Chapter 144 – The plan for Hill’s next movie

After Hill left, Princess Delia wanted to leave too, she didn’t want to see her father in such a wretched state with her own eyes. But she got up and remembered what Hill had just said, so she adjusted her breathing, changed her expression to that of a princess, straightened her spine, and walked towards the corridor.

King Magnolia collapsed on the floor like a dehydrated fish, his face pale, his fat lips trembling. Princess Delia found him really ugly, and she suddenly thought, how did the succubi accompany him? If it was her, she would have felt sick to her stomach.

Princess Delia was prepared to see bodies all over the place, but only one died and the others passed out. She was oblivious to King Magnolia, she ordered the guards to drag away the corpses and then asked the servants to come and wash the blood away. Until everything was finished, she looked at King Magnolia and said in an announcing tone: “Father, I will bring Theodore back tomorrow, will you give him a royal position?”

King Magnolia’s eyes slowly moved to her, “You…”

“Theodore is now in the demon world,” Delia reminded.

King Magnolia shivered, “May, you may, do as you like, the seal is in my bedroom, you go write it yourself.”

“Okay.” Princess Delia nodded, “You are truly a wise monarch.” She turned to leave, and after a few steps she said, “I think you should go to the succubi now, they will soothe the wounds you have suffered with tenderness.”

King Magnolia blinked slowly, “Is this what that… Lord means?”

“Yes,” Princess Delia said.

“I see.” King Magnolia repeated, “I know,” he said dumbly.

Princess Delia left briskly, and she even hummed her favorite song.

For all that happened in the palace, Princess Delia’s brother Caesar Lewis did not know, he followed his father’s orders to be stationed at the front. He has a good nature, in fact, he prefers to lead his troops to war than to be a king, he is hardworking and loves every partner in the army. Hill let the Dark Church reach out to them, Caesar Lewis was not very resistant to the Dark Church, mainly because the Dark Church healed many of his wounded soldiers.

Hill gave a lot of herbal knowledge to the Dark Church, so the Dark Church immediately dumped a lot of other organizations in medical skills. After all, the medical art of this period was terrible, it was either bloodletting or enema. Someone had a headache some time ago, so some doctors thought it was a demon in his head, so he used an iron nail dipped in holy water to drive into his head… Of course, that person died.

Hill remembered a famous operation on Earth in the 19th century with a mortality rate of 300%. At that time, the amputation operation was performed without anesthesia and was directly cut with a knife/saw. The surgeon accidentally cut off his assistant’s finger and scared a crowd to death. The masses, patients, and assistants all died of sepsis afterwards, so the mortality rate was 300%.

After hearing this, Hill shivered. He suddenly felt that the difference between the Church of Light and the Dark Church was not very obvious.

As a royal son of the Magnolia Empire, Caesar Lewis has no good liking for the Church of Light. In addition, he likes the demon culture, so he has no particular dislike for the Dark Church. The Dark Church was able to heal the soldiers and brought canned goods and the like, which were warmly welcomed by the soldiers. So, Caesar turned a blind eye to the spread of faith by the Dark Church here.

Hill once talked with Caesar in the past: “The war has brought heavy losses to each of us. Although you humans have won victory in the demon realm, you are in trouble on your own land.”

“Yes.” Caesar lamented, “I have been put in the army by my father, and although it is not good to say so, I hope that the army of a country will always be just a decoration and never be put into official use.”

“When the cannons fire off, there are no winners. There are only survivors of war, there are no victors,” Hill said.

Caesar looked at the distance and nodded. After a few seconds, he asked: “Er… Although it’s a bit ruinous to ask this question at this time, Your Highness Grindelwald, why ‘cannon fire’?

Hill was embarrassed for a moment, “…similar to pulling out a sword and starting a war, it’s a demon’s saying.”

“Oh… OK,” Caesar nodded.

Hill had a certain amount of goodwill towards Caesar Lewis, but he understood that it was not a good thing to have goodwill towards someone with such an ambiguous position – it was not even as good as having goodwill towards one’s enemy.

But at the moment, Caesar is not going to give them any trouble, as long as King Magnolia is still alive, the prince is still on their side. In addition, King Magnolia must also be alive, otherwise, the Church may use this for propaganda, and the emperors of other countries will also have a sense of crisis against the demons.

Thinking of this, Hill raised his glass and said, “May King Magnolia live a long life.”

At this time, he was attending a banquet given to him by Caesar, and at this time, there were some people in the army who had begun to believe in the Dark God, so this banquet was not held out of the blue.

“May Your Highness live a long life,” the others also raised their glasses and said in unison.

“Thank you,” Caesar said gratefully.

Hill smiled and drank the wine down.

For your trust, I will help the Lewis family take good care of the Magnolia Empire.

After all, I did say that I will persecute all the kings and I will save all the people~


Recently, a tragedy occurred in Mülheim because of “A Song of Ice and Fire.” A border soldier said to his companion that Robb Stark was really good while reading the book, and another spoiled him that Robb died. Then he spoiled the rest of what happened in the Red Wedding. The former violently cut the spoiler’s throat on the spot.

This incident caused some repercussions in Mülheim.

The general was very angry when he heard about this. He confiscated the book and turned it over, and then he wanted to read another chapter for himself, um, another chapter. Seeing that Robb avenged his father after Ed’s death, the general felt very sour, and then he suddenly thought, wait, did the spoiler soldier say that Robb died? And that Red Wedding?

– as if struck by thunder and lightning.

The general even empathized with that murderer… but killing needs to be paid with life, it’s heavenly justice.

After all, the two of them were commoners, if they were nobles, heavenly justice would have been set aside for a while.

Olivia told Hill about this, Hill listened with a bit of toothache, he remembered that there is a similar news on Earth, the Antarctic expedition’s stationed person read a book and another person spoiled him, so the reader stabbed the spoiler. This is very similar.

Hill mentioned this matter in this issue of the Demon Realm Magazine, saying that everyone should not spoil people at will, and of course, they should not kill people at will…

Then the Demon Realm Magazine ceased its publication. The external reason was that the magazine was burned and the editor-in-chief of the magazine suffered physical trauma and psychological trauma.

Hill originally intended to use the public opinion, but then he was too lazy to engage in these, so he directly went into battle bare-chested, hey this word seems a bit too strong, if possible, he is only willing to go into battle bare-chested with Monroe (……).

Hill did not explicitly say, but between the lines implied that the Demon Realm Magazine was bullied by the royal power, even the Ice Emperor asked Olivia if the magazine side needs help.

Hill is also considered to mistreat the fans here.

And this can also release a false signal to the church side: the Demon Realm Magazine is still under the control of the royal power. This is also hitting two birds with one stone.

Everyone was in a pretty agitated mood during the hiatus, after all, that’s everyone’s main entertainment now. The magazine also received a lot of letters of concern for Theodore, who read them in turn and was very touched.

Then Hill went to hit him: “Don’t you forget that those who stepped on you at first and those who are so concerned about you now are objectively speaking a group of people.”

“I understand.” Theodore said with a smile, “I also understand that the most important thing is what kind of person you have become, you don’t have to deliberately care about the attitude of others towards you, just improve yourself, so that your status in the eyes of others will also naturally improve.”

The next day, Theodore was appointed by King Magnolia as the assistant of the Grand Chancellor.

Princess Delia giving Theodore a position in the royal court is a bit of a surprise to Hill, but it’s good, she can save himself a lot of work if she can be on her own. But Theodore is really busy.

The next issue of the Editor-in-Chief’s Note was naturally written by Theodore, who thanked everyone for their concern for him, and then said, “I hope the magazine will run smoothly if possible, but there are too many obstacles ahead, so I can’t give you such a guarantee.”

It wasn’t written by Hill, it was written by Theodore himself.

Theodore was now able to keep up with Hill’s pace, and his growth had always been steady. Hill was pleased with that.

Finally, Theodore gave a preview of the next film.

“Finally, I want to bring you good news, the next movie is already in the planning stage, called “Iron Man”, the story takes place on the continent of Magnolia. The protagonist is a human without magical talent, but he used magical apparatus to build himself into a powerful existence no less than the Archmage. That’s all I can say, more spoilers and Mr. Grindelwald will beat me up, haha.

Love you guys, Theodore.”

Yes, “Iron Man”, this is the plan for Hill’s next movie.

He intends to move the Marvel Universe to this world, and all the stories are set in this period instead. The movie will definitely be overhauled, but try to retain its quintessential parts. In the end, the demons and humans join forces to fight the aliens, isn’t it interesting? – The people of this period have the concept of aliens.

Iron Man with dwarf technology, Spider-Man who was bitten by a demon spider… Guardians of the Galaxy into a pirate gang, although there is the concept of aliens, the story in space is still a bit too much for this period. And Captain America, the paladin is set up to go! Black Widow becomes the Dark Church’s cultivated emissary.

Thor… Thor’s setting is not very good, after all, people here do not have the concept of those gods. Hill thought about it, he can use the demon realm directly, Thor is the eldest son of the Demon King, Loki is the second son, the other is also logical to carry out the magic reform. Forget it, simply do not use the names, just add new names.

And then finally put the Avengers out.

Hill pumped his fists, his blood boiled involuntarily.

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