Chapter 142 – Do the best that you can

The dark church basement level.

White phantom, overlapping magic formations, compass-like operation of the time track, silver pentagram releasing a pale luster, like fireflies rustling down.

Hill looked at this dream-like scene, he felt he should be emotional, but he has seen a lot of more magnificent things this year, so this level can even be said to be commonplace.

He wore a light gray wool top with ivy embroidered around the edges, and a large hat with heron feathers on top of his head, which made him look like a suave, down-on-his-luck aristocrat. This outfit does not match the surroundings, but with Hill’s status, he can appear anywhere in the Dark Church, including their Pope’s bedroom (?), not to mention a basement.

Behind Hill, a black-robed necromancer said in a tone of admiration: “Birth and death are mysterious.”

Hill looked at the magic array, estimated the consumption of magic crystals needed to maintain the magic array, and then said casually with two thoughts: “That’s because you know too little.”

The necromancer choked for a moment, “A mass of flesh, birthed into a child in a woman’s womb, the water with mysterious power…”

“If you’re talking about amniotic fluid,” Hill said calmly, still with his back to him, “I can tell you that amniotic fluid is a dialysate of the mother’s blood serum in the early stages, fetal urine in the middle stages, and the fetus’ own secretions in the late stages.”

The necromancer choked a second time: “This, how come this sounds so disgusting…”

“Not as disgusting as if you had to dissect a pregnant woman alive.” Hill finally turned to look at the necromancer, “And that’s how you were born, man.”

“I don’t believe it, the great me was actually soaked in urine… the urine I pissed myself!” The necromancer raised his voice, from his suddenly elevated tone of voice, you can hear that his mind was a little messed up at this time.

“If you don’t reflect on it, I don’t mind making you soak in that thing now too.” Hill said nonchalantly, “What I said is true, you have a problem with the direction of your research, necromancer.”

“I just, I just want to see what the mysteries of life are and if I can use this to develop new spells…”

Hill rolled his eyes, he remembered that a female friend used to complain to him that her mother-in-law forced her to eat the placenta… The corners of his mouth drooped at the thought, “How come there are all kinds of strange people in the Church, becoming a villain also has to have a limit, okay.” He complained, glanced at the necromancer who had been devastated by “having soaked in his own urine”, “I suggest you change the direction of research, you can choose not to take my advice, but the consequences are at your own risk. Also, after a while, a lich will come to guide you.” After saying this, Hill took off his hat as a farewell and turned to leave.

“Good…” came the necromancer’s disembodied voice from behind him.

This time, the persuasion should be successful, but Hill feels that he seems to have destroyed a necromancer’s pride.

During this time, Monroe is carrying out individual rectification within the Dark Church to regulate the behavior of the clergy.

There are many necromancers in the Dark Church who perform vivisection like this. Neither Monroe nor Hill can accept that their people have been doing this kind of thing, but it would be too early for the Dark Church to completely abandon this unit. Hill can’t help but think of the Panglossian in “Hitman Reborn”…

It’s a problem to keep going like this, Lord Demon King is engaging in image shaping it, and this type of people in the Dark Church is dragging their feet, this is just looking for death.

How to correct their behavior, this matter is still relatively tricky. Monroe mentioned it once, and Hill immediately took note of it. He summoned Lich Aligeli and Ghost Binns to discuss about it. Ghost Binns said the human body does contain a certain amount of magical power, the hair and nails of the great necromancer contain magic essence – this is why Leona put her teacher’s ashes into a staff.

But if it is an ordinary person, the body is really not of much value, its more useful to just directly use the magic beast to do experiments.

In this way, it seems that some people in the Dark Church have indeed taken a crooked path. Hill pondered for a while after giving Lich Aligeli and Ghost Binns a new task, let them set up an education department, Lich Aligeli as the minister, after all, Ghost Binns still have the Scientific Research Department to manage. Lich Aligeli was in charge of writing the textbook of Necromancy from introduction to mastery, while Ghost Binns stole some of the textbooks of the Magnolia School of Magic – he is now a professor there, and then let the subordinates work together to write the orthodox training materials for mages and knights.

Hill intends to establish a sound education system in the Dark Church, one is because the improvement of the image of the Dark Church has a great help, two is to attract a lot of power-seeking people to join in.

So, the study task wall has a new pile of paper.

Hill himself occasionally went to the Dark Church to help “convince” those people, sometimes with the mouth to persuade, sometimes with [physical persuasion method], the more terrible is the former is often more powerful than the latter – see the details of the just destroyed necromancer who had his pride destroyed.

Hill was about to persuade the next necromancer when he got a message from Theodore.


One day ago.

It was a very usual evening for Theodore to be working at the magazine. He was used to spending most of his day at the magazine, before he had some other time to himself, but since Hill had asked him to start training the magazine’s successor, Theodore spent the rest of that poor time on the successor as well. Hill thinks Theodore is very much like the ancient male protagonist, his ideas are really right, smart enough, and work hard enough to meet all the demanding requirements of the “readers”.

He was reading the manuscript, next to the candle flame, which was jumping, with the wax tears flowing like a small waterfall on the candlestick, and then solidified, extremely dynamic beauty.

Then the king’s soldiers burst in roughly, killing one of the guards who interfered, then saying “His Majesty’s orders” in a brutal and unreasonable manner, and tying Theodore up in fists.

And, these soldiers also habitually plundered when they captured people, Theodore saw the manuscripts that were casually thrown on the ground, and the knocked over candlesticks, his heart was dripping blood. The dark elf in charge of protecting him asked in his ear if he needed to step in. Theodore refused, knowing that the relationship between the demons and humans was now ambiguous, and that if he acted rashly now, it would bring trouble to Mr. Grindelwald, so he might as well see first.

He let the dark elves put out the fire first, and then let the soldiers take him away.

Delia’s former personal maid Vera, who is currently in charge of a small department of the magazine, went to Princess Delia immediately after the soldiers stormed into the magazine. Princess Delia immediately panicked, she did not know whether King Magnolia was angry with Theodore because of the demons or because of her, she did not tangle herself, but let Vera go to the Jackson family. Princess Delia knew that Old Jackson is able to contact His Highness Grindelwald.

Then, Princess Delia herself ran to King Magnolia.

But what awaited her was the wrath of King Magnolia.

King Magnolia scolded her outright and then locked her up, and Princess Delia cried in her room all night. Early the next morning, she had adjusted and she went to see King Magnolia and said calmly, “I like him, Father, but that doesn’t conflict with me fulfilling my duties as a princess. Isn’t it?”

Princess Delia said calmly, “I will marry the right man, Theodore will only be my lover, and I will abandon him when I get tired of him, Father. Do you think that I, a princess, really intend to marry myself to a commoner?”

Princess Delia’s words are very reasonable, so in theory, it is completely feasible. But King Magnolia still can’t help but feel a little strange to such a Princess Delia, her own daughter actually unknowingly matured to such a degree? He thought for a while, ah, the age of maturity is a natural thing, right. He thought to himself. But he didn’t know how many times he had lost the opportunity to be around his daughter as a father and grow up with her.

King Magnolia said, “But you can’t make it known to everyone, the royal family would feel humiliated.”

Even he himself actually became one of the reasons why his daughter was forced to grow up.

Princess Delia clenched her hand, her nails embedded in her palm, but she still looked meek on the surface: “Yes, I understand, father.” First, stabilize King Magnolia, she told herself, first stabilize him.

“And it’s true that it’s not quite right for you to kill the Borel family this time.” King Magnolia shook his head. “This will be a fierce reputation, affecting your image and not conducive to your marrying out.”

“But father, this is what you promised me…”

“Can’t you just measure yourself?” King Magnolia said impatiently, “Go, go down, still have to let me clean it up for you. By the way, since you like commoners so much then you can change your target, the commoner you like now must die.”

Princess Delia nearly lost control: “Why?”

“I’ve arrested him with great fanfare, so wouldn’t it look humiliating to just let him go?” King Magnolia said.

“But he, but he is one of His Highness Grindelwald’s people…”

“It’s just a commoner, Grindelwald is a demon, he’s even less interested in human lives, and besides, commoners don’t matter.” King Magnolia waved his hand. “That’s all.”

“…okay, father,” Princess Delia said as she hung her head, hiding the hatred in her eyes.

After returning to her bedroom, Princess Delia immediately had her trusted subordinates go to the dungeon to tell Theodore that King Magnolia was ready to kill him. Theodore saw the situation and let the dark elves assist him in slipping away, but didn’t kill anyone along the way. But Theodore knew he would not forget the tragic death of his guards.

That afternoon, the dark elves escorted Theodore straight out of Magnolia, and Joan Baker placed him in a manor house of his own outside of Magnolia.

Meanwhile, Hill learned of the news at the Dark Church.


What kind of a man was King Magnolia?

He was a king, and a little worse than the ordinary standard, but if the two were combined, that would be a pretty bad consequence for the whole country.

If he was a tyrant – here is different from the East, no need to brainwash the king and his subordinates — after killing a few nobles indiscriminately, then the nobles would unite to overthrow him and then make his sidekick the king. Then, the Magnolia Empire might be better than the current situation.

If he was a wise king, it goes without saying, the Magnolia Empire should definitely be better than now.

But as it happens, he is just an incompetent mediocre person who makes the educated people feel angry, but not so angry as to overthrow him. He satisfies families like the Borel, so they also go sideways to defend his rule.

Plus, King Magnolia’s father created a good situation for King Magnolia: he let King Magnolia grow up with the political Old Jackson and the military Cecil, and then intermarried with the Borel family who played with money, making King Magnolia’s position solid.

So far, it does seem so, no matter how down and out the Magnolia Empire is, but at least the position of King Magnolia is solid.

The premise is that he did not provoke the wrong people.

Shortly after Theodore escaped Magnolia City, Hill had someone take him to the demon realm. At this point, it would be pointless if Joan Baker was also involved.

Theodore finally showed a terrified expression after seeing Hill. He was still young after all and had never experienced such a thing as being chased by a king, and he was afraid he would get Hill into trouble.

Hill comforted Theodore, “Don’t worry about these problems, just stay well in the demon realm for the next few days, you’ve done a good job.”

“But Your Highness Grindelwald, will I give the demons and humans… friction…”

“It’s good that you can think about that, then do your best,” Hill said.

“Okay…” Theodore was still worried, “then the magazine…”

“You haven’t understood what I mean.” Hill draped his blood-colored cloak over his body and raised his chin, “Do the best that you can and leave the rest to the Mandate of Heaven, I am the Mandate of Heaven.”

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The Mandate of Heaven – can also be called Will of the Gods, they have this belief in ancient china where if the dynasty was hit by disaster one after another (plague, famine, flood, earthquake, etc.) then the ruler (Son of Heaven) must be changed cause he had lost the authority to rule – which was granted to him by heavens. It has also become a controversy now because of the disasters in China happening one after another, some people think their current leader should step down, but it’s China so people do not have ‘people power’, unless you’re a brand.

I just really want their govt to stop being so h*moph*bic. Ahhh, so many BL being censored. Tch.

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