Chapter 93 – The game is in progress

“Love and Demons”.

There are many reasons why this game has become popular, such as character settings, plots, game modes… plus the fact that there has never been a popular romance game in the country, so it’s only right to be popular.

In the background of “Love and Demons”, the demons and the humans have put aside their grudges and live together very comfortably. People of various races can be seen walking around on the streets and alleys at any time. The Magnolia City in the game is not the same as in reality. The game’s Magnolia City plays on Hill’s chuunibyou soul, becoming more grand, more epic, more like the game’s CG. When each race meets, the first sentence is often: praise Magnolia, not praise the God of Light or anything.

The Magnolia City in the game has the grandeur of the city gates being wide open for all parties to come.

This is deliberate on Hill’s part.

Hill has always believed that the two tragedies of human beings are related to ambition and strength. One is that your ambition does not match your strength, such as Magnolia; the other is that your ability/potential is too strong, but your ambition is too low, such as Monroe. These two people are very important to Hill, so Hill said to Monroe, I can give you everything you want, you deserve to be under one person and above all others. What Hill did to King Magnolia fueled his ambitions, making it difficult for him to recognize himself, and swelling his ambitions to the point where he had to rely on the demons or even inseparable from the demons.

Hill currently has two political directions, one is to treat the Magnolia Empire, and the other is to set his sights on the islands outside the Magnolia continent. The Dark Church is currently unable to spread the faith in the Magnolia Empire, so he set his sights overseas.

Hill intends to let the Dark Church do charity when the productivity of the Demon Realm is further improved. Well, set up an organization called the Black Cross. The name is good. Use culture to infect the nobles with relatively high levels of education, and use practical assistance to infect the uneducated civilians. The church does not care about commoners at present, later, Hill will be able to build a revolutionary road to encircle the city from the countryside and seize power by arms… cough.

In Love and Demons, the heroine played by the player is the person in charge of the next bankrupt entertainment company in the Demon Realm Industry.

At present, everyone has a basic concept of the entertainment industry. This game allows everyone to run an entertainment company personally. On the one hand, it is also advertising for Hill himself. Hill intends to use the power of the entertainment industry in the game to launch a batch of his idol singers.

Teen idol groups that can arouse the love of older women. It’s a good-looking European and American boy group, a rock group that spreads the idea of freedom, peace and protection of the environment by the way, plus a model that mimics South Korea’s boy group and girl group. Some… Hill thinks that in the future, he can directly organize a variety show singing competition, so that these groups can directly become famous by participating in the competition.

Compared to some noble girls, Mrs. Helen is quite calm.

Just after getting the game’s magic crystal at the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, she and others watched the promotional video on the magic phone of an aristocratic lady next to her. She admitted that the promo was wonderful, but it wasn’t to the point of making a noble lady jump up in place – and in public, right? The noble ladies of today really don’t have the manners of their generation. She thought.

She thought so at the time, and then she couldn’t help but speed up.

…Hurry home and play a game.

Wait, this walking speed doesn’t seem to be in line with the aristocratic etiquette… Uh, she seems to understand the noble ladies a little bit?

This won’t work, this won’t work.

Mrs. Helen, a noble lady of noble status, thought this way.

She patiently suppressed her speed, but at the same time, she felt scratchy. She felt that the last time she had been put to this test was when she was a teenager undergoing etiquette training.

This is really… Helen Lestat twitched the corners of her mouth, and the next second after she got into the carriage, she took out her magic phone to start the game.

Can’t bear it anymore. No one can see it in the carriage anyway.

She deceived herself, or thought so with self-deception.

—This kind of situation happened to many noble ladies.

And Eri Dale first re-appreciated the promotional video, and then entered the game.

Enter a name? She directly entered Eri, her real name.

Then the appearance, clothes and other settings… This made the somewhat perfectionist Ms. Eri hesitate. It took her about an hour to adjust the image in the game. She even considered the combination of hair color, eye color, and clothes, and finally got her satisfactory result.

Then later, after Hill came out with a game where you can mold your face, Ms. Eri’s initial setting time increased exponentially.

In the end, it was the warm dress-up game that cured her obsessive-compulsive disorder – she spent five whole days on the first map: in search of the ideal match she had in mind. She was so excited to show off her magic phone to the crowd at tea time, only to find that the others had already gone through several maps.

So, Ms. Eri was struck by lightning, and she changed her habit ever since.

—Of course, this is something that will happen later.

Here, Eri finally completed the initial settings and entered the main game of the game.

The beginning of the story is that the company left by her father is on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to save her company, she plans to find the Lord Demon King.

Then there were divergent choices:

1. Don’t go to the Demon King.

2. Go to the Demon King.

Generally speaking, she must choose to find the Demon King, but after saving her progress, Eri curiously clicked “Don’t Go to the Demon King”.

“Eri did not go to the Demon King, so the company went bankrupt, and the creditors came to collect the debts, so Eri began her days of hiding.

In the end, she became a beggar and suffered a miserable life. “

The next CG picture that appeared on the screen showed her squatting in the corner shivering, and Zhou Qiluo, the fire elemental spirit, kindly threw a silver coin to her.

Eri: “Pfft.”

This is too sad… Okay, okay, I’ll go find the Demon King, okay?

This type of text romance game should be the best that Japan has done on Earth. Many of Japan’s classic romance games are quite exciting in both plot and internal game construction, with each option pointing to a different ending, and a large game can have dozens of endings. Hill intends to make a reference.

And what does the original romance game setting say… simple and crude to say, it is to make money. If it makes money, the plot can continue, and the targets can continue to be launched. The quality will definitely fluctuate, but if it can make money, just stick to it… Hill doesn’t plan to do that, he intends to draw a conclusion to this game. To make money is to make money, but the quality of the game should also be taken into consideration. After all, Hill wants to promote “demon realm products are the best”.

Finally, according to the choice of the heroine, it is determined that the final hero, HE, BE, no CP, or the dead body in the street (?), Hill has drafted more than a dozen endings.

Because some options will lead to different plot lines, Hill set up a storage function. The storage function is free once a day, and any more than that will consume demon coins.

Some branch options of the previous plot will not have much impact on the main plot. Of course, there are also some innocuous jokes, such as the heroine becoming a beggar. That option is a pit at first sight, you can click in and play if you are interested.

In the later stage, for example, if you want to achieve a No-CP ending, you can choose to make trouble with everyone and piss them off, but this may also lead to a NP ending and everyone blackening… Well, Hill set up three NP endings. One is that after the collective blackening, the heroine was imprisoned, and then cough cough; the second ending is not blackened. The heroine likes everyone and everyone also likes the heroine. It is difficult for everyone to give up, so simply just… what… live together happily; the third one is hidden, the heroine later became a queen. These people accompany the heroine. Although they didn’t say it clearly, they all had some ambiguous little actions.

In addition, there is a more subtle ending, that is, the heroine deliberately deeply hurts all of them, and all of them no longer believe in women, so they collectively blackened, followed by a rather inhumane and terrible abuse drama with the heroine. However, this ending is difficult to achieve. Normal players basically have no probability to achieve it, unless you follow the strategy, so there is no need to worry about mistaken entry.

As for the time to put the strategy, Hill intends to set it long after the game is over.

In short, Hill has put a lot of effort into this game.

The initial stage is still relatively similar to Earth’s otome game, and the middle and later stages are purely original.

That’s why it took Hill so long to make it.

In the game.

Anna: “You actually went to the Blackrock Tower? Did you see the Demon King himself?”

Eri: “No, his guards defeated me… We are now only allowed to do the last installment of “Discovering a Miracle”…”

Anna: “Fortunately you did not see the Demon King today, if you saw him today, it is estimated that by the time you come out, there will be nothing left of our company, and you are also estimated to have nothing left. I heard that the Demon King is super scary, and he still eats people!”

Eri: “If the company can be kept, what does it matter if I am eaten…”

After seeing this sentence, Eri couldn’t help but wonder… what kind of eat? This is totally okay. The girl sells her body to a man in order to maintain the company… This setting ah… Eri is already giddy enough to want to write a novel about it.

—This is the beginning of the birth of the later famous female author of desire.

Later, she wrote phenomenal works such as “The Overbearing Duke Is Too Enchanting”, “The Spoiled Wife of a Billionaire Merchant”, “The Handsome Demon King Loves Gently” and other phenomenal works… She established a new genre. “The Demon King Falls in Love with Me” is regarded as an unsurpassable classic. They often pay tribute in the book. For example, some classic lines “woman, you are playing with fire”, “are you satisfied with what you see?”, and etc. Although Hill wanted to dig a hole in the ground after seeing the titles of those novels.

“Madame Dale, there is a meeting between you and Marquis Pouda in the afternoon,” the servant knocked on the door and said.

Eri stared at the magic phone and said without looking up: “Not going.”

The servant was stunned for a moment, “Didn’t you say last time that Marquis Pouda would be an ideal marriage partner?” Eri has been a widow for many years and currently plans to remarry.

“Not marrying.” Eri continued to lower her head to play with her magic phone: “What’s the point of marrying someone, I’m in a relationship with four men here.”

Servant: ???

The servant left confused.

Eri was struck by lightning after she clicked the next step, she lost her stamina! Ah… you can buy stamina with demon coins! Wow, this is good, fortunately, I recharged a lot of demon coins before, buy, buy, buy!

In other noble residences, many noble ladies drove their carriages to the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, preparing to buy demon coins…

Many noble women cancelled afternoon tea on this day and played games at home.

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No-CP – no couple/partner

NP – Numerous Partner

CP – couple

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