Chapter 143 – Am I that scary?

Hill went directly to the palace, just in time to encounter King Magnolia holding a banquet, Lord Tuttle Borrel sat beside him and was talking to him cordially.

The banquet was unexpectedly huge, with representatives from all the cities of the Magnolia Empire giving gifts to King Magnolia, including gold, food, and specialties.

Hill also met Josh Kenny’s representatives, they wore tight-fitting clothes of seal skin, black wool belt around the waist, strong arms exposed, this is their style of dress. The representative was praising the beauty of Princess Delia in awkward words, and Hill immediately understood what the theme of the party was, King Magnolia wanted to find a husband for Princess Delia.

Tsk. This is really.

But here is where Hill thought wrong, Hill thought it was King Magnolia who couldn’t wait to take Princess Delia in exchange for benefits, but in fact, it was the aftermath of Princess Delia’s reprieve.

Hill turned around and went straight to Princess Delia’s boudoir.

Princess Delia was staring at the makeup mirror, and then Hill’s face appeared above the mirror, and the comb fell from her hand, and she immediately covered her mouth to keep herself from screaming out of control.

Hill reached out and grabbed the comb she had dropped, then handed it to her with a gentleman’s salute. He thought Princess Delia would blame him for trespassing or something, but Princess Delia immediately lowered her voice and asked, “How is Theodore! Er… I mean, hello.”

“He’s fine except for being as worried as you are,” Hill made a playful remark.

“That’s really wonderful.” Princess Delia was so relieved that she seemed to want to cry, but she tried to contain her tears.

“You don’t look too good here.” Hill made a gesture, “I just came from outside.”

Princess Delia’s eyes flashed with melancholy, “Yes… but at least it can drag on for a while.”

“Actually, I’m curious.” Hill dragged a chair and sat down directly, “What do you think of Theodore?”

“He’s my lover,” Princess Delia said.

“But you can’t be married.” Hill said, “You’re a princess, he’s a commoner.”

“Theoretically impossible.” Princess Delia said, “But… he is a commoner with a demon friend.”

“You’re quite clever.” Hill smiled, “It looks like you are specialized in your field. I can get you together, so, what price are you willing to pay?”

“What price can I pay?” Princess Delia asked.

The candle flame flickered, and the cosmetics in front of Princess Delia were scattered with a star-like glow.

Hill smiled his typical devilish grin.


The feast ended and King Magnolia returned to his bedroom, where he pushed open the door to see Hill sitting in his chair with his legs crossed.

King Magnolia immediately became furious – for everything that had happened: “You owe me an explanation, Your Highness Grindelwald.” He practically snarled at him.

No matter what, he was still a king, and he had some temperament after all these years. The people who would disobey him were all executed by him, which made him inflate his ego so much – and from that would come some overbearing behavior, like now.

“What do you want me to explain?” Hill asked rhetorically, his tone quite brisk, “I haven’t asked you for an explanation yet, Your Majesty.”

“Why would my daughter – the only princess of the Magnolia Empire – be fooling around with a commoner? You knew about this already, didn’t you?” King Magnolia continued to growl, “If it wasn’t for Tuttle, my old brother, who told me, you were going to keep it from me, weren’t you?”

Hill snarled back at him, “Then I ask you, why did you arrest the employee of the Demon Mall without my permission? If he wasn’t lucky, then I would have seen his corpse right now, right? Are you trying to start a war?”

“You, how dare you…” King Magnolia was so angry that his lips started to tremble, “Tuttle is right, I really am too good for you damned demons.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. There are some things you can’t just say.

Hill suddenly laughed, he smiled like a ruffian and said, “Say that again for me?”

“You…” King Magnolia spoke angrily, pointing at him.

“Say it. Say it again.” Hill took a step closer, his ruffian-like smile gradually deepened, his eyes seemed to have a furious wind that tore through the clouds, blaze and decay coalesced in his pupils at the same time, the corners of his lips hooked, the smile at the moment seemed to be soaked with acute poison, “I’m listening.”

King Magnolia shouted in mid-air, “Guards!”

The guards immediately rushed in.

“Give me…”

Hill stopped in his tracks, his voice still the same as before, but with a heavy tone: “Are you sure? I said, are you sure?”

King Magnolia stared at him for a few seconds, his eyes twitched violently twice, then he lowered his head.

King Magnolia was still weak, he dropped his hand and said no more.

Hill seemed to reveal a lively smile: “I say ah, is it not good to stay as King Magnolia? Is it bad for me to continue to pretend that I’m just a demon prince?”

The implied meaning in Hill’s words made King Magnolia’s eyes widen: “You, you are not…”

“You guessed it, didn’t you?” Hill interrupted with a smile, not letting him speak. He stepped forward, the aura emanating from his body made the flames around him bow down, those guards trembled one by one, the weapons in their hands fell to the ground.

In the sound of metal crashing to the ground, the black leather boots with gold trim pattern just crossed over the weapon masters who had lost their courage. At the same time, Hill’s figure became bigger, his whole body reverted to his demon form.

The corridor was dim and obscure, and everyone’s ears were filled with the messy illusion of a hurricane tearing together with the sea, the tide never ending. The sun rose and the moon set, and every time you exhale, it’s as if a beast of the night opens its eyes in the chaos and obscurity and stares at you…

It was an ice-cold suppression from the soul.

When Hill walked in front of King Magnolia, King Magnolia’s body had completely stiffened.

He hooked King Magnolia’s jaw: “I’ll give you money, give you beautiful women, and make your position secure. Isn’t it just a princess? You can have more, and there are quite a few illegitimate daughters that you have scattered outside over the years. After all, you yourself are more important than the others, aren’t you?”

Barely audible and cold words, but they struck directly at the heart of the King Magnolia.

Majestic, cold, and domineering.

He rubbed his hand against his face, his eyes downcast with a smile, “I will let you experience the happiness you have never experienced before, as long as you are good and obedient. And…” the smile on his lips was still tinged with laughter: “There are succubi around you, you are colluding with the demons, do you think you can get away with it? Even if you ask the Church of Light for help now, how do you think you will be treated by them?” He said this gently, and this is the most frightening point.

King Magnolia’s teeth had begun to chatter.

Hill snorted, “Don’t let the glory of your Lewis family become a joke, King Magnolia. You just need to be your own joke, at least now no one dares to laugh at you in your face.”

Magnolia the Great was finally summoned back to some sanity by the insulting words, “You, how dare you do this to a king…”

“Then, I am deeply sorry.” Hill smiled faintly as he snapped his fingers, and one of the guards behind him died with blood spurting from his throat.


“What?” Another snap of his fingers and another guard fell to the ground.

“How dare you!”

A third snap of the finger. “Think before you speak, and don’t forget that I’m a demon.”

“Okay, okay…”

Hill raised his hand, he made ready to snap his fourth finger, and King Magnolia was going crazy: “What the hell do you want?! I’ll grant you whatever you want! Don’t you want Delia? Take her away! Let her sleep with that commoner, sleep with you, sleep with the whole demon race! I promise you everything!”

“I didn’t mean to do that either.” Hill lowered his hand and smiled implicitly, “It’s just that previously, I attempted to reach an agreement with you using benefits and gentle means, but unfortunately you didn’t comply, then I had to use rougher means to make you remember.” After saying that, Hill stroked his head, “Be good. I really don’t want to kill anyone.”

Then he turned and walked towards that part of the corridor, and King Magnolia slid helplessly down the wall as Hill’s voice came, “I hope we get along well next time, Your Majesty.”

King Magnolia no longer had any courage to resist.


Hill turned the corner and saw Princess Delia sitting in the hallway, her head buried in the crook of her arm, her body trembling.

She had heard everything.

Hill thought for a moment and said, “I didn’t kill him.”

Princess Delia looked up at Hill, her eyes with tears, she looked at him with fear, “… Lord Demon King, will you kill me?” It looks like she also understood from the conversation he just had that he was the Demon King.

“I have no reason to kill you either.” Hill laughed, “Am I that scary? What do you think, Al?”

In the darkness, Dark Elf Albrecht appeared, he knelt on one knee, his face was calm, “My King has the most supreme majesty, so we just need to give up all thoughts to believe in My King wholeheartedly.”

“That is the attitude as a subordinate.” Hill said, “What about as a king, Al, you are the prince of the Dark Elf clan, if it is as a king, how do you think you should view me?”

“Excited to actually have such a powerful opponent, fearful but excited enough,” Albrecht said.

“You have a lot to learn, little princess. Do your own thing well and remember you’re on my side.” Hill was ready to touch Delia’s head, then suddenly withdrew, “Forget it, friends’ wives are not to be bullied.” He snapped his fingers, and Princess Delia shivered reflexively. Hill wanted to laugh a little: “The problem is probably solved, the next thing is your business, you might as well tell him your relationship with the demons. By the way, do not mind too much about the succubi, your father needs them now.”

“I… understand,” Princess Delia said softly.

In this way, the hidden danger of the Magnolia Empire was basically gone.

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