Chapter 95.1 – His figure had scattered into drifting snowflakes

Now, the entire continent of Magnolia has entered a complete deep winter. You can see the snow-capped peaks of Magnolia City. The snow-capped mountains seem to glow on sunny days. Some northerners believe that the Ice God lives in the glowing snow-capped mountains.

“The white storm comes from your pupils

Your pride shines like a snow-capped mountain under the clear sky

Your words are the melancholy ramblings of the moonlight

You dwell in the luminous snowy mountains

Turning our dreams cold

You are the god of eternal cold


It is sung in the ballads of those northerners.

Farther north is almost to Mülheim, where the evergreen forests are a deep dark green close to black, and the rivers are silver at this time of year, with some already frozen, and the riverbeds will dry up come spring.

For the poor, the cold brings two benefits. One is that they can store food longer, but unfortunately, they don’t have much food; the second is to give them a reason to die, which becomes a luxury when they are poor and have to bear family responsibilities.

In the Jackson family residence, the fireplace burns almost all day and night, keeping the house at a comfortable temperature, and there are three servants dedicated to this task.

In the shopping mall, Hill has installed the heating in advance. —Oh yes, heating. The principle of the radiator couldn’t be simpler, just pour hot water into the radiator and turn it into a water cycle. The shopping mall uses the Earth’s modern decor, Hill has no plans to get a fireplace.

At this moment, the temperature in the Jackson mansion is making people not want to do anything. When Hill came in, he took off the luxurious cloak with dark green embroidered gold patterns and gave it to the servant. He was wearing ring armor and dark green clothes inside, and the back is a dark cloak, like a wild knight in the outside world.

Joan Baker, dressed in a loose purple robe over a black undershirt, followed Hill.

Old Jackson looked up and down Hill’s attire without being rude: “Good day, Baron Baker, and His Royal Highness Grindelwald, you can always give people a refreshing feeling.”

“Good day, Duke Jackson,” Hill said, “you always wear the same clothes and speak the same lines, just like an NPC.”

“In a sense, I can also become an NPC who is only loyal to the empire and does not have other thoughts.” Old Jackson smiled slightly, “The servant has already prepared hot tea, please come in.”

Such pleasantries were more than enough.

After entering the inner room, Hill said directly: “At present, Olivia is progressing smoothly in Mulheim Winter City. I didn’t expect, such expensive food, there are still so many people who eat it. You, humans, are really rich.”

Old Jackson complained in his heart. Isn’t this because you set the price so high? But of course, on the surface, he still wore the noble expression of a duke, “Money is used to spend, they think it is valuable.”

“Yes.” Hill nodded. “With this awareness, you are better than most people. For example, Baker.”

Next to him, Beck put down his cup of black tea, “Just compliment people, don’t step on me.”

“Stepping on people is a strong compliment,” Hill said.

Joan Baker, “…Yes.” Whatever makes you happy.

Then the three discussed the expansion of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall in the Magnolia Empire, and Hill said his plans for the next movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“What role does the demon race play in the movie?” Joan Baker asked.

“There are no important roles, mainly about pirates, uh, and some respectable nobles,” Hill said.

“I feel offended,” Joan Baker said.

“I’m talking about morally upright nobles,” Hill said.

“Just like me,” Joan Baker said.

Hill: “…Well, you make a good point. But those nobles mainly want to round up the pirates for their own benefit, so that’s why, well.” Hill said, “In fact, the demons only have a shadow inside. It mainly talks about pirates, adventures, passion, friendship, and so on.”

Old Jackson nodded, “If that’s the case, this movie is suitable for release in the Ice Empire Mulheim.”

“Yes.” Hill nodded. “On the other hand, I can use this movie to win over pirates… I think I need to contact the pirates and choose a suitable pirate group to be actors.”

Joan Baker: “Are you asking Jacob to contact?”

“No need for now,” Hill said.

Joan Baker was sensible enough not to press the issue further, he was clear about his position.

Hill actually didn’t plan to discuss with them about the movie, only to inform. After finishing the topic again, he said: “Joan, please go to Theodore’s and give him my regards personally.”

Joan Baker raised his eyebrows, “Okay.”

After he left, Old Jackson said, “I know you have something to say to me alone, but this falsehood you made about Baker was uncharacteristic.”

“The less level-headed the falsehood, the less anyone will poke holes in it,” Hill said.

“That’s true,” Old Jackson said.

“For example, you are so handsome, Duke Jackson,” Hill continued.

Old Jackson stared at him imaginarily: “His Royal Highness Grindelwald, are you talking to us today mainly to test the endurance of your partners?”

“No.” Hill said sincerely. “Please forgive me if I have offended you, I don’t know why my mouth is itching today.”

“I suggest that we talk about business before I get angry.” Old Jackson said, “although I feel like you have always been like this.”

“I think your suggestion makes sense.” Hill said, and then he started talking about the business: “At present, the restaurant is going well on Olivia’s side, and the merchandise is selling well, but it doesn’t meet my expectations.”

“It’s because there is no movie.” Old Jackson hit the nail on the head, and then he said: “But it’s still strange to get news of my daughter from you every time.”

“Because the teleportation formation is in the Demon Realm,” Hill said, and then he said enthusiastically, “Or you can also live in the Demon Realm, so that you can communicate with your daughter anytime and anywhere. And you see, the term Duke of Darkness is so much cooler.”

“…Stop making this kind of jokes, Your Royal Highness Grindelwald.” Old Jackson shook his head, he was too helpless.

“I’m not kidding,” Hill said.

“There are generally two kinds of people who can say such things, one is joking, and the other is being stupid.” Old Jackson said, “Which do you choose, Your Highness?”

“I choose I’m not human,” Hill said.

“…Alright.” The old Duke laughed helplessly. His Royal Highness Grindelwald is really funny.

“The best way you can keep a secret is to make it public, because no one will believe it.” Hill also laughed, “For example, I am a human, do you believe it?”

Old Jackson looked at him with dull eyes, “Your Highness Grindelwald, humans would not dare climb you.”

“Hahaha okay, then continue to talk about business. When do you think is the best time to show the movie?” Hill asked.

“I feel like now is about right.” Old Jackson said, “Can the movie be modified for construction?”

“Um, yes,” Hill said.

“I suggest you play “The Evil Monarch” and the pirate movie you want to make first.” Old Jackson said, “Then play “Daughter of the Sea”, and in the promotion, say that “Daughter of the Sea” is a traditional story of the demons.”

Hill nodded. He understood what Old Jackson meant, first use the three parts here to grab the audience’s hearts. The content of these three is relatively not very sensitive.

“Sensitive fragments of other movies are cut down as much as possible,” Old Jackson continued.

Hill wanted to laugh a little, okay, for the trial, let’s put the abridged version, which is a bit familiar: “So, is there a way to infiltrate the Mülheim royal family?”

Old Jackson was stunned and then said helplessly: “I’m just a duke of another country… Your expectations of me are too high…”

“Because you are a very powerful man,” Hill said, “so I have unlimited expectations of you.”

Hill’s words are quite sincere.

This made Old Jackson stunned for the second time… Is he a very powerful person? Is that how the prince of the demon race describes him?

There was still a sense of sadness in Old Jackson’s heart, and he nodded, “Let me think about it, I think there is always a way.”

“Alright.” Hill nodded. “Then, I’ll go and work on making a movie these days. Also, don’t forget about charity.”

“Good,” Old Jackson said.

When Hill left, there was a little snow drifting outside. He took the umbrella from Jackson’s servant, shook it and opened it, and then walked into the long and blizzard street alone under the umbrella. Old Jackson looked at his figure from the second floor, and then saw him turning around and lifting his hat to Old Jackson. When Old Jackson was about to respond to him, he found his figure had scattered into drifting snowflakes.

…Did he leave with magic? Old Jackson thought.

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