled, stretched out his fingers, and counted the zeros: “Ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million, ten million, a  hundred million, a b…”

Liu Yiming snapped closed the information, glaring at Guan Haitao: “We know that Mr. Ying has money, but do you think that with this money, we can rest assured to hand over Xiaoyu to you?”

Is it too little?

Ying Chen was puzzled and said, “Oh, this is only a very small part. Because of the limited time, I can only transfer so much. Give me a while and I will replace all the assets with Xiaoyu’s name.”

“In total.” Ying Chen frowned, “I don’t know how many assets I have either.”

Wen Yu: …

The people in the room: …

Guan Haitao said with a trembling voice: “You, you’re serious?”

If Liu Yiming hadn’t closed the bankbook, he would have counted to more than a billion just now. Ying Chen still said only a small part!

Wen Yu, this kid simply…

He suddenly regretted it for a while. If he could have had a good relationship with Xiaoyu in the past, he would be able to take advantage of it now. Even a little bit from Xiaoyu’s fingertips, he can spend a lifetime.

Xu Cheng, Zhao Xiaoliang: Holy shit, my buddy is about to become the richest man in the world!

Liu Yiming’s attitude ranged from cold to contemplative disbelief: “Why would you do that?”

Ying Chen looked at Wen Yu and smiled: “Because I only have him in this world. Without him, I would die.”

Maybe Ying Chen’s words in other people’s hearts are just sticky love words.

But Wen Yu knew that what he said was true.

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