Chapter 98.1 – You have dominion over me

“Pirates of the Caribbean” continues to be filmed.

The filming locations of this film are all in the human realm, Josh Kenny, Plague Islands, taverns, casinos… all the scenes that appear in the movie can be found in reality. This will bring some surprises to the audience, and it will also bring some tourists to these places.

Hill also bought a tavern specifically and renamed it the “Pirates of the Caribbean” tavern. This tavern appeared frequently in the movie. This is not for convenience, but for the purpose of keeping the water from flowing out. After the movie, Hill plans to put the wine made by the demon race into the menu, then raise the price as a whole, and advertise in the magazine that this is one of the locations where “Pirates of the Caribbean” was filmed. After that, put a few more posters inside, putting in some figures, cosplayers, and props, it will definitely attract a lot of fans. Hill still believes in the degree of fanfare of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series.

OK, planning is done √

The Swann Residence was borrowed from Baker’s former house in Josh Kenny, and it can be remodeled slightly. Baker hired two servants to do the daily cleaning work, and they also became guest actors.

Negotiations for borrowing in other places were carried out by Leona Bell, one of the five emissaries of the Dark Church. The negotiations went well, and the other party had no reason to refuse, after all, it is a multi-benefit thing. But some people showed a greedy side, Leona didn’t say much, and just changed people and places. Captain Rod thought that the necromancer would use terrifying means to intimidate people to agree. Leona replied: “Changing another one saves more energy obviously. Sometimes I choose force because it is the most effective method, not because I like bloody methods. We are just pursuing the highest efficiency.” Captain Rod listened. Thinking about it, he felt that he had some misunderstandings about the Dark Church before.

When borrowing the venue, Leona didn’t even pay any gold coins, she just used the goods of the Demon Mall and Demon Coins to get everything done. This makes Stingy Hill very comfortable.

The actors have no problem with their acting skills. The worst acting in the lead role is Carl who plays Will Turner, but his level is also above the pass line.

Carl is a clever young man, otherwise, he wouldn’t be selected as an apprentice by the chief mate of the Deathbird. Under normal circumstances, this kind of apprentice means a successor. While being clever, the future chief mate of the Deathbird has a sense of righteousness that is different from other pirates, which is why Hill asked him to play Will. Because even after Will became a pirate, he always felt this way.

Hill actually wondered why the master and disciple felt this way. After shooting, he chatted with the chief mate and learned that the chief mate was once an imperial navy.

So that’s it, this is the source of that righteousness. But that righteousness is not the kind of silly righteousness, but a feeling from the heart. He is a pirate, he plays tricks, but he will not be despicable – this feeling.

Hill didn’t ask carefully about the chief mate’s specific story, he could perceive the sadness that the chief mate had when talking about it. When he first came to this world, he was very interested in the stories of all kinds of people, so he wanted to ask. Gradually, he pieced together an era that was not worthy of praise from the stories of all kinds of people—demons and humans. So, he lost this habit.

If he can make this era better… Occasionally, this thought will pass through his mind. Then Hill laughed at himself. Let’s take care of the demon realm first, it’s too overly ambitious to think so big. As the sayings said, look up at the starry sky and keep your feet on the ground. Empty talk will mislead the country, but hard work will rejuvenate the country.

“Most people in this day and age have a bit of a story,” Hill said. They were walking on the beach, and the sea breeze was blowing on their faces.

In the distance, the cliffs on the coast stand high. They form a pale natural barrier, allowing people to go ashore only from the port on the side.

“Indeed,” said the chief mate, “but what matters is now.”

“It’s a pity you can understand this,” Hill said.

“Pity?” the chief mate asked.

“If you can’t see through it, I’ll use your past to tempt you while I have the chance.” Hill said, “After all, I am a demon.”

“Oh, you must be joking, Grindelwald.” The chief mate laughed, “I don’t have much power.”

Hill laughed back, “I’m a very principled man when it comes to judging things.”


“My principles are look, heart, and feelings.” Hill laughed out loud.

The chief mate also laughed, “You are really a guy who is a hundred times more hateful than a pirate!”

“Don’t say that about your director,” Hill said. “Be careful or I might let you sleep with the pigs in your first scene.”

“You’re kidding again, Grindelwald,” the chief mate said.

“I am not kidding.”

“Then you are a thousand times more hateful than pirates,” the chief mate said.

In fact, Gibbs, played by the chief mate, did sleep in a pigsty when he appeared in the first part of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and Hill did not intend to change this plot. Hahaha.

Hill laughed again. The two returned with a smile like that. Leona stood by the boat and knelt on one knee after seeing Hill, “Your Highness, His Holiness Monroe is here.”

Hill told the people under his hand that his identity in the human realm is the ‘Prince of the Demon Realm’, so he asked everyone to call him His Royal Highness.

“Ah, here he is.” Hill nodded with a smile.

The chief mate next to him was taken aback, His Holiness? What status? The Pope?

After Leona finished speaking, Monroe had appeared from the cabin, and Captain Rod was accompanying him. It seemed that the two were getting along well.

“Monroe.” Hill greeted in a good mood, “You’ve come to visit me~”

“No, I came to see Rod,” Monroe said straightforwardly.

Hill: “…”

Hill: “I will cry because of you, believe it or not.”

“Please stop making trouble, My King,” Monroe said helplessly.

“My King?” Rod repeated.

Leona immediately said, “Monroe has been loyal to His Royal Highness, so he will use this.” She was still quite clever.

The chief mate was shocked, and he automatically filled his brain: The Pope of the Dark Church has pledged allegiance to this prince? It means that there is a high possibility that he will inherit the position of the Demon King in the future!

After thinking about it, Monroe understood what Leona meant, so he added, “Well, he is my King.”

This sentence sounded like an addition to Leona’s remark, but Hill couldn’t help but want to cough a bit after hearing it.

One man’s king, ah~

Because of the special relationship between the Deathbird and the Dark Church, Monroe hoped that the Deathbird would join the Dark Church. Captain Rod, as one of the four great pirate kings, has a great influence in this area, it’s worth being treated carefully by Monroe. In addition, he still needs to go to the Plague Islands to see how the Dark Church branch is going there. In summary, he came to Josh Kenny first.

“This is a matter between the two of you, so I won’t intervene.” Hill once again delegated power very readily, “I’m only responsible for making movies.”

“And My King, the activity funds are running out,” Monroe said.

“Well, I’m also responsible for providing the money.” Hill said, “…how do I feel that I am always miserable with you.”

“But you have dominion over me,” Monroe said.

“Dominance. Well. Okay.”

Monroe temporarily stayed on the set, waiting for them to go to the Plague Islands to shoot and to bring him over with them.

一一reat at

Elizabeth, who had just woken up from her dream, found the pirate gold coin she had obtained from Will. She lowered her eyes and stroked the gold coin. Her eyes looked quite dreamy under the light of the candlestick.

What she is stroking at this time is not a gold coin, but her dream about pirates.

Then she smiled again and squeezed the gold coin tightly. At this time, the gold coin symbolized Will Turner for her, representing the person she likes and her love.

Then she put the gold coin around her neck and looked at herself in the mirror quietly. There was no smile on her face at this moment, she didn’t know what she was thinking. This indicates that this noble girl also has her own thoughts.

The changes in her expression within these few seconds seemed to be outstanding, and all of this was the result of Olivia’s own thinking.

Each night, the main actors would sit together under the lights and discuss the plot, analyzing each other’s personalities and lines, with Hill watching and giving some pointers. Sometimes it’s very windy outside. Hill looks at the misty night outside, and then looks at the people around him who study the movie seriously. He feels that the life of the crew is pretty good.

Olivia’s acting skills are already quite outstanding now. From the scene just now, it can be found that she has already entered this role—or she is already this role.

After this scene, Hill returned the projection stone: “Your acting skills have improved again.”

Previously, Hill only used one or two projection stones to shoot at a time. Now he uses multiple shots each time. There will be many shots to choose from in the final editing and post-production. For him, whether it is shooting or post-production, it is all very hard magic practice. Now that he can master so much magical information mixing and extraction, it is also related to his always making movies, doing anime, and doing post-production.

“Thank you for your affirmation.” Olivia raised the corner of the skirt and saluted, “I learned a lot of new things in Winter City, and gained a new sense of performance.”

“I can see that.” Hill said, “Being on your own makes you grow faster, and true acting skills need life experience to be honed.”

“I must thank Mr. Grindelwald for giving me this opportunity, and I must also thank you, sir, for your constant guidance,” Olivia said.

Hill could see that Olivia was quite sincere.

“You’ve worked hard, and you have a wonderful father.” Hill smiled and didn’t continue the conversation, but instructed to start preparing the next scene.

Olivia is very good, but she can enter Hill’s vision first because she is the daughter of Old Jackson. During the chat with Old Jackson, Hill learned that their father-daughter relationship was average in the past, but the relationship gradually improved, and Hill didn’t mind pushing it.

Olivia was stunned after hearing what Hill said. His Royal Highness Grindelwald was reminding her to care more about her father? Ah, it seems that indeed, if her father was not working with His Highness, many benefits would not have been her turn. She couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed that she was only thinking about the others, but forgot to thank her father.

So, after the filming was over, Olivia went back to Magnolia City for two days and mentioned this to Old Jackson, who was also a bit emotional at the time, “He’s always subverting my imagination of the demons.”

Later on, when Old Jackson mentioned this, Hill replied, “Isn’t it good to help others? Both emotionally and profitably, helping others is good.” He thought of the “Godfather”. In one sentence: “However, I will help others for pleasure, and will not give up my life for others.” “The Godfather”, after the first two parts of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, let’s serialize this.

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Keeping the water from flowing out – not letting others profit from their work

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