Chapter 105 – Break Time!

This is the first snowfall of the year, and the last snowfall of the remaining winter.

The snowfall is not heavy, but because it has been falling for too long, everything outside is already white.

The caravan traveling in the snow looks quite chaotic at this time, the carts and horses are noisy, the footmen are carrying the goods onto the vehicles, the coachmen are checking the reins for the last time to make sure they are secure. There was fine snow in the air, falling on their woolen coats and on the horses’ hair, which snorted impatiently.

Monroe, Hill, and Captain Rod walked down the streets of Josh Kenny. Hill was walking in the forefront. He looked at the snow in the human realm, looked at the crumbling wooden buildings of Josh Kenny, their tattered doors, and almost abandoned wind lanterns at the door. When he passed the horse, he poked it in the stomach, but the horse was frightened on the spot and almost overturned the car. Hill did not expect it to happen. He hurriedly stepped forward and took the reins to control the horse, secretly using coercion to prevent the horse from moving.

The coachman stepped forward and thanked Hill again and again. Hill laughed and said that it was okay, he just moved his hand. The coachman also took out five copper coins and gave it to Hill, he left with a grin and left without embarrassment. Then Hill showed off the copper coins in front of Monroe and said, “Look, this is the demon’s deception!” After saying that, he didn’t wait for Monroe to respond, and walked forward with a smile.

Captain Rod looked at Hill’s back, watching the man who technically handled thousands of gold coins every day. If it was in the past, he would think what the other party was up to, but now, after playing the role of Captain Jack, he also understands a little bit about Hill’s behavior. He didn’t expect people with similar personalities to exist in this world.

“I thought the demons had no feelings,” Captain Rod said.

“Normally,” Monroe replied, “but we have desires.”

“Is that so…” Captain Rod nodded, “I feel that in many cases, the boundary between desire and feelings is not obvious.”

“I don’t deny it.” Monroe said, “But we don’t get serious. If we want it, we take it; if we don’t want it, we give it up. We focus not on why we want it, but on the fact that we want it.”

“But it feels empty over time, doesn’t it?” Captain Rod said. In fact, some pirates are like this.

“Other demons may feel empty after a long time, but I won’t,” Monroe said.

“Because you used to be a human?” Captain Rod asked.

“It has nothing to do with this,” Monroe said. “The reason I don’t feel empty is because—”

Suddenly, the snow fell heavily, and it was full of waves. The wind was also strong, and the snowflakes rushed towards him, and the horses hissed through the air.

Captain Rod closed his eyes and blocked the wind and snow with his arms. And in the biting wind, he heard Monroe’s words:

“—my God is eternal.”

The wind stopped and the snow continued to fall.

Captain Rod lowered his arms and saw Hill turning around and looking at them with a smile not far ahead: “The snow is good today. Let’s go outside the city and enjoy the snow, and by the way, bring your magic camera so we can take a few pictures.”

“Good.” Monroe nodded.

Captain Rod looked at Monroe and found that his eyes were as quiet as the falling snow at this time, without the slightest hostility as a Dark Pope.

“Captain Rod, how about you?” Hill asked.

“Good,” Rod replied.

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Every time such a major event is completed, Hill takes a short break.

They took a lot of photos in the snow that day, Hill had a whim and asked Captain Rod to dress up as Captain Jack, Monroe cosplayed as a death knight, and Hill dressed up as the overbearing demon king, and then he came to take such a group photo. The first photo is more serious, each posing handsome poses, and the second photo is the scissor hands squeezed together in front of the camera. All three people have relaxed smiles on their faces. The kind that can make others smile unconsciously.

“Okay.” Hill put away the photo contentedly: “This can be published in the next issue of the magazine. Captain Rod, do you mind?”

“Don’t mind.” Rod shook his head, “I have already got enough benefits from this.”

“Is Leona included in enough benefits?” Hill joked. He could see that the atmosphere between Captain Rod and Leona was a bit strange.

“Ah.” Rod was silent for a few seconds, “I see her as a teacher.”

“Nothing more?” Hill asked.

“No.” Rod said, “I admit that I was really tempted… but I promised and swore to Catherine’s body that I’ll only love her in this life.”

The amount of information contained in this sentence is very huge, and Hill nodded without further questioning. But he seemed to understand why Olivia would cry during the banquet. It is probably because Rod told her about his past.

“Oh. I’m sorry,” Hill touched his nose, “I am… I am a demon with a cheap mouth and like to talk nonsense, don’t take it to heart.”

“I didn’t take it to heart.” Captain Rod shook his head. “Actually, I have always been very curious and have very presumptuous questions.”

“At your own discretion, if it is too presumptuous, then don’t ask, lest I go mad. If it’s average presumptuous, then you can ask,” Hill said.

Next to him, Monroe wanted to laugh a little as he listened, always feeling at ease with Hill. Hill was the least divine or superior person he had ever met – he was like this most of the time – but the peace he felt around him was something that no bishop, no ritual, no prayer could ever give.

Captain Rod thought for a while and said, “Then I will say it—I often feel that you are very kind, and I don’t think I’m wrong.”

“What? Didn’t you see that I just lied to a coachman for five copper coins? I’m not kind!” Hill raised his voice, “You are slandering a demon! It’s a slander!” he said and felt how this scene was somewhat similar to Kong Yiji.

Captain Rod was shocked by Hill who was selling meng, and he looked at Monroe helplessly (…).

Monroe spread his hands, “As you can see, My Lord has entered the stage of nonsense.”

“It’s too much. Saying ‘My Lord’ verbally, but in the end, doing such a disrespectful thing…” Hill was stunned, he leaned down and picked up a ball of snow, and then threw it directly to Monroe: “Eat this! This is divine punishment!”

Monroe dodged the divine punishment, and then grabbed a handful of snow: “I still look forward to God’s favor more, but the divine punishment is also fine.” Then he sprinkled the snow on Hill.

“You greedy believer.” Hill directly killed the snowflakes, “Eat this!”

“Greed is the nature of the demons. You have guided me on this path, so please take responsibility to the end.” Monroe also took a hit from Hill, and his snowball accidentally hit Captain Rod. Captain Rod pondered for a second and also joined the battlefield.

“Forget it, I will forgive you for the time being because you are my only believer.” Hill said, “but punishment can’t be avoided! Rod, let’s attack him together! I’ll give you ten cases of canned goods!”

Rod saw the money (……) and immediately took Hill’s side.

“Captain Rod, he is in charge of too many things, he can’t take care of the sea. I am in charge of the human realm, you should be on my side,” Monroe said.

Captain Rod felt it made sense when he heard that, so he hit Hill with a snowball.

“Wow, wow! You traitor! Look at my ninjutsu, Banshō Ten’in!” Hill became furious.

“…I think using magic is cheating.” Rod swallowed as he looked at the huge snowball above his head that almost covered the sky.

“My Lord, you are making too much of a scene.”

Monroe stepped forward and raised his arm, the black mist surrounded it and then instantly condensed into a wriggling black snake. The black snake opened its mouth, and a knight sword spit out from it. The sword looked tattered, but it exuded a shuddering and devastating atmosphere. When he lifted the sword, Rod felt the surging tide from it, and it fell together with the bone-chilling breath. The moment he swung his sword, Rod seemed to see the sun rising and the moon setting, the stars were lost, no darkness, nor light, but a vast emptiness – called Death Knight.

“It’s always like this, it will make me a bit distressed, My Lord,” he said lightly.

The black half-moon-shaped aura rushed towards the meteorite-like snowball, dragging a flame-like afterimage behind it.

The snowball disintegrated inch by inch and turned into a heavy snowfall.

Hill closed his eyes, turned his back, and opened his arms.

There is a smile on his face: “I want to toss you more and see more of your distressed look… can’t I?”

“I’ll try to accept it.” Monroe gripped the hilt firmly, and the whole sword turned into black mist and disappeared.

Rod stood in the snow, thinking that the road to becoming stronger is really a long and desperate journey.

Obviously, it was just a game, and the result was such a big battle.

“It’s great Monroe, it’s snowing again.” Hill closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of snow falling on him.


It took several seconds for Hill to open his eyes and said, “Rod.”

“Hmm.” Rod replied.

“In this world, kindness is the power of the strong.” Hill waved his hand to evoke a gust of wind to wash away the next snow, “I am not a good person, but I am willing to be kind occasionally.”

Rod nodded thoughtfully. So that’s what it means.

“Well, it’s been long enough, let’s go to the restaurant for a big meal!” Hill said with a smile, without giving him more time to think.

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Demon Mall Restaurant.

Hill looked at the letter in his hand, and his relaxed expression disappeared.

He was sitting there, his clothes moving, his cloak swinging, with the unrestrained chill released from him.

The corners of his mouth drooped slightly, and half a moment later, hooked up.

“It looks like break time is over.”

Then he handed the letter in his hand to Monroe. After Monroe finished reading it, a black mist appeared on his fingertips. The letter instantly decayed, turning into dust, and flowing down his fingertips.

He looked at Hill: “Hill.”

“It’s time for some chess pieces to be brought out and used,” Hill narrowed his eyes and said slowly.

At this moment, he did not have a half of the previous prodigal look.

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My Lord – this is not the usual My Lord used to a nobleman but more like a My God. Some chapters ago, Monroe felt confused because he lost his faith, so Hill gave him a new one, making him Monroe’s God. That’s why Hill said, “you are my only believer” to Monroe.

Banshō Ten’in – is from the Naruto anime, a technique used by Pain. It lit. means “Heavenly Attraction of All Creation” or in anime “Universal Pull”. It is a technique that manipulates attractive force (引力, inryoku) to pull matter towards the user at will. It can also lift the ground and throw it at the opponent, called Banshō Ten’in: Jidō (Heavenly Attraction of All Creation: Ground Motion)

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