Chapter 96.2 – Here comes Captain Jack!

After doing bad things in Magnolia City, Hill set off for Josh Kenny. The Deathbird had been parked in the seaport of Josh Kenny. The pirates of the Deathbird had already shown off that they would make a movie which provoked the envy of other pirates. This is also a good publicity, Hill also specifically supports and encourages this behavior. Upon arriving at Josh Kenny, Hill immediately summoned the black dwarf craftsmen to make some modifications to the Deathbird, making it look more beautiful and more robust to use, and then painted multiple defensive arrays on it. There were a lot of turbulent seas during the filming. In case the Deathbird was really smashed in half, it is estimated that Rod would be crazy.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor interview begins.

From the beginning, Hill planned that except for certain movies, the actors in other movies would be a mix of humans and demons. This is the political correctness of the demon realm. It’s like in Hollywood blockbuster movies, there must be a black man in it, although the black man will often sacrifice for his white brother or become a funny character.

Speaking of it, the black people in this world, the Mortonians, were regarded as demons by some people of the church and were mutilated. At present, Hill has ordered the Dark Church to collect the Mortonians and resettle them.

One day, these Mortonians will come forward at the right time and accuse the world of the Church’s evil deeds.

This is one of Hill’s secret weapons.

For this reason, the forces of the Dark Church must also infiltrate overseas. After all, the aborigines of the Mortonians are overseas.

Captain Jack in the Pirates of the Caribbean is the soul of the movie. This character needs super-high acting skills, the kind of madness, great wisdom and foolishness, and the feeling that he is always out of the situation but suddenly says some wise words. It’s not something that ordinary people can perform. Hill looked into the mirror and turned himself into the appearance of Captain Jack in the movie on Earth, and then looked at Johnny Depp in the phone and tried to imitate him.

…so weird.

…No, the word is too mild, it should be said that he played a good sand sculpture.

Well, Hill looked at the mirror and saw the fake Johnny Depp and thought that ordinary people really couldn’t act. He is still more suitable for the role of the overbearing president who doesn’t say much, he just needs to say “woman, you are playing with fire” with his face paralyzed. Well, he can also play Zhou Zekai from The King’s Avatar. Hill thought happily. All he needs to do is say um, ah, oh. In that case, he can also shoot GV… off-topic.

Then, speaking of Elizabeth, the heroine of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Hill thought of Olivia for the first time. He felt that this role was tailor-made for Olivia. He wanted to simply let Olivia and Old Jackson play the role of Swann father and daughter in them, anyway, according to the plot, Old Swann is also a nobleman.

Hill also considered letting Princess Delia play Elizabeth, but in this case, the other party would definitely want Theodore to play the leading role. Of course, Theodore is not bad, but Hill does not want a person to play the male lead twice in succession. This will give the audience a not-so-good viewing experience.

After Hill and Old Jackson negotiated, he directly asked Olivia to come back for a while. At present, the Demon Realm Shopping Mall in the ice empire of Mulheim is firmly established with food, and Hill has sent Goldnia over there to preside over the situation in Olivia’s absence and to contact Hill by teleportation at any time. Goldnia currently knows a lot about everything, but he is not proficient. He is a brick of socialism, go wherever he is needed.

Interviews with other actors were conducted by Hill with Leona and Captain Rod of the Deathbird.

Hill deliberately mixed the humans and demons in the interview, in order to reduce the fear of the real demons.

If you do this in Magnolia City, most people will probably be scared, but after all, Josh Kenny’s folks are tough, and most of the people who come to interview are pirate villains, so after watching the movie, everyone is full of curiosity about the demons, and that curiosity completely overwhelmed fear.

On the contrary, the demons were seen as a little shy, and a skeleton even came to complain to Hill that some humans were treating him like a woman.

Hill is speechless, you look at the woman in such a state of borderless vision.

Later, when shooting a movie, everyone got acquainted, and some pirates asked too much: For example, ask the skeleton, can I touch your pelvis? The skeletons were terrified, feeling that humans in this session are crazy, how daring to sexually harass the demons? Well, in the world of skeletons, it is probably like a big, thick man suddenly asking you: “Can I touch your butt?” (or even more excessive parts).

Hill was lying on the table and laughed for a long time, and finally included this to the behind-the-scenes footage. So, the humans watching the movie were laughing themselves silly.

Then Hill gave a speech to everyone: We should respect each other’s customs and cultural differences. What would happen to you if a man who was many, many times stronger than you suddenly asked if he could touch your ass?

In fact, it should be fortunate that skeletons don’t have p*nis, otherwise, the other party’s request may be even more excessive. Cough.

Later, this movie’s behind-the-scene footage became famous, and it has become a stalk of communication between humans and demons.


The noisy interview lasted for a long time, and most of the roles were determined. Among them, the first villain Captain Barbosa is a blood ghost who was once a nobleman.

Blood ghost is a kind of ghost, extremely rare, and the way of conversion is also very harsh.

When he was still a human nobleman, he was addicted to dark magic, holding a fragment of the book and researching every day, and finally made a magic circle to kill his servant and himself. Then he went crazy for decades, and finally returned to normal.

After returning to normal, the blood ghost has the style of being a nobleman, but in general it is a bit inconsistent. It fits the feeling of Captain Barbosa.

A few days after the election, the protagonist Will Turner was selected, it was the young apprentice of the Chief Mate of Deathbird, Carl. After hearing that the heroine was Olivia, the daughter of the Duke, and the gentle cousin of “The Evil Monarch”, Carl blushed with joy. Of course, the other pirates were envious of him.

The Chief Mate of Deathbird was very interested in coming over to audition, and Hill gave him an important supporting role. Captain Rod said that he would cooperate fully, but he never thought about acting himself. Hill thought for a while and felt that he was a pirate king at any rate, and he should be very powerful in all aspects. Although he doesn’t know why he looks so lifeless, he still decided to let him try Captain Jack’s character setting.

“Captain Jack Sparrow,” Hill described, “He was the son of the Pirate King. He was half an official at first, and then all of them were dismissed after it was discovered that the officials were smuggling slaves. And then he was officially expelled as a pirate, and his Black Pearl was destroyed. Then Jack found… well… he found a pirate from the demon race and asked the other party to use magic to save his ship, provided that 13 years after he became the Captain, he would go to the other party’s ship and serve on board for 100 years.”

“He is a person who loves his ship very much,” Captain Rod said sincerely.

“Um… then he was betrayed by the chief mate,” Hill said.

Captain Rod looked at his chief mate, who looked at Captain Rod innocently.

Hill wanted to laugh a little, “This is a movie, man, take it easy. His Black Pearl became the chief mate’s ship, then he was exiled on the island by the chief mate, and later escaped. Legend has it that he used two turtles tied together and escaped sitting on the turtle…he has been a little crazy ever since.”

“This person…” Captain Rod thought.

“The desire to survive is very strong,” the chief mate said pointedly.

Captain Rod is a man with almost no desire to survive. Since the revenge was avenged, he has no interest in anything, whether it is power or strength. It’s just that he has to find something for himself, so he has been studying necromantic spells in the captain’s room. The chief mate thinks that Rod’s state is very worrying. He even thought that it would be better if Rod was obsessed with beauty, after all, his sister has been dead for so long… But Rod is not interested in women now. So, the chief mate stuffed the beautiful boy into Rod’s captain’s room, and he was almost thrown into the sea by Rod.

“Later, Jack said that he didn’t actually escape through sea turtles, but it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, because he is so nearly omnipotent in the movie. He is smart, he yearns for freedom, both righteous and evil…” Hill generally described Captain Jack’s image to Captain Rod little by little, and Captain Rod listened very carefully. In the end, Rod said: “I will try hard… This pirate king is almost the opposite of me. Can you give me one night, Prince?”

“Okay.” Hill agreed and gave Captain Rod a copy of Jack Sparrow’s character design.

Rod returned to the ship at night and read the thin pamphlet carefully several times. The chief mate knocked on the door and came in and said, “It’s rare to see you being so caring about other things.”

“Ah.” Rod nodded. “Captain Jack is a very powerful and respectable pirate. He has a great personality and is very approachable. He is a hero and an unpredictable madman. For me, the most important thing is that he has the kind of pride in becoming a pirate in the first place.”

“The pride of pirates…” the chief mate repeated. Maybe the pirates who just set foot on the pirate ship do have passion and pride, but now, most of them are living mechanically, robbing treasures, trading, murdering, and arson. Money was spilled on women and wine… but everyone seemed to have a little more vitality after the appearance of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.

“Yes.” Captain Rod nodded. “I thought of a long time ago, when I was the captain of a merchant ship under the control of the nobles of Fussen, I thought that if I were a pirate, I would sail freely on this sea. Well. Actually, I like the sea. I used to yearn for this feeling, but then I forgot.”

It’s been a long time since the chief mate heard Rod say so many things at once. He was stunned for a long time, “Very good… I’m very happy to hear that you have such thoughts, so are you already sure about this role, My Captain?”

“I was able to endure a lot of pain back then to learn necromancy, and then later, we also fought all the way to reign over this sea – now called the Caribbean, is it? One of the four great pirate kings of the Caribbean. We are invincible… Oh yes, that reminds me of the fight with Musa, when you and the crew threw me to the deck, and then the rest of you hid in the cabin…” Rod said.

The chief mate’s gaze drifted, how could he suddenly start to settle accounts after such a long time… It seems that regaining ideals and passion is not all a good thing. Sweat.

Didn’t he follow the tradition of the Deathbird? When encountering an enemy that cannot be defeated, close the door and release the captain. Anyway, the captain is amazing. Everyone knows that the chief mate is in charge of everything on the Deathbird, and the captain is the strongest fighter…

“The opponent was holding a magic crystal firearm, and only the captain can deal with it,” the chief mate said dryly.

The magic crystal firearm is a kind of magic equipment, which is quite expensive to make, and ordinary people can also use it. Some pirates will equip some on their pirate ships, but most of the time everyone still fights with swords.

“Okay. Let’s not take this as an example,” Captain Rod said, “I am the Captain.”

After hearing this, the chief mate was not unhappy but was very happy. These words signaled that Rod began to have the desire to be in power, “Yes, Captain.”

“Continue with the topic just now—since I have experienced so much, and now, I have the identity of the pirate king, in terms of identity, there are very few people in this area who are qualified to play Captain Jack. I will take this role seriously,” Captain Rod said cautiously.

“Good.” The chief mate nodded. “I’ll wait and see, Captain.”

It’s great, a movie role awakened a person’s love and passion for life.

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The next day, Hill was sitting on the third floor of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall looking at the list of actors, when he heard footsteps. He raised his head and looked at Captain Jack standing staggeringly in front of him, and said, “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? Prince.” He hiccuped after saying that, then said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I was a little rude, but I don’t think His Royal Highness would take that little thing to heart, would he?”

Hill laughed, “No, I’ll remember your rudeness. I’m going to hold your ship until after the movie is made and return it to you.” After a pause, he said, “Captain Jack.”

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Disney executives were initially confused by Depp’s performance, questioning whether the character was drunk or gay. While watching the rushes, Disney CEO Michael Eisner proclaimed Depp was ruining the film. Depp’s response to Disney executives was they could trust him with his choices or let him go. Many industry insiders questioned Depp’s casting, as he was an unconventional actor not known for working within the traditional studio system.

Depp’s performance won acclaim from film critics. Alan Morrison found it “Gloriously over-the-top … In terms of physical precision and verbal delivery, it’s a master-class in comedy acting.” Roger Ebert praised Depp for drawing away from the character as written and found Depp’s performance “original in its every atom. There has never been a pirate, or for that matter a human being, like this in any other movie … his behavior shows a lifetime of rehearsal”. Depp won a Screen Actor’s Guild award for his performance, and was nominated for a Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Actor, the first in his career. — Wikipedia


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