Chapter 99 – Cheers!

Captain Rod’s swordsmanship is average, and his swordsmanship can only be regarded as a second-rate level among pirates, but fortunately, this level is more than enough for filming movies. And after all, he has experienced a lot of battles, so he can use other improvisation to make up for it.

Carl’s swordsmanship as Will Turner is pretty good for his age, but he is obviously not as experienced as Captain Rod, so people who know how to do it can see that he has less experience in life and death combat, fighting stiffly.

This also happens to have reached a certain fit with the roles they played in the movie—the swordsmanship of Captain Jack and Will Turner in the movie are both superb, but Jack can always win by using strange things every time he fights Will.

Ordinary viewers may not notice anything, they will only think that this swordplay, back and forth, is super handsome, but those who are more knowledgeable will find that their character is reflected in swordsmanship, and it is estimated that they will brighten up and feel it’s interesting.

In order to show the effect, Hill tried to make their actions cool.

Of course, the classic scenes played by Captain Jack on the spot must be retained. What Hill did as a director and action director was to tell them the general direction and route of the fight—because the battle of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is always jumping up and down. Yes, pay attention to the situation in the middle…others, let them play by themselves.

They first rehearsed themselves a few times beforehand, and then Hill used the projection stone to rotate and shoot. Generally speaking, it is not a big problem.

But once, Carl rushed violently and directly hit a projection stone with his face, and then he fell directly from the beam of the room, and underneath was a cauldron burning with flames.

The chief mate yelled: “Carl! Kid—”

Hill snapped his fingers and let Carl float in the air, “How do you feel, man?”

Carl lowered his head and glanced at the cauldron very close to him, and then smiled: “This is too exciting director, but I hope I don’t experience it a second time. Send me up.” After he finished, he remembered that his master had taught him to be polite, so he added the word, “Please.”

“I’ll be careful next time, too,” Hill said.

The camera knocked the actor off the beams, if it happened on Earth, it is estimated to put a black question mark on people’s faces.

“It’s okay, master, the director, is here,” Carl, who was on the beam again, said to the chief mate, “Don’t worry.”

“Who is worried about you, stinky kid?” the chief mate mumbled.

Carl grinned and winked at the chief mate. The chief mate yelled “stinky kid” again, but he couldn’t help but laugh.

Hill looked at them like this, and then thought about seeing the woman who had eaten her child in the Dark Church before. Since coming to this world, he has seen a lot of scenery and also met a lot of people. During the second period, Hill also roared that the world is not benevolent and treats everything as a dog. He also roared that the whole world was turned upside down just to set your reflection right. He also roared ‘Is this the so-called prosperous age?’ But later, he discovered that the thing that can give people peace of mind is really beautiful and warm things.

For example, watching their mutual care at this moment, he could not help but smile peacefully next to them.

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“By the way, I suddenly had an idea.” Captain Rod threw his braid behind his head, and he sat directly on the beam and said, “Carl can knock me off the beam during a fight. When I fell, I fell to the direction of the iron cauldron burning with flames. Then, I hooked the beam with my legs to save my life, but my whole body hung upside down, and the tips of my hair fell on the iron cauldron. I took back my hair and blew it down distressedly.”

The original movie naturally did not have such a scene. This is a temporary idea of Captain Rod when he saw Carl almost fell in the iron pot. Obviously, it is very good, fits the character’s personality, and is thrilling and interesting enough.

“Good.” Hill said, “I’ll give you a close-up of your face when you fall. Pay attention to make your eye expressions more vivid and funny when you fall.”

“Good,” Captain Rod said.

“I have a chance to kill you at this time,” Carl’s thinking is also very active, “but I can’t bear it. I think it would be cruel to burn you to death, so I hesitated, but only for a moment.”

This is also very much in line with Will Turner’s character, meeting a pirate for the first time, in the case that he did not know what crime the other party committed, he was more inclined to arrest and not kill. But he is also a decisive person, and knows that this opportunity is rare.

“Yes.” Captain Rod nodded, “but you didn’t seize the opportunity, then I jumped on the beam again and lifted my hat to pay tribute to you, and then continued the fight.”

“Not bad.” Hill was positive about their scene. “But to be on the safe side, you have to rest for a few minutes.” Then he said to a pirate next to him, “You go to the Demon Mall and call the chef.”

Let the fire elemental spirits hide in the cauldron to control the temperature, lest Captain Rod really fall and get hurt.

Temporary adaptations and dramas like this have happened many times in the past few days, which allows them to fully appreciate the fun of shooting, but also make the movie more exciting.

Time flies quickly, and the filming of the movie is about to be finished. This movie is roughly the same as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” on Earth, but has a different adaptation in detail. Some are to fit the other world better, and some are adapted according to the characteristics of the actors. Of course, the most important spirit of adventure and freedom of this movie is still highlighted. Hill noticed that as the shooting progressed, the spirits of the pirates who participated in the shooting got better and better, especially Captain Rod.

The last shooting scene is the part where Jack and Elizabeth are on the island. Because the island only appeared once in the movie, Hill took this scene at the end.

The daytime scenes are all shot, and then the night scenes.

Elizabeth and Captain Jack are roaring drunk, drinking and singing around the fire.

“Wherever we want to go, we go. That’s what a ship is, you know…”

“What the black pearl really is… is freedom.”

“To freedom.”

“To the black pearl.”

Finally, they clinked glasses, or rather bottles.

Elizabeth calmly saw Jack fall to the ground drunk.


With this, Hill’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” shooting is officially completed, everyone on the crew applauded, Olivia reached out and took Captain Rod, who was lying on the ground, and then took the initiative to embrace him. Then everyone hugged each other one after another, Olivia also hugged the chief mate, Carl, and some of the pirates who became familiar with the filming process.

Those pirates are actually a little flattered, they all know that Olivia is the daughter of the Duke.

Hill watched by the side, feeling that Olivia was really good.

Finally, Olivia came to Hill and said shyly: “Can I, Your Royal Highness Grindelwald?”

“It’s more appropriate to call me director at this time.” Hill laughed, then proactively stretched out his hand and hugged Olivia, then let go. But alas, since he was also involved in the embracing army, he had to hug those who came later.

This behind-the-scene clip is good.

And this feels good too.

After the finale, it was naturally a finale feast, and this time, the finale feast was held on the deck of the Deathbird. The pirates helped to transport large quantities of food from the Demon Mall to the Deathbird. The demons and humans were mixed together, the skeletons and pirates chatted, the nobles and commoners greeted each other with wine, and people of different identities gathered together comfortably. Carl also took a group photo of many people with a magic camera. Finally, all the protagonists took a group photo together. Everyone raised their wine glasses and shouted: “Long live the Pirates of the Caribbean! Long live freedom!”

Monroe also participated in this banquet. He had just returned from the Plague Islands, but he was basically staying with the people of the Dark Church, and seemed to be arranging work.

Hill glanced at Captain Rod. He saw that Captain Rod seemed a little drunk. He was talking to Olivia next to him. Olivia seemed to be crying. …Is she drunk too? Maybe?

At this moment, Monroe sat down beside Hill with a wine glass, “What are you looking at?”

“Spying on them,” Hill said.

Monroe followed his gaze and looked over, “It would be better not to disturb at this time.”

“I didn’t expect you to be quite affectionate,” Hill teased.

“I thought it was called ‘considerate’,” Monroe said.

“In fact, I’m afraid that after the filming of this movie, Old Jackson’s daughter will run away with the pirates.” Hill said, “In this case, I will be strangled to death by Old Jackson.”

“No,” Monroe said. “She doesn’t like Rod, it’s you.”

Hill: “…pfft cough cough, you stop.” After a few seconds Hill asked, “Really? Not the kind of like for celebrities?”

“I don’t understand what you said in the last sentence. But, are you tempted?” Monroe shook his glass and looked over.

“It’s mainly because of the wrong sex.” Hill smiled and picked up the wine glass and Monroe toasted: “It’s strange to hear that someone actually likes me.”

“Wrong sex?” The wine glasses collided with a crisp sound, and the wine was shining.

“Females don’t give me much heartbeat,” Hill confessed truthfully.

“I thought it was the aesthetic difference of the demon race.” Monroe said, “Actually, I never told you, when I first became a demon, the dark elf tried to get friendly with me or tried to keep me away from you, so he brought over some demon ‘beauties’ and I was shocked. As a result, they thought I was too reserved and they all jumped on me. Heavens above, I saw that one of the women had arms thicker than a church instructor.”

Hill laughed outright, “And then what?”

“Then I convinced them.” Monroe said, catching Hill’s questioning expression, he coughed lightly, “Knocked them out with my shield.”

That would work, true-physical persuasion.

Hill laughed out loud, “That was brilliant.”

“Thankfully, I entertained you.” Monroe twitched the corners of his mouth, clearly, he didn’t want to bring it up, “But you still really care that you’re liked by others?”

“Anyone would care, I guess,” Hill said.

“Albrecht Darkmoon likes you very much.” Monroe said, “He likes you to the point of being a pervert. I used to think he was a pervert, but later, I found out that he was normal without you.”

“I’m sorry, blame me for being too beautiful. I’m just too beautiful, really.” Hill sighed sadly, and then he said before Monroe could bear it, “Because he likes the Demon King, not me. He would have liked a different Demon King.”

“You are the Demon King, and this is the end,” Monroe said.

“I know.” Hill smiled. “Don’t talk about this, what about you? Have you ever liked someone?”

“No,” Monroe said.

“Have you ever been with a human?”

“No, too busy,” Monroe replied.

“Oh, right… Speaking of which, do you like males or females?” Hill became interested.

“I’m not sure because I didn’t have the experience of liking people before. But now, it doesn’t matter… I don’t like males or females. I only believe in you.” He said, “Hill.”

Hill was stunned. If the other party said this sentence in a very serious atmosphere, he might be able to pick it up immediately, but now it’s just a small chat. Suddenly, such a sentence made him feel a little bit overwhelmed.

But Monroe seemed to really treat this as ordinary small talk, and he said that from the heart and said it casually. It didn’t have to be on a solemn occasion or had to go through a lot of preparation to say it. The words seem to be a bit downplayed, but because of this, Hill felt another kind of weight.

Then Monroe picked up the wine glass: “To the Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Hill also picked up the wine glass, hesitated, and responded to Monroe’s words: “To faith.”


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