Chapter 97.1 – I won’t hesitate to kill them if the bigger picture warrants it

Filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

In fact, for the sake of convenience, many actors who only appear once or twice just let the demons change their appearance to play again, which is convenient and saves money. Just like when you open Luo Xiaohei’s CV list, you will find that the dubbing is like a tall mountain, one person with 12 characters is also very powerful. When asked why their boss did this? The other party answered honestly: because there is no money. Wahahaha!

If Hill is willing to do it, except for the starring role, he can play all the supporting roles, pedestrians on the road, the carriage driver, the robbers who robbed the protagonist… It’s kinda like a bit of Amon.

Nevertheless, in spite of that ghostly choice, Hill still found a bunch of extras, and deliberately prepared for the filming work in Josh Kenny with a big fanfare.

—This in itself is also a kind of propaganda for the Demon Realm.

Hill believes that after so many extras have come into contact with the demons during filming, they will have a new understanding of the demons. They will spread and brag about their feelings when they get along with the demons.

“The demon race is not terrible at all.”

“It’s really completely different from what the church said.”

“It feels quite similar to the movie, the movie is not deceiving.”

Hill had thought of these words, well, even if they didn’t exactly say them, he decided to refine them a little in “Demon Realm Magazine” and say these words as a group of actors.

Some pirate groups came over these days and said they wanted to take part in the filming. Hill thought about it and requisitioned two ships. So, the three boats he currently have are of different sizes, and he intends to let them “play” and let all the boats that appear in the movie use post-production special effects to process them into different looks. Speaking of the shape of the ship, Hill’s Chūnibyō soul is ready to move again. There are so many handsome pirate ships in the game CG… No, he has to hold back. The effect in the film is quite good.

Before the filming started, he went back to the Demon Realm, the black dwarves were about to get the canned food production line out.

For practical purposes, Hill produces more than just cans. He took into account the needs of pirates and merchant ships, so he produced a large number of large barrels of food: including all kinds of meat and dried fruit. Magic and technology are mixed to solve the vacuum sealing problem, and then a coating is applied to the inside to prevent iron from dissolving into the food, which is OK.

Of course, there are also small hard-covered cans, which taste much better than barrels, and they are for the rich. Hill plans to make instant food packs, or even instant hot pot. Of course, the prices of these may be higher than those in the Demon Realm Restaurant, but this at least brings the enjoyment of food to life on the sea.

Hill asked the black dwarves to quickly produce a batch of barreled food, and he planned to give the three pirate ships a share of rewards after the filming was completed. Of course, this is only one of the rewards, and the remaining rewards, Hill will let them make a choice, choose gold coins or choose the goods of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. The latter is a lot more favorable than the gold coins, and Hill definitely hopes that they will choose the goods. Or else, vouchers and demon coins will do. Hehehe…

Hill’s thoughts are a bit wretched…cough. Let’s take a realistic example. Suppose you have worked for Tencent for a few months, and Tencent will pay you several thousand Q coins. What would you feel in your heart—it’s exactly like this one.


“Pirates of the Caribbean” Act I, the eve of filming.

“Actors, stand in your respective positions, and the group actors, what you usually do on the deck is what you will be doing on the deck now. Just don’t disturb the main actors. But please note that you are acting as a nobleman, not a pirate. Don’t be so wild, wait. Wait, don’t run naked…. It turns out that you usually run naked on the deck. I learned something new today.”

The advantage of directly choosing this kind of group actors is here. Hill does not need to tell each group actor what to do. Their free play is both real and vivid. But in many cases, it is so vivid that it looks like it will be cut by censorship.

“Aligeli, make the fog thicker. It’s not thick enough now. Yes, it’s okay now.”

“Hey fire elemental spirit, don’t get excited, burn later, if you burn now, these wooden boards will burn out.”

“Little actor, just sing, don’t be afraid of going out of tune, it’s okay to go out of tune, you still look innocent and cute… Huh? Don’t want to be innocent and cute, want to be mature? Oh, good little lady, you can do it.”

“Come on, Act One, begin—”

With Hill’s order, everyone took their place and the shooting began.

The projection stone floats steadily in the air. The first shot is the silhouette of the ship in the dense fog, and the childish voice drifting through the fog. There is a mysterious beauty.

The camera gradually zoomed in. The little actor who played the role of the young Elizabeth Swann stood on the bow of the boat in a gorgeous and exquisite noble dress, singing:

“Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.
We pillage plunder, we rifle and loot.
Stand up me hearties, yo ho.
We kidnap and ravage and don’t give a hoot.
Stand up me hearties, yo ho.
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.”

The ship was slowly moving on the foggy sea, and the little girl in aristocratic costume sang the pirate song with an innocent child’s voice on the bow of the ship.

The sound of sea waves and wind passed through her hair, and she sang seriously, her eyes pure. A stark contrast.

The picture is dimly lit, but has a mysterious beauty.

In fact, the entire movie is filled with this kind of beauty with the baroque and rococo dark style.

This scene alone is enough to make people fascinated. Captain Rod, who was watching this scene in the small ship next to him, thought.

“She’s singing a pirate’s song! Singing a pirate’s song in this unusual thick fog will bring us bad luck.”

The shooting continues.

Aligeli over there murmured, “Well…it is indeed an unusually thick fog, because I did it.” It’s kind of fun.

Hill included this exchange in the behind-the-scene clips, well, the first behind-the-scene clips of the movie were born so soon.

On the ship, the argument against the girl’s singing had begun, which made the dream quickly fall into reality.

These lines are very close to their lives and very grounded to the people who wander on the sea. The movies they watched before are too far away from them. It is completely two worlds, so they will think the movies look good, but resonate very little. They will feel moved, but not much will change. Now these lines, this setting, are really shooting the world of pirates… It’s exciting to think about it.

“Bad luck to have a woman on board, too. Even a mini’ture one,” the chief mate, Gibbs, said in an uncomfortable tone as he walked past the nobles, and then took out his own hip flask and poured a sip of wine to vent his uncomfortableness. His expressions and movements are impeccable, and he is almost completely in his true colors, and no one can find the slightest flaw.

Little Elizabeth said with yearning: “I think it would be rather exciting to meet a pirate.”

Listening to such lines, the pirate next to her wanted to laugh a little. Ah, this little girl didn’t know how terrible we were, too naive.

But when he wanted to laugh, there was an inexplicable feeling in his heart. Ah, she was yearning for pirates’ life, yearning for the unrestrained and free life. He was really moved when he thought about it this way.

Then, the gorgeously dressed Captain Norrington smiled when he heard the words of little Elizabeth, the kind of smile that an adult had to a child’s naughty words, he said with a haughty and elegant expression: “Think again, Miss Swann. Vile and dissolute creatures, the lot of them. I intend to see to it that any man who sails under a pirate flag, or wears a pirate brand, gets what he deserves: a short drop and a sudden stop.”

Gibbs there deliberately made a hanged face to little Elizabeth to scare her.

Captain Norrington’s words are the official attitude towards pirates, and they are in contrast to the words of little Elizabeth.

Then after they rescued a young boy floating in the water, they encountered the remains of a burning merchant ship, which Gibbs judged was the work of the pirates.

So far, all the pirates played background characters, only a few minutes, but the overall image of the pirates has been revealed through a pirate song, a few lines, and a burning merchant shipwreck. Captain Rod could not help but sigh with emotion, this narrative ability is really impressive.

In the afternoon, Olivia arrived at Josh Kenny, and she was welcomed by all the actors, many of whom are still her fans. Her character is open and generous, and she doesn’t look down on them because they are pirates. She quickly became friends with some people and often asked them questions about pirates.

For such Olivia, Hill is very satisfied.

The heroine Elizabeth has an obvious process of transformation in the play, from an ordinary rebellious noble lady to one of the pirate kings. In the later period, she became more and more handsome and more domineering. During this period, her growth is obvious to all. Hill hopes that this role can bring enough growth to Olivia.

In addition, there are many handsome women in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and Hill intends to let the demons play them.

However, Old Jackson said that it is not convenient for him to act in a movie. He said at the time: “If I participate in filming, then King Magnolia will definitely be interested.”

“That’s good too,” said Hill. “We’ll bring the King into the boat completely.”

“He’ll make a lot of demands that will upset you,” Old Jackson continued.

Ah, right. Hill then remembered those people on Earth who trashed the movies and TV series by virtue of their status. But when Old Jackson said so, he was really afraid of what he would do to King Magnolia. It seems that the subject’s respect for the king is gone, but the basic camaraderie is still there.

Hill smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, I’m not that petty.” Then he added, “I kill people not because whether the other party makes me unhappy or not.” Even if the other party makes me happy, I won’t hesitate to kill them if the bigger picture warrants it.

His words hide this meaning.

After working together for a long time, it is necessary to give a knock.

Then, Hill found a ghost to play the father of the heroine Elizabeth.

By the way, the heroine Elizabeth’s fiancé, James Norrington, is played by someone from the blood clan. He is loyal to the empire and rarely expresses emotions because he wants to maintain authority. He has always loved Elizabeth deeply and has a broad mind: After his fiancee fell in love with Will Turner, he competed with him, and then elegantly accepted his failure and chose to release them. In the end, he died in order to save Elizabeth, which can be regarded as a brilliant positive role.

The kind of elegant arrogance, coupled with James Norrington’s noble birth, a blood demon is more than good enough to play this role.

The only drawback is that the face value is a bit too high, higher than the pirate Carl who plays the protagonist Will Turner.

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Chūnibyō (中二病) is a Japanese colloquial term typically used to describe early teens who have grandiose delusions, who desperately want to stand out, and who have convinced themselves that they have hidden knowledge or secret powers.

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