Chapter 104 – Winter City Exploded

“The two pirate kings actually shook hands and made peace because of this!”

The latest slogan of the movie came out the next day. It was still Joan Baker’s usual style of advertising, which made the audience rush.

Don’t know what the two great pirates feel about this…Joan Baker seems to be getting bolder and bolder, he actually dared to use them like this. Hill felt that without his protection, Joan Baker would one day be beaten to death. But then again, it is precisely because he knows Hill is covering him that he dares to be so messy.

Magnolia City.

These two days are rare. The ladies and the madams finally put down their magic phones and started doing other things. They are no longer discussing “Love and Demons”, but “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

All kinds of letters flew to the Demon Realm Magazine, and at the same time, there were some fan fictions. Hill flipped through some of Otome or BL fanfics, and published them in the next issue of the magazine. He thought that the ladies are really fast in producing articles, which is in sharp contrast with some authors on Earth haha.

At present, Captain Jack is the most popular male character, and Norrington is next. But think about it, no matter which world you are in, this kind of rich and handsome man is always popular, not to mention Norrington’s handsome appearance, after all, it is played by someone from the blood clan. The protagonist, Will Turner, is the third most popular, so miserable.

It must be said that the role of Will is very unlucky. The movie seems to be shaping Captain Jack and Elizabeth throughout the movie, and Will is almost reduced to a supporting role. He is just doing what he should do, saying what he should say… Obviously, he is very powerful and handsome, ah.

It’s the same on Earth. Elf prince Orlando Bloom happily thought that he was here to play the leading actor. In theory, Will was indeed the leading actor. The result… we all know. This is also more tragic.

Ladies mostly discuss who is more handsome, and if they are Elizabeth, who will be the final choice, such emotional issues. Of course, there are a small number of people who feel that Elizabeth is really handsome, and some young girls idolize her. This makes their parents a little stressed.

This time, Elizabeth’s actor Olivia, indeed attracted too much attention. Earlier, Olivia was also noticed by some people when she played the gentle cousin of “The Evil Monarch”, but her character was too flat and common, so it only attracted the attention of some men, and the girls didn’t notice her much.  But “Pirates of the Caribbean” is different. She is the absolute protagonist in this movie. She also perfectly performed a noble lady with rebellious blood in her bones, which is quite similar to herself.

At that time, some noble ladies in Magnolia City thought Olivia was a freak. They thought she did not have the grace of a noble lady at all. She did not observe etiquette and did whatever she wanted. She was crazy! Had it not been for the Duke, she would have suffered sooner or later. — But what they didn’t want to admit was that they were a little envious of Olivia, who “did whatever she wanted to do”.

Now, after watching “Pirates of the Caribbean”, they can’t hide their envy at all. They knew that Elizabeth was rebellious, and many of Elizabeth’s behaviors were not in line with the noble etiquette, but they also had to admit that Elizabeth was indeed excellent—she avoided pirates when she first encountered pirates, she used wisdom to negotiate with them, and used means to get herself and Jack rescued on a desert island. Later, when everyone else lost their fighting spirit, she insisted on rowing a boat and heading to the battlefield by herself. In the end, she overturned the demons with a stick and said the famous line that has now become popular: “You think you know pain? Try the corset of Magnolia City.”

This sentence does not match the identity of the noble lady at all, right? Is it indecent? Indeed. But no one would mind this now—at this point, Olivia’s image has been completely reversed. The inner thoughts of the female aristocrats in Magnolia City are also changing.

The men are discussing the yearning for the sea. Their childhood bedtime stories also have treasures hidden in the ocean. Many people have dreams of traveling far away when they are young. Of course, in this world, it may become the development of frontier, riding a warhorse on foreign lands, or command the fleet to cross the ocean. This movie is a pirate on the surface, but in fact, it speaks of freedom, of longing for adventure. This movie is an adult fairy tale for them.


Josh Kenny.

The cinema continued to fill up in the next few days, “Pirates of the Caribbean” has been on the streets of Josh Kenny, and Hill immediately put the relevant merch on the Demon Mall, so the cosplay of Captain Jack can be seen everywhere on the street.

For this movie, the pirates certainly feel different from others. Others think it is not about pirates, but about spirit. The pirates said: ‘that’s bullshit, it is about us pirates’—which is also quite true.

Treasure hunts, expeditions, naval battles, taverns, and female support women… These elements are very close to their lives, but they are more beautiful than their daily lives. This also proves that art comes from life and is higher than life, but it is precisely because of this that the movie is incomparably moving in the eyes of the pirates.

The movie awakened something in their hearts, and its popularity made them feel recognized. They discovered that there are so many beautiful and interesting things in their daily lives. They were even happier after reading the articles in the magazine that showed their yearning for life in the sea. Look, those nobles envied us. Coupled with the large quantities of canned and barreled food on the Demon Mall, the pirates feel that their future is promising, and their lives have been completely new.

Although this statement is a bit exaggerated, it is indeed what is happening—the Deathbird and Captain Rod have become the objects of worship of many pirates, and many people are eager to join the Deathbird, and there are some outstanding ones.  The chief mate admitted some people after getting the consent of Captain Rod. Of course, they did not abandon any of their former companions.

The Deathbird has vaguely become the first of the four great pirates because of making a movie. This was something that neither Captain Rod nor the chief mate had expected.

Maybe this is an extremely wonderful movie for others. They are passionate now and discuss it now, but when the next movie comes out, they will soon forget this movie. But for the pirates lacking spirits, “Pirates of the Caribbean” conveys something that will allow them to shape their faith. The movie series is almost regarded by them as a bible.

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Winter City.

Like Magnolia City in the beginning, all the people who watched the movie in Winter City were shocked by this new art form.

After seeing the promo, Defoni, the timber merchant, pulled his friend, a mercenary leader Wilbur, to watch the movie. Wilbur sneered at Defoni’s artistic hobbies. He had seen it. Defoni took pictures. Okay, it’s pretty good, but what’s the use? Movie? New art form? Wilbur fell asleep every time he watched an opera. He originally thought it was the same this time, but before the beginning of the movie, a promo was shown, and then Wilbur fell into a point where he didn’t even want to blink…

During this period, Defoni wanted to discuss with Wilbur, but Wilbur gave him a “shut up”, so he had to watch the movie obediently.

The first viewers in Winter City were all excited and lively when they came out of the cinema, passers-by thought they were possessed by demons. However, the movies described by them are supernatural, and most people have a fanatical demeanor, which has also attracted the attention of the church. So, the church sent a small team to the cinema to review and watch the movie by the way.

And then… uh… and then they copied the scene previously.

Finally, the bishop of Winter City was alarmed, so the bishop led a group of people to censor the movie. They are all people with strong beliefs, so after watching the movie, they only felt it was very exciting, but it was not that shocking. There are no demons directly in the movie, only humans cursed by demons. The protagonist team finally defeated them. This is in line with the values of the church… The bishop has also heard that the demon race has filmed “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”. At that time, they felt a sense of shame when they heard the name of the movie… They heard that the movie was about the love story between a demon and a human woman, and the demon was quite handsome in it, but the ending was that the woman died, which was also a good ending, in line with the Church’s standards — this is a coincidence.

These movies have not yet been released in Winter City, so if other movies are as good-looking as “Pirates of the Caribbean”, they can watch them too. The bishop had a good impression of this.

The church blocked the cinema for a period of time and aroused some public outrage. Most of the first people who watched the movie were aristocrats, or at least rich people. After all, the Demon Mall is aimed at high-consumption groups. They hold a lot of secular power in Winter City, plus, there is the shadow of the Black family behind the Demon Realm Shopping Mall in Winter City.

After those people watched the movie once, they recommended it to people around them like crazy. At the same time, they wanted to watch the movie a few more times… But the church blocked the movie theater? And then they let the priests go in and watch? Hey friends, what’s the matter with you guys?!

The church did not expect that their daily behavior would arouse such a big reaction. They seized some things or even killed some people because of suspicion of heretics. Isn’t this a daily operation? Why is everyone so excited this time? The bishop couldn’t help but feel a little upset. Sure enough, it was a demon’s thing. Sure enough, it is a scourge.

So, the bishop planned to write a report directly to the pope, requesting the pope to order the closure of all cinemas on the continent.

Of course, keep the gourmet restaurant on the second floor, after all, it’s quite delicious…hehe…

At this time, Olivia returned to Winter City.

The Winter City in front of her was completely different from before she left.

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