Chapter 91 – Believe in me

“—My King.”

Hill’s figure emerged from the darkness. Compared with Monroe’s current papal costume, Hill’s clothes were more simple. He just walked out of the darkness casually, but his figure was outstanding and he had a certain aura. “You found out I’m here a long time ago.” He said with a small smile on his lips.

“It was discovered during the trial of the third man.” Monroe replied, “Your breath fluctuated at that time.”

Moonlight shone in from the stained glass, the original silver was dyed into red, green, and blue spots, spilling in large, messy chunks onto the floor, as if scattered with colorful gems.

The pope, holding a magnificent scepter, fell to his knees in this pile of gems.

But he seems to be the most dazzling jewel of the Dark God.

The candles burned quietly, the hall had a wind blowing through it, the candle flame swayed, his shadow swayed, and the shadows in his cold gray eyes swayed.

Hill looked at Monroe, and did not let him get up, but said with a bit of teasing: “Oh, maybe I thought you were handsome at that time, so I had unstable breath.”

“You really can joke,” Monroe said.

“Why are you suddenly acting so respectful? Didn’t we get along well before?” Hill walked up to Monroe, his slender figure cast on Monroe, and the shadow covered Monroe’s face.

At the same time, the dark clouds outside blocked the moonlight, and it seemed that it was about to rain.

“It’s also ‘good’ to get along respectfully now,” Monroe said.

“The mouth is really hard.” Hill raised his eyebrows, “I really want to kiss you forcibly and try to see if your mouth is really that hard.”

“… Lord Demon King.” These words were too terrifying, and Monroe seemed a bit unable to hold it.

Hill continued with that careless smile, then he looked down and observed him for a moment, and then said something even more terrible than that: “Your heart has given birth to other thoughts, Monroe.”

Monroe raised his head and looked at Hill silently for a few seconds. Hill noticed that his eyes had changed from dark to scarlet. Monroe lowered his head again before the scarlet reached its extreme: “I am a death knight, I am someone who has no heart.”

“You became a death knight because of your heart,” Hill said.

The first drop of rain outside fell, the wind was even stronger, and the candle went out.

The whole church was suddenly immersed in darkness.

There is no candlelight.

There is no moonlight.

Only the faint red light emitted from the eyes of the two demons was extremely clear at this moment.

The huge painted dome rested on the complex interlocking main and inter-rib. Under the bloody and terrifying painted dome, Hill was dressed in a simple black robe, but the terrifying aura emanating from him at the moment was no less than that from the bloody painting of magic and witchcraft above his head.

“Well, I won’t blame you, I always have extra patience for you.” He said in a melodious tone: “Then, please give me a little report on your attitude. What are you confused about? I want to hear, you tell me, it’s that simple.”

“…Yes, I am indeed at a loss,” Monroe said.

“I’m not clear.” Hill said. “There are many things you should do, right?”

“Indeed, there are many, infiltrating the church, taking revenge on some people, there are many… but at the same time, I am well aware that hatred is not enough to sustain my life.”

“So that’s it, I destroyed your faith and failed to give you another one, so you were fine at first, but after a while you got a little confused.”


Outside, the rain became heavier, and the sound of it rose sharply, clattering as it tilted down from the dark sky and hit the stained glass.

But the church was as stable as a mountain in the storm.

Hill once realized that the person in front of him and he were completely people from two worlds.


“Then believe in me.”

Hill said.

His words echoed in the boundless darkness, and seemed unreal in the sound of the storm.

But this sentence is extremely heavy.


“I said, since you must have a faith, then believe in me,” Hill repeated.

“But you…”

“I am the Demon King, I am the man who is closest to God in the world. If you’re going to look for God in the mortal world – not on the church side of course, outside of the church, it’s me, right?” Hill took a step forward and he placed his hand on Monroe’s shoulder, his blood red eyes looking into his, “I like the way you bow your head for me, but I don’t like the way you keep it down.”

“Hill,” the other party called his name again.

“You are a glorious paladin, you have participated in wars and raised many subordinates, you deserve more glory, but they didn’t give it to you, so you left – don’t deny it. Although it is true that I played a trick, but I couldn’t have gotten you if you didn’t want to come over yourself. “

“Yes.” Monroe replied calmly: “I found that I yearn for the relaxed atmosphere here. I yearn for people of insight to hire me. I really despised such a demon king at first…”

“……” Hey.

“But then I found out that true power lies not in appearance, but in the heart.” Monroe continued, “I acknowledge your words, and I will not deny them.”

“Very well.”

Hill nodded slightly, and the sound of rain tore through the silent darkness, making everything irritable. His unhurried voice formed a sharp contrast with this, and highlighted his own temperament.

“Now in the Demon Realm, you have a great power that even Goldnia acknowledges. You strategize and start to infiltrate the Church of Light with your former colleagues as a starting point, you are parachuted in but still easily hold the scepter firmly in your hands. You are excellent and handle everything in order – except you yourself. You deserve to be in a position of honor and to have everything you desire.”

His language is very elegant, as if a troubadour is chanting poetry, but his aura is quite amazing, as if a god is giving judgment to mortals.

“I will give you everything you want.

—Including faith. “

Hill raised his voice abruptly, his voice was as loud and shocking as thunder:

“Believe in me, Monroe.”

Then he continued, his voice was as sharp as rain, but every word was very clear:

“Since you do not know what you are seeking, take my words as the highest pursuit; since everything in front of you is illusion, let the world be false, and only I am real; since you do not know what to believe in, believe in me. Whatever I say is the truth, and whatever I tell you to do is an oracle, and if I tell you to die, you die too.

Come, give me all your foolish loyalty, and I will make good use of you. “

He looked down at Monroe after he said these words, and he saw Monroe’s red eyes as if they were burning with ancient stars.

Monroe raised his head and looked directly at Hill with his piercing eyes.

“…Okay,” he said.

Hill leaned down and kissed Monroe’s forehead.

At the same time, lightning split the sky, and the whole church was illuminated in snowy white.

He leaned down and kissed his forehead as if the action was frozen there.

But the lightning disappeared in the next second, and darkness returned.

“Call my name,” Hill said.

“…Hill.” Monroe’s subsequent voice was drowned in the sound of rolling thunder.

The rain was loud, but at the moment, Monroe’s heart was boundlessly silent.

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