Chapter 101 – For the Pirates of the Caribbean!

The trailer for “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” caused an unexpected sensation.

For a while, many people in the streets and alleys were talking about this movie.

In order to attract customers, many shops put such equipment in the store—it is like installing a small TV in a restaurant on Earth. Magic phones can also project images on the wall. Therefore, at present, many people who have not reached the consumption level of the Demon Mall can also see what the noble lords usually see through these stores. For example, the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” some time ago, such as the trailer of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Therefore, Hill still encourages this kind of behavior of the merchants. He also plans to put some movies that have already been played in the movie theater on the magic phone when more movies are shot in the future, so that the civilians can also enjoy the taste.

Speaking of the movie itself, Hill has already made many films, the largest of which should be “The Evil Monarch”. However, there are still relatively few actors in “The Evil Monarch”, and most of the big battles come from special effects and post-production. There was an imperial war involved, but there were only a few scenes on the battlefield. It was a scene of two waves of people slashing. Those soldiers are played by the demons.

Compared with them, “Pirates of the Caribbean” is indeed a big production movie.

But the thing is, the actors are mostly pirates. Hill only needs to control the overall situation. The actors can solve many problems by themselves, which saves Hill a lot of effort.

Nevertheless, it takes a lot of energy, after all, making a movie is not an easy task.

Hill understands this. He is constantly learning while shooting, and he is also learning professional skills on his mobile phone in private. At present, he can directly copy the original shots, but he also hopes that his director level can be further improved.

This promo showing the charm of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is naturally commendable. It fully captures the selling point of the movie, the thrilling scenes—gold coins, curses, beauties, handsome guys… plus unique characters, the wonderful fight scenes, and it also looks very humorous. It can be said that the various elements are complete, which successfully attracted the attention of the audience, met the needs of all kinds of people, and provoked their interest to go to the Demon Mall to watch the movie.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” was planned to be released together in the Magnolia Empire and the Ice Empire in Mülheim, so publicity began in Mülheim.

There is a huge screen in the restaurant on the second floor of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall in Winter City. Usually, there will be some jewelry advertisements, and occasionally new dishes will be advertised. At present, the food in the Demon Mall has swept the entire Winter City, so what Hill did was just put a few more promotional videos on the advertising space on the second floor during meal times—and then the movie would take care of everything.

Different from other places, the promotional film of Winter City is specially made, and a basic introduction about the concept of film is added at the end: this is a form of performance similar to a stage play, but more exciting, more realistic, and immersive.

Coupled with the cool promo, this made the people in Winter City very curious.

But Winter City certainly cannot be compared with Magnolia City, after all, the great nobles live in their own territories. However, the great nobles would leave one of their children to Winter City, which is a manifestation of allegiance to the royal family.

In a blink of an eye, February 13 arrived, which was the day before Valentine’s Day and the day when “Pirates of the Caribbean” was released.

Many people walked into the theater today. The audience of the Magnolia Empire was of all ages, and the majority of the Ice Empire were young people. The Demon Mall is a trend in Winter City today, and they are all in it to catch up with the fashion.

By the way, the newly opened Demon Mall in other cities of the Magnolia Empire screened the previous movies long ago. The residents there are already as much in pursuit of the Demon Mall as Magnolia City and Josh Kenny, so naturally, there is a large number of people going to see the movie as well.

Magnolia Empire. Josh Kenny.

Magnolia Empire. Josh Kenny.

After “Pirates of the Caribbean” finished filming, Josh Kenny has been in a kind of carnival no less than the New Year. Those who were not in Josh Kenny during this time – including pirates and merchants – came back confused about the situation, but joined in the revelry after asking about the situation.

There are two reasons for the carnival. One is that His Royal Highness Grindelwald made a movie about pirates, which made the pirates feel recognized and proud.

The second reason is that the Demon Mall has launched canned food at a fair price, which means that they don’t have to endure the smelly food when sailing in the future.

Pirates can be seen everywhere in the tavern raising their wine glasses and saying:

“For the Pirates of the Caribbean!”

“For His Royal Highness Grindelwald!”

“Long live His Royal Highness Grindelwald!”

Hill’s reputation has reached a terrible level among this group of people.

February 13th, the day the movie premiered, was naturally the peak of the carnival.

On this day, many people, or a lot of pirates, gathered at the gate of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. The atmosphere here was a bit weird. Some of the little pirates were shivering but quite excited, and it seemed that someone was making trouble. But the law enforcement team took a look and slipped away, because there were two pirate kings standing at the door.

There are noisy discussions around.

“That, that’s Philip from the Sea God’s Sacrifice and Forint from the Gold!”

“Who? Is Philip the one with the monocle?”

“Yes, he is a powerful magician, he can call the wind and rain, change the weather, and condense the sea water into a sharp blade to pierce your heart!”

“But I think the Deathbird’s Rod is more terrifying. Not only can he kill your people, but he can also enslave your soul!”

“But the Gold pirates are also terrifying. Each of their pirates is equipped with a magic crystal firearm, which is terrible…”

“As expected of the four great pirates…”

“What are they doing here?”

The answer to this question is obvious, the reason they are here is of course to watch a movie.

The four pirate kings each have their own characteristics.

The Captain Rod of the Deathbird is pure-hearted and lacks desire, and seems to have no pursuit. His Deathbird also flutters casually, but he himself is too powerful, so the pirates think it is enough to respect him. He specializes in avoidance. There is not much conflict of interest anyway. He generally seems to be easy to talk to, but the chief mate is not easy, especially not easy to talk to.

Captain Duncan of the Invincible is very combative and likes to kill. He also has a group of similar people under his hands. He is the one all pirates are avoiding.

Captain Philip of Sea God’s Sacrifice is obsessed with magic research. He is a magician and he is also very exploitative, so he prefers to snatch books and the like. The blood on his hands is not stained much. He doesn’t like killing, but he doesn’t mind killing.

Gold’s Forint is one of the most normal pirates, he pursues beauty and money, and is greedy for pleasure. He was the first pirate who started trading with the local natives of the Plague Islands. He got a lot of gold and equipped the people under his hand with many magic crystal firearms. Their pirate group is the strongest on the surface because the magic crystal firearm is too scary. No matter how high the fighting skills, just one-shot, dead. Heavens, times have changed.

However, the cost of the magic crystal firearm is too high, and a single shot means that the money is gone, so this is their final card, and generally will not be used. However, Forint deliberately spread the news so that everyone would respect him. Of course, this is indeed quite frightening.

Forint, who likes to enjoy, is naturally a frequent visitor of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. Before, many people mentioned that the four great pirate kings in the legend also watch movies, they were mostly talking about him.

Philip has no interest in movies, he is addicted to books and cannot extricate himself. Until he heard that the protagonist of “The Evil Monarch” had a Lich teacher, this setting made him walk into the movie theater.

Then, then, you know…

The pirates of Sea God’s Sacrifice have thus become regulars in the cinema. They watched all the previous movies, and they were fascinated by it.

Philip was very interested in the special effects in the movie. He saw that on the final credits of the movie, he saw that the one handling the special effect was Ali, and the word Lich was written in parentheses. Ali… is also the person who played the Lich in “The Evil Monarch”.

The other party’s magic must be very powerful. Philip thought so. Full of yearning.

Meeting the Gold’s Captain here today was undoubtedly a surprise to him. This was his first time attending a movie premiere and he didn’t expect so many bigwigs to come, although he was one of them.

Of course, the major pirate groups have frictions, and there are some hatreds. Everyone knows in their hearts, they only exchange a few harsh words on the surface, saying that they must XXX next time they meet, but they will actually avoid each other consciously. Because it is a matter of face to speak ruthlessly, but when it comes to fighting, both parties lose a lot. This problem is more real… This is a matter the pirate captains agreed upon, but the pirates below don’t know it.

But after all, they are also somewhat bloody, and if they really meet, they will really seek revenge.

“Unexpectedly, I would meet you here,” Philip said lightly. “Since we met, please leave right away. Thank you.” He has always spoken with good manners and looks very polite, but the content is very unpleasant.

“You readers have a saying that you should think twice before you act. I advise you, Phillip, to think clearly before you talk to me.” Forint is obviously not easy to mess with either.

“I don’t bother to talk to people like you,” Philip said lightly. His eyes had begun to glow with blue faint light, and his white hair was floating up. The study of magic damaged his body, and his hair was almost completely white. It looks like he is about to attack soon.

Forint and a few people around him also took out the magic crystal firearm.

The swords were drawn.

Some pirates thought about hiding, while others were so excited, just waiting for them to fight.

When the atmosphere was rigid, a voice appeared:

“Stop it, all of you.”

What appeared abruptly was a third-party force, the Captain of the Deathbird, Rod.

The crowd let out a startled cry.

What day is it today! The four great pirate kings actually gathered three!

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Forint’s name is so interesting. His ship is called Gold, and his name is a Hungarian currency. He really represents money. XD

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