Chapter 106 – First Confrontation

During the filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Old Jackson had a conversation with Theo. It was late in the evening when Theodore met Old Jackson in the garden.

Most of the flowers in the garden in winter were withered, but there were also a few flowers that Theodore hadn’t seen before that were blooming. The ice and snow, withered and surrounded by a little bit of life, were quite beautiful. The pavilion in the garden is covered with rush mats, and the seats are covered naturally with soft fur. The lantern next to it was already on, and it looked particularly good in the dim twilight.

Outside, Old Jackson is wearing a velvet robe, covered in a moleskin vest, elegantly dressed, with noble temperament, coupled with such a scenery, making the average person feel ashamed of themselves after seeing.

But Theodore did not.

In the past, let alone the duke, the lowest baron was unattainable for Theodore.

Theodore has rarely seen such a luxurious scene. He did not conceal his awe, but he did not feel that he was a humble person. He just stood in front of the old duke with a smile, saluted, neither humble nor arrogant: “Lord Duke, good evening.”

“Good evening, young man.”

The old duke thought in his heart that a hero was born a boy since ancient times. This boy is really good. He knows that Theodore and Princess Delia are lovers. He is not optimistic about this relationship, but he understands that the relationship can be maintained by His Royal Highness Grindelwald. When will this relationship end? It is indeed in the hands of Grindelwald. Old Jackson didn’t believe that he was out of good intentions, and now, he is well versed in the other’s behavioral habits. This Highness might…no, it’s not might, it’s definitely, he definitely has a very big plan.

Because of this, Old Jackson thought he had to talk to Theodore.

After a simple greeting, the old duke directly clarified what he meant: “There are some things that Baker didn’t tell you. He saw some of them, but couldn’t really see them. After all, he is a merchant from a poor family. Now, although he has joined the nobility, his political vision is still too short-sighted.”

Theodore nodded, “In spite of this, Lord Baker is still a very powerful character.”

“I admit that.” Old Jackson said. Theodore is really a good boy who never forgets his roots. This idea flashed through his mind.

“Thank you, Lord Duke.” Theodore saluted again, and then said, “Does Lord Duke have any advice?”

Old Jackson nodded, “There is no advice, it’s just a specific fact.” Then he glanced at Theodore and said something terrifying: “His Royal Highness hopes that the position of King Magnolia is stable, so that he can control the empire more easily.”

Unexpectedly, the old duke would come to such a scary remark, Theodor was stunned, and he said “Ah.”

“As a collaborator, this is also beneficial to us. But as citizens of the Magnolia Empire, we are expecting a wise man.” Old Jackson continued to say even more terrifying words, “This is actually one of the conflicts between me and His Highness Greenwald, only we both did not say it explicitly.”

This… Theodore cautiously asked, “Then Lord Duke, why are you suddenly talking to me about this matter?”

“I am only informing you of the matter,” Old Jackson continued: “In addition, His Royal Highness Grindelwald also hopes that Princess Delia will increase her prestige among the people.”

Theodore was stunned for a moment, “So.” These few words are thought-provoking, and when they are connected, they outline a terrible fact.

“That’s all. Then you can think about it yourself. You are not an average person, you must have already made a decision in your heart,” the old duke said.

“I understand, thank you, Lord Duke,” Theodore said.

“You should thank me,” said the old duke, “otherwise you would still be in the dark. You should go back, boy, and do what you have to do.”

“Yes, Lord Duke.” Theodore didn’t stay after speaking. The servant came over and put on a cloak for him.

It was snowing heavily when he left the Jackson Residence. He stood on the street for a long time until he was covered with snowflakes.

There were carriages coming and going, and pedestrians holding umbrellas who looked at him curiously.

Snow fell on the lantern lampshade next to them, and then melted by the high temperature, and then another layer of snow fell, and then melted, over time, a layer of ice formed on the lampshade. The light of the lantern was not bright, but now it is becoming more and more hazy.

“Mom, that brother looks so familiar.”

“He seems a bit…”

This should be someone who has seen his movies. His identity is now completely different from before, and he is sometimes recognized when he walks down the street, and people will look at him with reverence, just as he looked at other lords back then.

He shivered, and suddenly realized who made all this possible. After figuring it out, he raised his leg and returned home, and then wrote two letters.

One is for Princess Delia, wanting to talk to her about future events, such as what her future aspirations and plans are.

The second letter was to Hill, telling the truth about all the things the old duke had said to him today, and also being honest about his own troubled heart.

After doing all this, his heart calmed down. A heavy burden had been lifted.


After Theodore left, Jefferson, the eldest son of the old duke, walked into the garden. The old duke was drinking golden wine and enjoying the snow in the garden.

Jefferson took the lantern from the servant’s hand and waved him away. Then he placed the lantern by the table and asked, “Dad, do you value him very much?” He was naturally talking about Theodore.

“Whether I value him or not will depend on what he is going to do,” the old duke replied.

“But he is just a commoner,” Jefferson said.

“You have watched so many movies, you should understand that the difference between the strong and the weak does not lie in the origin,” The old Duke’s expression seemed to be wandering, but his attitude today is exceptionally severe. “Not to mention that this is a time of absolute change, is your brain eaten by a vampire bat?”

“I’m sorry, Dad.” Jefferson quickly apologized, “I’m too clueless, sorry.”

“You should spend your mind more where it should be spent.” The old duke looked at the cold snowflakes that were flying in the night, and his tone was even more stern: “I don’t want you to be a weakling with a duke’s name on your head, you know that, right? You are not the only one of my heirs.”

Jefferson’s heart suddenly became frightened. He didn’t expect his father to suddenly say such merciless words, but he still accepted the words without complaining: “I know, Dad, I will review myself.”

Old Jackson was satisfied with his son’s humble attitude. He nodded, calmed down, and talked about what was happened just now: “If I am not mistaken, Theodore should write to Grindelwald and tell Grindelwald all the words I said today.”

“This… didn’t you say that Theodore had a big picture? Would he be so behaved?” Jefferson asked.

“Don’t forget who gave him all this now. He has other plans, but if he is smart enough, he knows how to change it. If he doesn’t tell Grindelwald about this, I will re-evaluate him. His current position is too important now. We don’t need collaborators who aren’t smart enough,” the old duke said.

Jefferson understood, “So Dad, are you testing Theodore for His Royal Highness Grindelwald?”

“His Royal Highness Grindelwald is brilliant, but some details are too crude. But because of this, it has the meaning and value of other people’s existence.” The old Duke said this to Jefferson affirmed, “You have good eyesight.”

Jefferson was not happy when he heard it. He also reacted to why the old duke treated him so harshly today. Theodore was younger than him and had a humble background, but now he has reached this point. In such a comparison… Jefferson felt that he was a little bit trash. But he was not discouraged. Instead, he was motivated. He continued to ask the old duke: “Then father, what should we do if he is not smart enough?”

“What do you think?” Old Jackson asked rhetorically.

Jefferson stayed silent for a moment and replied: “From cooperation to use, then, then his death is the last time we use him.”

“Hmm. Very good.” Old Jackson said, “You are more inhumane than your father. Has your conscience been eaten by King Magnolia?”

Jefferson coughed, “I’m sorry, Dad.” And wait a minute, at first, his brain was eaten by the vampire bat, but then he started cursing His Majesty. This, this, he’d better pretend he didn’t hear it. Sweat.

“Your thoughts are right, but I hope that if it is not necessary, it is better to have a little kindness in your heart.” Old Jackson did not criticize him, but said, “But the kindness should not harm yourself, and more importantly, don’t harm the family…otherwise you might as well take a bloody road of killing.”

“I understand, Dad,” Jefferson said seriously.

Later, Jefferson did embark on the bloody road that the old duke said.

“I’m not as strategic as His Royal Highness, nor as perceptive as my father, and not as clever as Ollie, so I had to adopt a stupid approach. I’m sorry.” Then he waved his hand lightly and said, “Kill them.”

—This is the first step in the growth of the famous Blood Duke of later generations.


When Theodore thought that he had grown quite quickly and had thrown away the people around him a lot, he didn’t know that he was jumping back and forth on the chessboard held by the old duke and Hill.

After Hill received Theodore’s letter, he wondered how the old duke was so considerate—he certainly saw that it was the old duke who tempted Theodore for him.

Joan Baker is in charge of the business details, and Old Jackson is in charge of the political details. Behind him is the entire demon realm… how can he allow himself to fail.

Hill’s tactics can be seen by the old duke, and Hill is naturally not surprised.

On the one hand, he controlled King Magnolia and pushed him to the position of foolish king. On the other hand, he wooed Princess Delia and set out to increase her prestige among the people. No, no, it’s not about letting Princess Delia replace King Magnolia, this is to make King Magnolia’s rule more stable. After all, there are people like Princess Delia and Old Jackson who have solved a lot of things for the country, so they can continue to maintain the rule of the royal family.

But at the same time, it also made the personal status of King Magnolia even more precarious.

Over time, will Delia, who is a royal princess, be dissatisfied? Will it breed desire? Would she want power? —Of course.

Will she really inherit the position of King Magnolia? This can’t be said, one, she doesn’t have this ambition yet, so Hill is cultivating it. Second, it depends on whether Hill is willing to…

In the end, Hill didn’t even know the question. One thing that Hill and Captain Jack are very similar is that they have a general premonition about the future development direction, so they will make a general layout in advance, but the layout is not meticulous. When the time comes, they can act on the spot and play on the spot. Everything around is chess pieces.

As for the church.

The Church’s pursuit of divine right is not wrong, the fault is their excessive pursuit of secular power.

Hill once saw this sentence: Let God belong to God, and Caesar belong to Caesar. The meaning is to divide the church and the state, the state is responsible for the secular happiness of people, and the spiritual happiness is realized by the church—separating secular power and spiritual power.

In this world, all countries have different attitudes towards the Church of Light.

The King of the Oitin Empire was obedient to the Church of Light. It was originally the third biggest country on the continent—the first is naturally the Magnolia Empire, the second is Mülheim. The headquarters of the Church of Light is in the Oitin Empire. With the support of the Church of Light, the Oitin Empire is becoming stronger and stronger.

The Fussen Empire is a very small country. It does not have much military power, but its education level is first-class in the continent. Many mages, ministers, and scholars are from the Fussen Empire. At the same time, it is also the cultural center of art trends in the continent. They have always had their own ideas in politics. The Church of Light has encountered a lot of resistance when spreading its faith here. The resistance comes from the people—these cultural people have their own ideas too.

As for the attitude of the royal family of the Fussen Empire… they advocate the rule by doing nothing, they don’t care about anything, and do not want to offend anyone. Most of Monroe’s team at the time came from the Fussen Empire, which was also Monroe’s home country. The Fussen Empire allowed the Church of Light to slaughter a village, which also shows their attitude.

As for the Magnolia Empire, we all know that there are basically no forces of the Church of Light in the Magnolia Empire. The father of King Magnolia expelled the Church of Light from his country when he was young. After King Magnolia succeeded to the throne, the church changed its strategy and began to tout him, so although there is still no church of the Church of Light in the territory, they can still control King Magnolia a little bit. After all, King Magnolia can always be easily fooled.

The Dijon tribes in the West have their own beliefs, but they are nomads and have no fixed territory except for the royal court. The Church of Light took the opportunity to build some villages and then traded with the Dijon tribe. Therefore, the people living on that land are gradually being infiltrated and controlled by the Church of Light.

In general, the influence of the Church of Light on this continent is enormous.

On the premise of not infringing on the interests of the royal family, they seem to be able to do whatever they want, and they are indeed used to running amok on the Magnolia Continent.

In many cases, the church strikes not because the other side is really evil, but because of ‘attitude problem’. Just like a teacher or parent who misunderstands a child and eventually finds out it was a misunderstanding, but still has to scold the other party for ‘bad attitude’. Kind of similar.

Just like this time, the original bishop of the Church of Light in the Ice Empire intends to let the Demon Realm Shopping Mall go. After all, the Demon Mall provides them with food for the upper classes every day… It’s quite delicious. But now that the Demon Mall has such a big influence among the people, the people are actually starting to rebel against the church because of the Demon Mall, which greatly displeased the bishop. You have a problem with your attitude, so I have to punish you—shut down the movie theater!

As for what will happen next… The bishop has thought about it. If the Demon Mall is completely destroyed by him, he will secretly keep the chef behind, and leave the rest to the Heresy Inquisition.

If the bishop of Winter City tells the Pope his intention to seal the Demon Mall, what will happen next?

It is very likely that the church will send full-time personnel to review this matter. If they carefully investigate the Demon Mall in the Magnolia Empire, the Demon Mall will be sentenced to death in their hearts.

What would be the next possible outcome?

First of all, the Demon Mall in Winter City will no longer exist, and the next unlucky one is the Demon Mall in the Magnolia Empire. The Church of Light will definitely put pressure on the Magnolia Empire. If it were in the past, King Magnolia would have been unable to withstand the pressure to give up cooperating with the Demon Realm, but now, it might not be possible, not to mention that there are two demon beauties around him. He got a lot of money from the Demon Mall—Old Jackson divided half of the Jackson’s profit from the Demon Mall to King Magnolia, which was enough to make King Magnolia hesitate.

The situation is critical.

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“I’m a little nervous,” Hill said. “Would I let you down if I said that, Monroe?”

At this time, they were walking outside the Dark Church in Famagusta.

Ice-cold spring water was flowing on the plain, and the moonlight shone on the water, gleaming with cold light.

The low battlements were cold, the cold wind wrecked everything, and the remnants of snow throughout the town made the whole town look shivering in the bitter winter.

“No, in fact I have always been worried that you will be disappointed in me,” Monroe said.

“Why do you say that?” Hill asked.

“I have done a lot of stupid things that I can’t bear to look back on,” Monroe said.

“Hmm… There is a saying, if everyone does smart things, then the world will be boring.” Hill smiled, “And I always thought you were kind of cute at the time.”

Monroe just shook his head.

“I have always liked paladins a lot. I think they are faithful and look good,” Hill said.

“The former can barely make sense, but the latter is a bit too…”

“Too rich in my character?” Hill said with a smile.

Monroe also smiled, “Yes.”

Hill walked to the side of the stream. The water was cold. He squatted down and put his hand into the water to feel the biting chill, and then said, “I’m afraid of death.”

Monroe stood beside him, watching him quietly.

“But I am even more afraid that you will die first.” Hill said, “I am afraid that all that I have done will be destroyed…. It’s cold.”

Monroe knelt down and pulled Hill’s hand out of the icy water. He took out the handkerchief and wiped Hill’s fingers carefully, then took off the knight’s iron gloves and held Hill’s hand with both hands. His hands are warm. He used magic to keep his body temperature to warm Hill. When he did these things, his expression was very religious.

“Stay with me,” Hill said. “This is an order.”

Monroe lowered his head and kissed the back of Hill’s hand, “As the Lord commanded.”

Hill looked at Monroe in the cold moonlight for a while, and suddenly laughed, “I really want to eat you.” Then he patted the snow particles on his body, and his expression of melancholy was swept away.

Alright, okay, it’s natural to have worries, but it’s just a matter of worrying, just do whatever you need to do next.

He has been preparing for this for too long.

King Magnolia. The priest who was bought in Winter City. Emotions that breed among the people. There are also chess pieces arranged in the church headquarters.

Hill read a personal name.

Henry Lewis, Dennis Ivan, Teresa Shelley, Anthony Black…

There are some people he hasn’t even seen with his own eyes, but his nets are already scattered out.

Next is the first confrontation.

Thinking about the people around him, and then thinking about what he is going to do, Hill deeply feels proud.

This is the first battle he will fight after crossing into this world.

He must win, and if he fails, his entire policy towards the human world will collapse.

If it succeeds, not only can it continue to develop the Demon Mall, but also the entire Mülheim can be gradually controlled…

So, come as you please.

Hill’s expression became cold, indifferent with a little gloominess. The intention to kill is revealed.

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