Chapter 103 – End of the Premiere

“Pirates of the Caribbean” is a very popular movie, and its pacing is very good. Then, Captain Jack rescued Elizabeth who fell into the sea because of the tight corset—and who also had just been proposed to by Norrington. Through this incident, Jack, Elizabeth, and Will are naturally connected. The plot is well-structured, the humor can be seen everywhere, the playful lines, and the thrilling action and fighting scenes are all mesmerizing.

Jefferson finally stopped cursing, and began to concentrate on watching the movie, for fear of missing every line.

…Until Captain Jack touched Elizabeth a bit and smiled provocatively at Norrington, Jefferson finally opened his mouth again: “This, this…”

Olivia was a little embarrassed to be seen by her brother and father about this kind of plot: “Um, it’s okay…” In order to strengthen the comforting effect, she said, “There will be more extreme scenes in the future.”

Jefferson: “Cough…” Oh, how big the psychological shadow in Jefferson’s heart is at this time.

Old Jackson looked at the screen and remained very calm. He asked: “Who is the actor of Captain Jack?”

“Captain Rod,” Olivia replied.

“One of the Big Four Pirate Kings?” Old Jackson asked.

Jefferson shook: “Such a powerful man?”

“Not as powerful as you, you are the heir to the Dukedom.” Old Jackson glanced at his son: “But obviously, he is more capable than you.”

Jefferson touched his nose and said “Oh”. All right. He admitted it.

Old Jackson continued to ask: “You like him?”

Olivia was taken aback, and then understood what her father meant. She smiled, “Don’t worry Dad, I respect him, he is a very good person. Well, that, he is not interested in me.” She added: “He became a pirate because his lover was killed by a small nobleman in the Füssen Empire. In the end, he killed him and became a pirate after avenging her.”

This was what Captain Rod told her at the opening banquet, and she cried at the time.

Old Jackson said “Oh”.

“That’s so tragic…” Jefferson can also generally understand what happened, “Oh.”

“Let’s watch the movie,” Old Jackson said.

“Good, Dad,” Jefferson said.

The movie quickly progressed to the scene where Captain Jack and Will were fighting, and there was the set of actions that Rod and Carl designed themselves—Captain Jack almost fell into the burning cauldron, Will hesitated and did not push him off, Jack went back on the beam again, took off his hat, and saluted to him. Will showed a relaxed smile, just as the corner of his mouth rose, Jack started to attack. Will retreated and said: “You cheated! You deliberately took off your hat to distract me.”

“It’s also to pay respect.” Jack forced Will into the corner, and then smiled slightly: “I like to kill two birds with one stone.”

This sentence seems to echo the previous plot when he took Elizabeth as a hostage and asked her to dress him.

Jefferson had to admit, fine, the damn pirate who had slighted his sister was actually so charismatic. Fortunately, that Rod was more devoted to his past lover, he thought, otherwise, what if his sister was fascinated… Well, he felt that if he was a woman, he would also be fascinated by Captain Jack (?).

Jefferson didn’t realize how dangerous his thoughts were, haha.


With the appearance of the dreaded Black Pearl, the looted Josh Kenny, Will and Captain Jack’s strong teamwork… Then the demon army in the moonlight that appeared in front of Elizabeth’s eyes.

At this point, the audience now knows what the protagonists are facing.

Very good. Joan Baker thinks from the perspective of a merchant. This movie cleverly avoids the hatred of pirates and ordinary people. The pirates in the protagonist group are regarded as “good guys”, while the pirates who rob merchant ships and do bad things and kill people are the villains and “bad guys” in the movie. When it comes to a misleading effect, people will not stop watching this movie because they hate pirates—after all, in this movie, bad pirates are the villains.

Cursed gold coins must all be collected, plus Turner’s blood to lift the curse… This is very similar to the legendary story on the sea itself, so the sense of substitution is very strong.

Josh Kenny, Plague Islands, Magnolia City, East Harbor, Storm Island… these familiar place names appear in the movie one after another, giving the audience more inexplicable feelings.

Strategy, wisdom, love. And the most interesting thing is the constantly changing positions and the betrayed companions at any time. Everything seems to be changing, but the only thing that remains the same is their strong persistence. —This is something that also changes significantly in the sequel later on.

By the time Captain Jack and Elizabeth were alone on the island, Jefferson had completely substituted himself into Elizabeth and liked Captain Jack wholeheartedly. When he saw Elizabeth reject Captain Jack in words, he blurted out: “Ollie, why are you so firm about Will? Now you’re half willing and half unwilling, maybe…”

Then, he was met by the death gaze of Old Jackson and his daughter.

While Captain Jack continued to show his charm, Elizabeth also evolved from being a noble lady to being domineering and cool. In the final battle with Captain Barbossa, she knocked over the pirate who was snarling “I’ll make you feel pain” and said, “You think you know pain? Try the corset of Magnolia City.”

This line made many viewers laugh out loud.

It seems that this powerful noble lady has a deep resentment for this.

In the final plot, the enemy is defeated and Jack is still sent to the gallows, but Will decides to save him. Before leaving, he said seriously “I love you” to Elizabeth in front of Norrington and Earl Swann, and then left with his sword.

His handsome performance almost made the female audience scream.

Ahhh, this movie is too much! Why are there so many outstanding characters! Wow and these people like Elizabeth, so jealous! Forget it…I can’t get jealous because Elizabeth is really good…but it seems that they can substitute themselves using fanfic. Then fellow writers, prepare to move!

Of course, the ending was a happy reunion. Will and Elizabeth kissed, and Jack finally returned to the Black Pearl. He stroked the rudder as if he was stroking his lover.

“Everyone to your positions! Get ready to turn the sails! Now…” He raised his voice and gave the captain’s order, “Let’s sail towards the horizon!”

At this time, Captain Jack had no sense of madness, his eyes were calm, and he whispered: “…towards freedom.”

The movie is over!

Movies in multiple theaters ended at the same time, and audiences in all theaters stood up and began to applaud.

Whether it’s aristocrats, commoners, or pirates.

It’s amazing, it’s amazing, this movie is simply unparalleled!

Some pirates burst into tears directly, this movie awakened a lot of things buried deep in their hearts.

For some non-pirates, the freedom eulogized in this movie also has a strong attraction, especially the nobles, they are bound by too much… After watching this movie, they even thought about leaving everything behind and taking a ship to sail in the sea, and feel the sense of freedom brought by the blue sea and endless sky.

There was a hum of discussion in the cinema.

Jefferson asked curiously: “Dad, who do you think Elizabeth should be with?”

“It must be Norrington,” Olivia said. “And brother, why do you keep asking such little girls questions.”

“…I’m just curious!”

Old Jackson said, “Will.”

“Why?” Jefferson asked.

“Because he is very good, he will be good to Elizabeth.” Old Jackson said, “The most important thing is that Elizabeth loves him, that’s enough.”

“Ah…” Jefferson nodded.

Olivia felt her father’s deep love for her again. It’s great to have such a good father.

Jefferson continued to ask: “Then Ollie, what about you? Who do you choose?”

“Norrington,” Olivia said without a second thought.

“I thought, with your character, you would never pick him,” Jefferson said.

“Well, if it was me before, I might choose Captain Jack or Will, but now, since Dad is willing to sacrifice family and political interests for me, then why can’t I sacrifice myself and choose someone who is more beneficial to the family?” Olivia said, “And it’s not a sacrifice. Norrington loves me very much… Well, I mean Norrington loves Elizabeth very much. He is also an excellent man. There is no problem marrying him.”

Old Jackson’s eyes softened.

They chatted like this, and walked out of the cinema together, surrounded by the twittering crowd.

She also happened to meet the aristocratic couple earlier. At this time, the girl was pulling her lover’s arm and screaming: “Captain Jack is so handsome! Will is so handsome! Norrington is so handsome ahhhh!!!”

Her lover now showed a regretful expression: “…Had I known, I would have let you stay at home and play with the demons. Now it seems that I have more competitors.”

“What did you say?”

“No, nothing…”

Olivia couldn’t help smiling.

So good.

It seems that this movie was a complete success.

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