Chapter 100 – Promo

The next film about the story of pirates has been announced in “Demon Realm Magazine”.

Most people are still looking forward to this, and now, everyone has formed a good mindset that everything produced by the Demon Realm is good.

However, there are also a small number of people who are not optimistic about this movie, and the specific reasons are also reflected in the letters from readers.

“The upper part of “The Evil Monarch” is just fine, after all, there is a Lich Grandpa beside him, but this one is about pirates? Another human protagonist?”

“I don’t want to see the human protagonist…”

“Are there demons in the pirate?”

“Want to see more demons! See demons! Protest!”

“As a nobleman, I don’t think I might go to the cinema to watch the stories of this gang of villains.”

After seeing these letters, Hill didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Should he worry about the future of the movie or should be happy that people do not want to see humans and only want to see the demons? There is also some feeling of shooting yourself in the foot.

Theodore, who is in charge of the magazine, is very worried: “Your Royal Highness, what should I do?”

Next to them, Joan Baker put on a posture of watching a joke: “How are you going to solve this problem? It’s the first time ever that so many people don’t want to watch the movie.”

“Even though they say so, they will still go to the cinema to see it.” Hill looked at the situation in a positive light, “It’s fine.”

“Being said that by Your Highness, I also understand.” Theodore, who was a reporter before, of course, understood the charm of the movie. He was running around interviewing people of all classes, starting with “Daughter of the Sea”. At first, some people never took it seriously but after some time, they gradually enjoyed it, and you can also see some people’s obsession with movies. This was all he saw with his own eyes, so he could understand what Hill meant better.

However, Theodore had some chagrin. ‘Why can’t I analyze things immediately when I encounter something? There is a huge gap between myself and His Royal Highness Grindelwald.’ —Actually, he has made rapid progress, but he always feels that it is not enough. This is also a good sign.

“That’s true.” Joan Baker said with interest, leaning back in his oak chair with his arms wrapped crossed, wearing a wool coat that was black overall, but trimmed with white piping. The coat matched his cold gray eyes. He used to face everything with ease, and he also habitually showed the image of greed and cunning to let the other party relax their vigilance. Those self-proclaimed upper-class lords always thought money-grubbing people were easy to grasp, not knowing that he had already evaluated them all in his mind. “So, Grindelwald, you mean leave it alone and let them go? This has no effect on the film?”

Hill opened a letter again.

“No matter what you film, I will always support you!”

He smiled and closed the letter. Always support, there is no greater praise than that. Even if the people who say this can’t do it, but they did think so for a moment, and that’s enough.

“Do you have any principles in business, Joan?”

“Anything can be clearly priced, you can sell anything or buy anything. As long as you pay a sufficient price,” Joan Baker has become accustomed to his answers, so he replied.

“Actually, many things are common.” Hill folded the letter, his slender fingers wrapping around the white paper. The picture was very beautiful. Joan Baker looked at his hand and said, “For example?”

“In politics, it can be understood that everything can be used.” Hill folded the letter into a paper crane, and then blew a breath at the paper crane. The paper crane immediately flapped its wings and actually flew. “The next issue of the magazine will explain this, saying that we are going to open up the Demon Realm Mall in Mülheim, so that people in the Ice Empire can also enjoy the charm of the movie, but because of the existence of the church, it is not convenient to shoot some themes, please understand. We also have many wonderful stories about the demons, but sometimes, reality is much more hopeless than the movies.

Joan Baker was going to reach out and grab the paper crane, but was attracted by Hill’s words. He cut the steak knife and the porcelain plate made a harsh crunch. The sound startled Theodore. Theodore raised his head blankly, “What’s the matter?”

“A good strategy,” Joan Baker said in a deep voice.

“You look a little excited,” Hill said with a smile. The paper crane flew to the window and started pecking at it, wanting to get out, but its mouth was made of paper, too soft, so it pecked itself bald very quickly. “Theodore, go open the window and let it out.”

“Good, Sir.” Theodore stood up and went to open the window.

Joan Baker whispered, “Did you have this idea from the very beginning when you filmed Pirates of the Caribbean?”

“Who knows,” Hill said.

He is not doing things with two birds with one stone now, but with multiple birds with one stone.

Now, the time is limited and the things he can do are limited, so he wants to make everything play all the roles it can.

After the last temptation, Hill felt that he could really start to incite people’s dissatisfaction with the church.

“And then say in the magazine that it would be nice to make a movie now, and to be honest, after all…”

“After all, what?” Joan Baker asked.

“Nothing more, just write it like that.” Hill clapped his hands. “Let the people imagine the latter part themselves, even if the church asks us about it, there is a fig leaf. We didn’t directly say that the church is at fault. We were silent, right?”

Joan Baker shook his head. “Anyone who makes an enemy of you is an absolute fool.”

“I have to be smart,” Hill raised the corner of his lips. “After all…”

Snow fell outside, and candlelight flickered in the room, reflecting on Hill’s flickering face.

His fingers tapped casually on the table.

Hill suddenly got up and walked to the window, watching the paper crane waving its wings and struggling to fly towards the Jackson’s house.

“…In a sense, my opponent is all mankind.”

His voice was very soft, but his smile became cold.

The leisurely and relaxing time of filming has passed, and it is time to enter this war without gunpowder.

Theodore looked at his back, his heart full of awe and yearning.

This is the real King. King Magnolia…what is that.

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After the finale banquet, Hill moved a large amount of cans and barrels of sealed food to the Josh Kenny port, and an open distribution came. There was a large crowd around the distribution site, and Leona advertised as Hill had instructed. She said that these cans could keep the food inside for many months without spoiling, but they needed to be eaten quickly after opening.

“No way!”

“Is it so amazing?”

“Then, won’t we all have food that doesn’t spoil in the future during the voyage?!”

The pirates were discussing, and the chief mate was very excited. He turned his head and looked at Captain Rod subconsciously, only to find that Captain Rod also had an excited expression on his face.

The chief mate was stunned… Rod, he really hadn’t shown any other expressions for many years.

But since the beginning of the filmmaking, in addition to the performances on the film set, Rod himself has more words outside the set. He and everyone discusses Captain Jack and the spirit of pirates together. He is also happy to take the initiative to care about the Deathbird, care about the crew, and even started playing cards with him.

The chief mate knew that the captain also had feelings for the Deathbird and the crew, but he didn’t have much desire to live in the past, so he didn’t bother to care about it. The movie successfully got him out of this state. In those few days, the chief mate heard him say several times: “the meaning of the ship is to go where you want to go”, “to the far side of freedom”, the first mate really want to hug Hill to give two kisses.

He really took advantage of the chaos (…) to hug Hill last time. At that time, his eyes were so hot that Hill hurried to the other side. This is a sad misunderstanding. Ha ha.

Later, the chief mate and Captain Rod talked about the movie that made him “live again”. At that time, they were standing on the bow of the ship. The turquoise blue water and the sky of the same color spread to the distance. The sea breeze blew their hair, although they are no longer young, but they can also have everything.

“The movie really made me come alive, it made me get out of the nightmare that I had always been, and it opened my eyes to see the world I live in.” Captain Rod said, “But what really kept my soul in this world was not the movie, but you, and our ship, the Deathbird.”

The chief mate looked at Captain Rod in a daze, then nodded vigorously, “I understand, Rod!”

“It’s Captain Rod.” Rod smiled, fastened his hat, and went to take the helm, while raising his voice: “All hands on deck! Enter Imperial territorial waters! Target – Winterport merchant ships! Let’s do a big job!”


“Long live the Captain!”

“Long live the Deathbird!”

“Blessed be the Sea God—ah, what are you beating me for?”

“Remember to say Blessed be the Dark God, you idiot!”

“Ohh, I forgot… Blessed be the Dark God!”

The chief mate looked back at this scene, he saw the vitality on the Deathbird, and saw Rod’s spirited look, he couldn’t help smiling.

So good. All this is really, great.

Thanks to Sea God, thanks to the Dark God, thanks to all the f*cking gods, thanks to the demons and movies, for making his captain come alive.

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These cans not only brought a huge shock to people seeking life at sea, but also have extraordinary significance for food storage. Even the nobles are very interested in this, so they can eat seasonal food.

Unlike the nobles in Magnolia City, the Josh Kenny people are looking forward to the show “Pirates of the Caribbean”, after all, it is closely related to them.

Of course, there must be some social problems. For example, many people have been hurt by pirates. In fact, Joan Baker hates pirates because the pirates robbed his merchant ships. Hill plans to correct it later, saying that this is only a movie, and there are many bad guys in the pirates, so don’t imitate it blindly.

At present, Hill has hurriedly compiled this issue. He plans to finish the serialization of the first volume of “Lord of Mysteries”, stop the serialization after half of the second volume, and publish the rest directly into a separate book. Then change to another novel. Another serial article of the magazine, “Mage’s Book of Songs”, had been written to collapse. Hill felt that Eric no longer has to write it, so he asked Theodore to tell him not to continue and prepare for the end.

After finishing this issue of the magazine, Hill went into the intensive post-production of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, so it was another day and night work.

After he finished the post-production and editing of the film, the Fallen Angels also recorded the music of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, as well as Bandari’s “First Snowflakes”, and Joe Hisaishi’s piano song “Summer”, which are two very classic light music. Together with the music of Pirates of the Caribbean, it is a new record. This time, the record package is exquisite, and there is a booklet inside, which contains the introduction of the band members, and also comes with their photos.

The fallen angels’ face value is too good.

Yes, Hill is ready to hype them up.

But before that, the promo of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was first shown on the magic phone.

The green apples floating in the water.

The saber that sank to the bottom of the sea.

Gold coins stained with blood slipping from fingertips.

A young girl singing on the bow of the boat.

The beginning is a series of dark images, which surprised many people. They think that pirate movies are full of plunder and blood. They didn’t expect that the beginning is so artistic?

But the next second, the picture suddenly changed.

The black skull flag raised in the sea breeze.

The bayonet raised by the Navy.

Ship sailing in huge waves.

The shelling of the harbor, the wailing, the sparring, and fighting.

But there was a sense of rhythm in the chaos, and the big scene made people excited.

The noble lady who was taken in the midst of the chaos.

The scene switches.

“They’ve taken Elizabeth! We have to save her!”

“Don’t forget your identity, Mr. Turner, you are just a blacksmith.”

Cut the scene again to Jack Sparrow talking to Will in the dungeon.

“If you save me from this cell, I will take you to the Black Pearl, and to that beauty.”

On the Black Pearl.

Captain Barbossa: “We are cursed.”

Elizabeth: “I hardly believe in such ghost stories.”

The picture switched back to the dungeon.

Jack Sparrow: “You are not facing ordinary pirates. They are not only cruel and crazy, but also evil. They are also an army of unkillable demons.”

The Black Pearl.

“You better start believing this ghost story, because the demon has already found you, Miss Turner.” Captain Barbossa walked out of the cabin, the moon shone on him, and he had turned into a terrible skeleton.

Multi-line parallel narrative lines, but the story is clearly explained.

Then there are the silhouettes of some big scenes, passing by with shocking background music, cannons, magic crystal firearms, naval battles, and sword fights.

Elizabeth was hiding in the closet. The pirate found her in the closet and smiled grimly: “Hello, poppet.”

The next scene is the final battle. Elizabeth directly knocked the pirate to the ground with a big stick: “Hello.”

The rhythm is relaxed, there are tensions, big scenes, and humor, and the editing is quite excellent.

In the last scene, Jack Sparrow stood on the bow of the ship majestically.

“I’m Captain Jack Sparrow!”

The next second was cut to the scene where he was slapped by a woman.

“Oh, I deserved that slap,” he said.

In the end, Hill gave it a look and included this classic scene together.

At the end of the promo, a large line appeared on the screen:

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Official premiere on February 12

Well, there’s no need to think about whether to go see it or not.

One promo is enough to convince any hesitant person.

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