Chapter 102 – Premiere of the “Pirates of the Caribbean”

The movie begins.

The first thing to be played was the cute version of the skull LOGO of Demon King Studios, but this time, it has a pirate headscarf on its head, which looks more cute and makes many people smile.

Then, there appeared the sea and the thick fog, and then the starring names: Rod, Carl, Olivia… At the same time, the girl’s clear voice sounded, singing the pirate song. The camera zoomed in, and the outline of the ship gradually emerged. Then the last line of credits appeared—Producer: Grindelwald. Soon, the line of words turned into white mist and merged into the thick fog. At this time, the camera had been zoomed in so that the audience could see the girl standing on the bow of the ship, singing.

The opening credits are in line with the movie, which makes people look very comfortable.

“The credits are so good-looking,” professional film critic, Mrs. Helen, muttered to herself. She felt that the movie technology of the Demon Realm seemed to be getting more and more sophisticated.

Next, a sailor on the ship prevented the little girl from continuing to sing pirate songs, and the little girl showed a yearning for pirates. Then, Captain Norrington criticized him and said he would kill the pirates. In less than a minute, the ordinary sailors’ fear of pirates, the little girl’s yearning for pirates, and the noblemen’s aversion to pirates, are all shown.

Old Jackson also lit up, what an exquisite script.

Then, they rescued a boy who was floating on the sea. Captain Norrington dropped his cold attitude and was very anxious, which also shows that his heart should be good. At the same time, they discovered a merchant ship that was burned and shattered by pirates. Captain Norrington immediately ordered to leave the sea quickly, and there was chaos on the deck. The little girl’s father told the girl that she hoped she could take care of the boy who was rescued.

“Why did she suddenly let her, a noble lady, take care of that boy?” Jefferson asked puzzledly.

Olivia gave him a blank look and said: “This is because the deck is too messy. Her father made an excuse to let her leave, and he also cared about her self-esteem.”

“Oh…” Jefferson nodded, “This movie is really good.”

Then the girl took care of the boy, and they introduced themselves to each other.

Jefferson: “Ah, this is you when you were a kid!”

“She played the role of my younger self,” Olivia corrected.

Jefferson laughed loudly: “This girl looks much better than you when you were a kid hahaha…Ow…Dad, she hit me.”

Olivia retracted her hand and grinds her teeth.

Old Jackson glared at his son: “Watch the movie well.”

Of course, they were in the box, otherwise, Jefferson wouldn’t be able to speak, he still followed the rules.

Next, Elizabeth found that Will was carrying a gold pirate coin, knowing that he might be a little pirate, so she hid the gold coin—which echoed the words of Captain Norrington at the beginning: he would kill all the pirates.

This rhythm looks really comfortable.

Old Jackson thought.

At this moment, the movie started just over three minutes.

Then it jumped straight to growing up. Elizabeth’s father, Earl Swann, gave her a set of clothes. She was uncomfortably strangled by the tight corset. Her father said this was the most popular style in Magnolia City this year. She replied: “The ladies of Magnolia City must not breathe.” These lines made many people smile, feeling that this story really happened around them. But really, some ladies think that nowadays, corsets are really getting tighter!

Then, Earl Swann said that he hoped she would attend the promotion ceremony of Captain Norrington, and also said that Commodore Norrington liked her.

At this time, the noble girl who initially said that she was not interested in pirates had been attracted by the movie, rather, it was Commodore Norrington who attracted her.

Wow, Norrington was already a captain when Elizabeth was a child, and he was really elegant and handsome… Then, he watched her grow into a beautiful girl and fell in love with her—this setting is so moving!

Indeed, many emotional lines in “Pirates of the Caribbean” are indeed very interesting.

There are many people on Earth who like Norrington, who is rich, handsome, and dedicated. When he died to save Elizabeth in the sequel, Disney was angrily besieged by his fans.

Next, Will, who has become a blacksmith, also appeared. Elizabeth is still bold and direct. She said to Will in front of her father: “I dreamt about you last night.”

Earl Swann coughed: “Elizabeth, this is hardly appropriate.”

As a result, his words did not interrupt the eyes of the affectionate dog man and woman. Earl Swann laughed, and finally reminded Elizabeth to hurry up and dragged her away.

Old Duke Jackson was frustrated watching this plot. He felt as if he saw his daughter’s future love: “…You won’t be like this in the future, will you?”

“Are you talking about me ending up with a blacksmith apprentice?” Olivia laughed.

Old Jackson thought for a while: “In fact, if you really want to, I won’t be particularly against it, as long as the other party is good enough.”

Olivia stunned, nodded, and then she said, “Don’t worry, Dad, I won’t say this to the other party in front of you, I will pull the other party and say it secretly.”

…Wait, that sounds even more disturbing!

“A commodore, a blacksmith… Ollie, you are so popular,” Jefferson said.

“And a pirate, actually,” Olivia said.

“Hahaha, in the last movie, you have several girls grabbing your man, and now many men are grabbing you… I’m sorry Dad, I used the words too rudely. Several men falling for you, this is considered to be the reversal of the wheel of fortune. …So, which one do you like best?” Jefferson said.

Olivia thought for a while: “I like them all.”

Jefferson: ???

Old Jackson looked over in silence.

Olivia explained: “They each have their own charms. In the movie, I love Will, but I also like other people. In reality, these three men are worthy of respect and are worthy of admiration.”

Old Jackson felt that he couldn’t sit still even more…Why come back this time, he feels that his daughter has a tendency to develop in a terrifying direction. She used to be rebellious, but she would definitely not open her mouth to say what she liked about these men…

At the time, when Old Jackson and his son were thinking nonsense, Captain Jack appeared on the scene.

Accompanied by a very imposing background music—”He’s a Pirate”, Captain Jack is standing on the mast with a magnificent sunset in the background. The wind blows his headscarf and hair. There is no expression on his face, only his eyes are gazing into a distance, looking wanton and dashing. Then he jumped from the mast and found the bottom of the ship leaking. Then, he saw hanged pirates on the cliff, and a slogan forbidding pirates was written next to it. He threw the bucket of water in his hand at random, then took off his hat, his expression was solemn, and he raised his hand to make a salute.

After these few shots, almost everyone has the same idea in their minds—this way of playing is so cool! What a pirate!

Then in the next shot, Captain Jack finally reached the shore. He was still standing majestic on the mast, but…his ship had only the mast left, and the rest was sunk. When he got to the dock, he let go of the mast and walked up to the wooden bridge, and the small wooden boat finally sank to the end of the mast.

And the background music remained majestic as he marched on in style, not looking back at his small boat that had returned to the sky.

“Pfft…this, this…”

This contrast is too dark and humorous, right?!

Many people are already laughing out loud.

Next: “Hey, you need to give ten copper coins for the dock space, and you’re going to have to tell me your name.”

Captain Jack finally glanced at his sinking ship, and then said, “I will give you a silver coin, and we won’t talk about the name.”

“…Well, yes, welcome to Josh Kenny port, Mr. Jackson!”

Then, Jack stole the other’s purse easily.

After seeing this, everyone finally couldn’t help laughing.

Well, this way of playing is too unique, right, it can be called a different kind of cool.

Jefferson looked at Olivia in surprise: “Don’t tell me, my dear sister, this is the pirate who likes you and the pirate you like.”

“Uh, in fact, dear brother, he is.” Olivia smiled sheepishly. “He’s charming, isn’t he?”

Jefferson felt like he had swallowed an egg raw, well, there is indeed a different kind of charm…

Ten minutes into the opening, the main characters have all made their appearances.

And “Pirates of the Caribbean” also firmly captivated the hearts of all moviegoers.

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