Chapter 92 – What are you waiting for? Play!

“My King, why are there death knights and no dark elves, ah? Let me tell you, dark elves are also very good…”

“Look, the dark elves can kill people, sell cute, and make jewelry. How suitable is it to be a male lead, right?”

“Using the vocabulary in the magazine, our clan can be salty or sweet. So why choose a death knight?”

Early in the morning, the dark elf Albrecht began to buzz around Hill. The specific reason is that he saw the first promotional video of “Love and Demons” last night.

Hill’s head was spinning.

Goldnia, who was next to him, was also overwhelmed by the noise, “Silence is golden, my friend.”

“Silence is golden? Forget it, I don’t want gold, then I will continue…” Albrecht said, “And the death knight’s body is rotten, the essence is similar to a mummy? Excuse me, Goldnia, but does your clan have that organ?”

Goldnia took a deep breath and smiled slyly: “Do you believe that this seat will stab you to death?”

“I believe. I can’t beat you head-on.” Albrecht said honestly, and after a second, he spoke again with a serious voice, “But if I have to die like this, I will choose My King.”

Hill wants to cover his face, Al, don’t do this, you really… just enough, ah.

Monroe over there said lightly: “In your dreams.”

Albrecht coughed wildly, and then he said, “Well, I can’t beat you head-on, you have big fists, you have the final say.”

Hill smirked a few times next to him, “So, is… Al telling the truth?”

The two death knights looked at Hill silently at the same time.

“My King,” called out with an expressionless face.

“Hill,” Monroe said with an emotionless smile.

Hill had to be serious, “Well…pretend I didn’t ask.”

This topic reminded Hill of a terrible news before, saying that the 44-year-old American Museum security guard slept with a 2500-year-old mummy… At that time, Hill was almost scared to death when he watched it. Damn, big brother, you are really a warrior. Although the world is full of strange things, but this really surprised him. The world is too big, right?

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Ghost Binns and his research department continued to study the typewriter, and Hill started making the Magical Girl Madoka. Speaking of this “Magical Girl Madoka”, a friend once recommended this anime to him, saying that it is healing. Hill remembered the name incorrectly and entered ‘Magical Girl’s Love’ by mistake, and then he opened the door to a new world… Cough, let’s not mention this for now.

Now that the Demon Realm is going to develop overseas markets, Hill plans to invest more in this area.

Pirates… the next movie is determined, let’s take the pirate theme.

What movie to make in the future, Hill already had plans in his heart. On the one hand, he will continue to copy the movies on Earth, and on the other hand, he can make some semi-original works. Hill thought it would be good to create something similar to the Marvel Universe. For example, take a picture of the Captain of the Paladin, the Spider-Man who gained the power of the spider after being bitten by the spider in the demon realm, accidentally falling into the demon realm and mixing with the black dwarves, learning engineering technology to become an imperial nobleman, a merchant who created a battle armor, the Guardians of the Galaxy can be directly changed to pirate… Basically, the plot has to be rewritten but retains its inner spirit. In the end, the demons and humans joined forces to fight the aliens.

The concept of aliens is a clever one, and all the races on this planet can be united together justifiably.

In fact, since ancient times, human beings have never stopped imagining aliens, so this concept proposed by Hill is also acceptable to the public.

That’s it for the cultural aspect of the plan, next is the physical aspect.

Hill knew that the life of pirates during this period was simply like a nightmare. In the era of great voyages, there was a saying that only the truly brave could go to sea. The daily life of those pirates is actually very nightmarish. The cabin is very humid, which is unavoidable. Because of the long-term impact of seawater moisture, it is easy for people to contract typhoid fever. There are also foods that are prone to spoilage, no vegetables, scurvy, and various diseases caused by bacteria brought by rats…

What Hill was thinking about was canned food.

Canned food was invented on Earth in 1805, and the direct cause was war. Many inventions on Earth are born out of war, and war is routinely followed by a period of technological explosion. Initially, it was Napoleon who wanted to solve the problem of food during the war between the South and the North, so the French government used a huge prize to solicit methods. So, many people began to research under the lure of the prize money, and the results were so researched.

Hill used to think that the cans on the market were vacuum packed or preservatives added – because the advertisements said so. But after studying for a long time with his mobile phone, he discovered that the advertisements were indeed advertisements, just as he advertised to the human world how good the demon realm is. Most canned foods are strictly sterilized + destroy the activity of food enzymes, and they do not need to be vacuumed.

After starting the research, Hill was dizzy. It is best to use different temperature conditions for sterilization according to the acidity of the food, otherwise, it may be overcooked…. Finally, Hill made a decision: as long as the storage time is long, the taste is secondary. Overcooking is overdoing it.

So, he scribbled down the main points of the can on the paper, and said, “Irvine.”

The flames in the fireplace soared, and Irvine stepped out of the flames, “My King.”

“Bring this to the scientific research department, and let the scientific research department send someone to study this thing with the black dwarves. After the research is done, have the black dwarves manufacture the corresponding instruments and equipment for assembly line production,” Hill said.

“Yes, My King,” Irvine said, but Irvine didn’t move.

“What’s the matter?” Hill asked.

Irvine hesitated, “My King hasn’t chatted with me for a long time.”

Hill smiled, he beckoned to let Irvine come over, and then touched his head, “I have been too busy lately. Let’s go out and open up wasteland together another day.”

“Okay!” Irvine immediately became happy and got into the fireplace with the paper.

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As for Magnolia City, many people also bought demon coins under the influence of the two, Eri Dale and Mrs. Helen.

The game “Love and Demons”, along with the second promotional video, was officially launched in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.

Because the game itself is relatively cheap, most people who own magic phones plan to buy Love and Demons. The specific installation method of the game is to insert the purchased magic crystal containing the game Love and Demons into one of the jacks of the magic phone. You need to install it when playing, and you can pull it out if you don’t want to play.

Hill currently has not studied the technology of directly installing games in magic phones, and has no plans for this for the time being. He plans to use other magic crystals as the carrier to release other games in the future. If you want to play multiple games at the same time, just unplug the magic crystal after playing this and replace it with the magic crystal of another game. This model is a bit like the TV game consoles that have been eliminated on Earth.

After purchasing the game, follow the instructions to install the magic crystal of Love and Demons on the magic phone, and then a line of words first appeared on the phone screen:

Found “Love and Demons”, do you want to open it?

It is natural to choose ‘yes’.

Then, there was a second promotional video.

Compared to the first promo’s subjective direction, the second promo is undoubtedly more rhythmic and more exciting.

Novels, movies, and other things are fine to insert knives, but Hill thinks that this kind of game with a strong sense of substitution should forget about it, small abuse is happy, big abuse hurt. So, when he made the promotional film, he didn’t highlight those aspects, but downplayed it.

The promo, it’s started—

Rhythmic background music, sonorous drumbeat.

All kinds of CG pictures that flashed past, kisses, hugs, wall slams, close-ups…

The black background is filled with fog, and the lightning condensed font is full of strength:

Fate and bonds, trust and betrayal, conspiracy and truth.

These words composed of lightning and light shattered into thousands of lights and shadows in a very short time.

—The world is turned upside down.

After a beautiful golden red flame lingered in the air, Zhou Qiluo’s body formed. His lower body was immersed in a sea of ​​fire, but his upper body was handsome and charming:

“My destiny is to like you.”

He always seems so sunny and happy.

—This is the desire of the depraved.

The death knight, Bai Qi, was sitting on the wasteland in white, with a campfire burning next to him, but his face was still cold and indifferent. The knight’s sword was beside him, reflecting the cold light.

“No one except you will do.”

This image has a strong flavor of darkness, and with the superb face of Bai Qi, it makes people’s hearts flutter.

—Also attracts desire and ambition.

In the gloomy and dark basement, the Lich, Xu Mo, covered half of his face with his hands and stared at the camera with cold and eerie eyes:

“I am insatiable and want all of you.”

The blood-colored light can be seen between his fingers, alarmingly bizarre, but if that paranoia is caused by themselves… so heartwarming ah.

—Creation or destruction.

Demon King Li Zeyan sat high on the throne. He raised his jaw and looked arrogant.

“Everything you have can only belong to me.”

The moment his words fell, the strong wind blew, and all the curtains in the hall danced wildly. What a magnificent and domineering picture.

—How will you choose?

In the last scene, under the bleak bloody moon of the Demon Realm, standing in the front is the Demon King, his black cloak flying in the wind, quite awe-inspiring. Sitting next to him was the death knight with his long sword inserted into the ground. His hands with white iron gloves were folded on the hilt of the sword. Standing on the other side was the Lich. He turned his head and looked at the camera. His expression was gentle, so gentle to the point of terrifying. Next to the Lich is the Fire Elemental Elf. He is not as happy as in the previous promo. He looks like a melancholy prince in the moonlight.

The light of the blood moon became stronger and stronger, and finally twisted into the title:

“Love and Demons”.

This, this… is too fascinating, right?!

What are you waiting for? Play!

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