Chapter 97.2 – This is the romance and cruelty of pirates

Most of the sea plots in the movie were shot on the sea not far from Josh Kenny, which makes it easier to go back and forth.

After the day of filming, everyone returned to the harbor. The crew did not include accommodation this time, but the main actors are included in the food.

At this time during the New Year, there are lights everywhere in Josh Kenny, and the seaport will be festive for days. Some energetic pirates went to the tavern to brag about their shooting experience.

The Demon Realm Shopping Mall has also been decorated accordingly, which is based on local customs. However, Hill specifically ordered all shopping malls to hang a huge Chinese knot on the wall facing the front entrance. After he gave this order, he forgot about it. Today, he walked into the Demon Realm Shopping Mall with everyone and looked at the festive Chinese knot on the wall. Can’t help feeling a little bit emotional.

He misses home a little bit during the festive season.

“His Royal Highness Grindelwald?” Olivia called out in a small voice.

“Yeah.” Hill recovered. “Let’s go, let’s go to the second floor.”

Participating in the banquet this time are the senior officials of the Deathbird and some demons, plus Olivia. Everyone was seated, and the waiter immediately took turns serving the meal that had been prepared in advance.

Speaking of it, the Demon Realm has already built many animal breeding farms, and they have started cultivating chickens with multiple wings and multiple legs according to Hill’s orders. Hill actually just said it casually. He did not expect them to actually really implement the experiment… this is too demonic. Hill himself felt unable to accept.

Each crew meal has many unavailable dishes that can’t be seen in the demon realm restaurant.

First of all, a variety of fruit wines were put on the table. This time, there is a snow lotus fruit wine. This fruit wine has the effect of beauty and rejuvenation… But most fruit wines have this effect. The snow lotus fruit wine has a refreshing fragrance, clear color, and a sweet and delicious taste, suitable for all ages. Snow lotus fruit wine itself is also a kind of Chinese medicinal material, which has many functions. These fruit wines are basically health wines. Drinking a little every day is good for the body. At present, Hill is promoting fruit wine on a large scale in the Demon Realm.

Then there are various soups, white fungus assorted fruit soup, apple and snow pear soup, milky white barracuda soup… Hill is not interested in trying turtle soup or butter snail soup. Oh, Magnolia continent southerners also have a delicacy called honey locust.

Then there is the sizzling sausage on the grill. This is the kind of volcanic stone roast sausage that Hill loves to eat on Earth. The craftsmanship is quite delicate and the flavor is unique. These grilled sausages are golden in color, steaming hot, dripping with oil on the surface, and the aroma fills the stomach. One bite, the gravy overflows, oily and fragrant, the outside is charred, the inside is firm, tight, and elastic. The taste is at its peak and it is simply wonderful to eat.

Then came golden smoked bacon, sweet and sour pork ribs and quail eggs. There were also some roasted meats, steaks, various poultry, steamed seafood, and some cold fruit juices were added in the middle.

The other big dish is Jiao Mo Chicken.

Hill had eaten Xinjiang’s pepper chicken once before. That day, he had a sudden whim, and when he thought about it, he worked with the fire elemental spirits to make it.

This is a very delicious dish. It’s very spicy and you may lose your tongue in the end, but it is very refreshing. The long aftertaste of the spicy aroma makes people recall every once in a while, and then can’t help but want to eat it again…

It is said that this dish fully embodies the character of ethnic minorities, wild, passionate, unrestrained, and even contains the founding people’s understanding of food. The preparation method of pepper chicken is quite complicated. It requires a lot of spices, which will be marinaded and rubbed well into the entire chicken. The taste is mellow and delicious. It will make your index finger move when you smell it, and it is even more unstoppable when you eat it.

The pirates’ tears came out, but they were still shouting delicious. Hill asked the waiter to put up bottles of cold fruit juice, which effectively alleviated everyone’s dilemma.

Filming movies and eating delicious food is a very happy life.

The time is not too late after eating the perfect meal. After all, there are no singing and dancing performances, and everyone’s stomach capacity is limited, so they couldn’t continue. Olivia was itching not to go back to rest, so she looked at the chief mate of the Deathbird: “Chief mate, how do ordinary pirates celebrate holidays?”

The chief mate replied: “Go to a tavern, a casino, or make a campfire on the shore.”

Olivia was about to move, she looked at Hill: “Mr. Grindelwald, it seems to be quite early…”

Hill naturally saw Olivia’s thoughts, and he himself was very interested in it. “Chief mate, can it be convenient for us to experience the life of pirates?”

“Of course.” The chief mate nodded. “But I suggest that you change your clothes.”

Finally, both Hill and Olivia changed into pirate attire, Olivia made a point of making her face dirty, then braided her hair into a ponytail and coiled it on her head to cover it with a hat. Olivia made a face in the mirror. It is estimated that even her elder brother will not recognize her now. The etiquette teacher will faint with anger when she sees her now, haha.

Then they joined up with Captain Rod, who also changed into ordinary clothes, and the chief mate, who also brought his disciple, Carl who played Will. A few people went to the Pirate Tavern together. A carnival party was being held in the tavern. Everyone sat together holding up their wine glasses and pushed the people next to them to the middle of the show, if they can’t perform then bragging about a story is also okay. When Hill and the others came in, they happened to hear a pirate bragging: “My sword skills sweep across the sea. I once made the noble young lords of Magnolia City amazed. I also used the sword to scare away one of the four pirate kings, Rod!”

Carl laughed out loud.

Everyone laughed too, and many people threw things at him. He was in a good mood, leaned down to pick up a half-eaten apple and took a bite, and said, “Look, I managed to bring everyone together, and that’s a good result! My show is over.”

Hill laughed too, such a cute person.

At this time, some people saw Hill and the group of people who had just entered. Some people toasted and saluted them: “Welcome, new faces, which ship are you from?”

The chief mate glanced at his little apprentice, and Carl immediately stepped forward and deliberately put on a majestic and pretentious posture: “We are the big pirates on the Deathbird!”

“Hahahahaha another braggart!”

“Hahahaha you are even more fake than the one who just talked!”

Carl also just smiled and said nothing. Hill understood that it was the chief mate who made him deliberately disguise his identity.

After this interruption, everyone in the tavern regarded them as little pirates, and no one asked about their identity so they mixed in smoothly. The light in the tavern was very dim, and Olivia was so excited. She kept asking a pirate next to him all kinds of questions. With a complimentary attitude, the pirate said, “You are really dirty,” and then began to explain. Olivia was choked, oh, she was called dirty by a pirate.

Toast to people you don’t know, and say to each other that the Sea God is with you. Although many pirates don’t believe in the Sea God, they still talk about the Sea God.

They sang pirate songs together, and a man who was very out of tune howled a song of the Song of the Dragon, and Hill almost cried when singing it. It was terrible.

The home of the pirates is on a pirate ship, and their destination is in the wind and waves. They stayed in this port for a short time, spent the night with strangers in such festivals, greeted each other, clinked glasses, drank, cursed their bosses, and swap gold coins unscrupulously. There were also quarrels, and they went to a duel on the spot. Some would hold back their hands, some would stab the opponent to death, and some would drag the corpse away. This is a common occurrence for pirates.

Then they continued to drink, got themselves drunk, and went back to the pirate ship with drunken eyes after dawn, and then forgot all those who had spent the night together.

This is the romance and cruelty of pirates.

“How do you feel?” Hill asked.

“As if experiencing another life,” Olivia blinked her eyes, her voice excited: “It’s very interesting, I want to see more scenery!”

“Then go for it, only when you become stronger can you go further.”

Hill said to Olivia, but also to himself.

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