Chapter 146 – Filming

The desert is endless, with only shrubs and lower hardy woody plants growing on the ground. The sand blew through, leaving the dry ground bare beneath a clear sky, and although the sun shone brightly, visibility was poor because the gravel here was too easily blown up by the wind.

The sound of horses’ hooves came from far to near, and on their backs were several soldiers, in addition to pulling a wagon, on which Jacob was lazily lying on top of the cargo, wearing a large hat of pompous egret feathers, the brim of which shielded him from the hot sun. There was a gramophone on the wagon, and the gramophone was blaring loud music – a song by the ‘Hell’s Frontline’ rock band.

The soldiers looked serious, and from time to time peeped a few times at Jacob.

Jacob put his hat on his head and said, “Such a serious atmosphere, like I’m being escorted to the dungeon. This is crazy, what have I done? I just don’t want to ride a horse, so I had to be dragged away like cargo? I hate riding, it makes my butt uncomfortable, and that’s not what my well-maintained butt is for.”

One of the soldiers there couldn’t hold back his laughter, “Sorry, sir, we’re professionally trained not to open our mouths…”

“But you still laughed out loud,” Jacob said.

“—unless things are particularly funny,” the other soldier added.

“Haha well.” Jacob said, “It looks like you guys are allowed to open your mouths and talk too.”


Hill raised his hand, “Wait, something doesn’t feel right here.”

The tauren immediately blew a whistle and all the horses stopped obediently. With this kind of field manager, the animals are almost more obedient than the actors.

The dark priests who played the soldiers immediately showed a nervous expression, and one priest asked, “Your Highness, is there a problem?” He didn’t know that Hill was a demon king, he thought like other humans that Hill was a demon prince – but that was scary enough for the people of the Dark Church.

“The problem is not you.” Hill watched back the clip he had just recorded, deliberated for a moment, and said, “Jacob don’t laugh here, at least don’t laugh out loud, you play a character who looks decent but is full of bullshit.”

“Isn’t that you?” Aligeli, the lich next to him, interjected.

Hill glared at him.

Several other demons who had more contact with Hill laughed out lightly.

“Sorry, then you are the one who seems to be talking nonsense but is actually saying serious things,” Aligeli changed his tone.

“…Either way there is some truth to it, however, I don’t want to accept either way,” Hill rolled her eyes.

“Cough.” You’ve already admitted that there’s truth to it, right? You admitted it to yourself.

“Okay, okay, it’s intermission time, and I believe the laughs I’ve given you at my expense have relaxed you, so,” Hill snapped her fingers to send the projection stone flying to its proper place, “let’s do this part all over again, on your marks! Start!”


For characters like Tony Stark, it is difficult to separate them from the actor, the actor and the character complete their mutual achievement, the actor also injected their unique soul for the role.

Hill’s remake in the other world, a single imitation of the original role certainly will not work, he can only explain the original role’s feelings to all the actors, so that the actors themselves can find that point, and interpret their roles.

During the evening breaks, Hill would have character discussions with the main actors, observe their lines and give his own guidance.

He watched Jacob get closer and closer to the image of Tony Stark, and watched Jacob inject his thoughts and soul into the character. Hill is keenly aware that Jacob has a good grasp of the “sense of repentance” when playing this role. In the movie, Tony Stark realized the cruelty of the war after escaping from the terrorists. Before that, he said, “If there is peace, I will be out of business.” And then he kind of “reformed”, returned to the company, rebuilt the armor, and became the real Iron Man.

Repentance? Hill thought about Jacob’s experience and would smile. It was a nice coincidence, too. It looks like Jacob can play the character of Tony Stark well.

The lines were changed very much, Hill only kept the general framework. When Marvel was shooting this movie, the actors and shooting plan were set, but there was no script, only the outline to tell the actors what story to play next. Almost most of the dialogue and some interactive plots were made by the director to encourage the actors to improvise throughout the process, oh yes, just make up lines on the spot. Hill felt impressed after watching how these people were left on their own, but he seemed to be able to follow suit a little, because although his actors were not the kind of actors who were extremely professional, many of them could act in their own right.

But Hill only followed suit a little, most of the lines were his own writing, he was afraid of play off.

At the beginning of the shooting, there was a lot of problems, this problem was mainly in Jacob, after all, the role of Tony Stark was really difficult to grasp, but gradually he interpreted more and became more skilled, you can see that he put a lot of effort in private. As for the other actors, especially the group actors, the performance was more in place, everyone was scrambling to be the first to show their face in front of Hill.

This time, Hill made strict requirements for everyone, before, some minor flaws may be let go, after all, the concept of the film is not too clear, but now is not the same. Hill plans to be stricter and stricter on the film in the future, the farther you go on this road, the heavier the burden is, the more you still can’t afford to make a mistake. Hill thought.


Besides the daily shooting and script discussion, the most exciting thing for the actors is the daily crew meal!

If you are shooting in the city, there are restaurants in the Demon Mall that provide food directly. In the wild, most of them are barbecues, but the barbecue is also extremely desirable under the superb craftsmanship of Chef Irvine.

The taste of the steak that has been carefully grilled by Irvine is absolutely amazing, it is full of burnt aroma, and the taste is very tender, then it is dipped in your favorite sauce, and there is actually a rich gravy inside with a bite!

There are also grilled wild mushrooms. This type of mushroom has a unique flavor. It is topped with oil and a light sauce. After being roasted on the fire, it has a special fragrance. For those who like to eat shiitake mushrooms, it is more fragrant than meat. The sauce is not spread much, because the main thing to eat is the taste of wild mushrooms. One bite, the deliciousness of wild mushrooms, and the fusion of the oil and the fragrance of the sauce are simply overwhelming.

In addition, the siren clan also sent a lot of fresh sea fish. These sea fish are very suitable for barbecue. The fish skin is rich in gelatin. Once cooked and bitten into, the crispy skin, charred flavor, and mix of spices and fish explode in the mouth, and the taste buds are fully activated.

Today, a very low alcoholic pomegranate fruit wine is provided, which gives soul to the barbecue wine pairing. It tastes sweet and sour, with the faint aroma of pomegranate and endless aftertaste. And it has a very soft taste, and it’s quite addictive. It had been chilled with magic beforehand. In the big summer, the cold feeling entered the throat, then the evening breeze blew, and suddenly there was a feeling of ‘ah, this is life’.

“Really? This is too exaggerated.”

“Then I said to him, if you can’t learn to compromise, you can’t live in this world.”

“Then what?”

“He scolded me as an asshole, then agreed to cooperate with me, and then I cheated him a sum of money and told him ‘sometimes you have to learn not to compromise’, and finally ran before he took off his shoes and beat me.”

“Hahahaha—you are such a bastard!”

“I don’t deny it.” Jacob said in a tone that carried a courteous but condescending tone, “But he, in exchange for a mere 100 gold coins, got a lesson from me, Jacob Samson, which is a very worthwhile thing.”

Jacob was talking to the actors, and Hill noticed that he became more cheerful these days, and his speech became more and more unrestrained and interesting. In other words, he was closer to the character of Tony Stark.

This is a great relief for the director.

However, Hill later heard that Jacob had difficulty recovering from that role after playing Tony Stark for a while, and then he was almost beaten when he was talking about business…cough, cough, cough… Tony Stark, sometimes this role is really ugly haha.

Of course, this incident was also written in “Demon Realm Magazine” and became a joke among everyone.

Joan Baker was very pleased with this. He even asked Hill: “Mr. Grindelwald, is there any more owing a beating… I mean, a more personal role for Jacob to play? He is a very good actor, I am convinced of this.”

Hill squinted at Joan Baker: “Your thoughts are too obvious.”

“I didn’t think it was obvious enough, I wanted to say straight out that I was going to blow his dog’s head off if I could,” Joan Baker said.

Hill almost died laughing: “Can I have this thing of yours drawn up as a chibi comic for the magazine?”

Joan Baker stiffened for a moment and said as nonchalantly as possible, “Whatever you want.”

The comic version of the story contains some daily interesting things, some small contradictions, and jokes, which is a very popular section for readers.

This is the first time that Jacob Samson has appeared in the comic section of the Demon Realm Magazine, which also marks that he has become a member of the “Big Demon Family”.

——That’s what fans call the characters who appear in chibi comics these days.

“Big family”. It sounds really warm and romantic.

It is in sharp contrast with the real world outside.

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