Chapter 101.2 – For—”Pirates of the Caribbean”

However, most of them also know that the Deathbird is closely related to this movie, so the appearance of Captain Rod was not a surprise. But this premiere was able to gather three pirate kings, and it can be said to be amazing.

Compared with the first two, Rod is the most lowkey, many people don’t know him, so everyone is very curious about him.

After today, it is destined to let many people remember his appearance and remember his Deathbird.

The two pirate kings immediately glared at Rod.

“You want to fight, go fight somewhere else, don’t ruin the business of the mall,” Rod said indifferently.

The chief mate said: “Today is the premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, do you want to enter the blacklist of the mall?”

“It’s just a fire elemental spirit.” Philip owns a water elemental spirit. In fact, he also understands the power of such a big fire elemental spirit in the mall, but if it is really done, he has the whole Sea God’s Sacrifice.

“Don’t forget the forces behind the mall.” Rod looked at Philip and said unhurriedly, “If you insist on doing it today, then I will be your opponent.”

The surrounding people all sucked in a cold breath. The captain of the Deathbird is usually so low-key, the result, his mouth uttered such domineering words.

Sure enough, he deserves to be one of the four great pirate kings.

Forint raised his eyebrows, and Philip was lost in thought. Whispers surrounded them.

At this moment, an exclamation came from the periphery, and Philip looked over and found a young girl sitting on the shoulders of a huge ghoul walking towards here.

Fortunately, these days, the Josh Kenny people are already used to the existence of the demons, otherwise, they might scare a bunch of people to death when their combination just appeared.

Someone recognized the girl and exclaimed: “This is, this is the heroine of “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”!”

The girl did not hear it, the ghoul led her to Captain Rod, and she spoke with a light voice: “You are stronger than that magician, but you have no experience facing such enemy. I’m afraid you will suffer.”

Does this person know Rod? And talking in such a big tone?

“Nevertheless, I won’t let them harm the Demon Mall.” Rod looked up at Leona sitting on the shoulder of the ghoul, thought for a moment, and added: “Teacher.”

Teacher? She is Rod’s teacher?

Forint was a little panicked. Doesn’t that mean that the person in front of him is a necromancer much stronger than Rod? He should think about getting out…

Philip was also confused, but he wasn’t panicking, but… envious.

Philip basically has been self-taught all the time. The status of wizards is very high. Most of them are enshrined by nobles. He doesn’t like ordinary wizards. He wants to become an apprentice, but no one accepts him, and no major family dares to take him in.

“It’s my duty to protect the Demon Mall, but you are still too weak now. Retaining your strength is the key.” Leona Bell looked at the two captains over there after speaking, “Stop it for now, okay? After all, you are here to watch a movie, the two sides now should take a step back from each other.” After speaking, she chuckled and used magical means to transmit the sound to the two: “After all, it’s just a small loss of face, but at least the life is preserved, right?”

Her statement is very clever, people who can get to this position are not stupid, and she also keenly understands the hidden meanings in the hearts of both parties. In fact, at that time, only someone needs to step back and earn enough face for the other party. In this way, she easily resolved the incident with guidance and threats. For the Dark Church, Leona Bell’s wisdom is more important than her combat effectiveness.

After saying this, her gaze changed as if she became a new person. She leaped off the shoulders of the ghoul very lightly, and took Rod’s arm affectionately, “Let’s go inside, it’s about to start.”

Rod looked down at her hand and went in with her.

‘People of the Dark Church,’ Forint thought in his heart. That woman’s strength should be unfathomable. Sure enough, that man Rod has a connection with the Dark Church. Forget it, it’s not convenient to fight today. He is not afraid, it’s for the sake of watching a movie.

Philip also had similar thoughts, but what he thought more was, is that Rod’s teacher? Rod has a teacher? Rod found a teacher in the Dark Church? Can he find a teacher there, too? Ask Rod about it after watching the movie…

After entering the Demon Mall, Rod pulled out from her hand. Leona glanced at Rod with a smile, then kissed her fingertips, and then stepped into the shadows with the ghoul. This is the necromancer’s high-level illusion.

“I thought you had changed, but it turns out that you are still as boring as before.”

These are the words she left behind.

Outside the Demon Mall, other people started to talk when they saw the three pirate kings entering. Why did they stop fighting suddenly? Not interested in fighting anymore? Because Leona’s last threatening words used magical means and only spoke to those two people, the others only heard ‘you are here to watch a movie, both sides should take a step back from each other’.

So… Could it be that they want to watch movies more than fighting?

That should be the case, right?

They thought about it for a long time, and felt that the real reason must be this.

Wow! The charm of the movie is so great!

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Magnolia Empire. Magnolia City.

A couple is walking into the Demon Mall together.

Noble girl: “My dear, I have no interest in pirates. You have to understand that I am here to watch a movie to accompany you.”

Noble boy: “Okay, but I think it will really be a great movie. The battle scenes in it are so handsome!”

Noble girl: “I still prefer the dreamy fairy tale style in “Daughter of the Sea” or the love story in the Demon King. Forget it, since we’re already here…”

Noble boy: “I think you like the demon men you raised in your magic phone better…”

Noble girl: “Hahaha, dear, they are just virtual characters, don’t mind, I still love you.” Although I still raise wild men.

The sound of their conversation reached the Jackson family. Olivia smiled slightly and said to her brother Jefferson Jackson: “It seems that many girls like milder things.”

Jefferson was a little surprised: “You used to talk about them in a mocking voice.”

“Everyone has a different way of living.” Olivia said, “I just chose to go further. They are willing to switch between their husbands and tea party social dances, that’s their business.”

“Oh, I can see that you despise them more than before.” Jefferson said, “It used to be superficial contempt, now it’s heartfelt contempt.”

“Is it?” Olivia laughed again, “You’re overthinking it. I don’t look down on them, everyone has everyone’s world. I’m different from them now and will be even more different in the future. They won’t be a threat to me so why should I have ill feelings towards them?”

Finished. Jefferson thought. This is already cross-dimensional contempt. Can’t be saved… Forget it, this is also good. My sister is the best~

“But,” Olivia smiled, “I think that girl will be moved by the movie, because beauty is universal.”

Old Jackson listened to the conversation between his son and daughter in a calm mood.

She’s all grown up.

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Mulheim. Winter City.

Timber merchant, Defoni, has had a good business recently. After driving out the ice wolves with the help of the church, he re-employed the lumberjacks who had run away. The lumberjacks knew that he had breached his contract, so he worked harder to avoid being expelled, which made Defoni in a good mood.

But the only shortcoming is that his current expenses are much larger than before, and the specific reason is of course the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. In addition to eating food, he also bought a magic camera. He fell in love with photography almost immediately. He took a lot of beautiful photos: the beautiful snow scene in the taiga, the hard work of the lumberjacks, the corpse of the ice wolf, a little flower, the blue sky… He also spent a lot of money on the magic film.

The food in the Demon Mall is so delicious that people can’t forget or even intoxicated. After eating the food in the Demon Mall, he feels that other foods are really hard to swallow. In fact, many people feel this way, including the Black family where Olivia’s uncle is.

Defoni made a painful decision to go to the Demon Mall Restaurant every two days, otherwise, he would have eaten himself poor.

That day, he heard that the Demon Mall was going to perform something similar to a stage play called “movie”. He was actually quite curious, but thinking that he should save more money, he didn’t plan to go. What movie, art, stage play, no matter how good it is, can it be compared with food? He thought so. As a result, when he was enjoying a concessionary single-person meal on the second floor that day, a promotional video of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was shown on the screen on the second floor.

Okay. He thought vaguely in his heart. You win. You win. I’m going, I’m going to see it, okay?

Why is it so tempting!!! Why is the food so delicious!!! Why is the promotional video so wonderful!!! He was going crazy.

At this moment, Defoni walked into the cinema with everyone, his mood was both tangled and looking forward to it. Forget it, ordinary movie tickets are not particularly expensive anyway, so be it…

Different places, different people, and different identities have walked into different Demon Realm Shopping Mall at this moment.

They have different ideas and different minds, but they have the same purpose.

For—”Pirates of the Caribbean”.

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