Chapter 96.1 – He is his sun, moon, and stars

Negotiations on the film cooperation between the Demon Realm and the Deathbird are fully handled by Leona, the Dark Church’s emissary.

Whether it’s Leona Bell or Spike Elektra, these two church emissaries are loyal. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed, and Monroe also reported to Hill that he can give these two authority.

Decentralization. Monroe knew that Hill liked decentralization very much. Reasonable decentralization could increase the scope of power of the demons and also make Hill’s ruling efficiency higher.

“Of course, it also makes up for my laziness.”

The sky was quite dark, the icy wind whistling around him, Hill walked in the forest clad in warm, luxurious furs, Irvine was holding a lamp next to him. The flame in the lamp was struggling in the wind, but it did not go out.

The death knight Goldnia said in a deep voice, “My King, you are not lazy, you still manage everything every day.”

“I just made fun of myself.” Hill said, “Did you listen to everything I said?”

“There are some parts that I do not understand,” Goldnia replied.

“It’s normal not to understand, think about it when you have nothing to do.” Hill said, “Ah, here we are. Looks like the Black Dwarf clan did a pretty good job of fixing the railroad.” From time to time, Hill instills some more advanced modern ideas in his subordinates.

Goldnia looked up and saw the steel track that the Lord Demon King called ‘railroad’ stretching far into the distance in the night, seemingly as endless as the darkness of the night. The Lord Demon King said he wanted to spread this kind of railroad all over the demon realm. This is a feat that has never been done by any previous Demon King.

Cultural invasion of the human realm, making the humans be crazy for the demons, use human money to pay the debt of the demon realm, and changing most of the eating habits of the entire demon race… this is something that previous demon kings have never done.

The Demon King changing the Demon Realm is still a normal thing, but now he is also gradually changing the Human Realm.

Goldnia doesn’t know where the end of his Demon King really leads to, how great a cause he will finally achieve, but he knows that he will always follow him.

He is not good at words, and he does not speak fiercely about his loyalty like the dark elf Al. He also does not have the in-depth study of the principle of magic like Ghost Binns, nor can he do the special effects like Lich Aligeli who can call the wind and rain, he is not like the Demon Dragon Gormund who is a good brother of the Demon King himself… But his mentality is very stable now, because the Lord Demon King has not given up on him, and is still teaching him various things. He is listening hard and working hard to study.

Last time, Monroe told him—he has a good relationship with Monroe—”I said to My King that death knights don’t have hearts, but My King said it was because of their hearts that they became death knights. I thought that was a good quote, so I wanted to say it to you as well.” The first thing that came to Goldnia’s mind when he heard these words was that not everyone can have a second life, and that the Death Knight was born initially to take revenge, but beyond that, his whole heart was dedicated to the Lord Demon King, and that was his “heart”.

Goldnia looked at the railroad extending into the distance in the dark, and said in a deep voice, “I understand, My King.”

The sky is densely covered with dark clouds, and there is no star or moon.

Under the sky, Goldnia and Hill inspected along the railroad.

He is his sun, moon, and stars.

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Hill gave Leona the responsibility of communicating with the Deathbird. He didn’t know whether Leona could persuade him. After all, Captain Rod of the Deathbird was one of the four great pirates, and now, the Dark Church’s power is down, and the other party probably won’t agree to cooperate because of interest considerations. Of course, this is also from a certain angle. From another angle, the pirates are inherently an “illegal existence”. They would not be willing to pay attention to them if they fawn on the Church of Light. Therefore, offending the church a little is nothing to them.

Rod quickly agreed to cooperate without hesitation, which made Hill wonder if Leona used some special means to abduct, just like he did to Monroe…Hey.

Rod and his pirates explained that they would participate in the shooting of Pirates of the Caribbean. The pirates didn’t think so much but most of them were very excited. They can make movies with the demons. Don’t know if it will be possible to see the legendary succubus hahaha, and the sirens also, ah~

Another reason is that Leona promised some benefits. Those pirates thought that they could earn gold coins without taking risks to go to sea. Why not?

But then they were in the wind, sun, and rain under the magic of the Lich Aligeli, and they were scared half to death by watching the monstrous waves… Well, how come this is so different from what they imagined! QAQ

Hill didn’t ask too much about the negotiation process, and in the end, Leona showed the result that he could also accept—it can be said that the decentralization went well.

The cooperation matters are temporarily negotiated, and it is agreed to meet at Josh Kenny to discuss details.

After that, Hill did something—under the repeated requests of King Magnolia, Hill sent two succubi over, and then made a request for naming the sea there. Of course, King Magnolia readily agreed. And an announcement was made to change the name of the sea area to the Caribbean Sea.

The ministers didn’t know that they were succubus, and only thought that King Magnolia had two more lovers. In this regard, Hill has seriously advised King Magnolia: You have to hide this matter well, or let the people and the Church know that you colluded with the demons then you may all be finished. Although King Magnolia was unhappy with Hill’s words, he still had some brains, so he concealed it.

The succubi were naturally very happy when they were freed from the bitter sea of breeding livestock. They served King Magnolia very carefully, making King Magnolia even more fascinated.

——By the way, it is a pair of male and female.

Old Jackson didn’t say anything about the succubus. Princess Delia was naturally dissatisfied for a long time. That’s for sure. Could she be happy that her father has two new lovers?

Princess Delia mumbled to Theodore: What happened to His Royal Highness Grindelwald? Isn’t it a disaster to send the succubus?

Theodore didn’t bother Hill with this, but directly said to Princess Delia: “Your father asked many times. I heard His Royal Highness Grindelwald complain about this a long time ago. He felt this behavior is disrespectful to the succubus race.”

Delia froze for a moment, “He is a prince, he has the power to manipulate the people under his hand, right?”

Theodore shook his head: “His Royal Highness Grindelwald’s thoughts are very special. Maybe it’s because we are not the same race. His thoughts are really the same as those in “Natsume’s Book of Friends”. He respects every human and demon. Walking down the street with him this time, an old beggar soiled his shoes and he was not angry. Instead, he spoke to the old beggar gently and gave him a voucher for the Demon Realm Restaurant.”

Delia nodded.

Then Theodore continued: “Your father told His Royal Highness Grindelwald several times about wanting a succubus. If His Royal Highness Grindelwald disagrees, it will affect the relationship between the two parties. This is very bad. As you know, the relationship between our human race and the demon race has finally improved.”

Theodore now has a very high status and has a certain understanding of both sides.

“Actually, His Highness Grindelwald can persuade my father…” Delia said with a frown. Indeed, nowadays, Hill may speak better than any sycophant in the court, such as the newly promoted sycophant Old Jackson (……).

With his most respected Sir Grindelwald on one side and the woman he likes on the other, Theodore was a little torn. In fact, it was enough to change Delia to other men, and just say a few bad things about Hill, but Theodore didn’t want to do that. He thought for a long time before saying: “Delia, I love you, and I respect our King, but there are some things I think you understand. If your father was a wise king who was good at taking advice, many things would not be as they are now.”

Now Theodore is exposed to more and more things, although he loves the princess, he also has his own ideas.

When Delia heard Theodore’s words, she remembered the fact that King Magnolia did not let her go to the Demon Realm before, and his sentence was: You are my daughter and my weakness, what if the demons catch you and threaten me?

Father. She thought at the time. You can just say that I am worried about you. Why do you have to say such selfish words?

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