Chapter 94 – Food and new movies.

The Northern Ice Empire. Winter City.

Mulheim is different from the Magnolia Empire in many aspects, such as how it treats merchants. Mulheim believed that merchants running around would increase unrest, so merchants would pay high taxes when transporting goods back and forth. In addition, merchants’ business taxes were also very high, which resulted in fewer merchants in Mulheim and much poorer than the merchants of the Magnolia Empire.

But merchants must always exist. After making a lot of money from merchants, the royal family of Mülheim was more protective of them. For example, if a merchant is in trouble, he can bring his money to the royal family, who will generally help.

Recently, Defoni, a timber merchant in Winter City, has recently encountered some troubles. A group of ice wolves has arrived in the coniferous forest north of Winter City. This made the loggers very scared and they refused to work. Defoni first turned to the mercenaries, who sacrificed two men and then ran away, and came back to beat him up. Then Defoni hesitated for a while in asking for help from the King or from the church, and finally chose the church. The church took less money than the king.

The priest in charge of such things is called Ivan. This is an acquaintance of Olivia. In fact, Defoni is quite familiar with him, and their businessmen inevitably deal with this kind of people.

Defoni plans to invite Ivan to dinner at a well-known local Josh Kenny restaurant and talk about things by the way.

Winter City is not far from the sea. As one of the largest port cities in the Magnolia Continent, Josh Kenny has more business contacts with Winter City than Magnolia City. So, it is understandable that there is a Josh Kenny restaurant here. As everyone knows, the food in Mulheim, the Empire of Ice, is really terrible.

But Priest Ivan said: “The Demon Realm Shopping Mall seems to be open today, go eat there.”

Demon Realm Shopping Mall? The timber merchant Defoni was lost. He has been rushing about his own affairs recently, and the Demon Realm Shopping Mall was built during this period, so he didn’t know. “What is the Demon Realm?”

“It’s another name for the lower realm.” Priest Ivan simply explained: “The demons are operating behind it.”

“Oh.” Timber merchant Defoni thought he understood.

Defoni’s younger sister is working as a maid for the lord of the court, so he also knows some things about war. His sister came back and said to him that the master muttered alone in the house that the power of humans was not great at all. It was the angels of the church who had defeated the demons, not humans at all.

Moreover, in order to promote the glory, the contents of the treaties on both sides were announced, so everyone knew that the demons could come to the human world to do business.

Since the priest Ivan chose the Demon Realm Shopping Mall especially, it means that Ivan can get a rebate for spending here, right?

He hopes he doesn’t get pitted too badly… Defoni thought.

With such thoughts in mind, they came to the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. Defoni was attracted by the dazzling array of products on the first floor where several noble ladies were looking carefully. But today there are other tasks, so Defoni suppressed his curiosity and went to the restaurant on the second floor with Priest Ivan.

After he saw the menu, he was almost petrified.

This, this, this is a bit too expensive, right?

A glass of juice is one gold coin, isn’t this robbery? And this bottle of wine actually costs 20 gold coins? Do they want his gold coins or his life?

When Priest Ivan picked up the menu, he was surprised by the price above. Then he said, “You can order whatever.” He didn’t expect the food in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall to be so expensive, but after thinking about those delicious foods, it’s worth the price. However, he also knew that he had better not go too far, after all, these merchants are not easy, and exploitation is enough. After all, the wool comes from the sheep.

After seeing Ivan’s expression, Defoni cursed in his heart that this guy pretended to look like this. This restaurant is definitely the property of the church. Let others come here to invite them to eat to make money, otherwise, how could it be so expensive? Maybe there are two more menus!

Timber merchant Defoni felt his flesh hurts, but for his own business, he still called the waiter over and asked the waiter to make a recommendation.

The waiter was a servant who came with Olivia. He was very clever. He knew what was going on when he saw Defoni’s painful expression. So, he said, “Honored guests, the seafood set for 2 people is recommended today, and there happens to be a discount.”

The prices of most commodities in different Demon Realm Shopping Mall are the same, only the food is different. The food in Mülheim is much more expensive than in Magnolia City, on the one hand, because of the freight, and on the other hand, because the food in Mülheim is too unpalatable, so Hill deliberately set this up.

At the same time, in order to attract customers, the restaurant launches a special dish every day. Of course, even the special price is more expensive than Magnolia City. Hill believed that after the people in Mülheim had tasted the delicious food, they would never want to eat the old dishes anymore.

The waiter first served the appetizing blackberry wine. When he poured the wine, a strong fruity aroma accompanied by a light wine scent penetrated into Defoni’s nose. Defoni couldn’t help but move his nose. This smell is not bad.

Blackberry is a kind of raspberry, also called dewberry. It is extremely difficult to preserve. Almost no one in Mülheim has tasted this fruit. The taste of blackberry wine is more delicate and soft than wine, and its nutritional value is also higher. All in all, it’s delicious and nutritious.

Defoni picked up the glass. The blackberry wine in the glass showed a translucent purple-red color. When it was shaken, small bubbles would appear. It smelled quite mellow and looked very attractive. The scent of blackberries is cool and refreshing, reminding Defoni when he was standing in a strawberry farm when he went to the south. It was summer, the sun was warm, and the breeze brought the fragrance of strawberries, making him feel all relaxed.

Take another sip, the fruity aroma of blackberry and the aroma of wine are mixed together, sweet and sour, really appetizing.

It took a long time for Defoni to slow down, which was beyond his expectation.

This appetizer wine is really good, don’t know how the dinner is… He wants to see what the meal that cost him so many gold coins tastes like.

The next thing that came up was not seafood, but soup dumplings as a snack. There were only two per person.

After eating a lot of western food, Hill began to miss the pure Chinese food. Hill developed soup dumplings. He thought soup dumplings were easy to make, but it turns out that Chinese food is more difficult than he thought. The first soup dumplings made him expressionless, and then he began to conduct careful research, from time to time. He carefully paid attention to the techniques, from flour to fillings to soups.

At present, the wheat grown in the Demon Realm has been harvested. Perhaps the soil in the Demon Realm is special, and the quality of the wheat grown is very good. It reminded Hill of some farming protagonists who transmigrated with the spiritual spring plug-in. That kind of wheat flour has the sweetness of wheat, and it is delicious simply steamed into ordinary steamed buns. As for the steamers of soup dumplings, they are all woven from fresh bamboo in the dark elf forest. They are verdant and let the skin of steamed soup dumplings have a little bamboo fragrance.

This time the soup dumplings are filled with mushrooms and minced meat in a soup dumpling. The skin of the dumpling is thin and transparent, but it still has this toughness. It is difficult for ordinary chefs to master the skill of rolling the skin. Hill will micro-manage the magic elements. The technique was applied to the dough, and finally, a satisfactory finished product was made.

The fire elemental spirit chefs were stimulated and worked hard to learn the soup dumplings for a long time, so the appetizer snacks for the set meal at that time were all soup dumplings…because the chefs are itchy and want to make them.

As for the heat of dumplings…this is what the chefs are best at, so there is no need to say more.

At this moment, Defoni looked at the small steamed dumplings in the plate placed in front of him, and couldn’t help swallowing.

By the way, knives and forks are mainly used here. Some people use chopsticks in coastal areas and overseas islands, but most people in the Magnolia continent still don’t know how to use them. So, Hill provided spoons a little larger than normal in the restaurant. Otherwise, let them eat soup dumplings with a knife and fork?

The waiter reminded him when he served the soup dumplings, drink the soup first, and be careful of being scalded.

Defoni was about to eat while chatting, but now he changed his mind and decided to take a bite first and then talk.

With this thought in mind, he carefully picked up the soup dumpling with a spoon, then took a small bite, and then his eyes widened.

What a delicious thing!

The aroma of that rich soup contained multiple flavors: the aroma of shiitake mushrooms, the aroma of meat, and the aroma of the skin itself… What’s more, the aroma has spread and begun to challenge Defoni’s endurance. Defoni remembered the waiter’s reminder, so he took a sip, and then the rich and delicious soup encroached on all his thoughts. This is too delicious, right? Sure enough, it is something that has something to do with the demons!

Then Defoni dipped a little vinegar according to the waiter’s reminder, and put the remaining dumpling in his mouth. The thin but chewy skin, the stuffing of shiitake mushrooms, and the slightly sour vinegar enhanced its flavor… Defoni’s mouth was full of juice, and he couldn’t help showing a rather happy expression.

After he finished eating one, he looked at the priest Ivan on the opposite side, and then he shook his heart.

Everyone had two dumplings, and Ivan had finished eating those two, and was currently watching the dumplings in front of Defoni.

No—you greedy priest! You can take my money! But you can’t take my soup dumpling! Defoni roared in his heart. Then he called the waiter and asked: “Will there be more snacks of this kind?”

The waiter shook his head: “Sorry, sir, the soup dumpling has not been officially added to the menu yet.”

“Can you ask the chef?” Defoni said, “I can pay double the price.”

“I’m afraid the master chef won’t agree…” said the waiter, “I’ll ask for you.”

After a while, the waiter came out, “Sorry, sir.”

Defoni was almost grief-stricken. He reluctantly pushed the remaining dumpling beside him to Priest Ivan who hadn’t moved, and said as calmly as possible: “That, Lord Ivan, please have it…”

At the same time, his heart was bleeding. You greedy priest, you will get retribution.

Ivan tried his best to restrain his expression of joy, and he said reservedly: “Thank you for your generosity, merchant. I remember, you came to ask for help to drive away the ice wolves, right?”

The negotiations seemed to go smoothly, but Defoni did not feel much joy…

It wasn’t until the seafood dinner came up that his bleak mood improved.

After the meal, Ivan took Defoni to the church to formalize the deal. Defoni had to pay for the knights’ military expenses and supplies, in addition to preaching in the church at the next great service how the church had helped him selflessly and generously.

No selfless generosity, you robbed me of a dumpling!

Although Defoni knew in his heart that this condition was already very favorable. After all, the church did not charge him any extra money. It was logically passed, but emotionally, he couldn’t help but think of a dumpling he lost that day.

Defoni felt that a demon had taken residence in his heart, but he welcomed it.

Hmm… Today’s special meal is a grilled fish set meal for one person. Let’s go over and eat it in the evening…

For now, it seems that the decision to use food as a stepping stone to the Empire of Ice is very correct.

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When the noble ladies of the Magnolia Empire were indulging in the thrill of raising wild men, Hill began to ponder a new movie.

Although he had been doing all kinds of things and pushing things out all the time, a movie must be released every few months, this was the rule that Hill gave himself.

Ah new movie ah, since they are going to expand overseas markets, it really is—

A fight in the stormy sea

Mysterious treasure map and compass covered with dust

The scent of rum mixed with the smell of gunpowder

This is a civilized and barbaric world

This is a world of betrayal and killing, but also of passionate men

This is a world where rudeness and elegance coexist

There are swords and magic, but also artillery and poison.

Behold, the terrible skull banner is flying in the wind

—Welcome to the world of Pirates of the Caribbean.

But… should he change the name in the other world, “Pirates of Josh Kenny”? “Pirates of Magnolia”?

It sounds a little cheap, is it an illusion… How about negotiating with King Magnolia and naming the ocean over there the Caribbean Sea?

For the sake of making a film, let’s do it…

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