Chapter 95.2 – A new year is coming

After seeing Old Jackson, Hill went to the Dark Church again. The towns around the Dark Church looked quite shabby. How can this spread the faith? Hill shook his head, planning to finish the matter at hand and start the Black Cross as soon as possible. By the way, Princess Delia can also be granted prestige. Old Jackson is very good, but he has the common problem of nobles: slow.

Hill walked around the township for a while, his clothes were gorgeous compared to the people on this side of town. The poor people looked at him with vacant stares, and a man, who seemed to have eyesight, came up to him with a flattering smile, “This Lord, where are you from, My Lord? Can I be of any service to you?”

“Give me a brief overview of what’s going on here.” Hill tossed a silver coin over and answered only his last question.

The man instantly smiled and talked about the famine here, the land here can’t grow crops for some reason, most of the young and strong men have left this place, and some are reluctant to leave home.

Hill knelt down and inspected the fields over there and found that they were contaminated by magic. The source of the contamination should be their Dark Church. Hill has a little frustration, but at the same time, he was more eager to do charity. The work for food is fine.

Suddenly, a mad woman ran by the river. She cried and screamed, “I didn’t kill him, how could I kill my child? He really died at birth. He was really born dead, fat, too wasteful not to eat, really fat. I did not kill him!” She was talking back and forth, crying and laughing for a while.

Hill frowned.

The man next to her said with a flattering smile: “This woman is crazy now because she ate her newborn baby some time ago. My Lord, I will drive her away.”

“No,” Hill said. “Where’s her man?”

“It was the child of a bandit hooligan who lived nearby,” the other party replied.

“I see.” Hill waved his hand. “You go, I’ll walk by myself.”

“Alright, My Lord!” the man said.

Hill was not interested in asking his name from beginning to end.

When Hill walked alone for a while, when he was about to make his way to the Dark Church, that person showed up with a group of bandits before: “It’s him! Masters! He’s carrying a lot of coins, I heard the coins!”

The leading bandit nodded with satisfaction, “Yes… It looks like a fat sheep indeed.”

The bandit next to him said, “Boss, I want his boots!”

“F*ck you, the boots belong to me!” another said.

The man who had betrayed Hill showed the same flattering smile at the bandit leader: “According to the agreement, I will get five silver coins…”

That bandit leader smashed his mouth, “I hate villains like you the most.” After saying that, he actually cut the man with a knife.

Hill had just been watching all this with cold eyes, and wanted to laugh a little after seeing this scene.

“Looks like you’re not very lucky today, My Lord,” the bandit leader looked rather imposing as he said this.

“It looks like you’re more unlucky than I am today.” Hill shook his head.

In the middle of the bandits, the black mist condensed into the figure of a death knight, and Monroe’s red eyes exuded a terrible light.

He drew his long sword, and the terrible black mist seemed to wrap around it.

The long sword hummed like a greeting of death.

The snowfall became heavier.


Hill came to Monroe mainly to explain to him that he intends to develop church power overseas, but he did not expect to encounter such an episode. It is really dangerous for one or two people to walk outside alone these days, even the caravans of nobles are in danger of being looted. Sometimes the other lords disguise as bandits. So, for the nobles, the safest way to travel is by airship, or stay at home and don’t go out.

After seeing how miserable the surrounding villages were, Hill asked Monroe to pay more attention to the surrounding area.

“I hope that the people in these villages will become Dark God believers.” Hill said, “Let’s also start giving donations, I will send specific materials from the teleportation array. By the way, the donors need to be half humans and half non-humans. Let other people see us live in harmony.”

Monroe nodded, “Forgive me, but I have a question.”

“Go ahead, I can’t block your mouth anyway,” Hill said briskly.

Monroe stared at Hill for a while, and it was not until Hill felt numb that Monroe said, “It wouldn’t be worth the trouble.”

Hill’s first reaction was it was worth the trouble to block Monroe’s mouth. It took him a few seconds before he realized that Monroe said that it would not be worth the trouble to subsidize the surrounding villages.

“Look far ahead, my friend.” Hill said, “Population is the foundation.” On the one hand, he moved his compassion, and on the other hand, he was trying to spread his faith. So, why not kill two birds with one stone?

Monroe thoughtfully.

“Besides, looking at the moment alone, you have lost a lot of things, but you have also gained my heart,” Hill continued.

Monroe: ???

Monroe: “…Okay.”

#The person who swore allegiance to me seems to be a blockhead what to do#

“And I think you want to save them too, don’t you?” Hill continued to ask.

Monroe did not hesitate and said frankly: “During my tenure as the Dark Pope, if someone walks into the Dark Church for help, I will accept them. I want to save everyone, but compared to them, your thoughts are more important. So, I didn’t make any claims, but waited for your order.”

Hill likes Monroe like this, he has his own thinking and judgment, and he is also obedient enough.

“Next time, you must not have too much scruples. I said I will satisfy your various wishes, including the desire to be a good person and do good deeds. This is your right,” Hill said.

“What if I were to do bad things?”

“There is no clear boundary between good and bad, but I know I indulge you,” Hill smiled.

“…I know that,” Monroe said, his eyes were dark at the moment.

“Okay, it’s time to send money to King Magnolia, and then persuade him to rename the sea on the side of Josh Kenny to the Caribbean Sea. It’s time to make a new movie,” Hill said and stretched a lazy back, without much image.

Previously, those movies were completely from different eras. Hill intends to move the background of “Pirates of the Caribbean” to this world, and most of the names of places were adopted from this world to increase the sense of immersion.

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The Plague Islands is a paradise for pirates. More than two hundred years ago, this is a rich and beautiful island that has been isolated from the world. Later, people from the Magnolia Continent came here. They were pleasantly surprised to find that there is a wealth of magic crystal minerals here. You can imagine what happened next…

Many of the aborigines here became sl*ves. The germs brought by foreigners infected the aborigines here. They apparently lacked resistance to these germs, so they died one after another. Their bodies were not treated in time. In addition, the magicians of Magnolia Continent abused magic to mine magic crystals. Damage to the environment, coupled with cross-infection of germs to form a new virus… A terrible plague began here.

The plague lasted for many years before it stopped, because most people died. But it was useless here, because the magic crystals had been mined, so the Empire and the Church of Light abandoned it.

Over time, it has become a paradise for pirates and lawbreakers. Very few of the aboriginal people here are still alive, but almost everyone of them has undergone mutations and possesses mysterious powers. Their power system is different from that of Magnolia people, and is closer to the kind of witchcraft. Rumors said that they can use the power of the plague, so the pirates are unwilling to provoke them.

Although the Demon Realm Shopping Mall was only opened in Magnolia City and Josh Kenny, they were the two largest cities in the Magnolia Empire, so it was only natural to circulate them. At present, other cities in the Magnolia Continent also have some copies of the first two volumes of “Demon Realm Magazine” and “A Song of Ice and Fire”, and the projection stones of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” have also flowed out a little.

The pirates often do some trade with the aboriginal people of the Plague Islands. They will exchange some daily necessities, clothes, and the like on the mainland for some herbs and poisons, or curse scrolls. Later, after the Demon Realm Shopping Mall appeared, some of the things in the mall also entered the scope of trading, but not many, because the things in the mall itself were very expensive.

The villain merchant Jacob took the ship of the female pirate Sarah to the Plague Islands. He was also accompanied by a few of his “friends”, who were in fact members of the Dark Church. Jacob once again cursed the terrible sailing life, if it were not for the temptation of money, he would not want to set foot on the ship.

The pirates also complained about the food and the storm, but at least they didn’t complain about everything, because there were fallen angels music and Natsume accompanying them. Captain Sarah is so kind, long live Captain Sarah, they thought. Many pirate ships do not have such benefits, and they know it.

When Jacob and Sarah walked on the land of the Plague Islands, Sarah also complained: “After eating the food in the Demon Realm Restaurant for more than a month, the food here is even more difficult to swallow.” In fact, there is another uncomfortable thing. Before she went to sea, she didn’t recharge enough demon coins, which caused the card plot to get stuck now… and now there is no signal, the Love and Demons updates are not available.

Jacob sighed: “It is indeed unbearable.”

“But it’s good to have something to eat.” It doesn’t matter whether the food has been gnawed by rats, crawled by crawlers, whether there are molds, whether there are eggs… In many cases for the pirates, it is good enough to have food.

No matter how rich they are, there is no way. This humid and warm environment is completely unsuitable for food preservation.

In fact, some magicians in the pirate groups have been trying to maintain the ice cubes, but soon, they ran out of mana.

They know that they can put iron nails into the apple for one night, then pull out the nails and eat the apples so that they can replenish the iron. But the long sailing life will spoil the vegetables. When Hill heard this, he laughed and joked with the pirates he knew: “You can lick the captain’s cat’s fur. The cat relies on this to supplement calcium.”

Everyone: ???

“I used to feel that pirate life was very romantic,” Jacob said.

“What about now?” the female pirate Sarah asked.

“It’s hard to say.” Jacob said, “I think there are other ways, but many have many problems, such as your terrible food.”

“If someone invents food that can be preserved for a long time, he will become the god of pirates,” Sarah said sincerely.

“I think so too.” Jacob nodded his head.

Demon Realm.

The first batch of cans was successfully produced with the efforts of the Black Dwarf Clan and the Scientific Research Department.

The next step is to design and manufacture assembly line machines for mass production.

Mulheim, the Empire of Ice.

The Demon Realm Shopping Mall restaurants are full to the point of needing to queue up, and along with it, a lot of merchandise on the first floor was sold out.

“The Evil Monarch” is being promoted and will be released soon.

Magnolia Empire.

The Necromancer Leona, the five emissaries of the Dark Church, recommended the Deathbird Pirates to Hill. She said that she had a history with the captain of the Deathbird.

So Hill sent Leona to talk to Captain Rod to film “Pirates of the Caribbean” together.

Plague Islands.

Jacob recruited some locals and started to build the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.

The people of the Dark Church began to build churches there, preparing to spread their faith.

Everything was changing.

Everything was moving forward.

Hill walked out of the Blackrock Tower, there was a heavy snowfall outside.

He opened his arms to embrace the demon world in the snow with a smile of admiration, as if it was a gorgeous coronation.

Monroe stood beside him, watching him quietly.

“Very beautiful snow, isn’t it?” Hill smiled and looked at Monroe.

“Happy New Year, Monroe.”

“Happy New Year, Hill.”

A new year is coming.

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