Chapter 145 – On the eve of filming

Hill and Joan Baker walked into a new textile mill in Josh Kenny, and were greeted by the owner: “Gentlemen, we’re not open until tomorrow.”

“But I’m here today,” Hill said.

“Oh, well.” The owner said, “So what can I do for you?”

“I want to buy this textile factory of yours.” Hill said, “and then expand the production, improve the equipment, but not for profit.”

“Your first and last words sound like a fantasy story.” The owner said with a smile, if Hill hadn’t been dressed in noble clothes, he would have kicked him out: “Are you here to joke around?”

Hill said, “My name is Grindelwald, you may call me Your Highness Grindelwald.”

Grindelwald. Now this name was a thunderbolt in the Magnolia Empire.

The boss took a step back and said awkwardly, “Well, it looks like I’m the one who’s the joke. Your Highness, I apologize to you for my rudeness.”

Hill laughed, “Don’t be frightened, I’m here to talk business.” Then he turned to Joan Baker, “Well, I’m done showing my face, so it’s up to you.”

Joan Baker was a little speechless at Hill’s remark, but responded, “Okay, I’ll take it from here then.”

Josh Kenny’s plantations and textile industry are quite developed, Hill plans to buy several textile factories and plantations, which will be arranged for some of the demon employees, while those demons also want to steal human crafts, and then open similar factories in the demon realm. As for technical improvements, let the skilled workers and scientific research department get on it.

These plantations and textile factories are mainly to supply the demon malls, and after learning sufficient experience in this side, Hill intends to open the industrial system in the demon realm, it’s currently a little messy, but still barely functional.

In the previous Magnolia Empire, there were still some risks for Hill to do so, but now that King Magnolia was scared into a mess, the empire was temporarily held by Princess Delia, so Hill could let go of his hands and do it. As for the person in charge of these factories, that is naturally Joan Baker.


In addition to regularly engaging in “Red Moon” every night, Hill now spends most of his time writing the “Iron Man” script.

Iron Man Tony Stark was born into a baronial family in the Magnolia Empire. His family was rich and made a living producing all kinds of cold weapons and magical weapons. He himself has little magical talent, but his theoretical research is quite excellent. He also has a charming succubus assistant, that assistant is played by a girl group member.

Oh, it looks like Iron Man is going to be the first male lead on screen to have a child with a demon. This is very monumental.

That said, can this be born?

Hill has seen a record of a male demon having sex with a female human, followed by the human dying during pregnancy, being buried, and a year later, her two children crawling out of the grave, holding hands and walking out of the cemetery, followed by bringing a plague to the world.

If it is a male human and female demon, of course, no problem, but male demons… in fact, with a slight transformation, a male demon can also give birth to a child. With this thought, Hill cannot help but shiver a little, forget it, he continued writing the plot.

One day, Tony and an official of the Empire were testing their new weapon when they were attacked by a group of bandits. They belong to the kind of collusion between officials and bandits, really powerful, and Tony also recognized the weapons they used as those produced by the Stark family. Then they were kidnapped, in the dungeon of bandits, Tony met the same hostage black dwarf Yinsen… Wait a minute, this does not fit the style of the name of the dwarf, well, let’s call him Sledgehammer… The name Sledgehammer is quite in line with the dwarf naming law. Hill wrote the script while wandering in the sky. The dwarves’ names such as “Copper Teeth”, sounds a bit painful, ah, he suddenly remembered “Inuyasha” meaning Half Dog. “Inuyasha”, this anime theme here is also quite politically correct ah, he also recorded this in a small notebook.

At the same time, Hill also began the casting of actors.

The Super Girl’s innocent persona, Winona, has previously been appointed by Hill as charity ambassador, then put the sexy persona, Sam, as Tony’s assistant. No need to deliberately play, directly use the charming nature of the succubus. Wow, in addition to being an assistant, she can also play as Tony’s personal bodyguard, after all, she is a demon.

As for the identity of Jarvis, this was set by Hill as a synthetic wind elemental spirit, but humans cannot see… He suddenly remembered when Taobao sold invisible gourd boy.

Everything else is good, the most important thing is the role of Tony Stark.

In fact, on the appearance, Joan Baker is quite consistent, but the problem is Joan Baker’s acting skills…

“Come on, Joan, make a flirty and prodigal son look.

…Well, that’s not a flirty look, that’s a death stare.”

Then the actor audition met some good candidates but always lacked some points, Hill again turned his attention to the evil merchant Jacob who is in the Plague Islands.

Thanks to Captain Rod as Jack Sparrow, Hill intends to try to have these characters played by the same identity, so that the difference in acting can be made up with a sense of authenticity.

The audition turned out okay, and Hill planned to use Jacob if there was no suitable candidate before the entire audition was over.

Jacob had a wonderful feeling after hearing this. “Evil merchant” is his title, but he has always been living in the shadows of people. He is different from the big pirates like Captain Rod, at least they have direct physical strength, but he himself, because of malnutrition in the early years, is slightly thin, and a weak chicken. Throughout the years, he made more enemies, without a few bodyguards, in fact, he did not dare to walk confidently in the streets of Josh Kenny.

Since coming to the Plague Islands to take care of the affairs of the Demon Mall, the local natives had treated him well, which had given him a feeling he had never felt before.

It turns out that one can earn a lot of money without colluding with the nobles, oppressing the commoners, and hitting a person who is already down… like this? There are still such fair things in the world?

And now, someone like him actually has the opportunity to act in a movie? Can he also stand in glory like those male protagonists and be liked by a group of people?

It is important to know that some people are born with a wrong outlook, pursuing “evil”, and “evil” can bring them pleasure.

Most people are born with a positive outlook, but even so, there is not much use. People are self-interested, when the world is in moral degradation, others will follow along with the degradation, others still have a conscience but what is the use of it? There is a saying ‘men speak kindly in the presence of death’, in history, there are a lot of great evil people who did good before they died, which shows the goodness that exists in their hearts, right?

The “evil merchant” Jacob is undoubtedly a typical businessman whose personality was shaped by this era.

He colluded with the nobles and pirates, he bought robbers to kill competitors, he oppressed slaves to drain them of their blood and sweat… because this is the only way to make a lot of money, and it is easier.

He knew he was evil, he knew he was doing the “right thing”, and at the same time, he was upset and confused about his own behavior, and that’s why he was angry and upset with Joan Baker, the washed-white man. He claims that the other side has no backbone, but in fact, he is convincing himself and giving himself a reason to continue this behavior.

If there is no accident, he will live a sinful life and then die in some unexpected event that is bound to happen, and before he dies, he will probably have a good heart and will probably look back on a life that was not very sinful but by no means good. After his death, no one will shed tears for him, others will quickly divide up his legacy. Probably some pirate will pour a glass of wine at his grave, the spirits into the soil, which is the last precipitation of his life.

He himself expected this kind of end, but he thought it would be good.

Because he had not experienced better.

But now, that better choice was in front of him, with Joan Baker as a model in front of him, Jacob understood what awaited him when he took this path of collusion with the demons.

Joan Baker’s popularity in the Magnolia continent today is very high, he appeared many times in the chibi comics of Demon Realm Magazine, and also often mentioned in the Editor-in-Chief’s Notes, so although he did not stand in front of the stage, the fans of Demon Realm Magazine know that there is such a heavyweight, he is poisonous, calm, wise, and always with sharp words that can cut. Over time, Joan Baker also had a group of fans.

What Jacob didn’t want to admit was that he was envious of Joan Baker.

This is probably one of the reasons that prompted him to go to Magnolia City and meet His Highness Grindelwald.


After learning that the main character of “Iron Man” was in the end, Jacob, Joan Baker showed a certain degree of displeasure, but he finally said: “Although that guy is ungrateful, pretending to be strong but actually weak, sinister, evil, two-faced malicious and duplicitous… but he does have redeeming qualities. “

Hill was amused by Joan Baker’s words, “It seems that you really do not like him.”

“I hate him, and he hates me. But for sanity’s sake, we can join forces for now,” Joan Baker shrugged his shoulders many times as he said this.

Hill relayed this from Joan Baker to Jacob, who also shrugged his shoulders and said, “He and I rarely agree with each other, but this time he’s right.”

Hill couldn’t help but laugh, they both were so funny.

It was nice to traverse, meet all kinds of interesting people and hear all kinds of interesting things.

Shortly after the lead role was finalized, Hill also put together the script, most of the filming locations were in Magnolia City, and part of it took place in the desert of the demon realm.

The music in the original “Iron Man” movie was very good, and Hill already plans to launch the rock band “Hell’s Frontline” in this movie.

Iron Man’s armor is naturally given to the dwarves to make, and it can really make people fly – with the means of magic, but the control of the armor is not the person in the armor, but the mage outside. So, it does not push the value of marketing.

With the power of the entire demon realm to make movies, all kinds of preparations are naturally very fast. This time, Hill let the dark clergy to play most of the extras on set, which is also a small benefit to the Church of their own.

The clergy of the Dark Church is a loyal fan of the film, to star in the film they are naturally quite happy, plus Hill gave all the actors a high salary, which is naturally more attractive. The fact is that Hill knows that the so-called high salary is not comparable to the salary of actors on Earth.

After receiving the actors to the demon realm, Hill thought about it and arranged for them to live in the Fairy Tale Hotel, anyway, that place is empty…

As a result, the next day, the actors were quite low-spirited, Hill asked, they replied that they were too scared to sleep.

On the other side, the one usually responsible for special effects, Lich Aligeli heard this and was full of question marks, My King, what a wicked pleasure you have.

In fact, Hill was trying to get them excited, but it seems that the excitement is too much.

Wait, he also plans to open the demon realm playground, and fairy-tale themed hotel, will no one want to live in there later? Seems like he destroyed a financial road? Thinking of this, Hill could not help but be dumbfounded.

The next time you do this kind of thing, pay some attention to it.

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