Chapter 98.2 – Insanity and greatness go hand in hand

And back to the movie filming.

During the filming of Jack Sparrow’s scene, Captain Rod’s brilliant performance surprised everyone around him. He walked wobbly, sometimes looked crazy, the first time he wiggled his fingers, his crew almost jumped overboard. His eyes were sometimes hazy with drunkenness, sometimes cynical, and occasionally cold and sharp when no one else could see them. Hill previously said that brilliant acting skills depend on the tempering of life. Captain Rod is definitely not as good as Johnny Depp in acting ability, but as a true pirate, his life experience is definitely much richer than that of a person in a peaceful era.

At first, some pirates murmured that his appearance was too detrimental to the captain’s image. Some pirates thought he looked like a sissy, and he looked like a gay. In fact, on Earth, Disney also raised the same question on Johnny Depp’s own character portrayal, but in Johnny Depp’s insistence, they also agreed, so the classic image of Captain Jack was born.

Hill ignored the protests of these pirates, he just put them nearby and let them watch their captain’s performance, and then the image of Captain Jack quickly convinced them… “Well, it looks like it is really an amazing character.” The pirates admitted, but one of the onlookers laughed when Captain Jack was toying with the navy. Hill glared at him, preparing to remove the laughter later.

The actors who played the navy were also pirates, and those pirates were so excited when they got on the navy ship wearing navy clothes. In order to make them look more disciplined, Hill trained them for a few days in advance, the kind of military training on Earth.

By the way, most of the pirates’ costumes are their own, Olivia’s noble costumes are also her own, and the navy clothes are borrowed from King Magnolia, which saves Hill a lot of costs.

Both Captain Rod and Olivia will perform their own interpretation of the details according to their own ideas. This kind of free play within a certain range can make the characters more vivid, and Hill encourages them to do this. Of course, he would not deliberately restore the original movie perfectly, that would not be worth the loss.

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At night, in Joan Baker’s house, Hill, Olivia, and Captain Rod sat in the study, conducting plot discussions and character analysis.

Josh Kenny is in the south and is a seaport city, so the winter temperature is not particularly low.

The weather is not very good tonight, you can hear the strong wind outside and the glass crackling. There is a candlestick on the desk, and there is a fire in the fireplace. These are the two light sources in the study. They are not bright, but they look soft. Compared with the cold wind outside in the winter night, it even breeds a sense of warmth.

“According to the plot, Will and Elizabeth made some wrong judgments, and even betrayed Jack several times, but Jack only shaded Norrington at the end. You could say that, right?” Olivia asked.

“Yes, but that’s too one-sided a statement.” Hill said, “Those judgments couldn’t be called wrong, Will and Elizabeth were good enough, except Jack would have had a better way, he’s as smart as if he’d traded with the demons – normal people can’t compete with him.”

“I don’t think Jack went ahead and thought of a better way either, he just had a general direction in his head and proceeded to prepare to see what he could do when the time came,” Captain Rod offered his insight.

“Right. That’s what Captain Jack is like.” Hill felt relieved that Captain Rod had really studied Jack quite deeply.

“Crazy as hell, but a genius.” Captain Rod said a line from the movie, “Insanity and greatness go hand in hand.”

“Um…I was thinking, Will and I do not treat Captain Jack very well. Although Captain Jack had his own ideas, he did help us all the time and even saved me. But he ended up not only being captured by Norrington, but also treated that way by Will and I… Does Jack accept it?” Olivia looked at Captain Rod, “Captain?”

“That’s how pirates are.” Captain Rod said, “I accept it, although emotionally I may mind a little, it’s nothing. If I had to take it into account every time I was treated like that, I would have been angered to death or gone crazy… Mm, although now I do go a little crazy too.”

Olivia was amused by the last statement, then she sighed, “But I think I’m a little embarrassed that we treated you like that.”

“You’re not pirates, and if you can trust Jack at will, that means you can trust everyone else at will, too, and will be fooled even worse,” Hill said. On Earth as well, it is true that there are some people who do not like Elizabeth and Will, but everyone is on their own standpoint, and everyone as an audience has God’s perspective.

“Indeed…” Olivia nodded, “Although I understand, I sometimes feel that passion and sincerity should also be paid, even if the cost is even greater.”

“That could kill you,” Captain Rod warned.

“But I lived like that at least once.” Olivia had a twinkle in her eyes, “It’s like when Will finally told me I love you, and then went to save you. He understood it might not work, but he did it anyway. In fact, I think that act gave Elizabeth courage too, which is why she stood directly beside Will in front of her father and Norrington at the end.”

Their way of chatting is very interesting, with “I” for a while, and the name of the character for a while, but everyone can understand each other’s meaning.

After hearing Olivia’s words like this, a faint light flashed in Rod’s eyes, “Yes, you are right.”

“Okay, I believe you have grasped the feeling here, are there any other questions?” Hill said.

“Yeah.” Olivia nodded, she thought for a while, and suddenly said: “How does Jack feel about Elizabeth?” She looked at Rod, “Captain Jack?”

Rod said without hesitation: “I like her very much… Because she is beautiful, intelligent, and able to fight, which is rare.” It seems that he has also thought about this issue.

The two people getting along on an isolated island have not been filmed yet, but they have all read the script. The script says that after a drunken chat, Captain Jack put his arm around Elizabeth, although she said something to resist, she did not push him away.

“This reason sounds a bit sad, it’s too simple.” Olivia said, “Nothing more profound?”

“Those are enough to move a lot of people. I believe that if there is a sequel, if you continue to wander at sea, there will be more pirates who will like you, and they are all excellent pirates.” Rod said, “Only good enough pirates feel they are worthy of you.”

“This is true.” Hill gave an agreeable answer. In the movie, there are indeed many people who got fascinated by Elizabeth, including the Singaporean pirate king Chow Yun Fat who appeared later.

“But it doesn’t matter,” Olivia shook her head, and she said disapprovingly: “I love Will unless…”

“Unless I intervene, right?” Captain Rod gave Olivia a Jack-like smile.

“…But I still love Will,” Olivia said after a moment of hesitation.

Hill was watching them like this from the side, feeling wonderfully amused.

Shooting a movie, getting inside a character’s head, and then knowing that there is a seemingly indistinct ambiguity between that character and another character, and the two are sitting here and discussing. Oh, this feels quite fun.

Hill thought.

“Interesting.” Captain Rod said, playing with the dagger. He has almost completely entered the state of Captain Jack at this moment. “I understand that a pirate is not suitable for marriage. But you can sleep with me and then not be responsible for me. You know I don’t mind, Elizabeth.”

Olivia breathed violently for a few seconds, “…I admit that I like you a bit, but I also quite understand the reason. I have been yearning for pirates since I was a child. You appeared, saved me, and broke my peaceful life, you are very strong, in line with all my imagination of pirates, to some extent you represent my dream, but I also understand that people like you love the sea the most. My love for Will is beyond doubt. I will like you, but I know what I want.”

“Are you trying to convince yourself?” Captain Rod smiled, that kind of cynical smile, “You love Will, I admit, but the reason you say you’ll only like me is this: you don’t think you’re attracted enough to me, do you? I love the sea, so I wouldn’t put loving you first, and your pride wouldn’t allow you to choose a man who didn’t put you first, would it?”

Olivia stood up abruptly, and took the sword over there, and pointed it at Captain Rod: “Shut up, pirate.”

Hill who was happily watching was taken aback, “Wait, you calm down, you are acting in a play, don’t be really angry.”

Olivia was confused for a moment, then reacted, she put down her sword to reveal an embarrassed smile: “Sorry, Captain Rod, I, I was a little too caught up in the play.”

Captain Rod smiled bitterly: “Sorry, I’m a little too caught up in the play too.”

Hill was dying of laughter next to him.

This is really funny hahaha. Include this in the behind-the-scene clips hahaha.

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