Chapter 90 – Hahaha

The launch of “Love and Demons” is underway, the virtual currency is currently not progressing very smoothly. Everyone has received free demon coins, and few people pay for new ones. Hill thought about it, and asked Joan Baker to contact Eri Dale and Mrs. Helen and let them handle it. The appeal of these two socialites can encourage many people to buy it.

Apart from other things, the requirement that demon coins can be exchanged for physical gold coins at any time should be enough to make many people put their guard down. In this big place like Demon Realm Shopping Mall, monks can’t run away from the temple.

With these two shots, I think it will be much better next.

All the projection stone DVDs for the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” have been produced. Hill asked the Lich Aligeli to organize a Lich Processing Factory, which specializes in the production of high-tech…er…goods with relatively high magical technology. As for the low-magic or non-magic goods, they are naturally produced by the black dwarves.

Now, the major races of the Demon Realm are performing their duties in an orderly manner.

The train engine research is going well, and the railway has begun to be laid. With the railway, the efficiency of material transportation will be greatly improved.

The second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” has been broadcasted. The DVD projection stone will be officially released tomorrow. Three days after the release, the second PV commercial of “Love and Demons” will be released, and the game will be officially launched the next day. The game itself collects 1 gold coin symbolically, and that 1 gold coin is automatically converted into 1 demon coin and stored in the game. After you are formally addicted to the game, everyone will know the importance of krypton gold.

The tentacle-monster painter handed in the manuscript of “Magical Girl Madoka” yesterday, and Hill has never had time to read it. Today, he read it roughly and it seems pretty good.

The plot of the demon realm version is roughly the same as that of the Earth version, but some warm plots have been added in the early stage, and some get along scenes with junior and senior sisters. The specific warm plot is from other magical girl animations copied by Hill.

Because the great success of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” is based on the fairytale-like images established by other magical girl anime before, but Hill has no plans to shoot those magical girl movies at the moment—he is searching in his head, after a while, he didn’t find a suitable one for both men and women. So just let “Magical Girl Madoka” lay the foundation for themselves in the early stage. Hill believes that the classics can overcome many obstacles.

Let’s start making manga anime tomorrow… Now, he doesn’t want to move.

After doing all of this, Hill was paralyzed again on the bed and didn’t want to get up. He was really too busy, not to mention, the long serials in the Demon Realm Magazine had to be copied word by word from the phone. Twice a month, his writing hand is sore.

This has to be solved…

Hill looked at the ceiling for a while, then rolled on the bed and found the phone, started searching typewriter in Baidu, and then summoned Ghost Binns and his deputy head of scientific research, Cecil, a scholarly lich.

“I want you to make a device. I have given it a name, typewriter,” Hill said straightforwardly.

Ghost Binns has become accustomed to the behavior of his own demon king who named the thing beforehand without even making the thing yet, and the name was extremely simple.

“My King, please say,” Ghost Binns said.

“The main function of this device is typing, which is similar to the part of the principle of the photocopier we made before.” Hill said, and then he snapped his fingers, and a piece of demon realm paper flew out of the flames, and Hill caught it. I drew a simple sketch directly on it with a pen: “You can study the details yourself. First, there are all the letters and common punctuation marks on this part of the keyboard. Then when I press these keys, the corresponding letters will appear on the paper. Every time a letter appears, the input tool will automatically move to the side, you decide how to do it yourself, and then I can enter the next letter or punctuation. All the details are decided by yourselves, and you can ask me if you don’t understand. I just want the results.”

On Earth, the typewriter was invented in 1808, Hill just studied it on Baidu and felt that it is not very difficult to do it now. The appearance of typewriters on Earth has changed the office model and greatly saved human capital. But fortunately, the other world uses Latin alphabet. If it were Chinese characters, Hill would be blinded.

Ghost Binns has become accustomed to the way the demon king arranges tasks, but the Deputy Head Lich Cecil next to him is quite surprised. If he is a beautiful woman, and if this is a male yy article, Cecil will probably have beautiful sparkly eyes, ‘I did not expect him to be so powerful, my heart feels softened a bit…’ Well, it sounds terrible, but it’s roughly what it means.

He also learned from the Ghost Binns that Lord Demon King is a very powerful person, and the Scientific Research Department has created a lot of unprecedented things. Lich Cecil thought this was Lord Demon King proposing a general direction, and then the Scientific Research Department itself researched it. But now he discovered that Lord Demon King had even proposed the entire framework. He couldn’t help but said: “My King, you are so amazing. You are so amazing as if you came from another world.”

“Pfft…” As a result, Hill sprayed directly.

Binns had sprayed water on his face.

Binns looked at Hill expressionlessly, and then felt that it was disrespectful to look at Lord Demon King like that, so he looked at Lich Cecil expressionlessly again.

Cecil was at a loss, horrified, and trembling, “My King, I’m sorry, did I make any mistakes? Please don’t punish me—”

Hill was really choked. He looked at Cecil from the left to the right. He couldn’t see what was special about him. Finally, he shook his head, “Binns, your men are really not good at complimenting people…” he said, and after that, Hill remembered how his Five Great Elders praised him strangely. What ‘My King, your despicable underhanded means let me admire very much.’ “Forget it, you guys are not good in this area.” Hill shook his head, “It’s okay. Go down and do something.”

Cecil couldn’t help but said, “My King, can I ask one more question?”

“Say,” Hill said.

“How did you come up with such a great thing?” Cecil asked.

“That’s because I am the Demon King, you are not.” Hill said flatly, “Take care of your own mouth, I don’t like this kind of question. Is it because I am too close to the people that caused you to speak unscrupulously?”

Cecil was bewildered, terrified, and trembling.

Ghost Binns coughed slightly: “Sorry, My King, he didn’t mean it that way, but he was born to owe a beating like this. I can cut his tongue if you want.”

Hill: “…”

Hill just thought about establishing his majesty, but Binns came to say this, this, this is a bit…

“His tongue will grow out again in about three days,” Binns said regretfully.

“…Cough. It sounds like you tried,” Hill said.

Binns became expressionless again, “He told me I wasn’t acting like a man when I cried, so I cut his tongue, and three days later, his tongue grew back.”

Hill: “…pfft cough, cough, cough.”

“I finally know why Lich Aligeli was willing to give me such an outstanding talent,” Ghost Binns continued to say without expression.

“Okay.” Hill said, since it can grow out: “Will it grow out if it’s cut elsewhere?” He politely dropped his gaze.

Ghost Binns’ eyes lit up, “I understand.”

Cecil was stunned, scared, and trembling: “I was wrong, I will try to keep my mouth shut!”

Regardless of whether it can grow out or not, it is a terrifying experience.

—This is too demonic black humor.

Laziness promotes productivity. Hill thought while lying on the bed. He looks forward to making a typewriter as soon as possible. Before, he thought there was still time to copy novels. It was very interesting to copy so many times a month, but now, he doesn’t have much interest in this.

Speaking of which, since the demon at the level of Lich Cecil can grow body organs, as a demon king, he can grow too. … wait, what is the use of this, ah? Castrate himself and mix into the palace as a eunuch for a period of time to experience life? Wait a minute, it’s too messy…

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The Northern Ice Empire, Mülheim.

Olivia’s Demon Realm Shopping Mall has been largely completed, and the interior decoration is currently underway.

Old Jackson’s intention was that different shopping malls would be better to adapt to the styles of different regions with different renovations. But Hill rejected it. He said to let all the shopping malls exactly the same, from the shape to the layout inside, of course, according to regional economic development differences, the price of goods to be adjusted.

“In this way, the Demon Realm Shopping Mall in any city will become one of the local landmarks.”

The main store attracts the flow of people and drives multiple individual businesses, while other stores themselves can feed back the main store. Hill uses the development model of super malls on Earth, and even the layout is based on the experience of those people. If they rashly change the layout to cater to the local decoration style, the results will certainly not be as good as before.

After all, Hill has studied the layout, decoration, and even the placement of each bench.

“Moreover, people who go out will find that no matter where they are, they will feel familiar or even feel at home when they come to the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.” Hill continued, “Of course, I plan to welcome merchants in the future, as long as their products can pass our review and are good enough, we will help put their products in every shopping mall.” This is also a philosophy of Wanda (shopping mall in China).

Old Jackson nodded: “So that’s it…”

The cinema on the third floor of Mülheim is currently empty, it is not a good time to show movies on this city. But the restaurant on the second floor and the shop on the first floor can be opened.

At that time, Olivia lived in Winterburg and oversaw the construction of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. She bought a small villa near the mall and drew a teleportation array in the basement.

So that the two sides can get in touch, Olivia waited for Hill’s instructions and was very excited.

As a result, I did not expect that the first sentence that Hill would pass from the Demon Realm Paper was: “Have you reported to the church?”

Olivia: Huh?!

Aren’t we secretly doing bad things to make a fortune? Why should we report?

Are you that good, Your Highness… Olivia was startled by Hill’s words.

After Olivia passed on his doubts, Hill quickly replied: We are now operating legally, so let’s report.

At present, movies with relatively big problems will not be released for the time being, and the previous magazines released have also excluded parts that have caused church fluctuations, so it is generally safer. The unsafe parts are currently covered up with money and other things.

And, Hill thought, I’m like a murderer who takes it upon himself to report a crime, which can lead to misguided thinking.

“Oh yes,” Hill wrote on the paper: “Remember to invite the priests who are in charge of the docking to eat, and by the way, give them the first two volumes of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, and give them 100 gold coins, tell them that the Lord Demon King is very embarrassed. He wants to develop business well, so please be considerate.” After he finished writing, he threw the paper into the teleportation array. After a few minutes, the demon realm paper appeared, followed by a line of Olivia: Okay, Your Royal Highness Grindelwald. But is it appropriate for you to poke fun at your father like this?

Hill rolled his eyes, appropriate, very appropriate. My father doesn’t mind at all, really.

Olivia first went to the church to report, then left a few sets of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, and then hosted a banquet for a few priests two days later.

Hill asked Olivia to invite people from the church to eat a meal every few days. The dishes for each meal were different, and the dishes were less each time. Then he told them “The next meal is better than this one.” As for the reason, Hill told Olivia the general plot of One Thousand and One Nights, saying that a king, because the queen had made him green, kept marrying a virgin every day, and then killing and changing to another one after dawn. In order to save the girls, the prime minister’s daughter voluntarily went to be a bride and told stories to the king. At dawn, she used the skills of a later online writer to come up with a wonderful story. Then the king wanted to hear the following story and let her live. And thinking about killing after the next day, but the next day is still wonderful, so the king fell in love with her after a thousand and one nights, so the two lived happily together.

Olivia also understood what Hill meant, which was to replace the story with food, so that he would come day by day.

Speaking of “One Thousand and One Nights”, also known as “Arabian Nights”, the original is actually very terrifying. If some parts of Andersen’s fairy tale Grimm’s fairy tale are lighter, One Thousand and One Nights is from the beginning to the end. Let’s talk about the story itself.

In the beginning, it was actually a pair of king brothers. Their queens cheated on them with their black sl*ves. The younger brother’s queen cheated on one. The older brother’s queen cheated with black sl*ves. After that, the two green-haired brothers desperately wandered around, and then they ran into a woman who asked the brothers to sleep with her, or she will let the demon kill them.

The brothers had no choice but to follow suit. In the end, the woman asked them to give her a ring, saying that anyone who had slept with her would give her a ring. Now she has more than 500 rings. Then the woman made a ‘free and unrestrained’ remark: “As long as a woman wants to sleep with a man, nothing can stop her.” The two brothers were disheartened by the collapse of their views in life and gave up on themselves. By the way, the elder brother is the one who married one and killed one.

And the stories that the prime minister’s daughter told the king were all in this style, full of this type of absurdity, it seemed that people had nothing to pursue except the desire for sex.

Overall, the book is quite scary and not at all suitable for children.

Of course, Hill remembered that the children’s version he watched when he was a child wrote that the queen and the black sl*ves were singing and dancing, and the king hacked them to death because he was too jealous. He was still at a loss, why is this king so jealous?

Forget it, he still chooses Andersen’s green…


Now, the livestock industry in the Demon Realm is developing well. Chickens, ducks, and geese reproduce quickly, and large livestock have tauren druids and succubuses, so the breeding is also very smooth. Hill asked them to expand the scale by themselves. The bigger the scale, the better, to supply the Demon Realm Restaurant and the entire Demon Realm. If there is more, they can also be used for charity.

The main dish of this meal is braised pork rice. The plump white-spotted wild boar is used. First, chop the pork belly and stir-fry in the pot. Watching the slices of meat gradually ooze bright oil… This process is simply enjoyable. The fire element spirits thought so, and this was the main reason why their clan followed Hill.

Fry the pork slices until the surface is browned, then remove them, then fry the garlic and onions into yellow with fat, add bay leaves, rock sugar, aniseed and soy sauce, and dark soy sauce to make a soup, put the freshly prepared pork into it and cook it, then throw in a few eggs and cook it until the soup is golden red and sticky, and the eggs are tasty by then. Finally, pour the stewed pork and sauce over the rice, and serve with a stewed egg next to it. The golden-red sauce is brightly colored, the pork belly is fat but not greasy, the taste is soft and savory, and the smell of sauce and meat are mixed together, and the aroma is mouth-watering.

One bite down, the taste and texture made the priests’ eyes widen.

“God of Light, what is this?”

“This is so delicious, madam—”

Olivia was very proud of it. This is the delicacy of the Demon Realm. Even the people in Magnolia City were shocked after eating it, not to mention the people from the Ice Empire who eat very badly. She suppressed that point of pride, and responded with full acting skills: “A common dish in the Demon Realm, because it has been busy these days, so the ingredients and seasonings have not been shipped, so we have to keep it simple.” She also put on a sincere guilt posture and said, “I’m really sorry.”

In fact, from the perspective of people on Earth, inviting people to eat one bowl of braised pork rice bowl + eggs, plus a small cake, is really quite simple, like a student meal set outside the school. But for people in the other world, it is really a rare delicacy.

God of Light above, is this still simple? How many delicacies are there in the Demon Realm?! They are a little… Okay, not a little, they are looking forward to it very much—!!!

Finally, Olivia said, “After the ingredients are shipped in a few days, I will make up for another meal.”


The priests’ hearts almost exploded.

In fact, the priests here are not greedy people, but this delicacy is not the same as the others. If Olivia directly seduces them with money, they can still hold it, but the delicacy… forget it… It’s okay to have more meals, hahaha…

Ah, that bun is also delicious, the surface is golden in color, and after baking, the aroma is tangy, and it tastes quite creamy.

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Tomorrow, “Love and Demons” will be put on shelves in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. On this day, Hill ran to the Dark Church to find Monroe. Monroe, dressed in the Dark Pope’s costume, sat on his seat and gave orders. He looked very noble and majestic. Hill stood in the dark looking at Monroe like this, watching his solemn expression, watching the believers below kneeling to him, watching his imposing manner.

“You only need to do what you should do and give up useless thinking. The darkness will bless you with everything you want, as long as you are pious enough.”

“Don’t say useless words to me a second time, do you think I am a philanthropist.”

“I don’t want to kill people, because you are all citizens of darkness. But you should know that darkness does not require waste, ability, mentality, merit, whatever, take it out for me, so that I have a reason to let you go.”

Hill stood in the shadows watching Monroe manage all kinds of affairs in an orderly manner, feeling that it was really right to dig Monroe from the church to control the Dark Church by any means. But then again, Hill seems to be unscrupulous in doing anything.

The cold-toned vestment, the outside is a scarlet short cloak with a hood, outlined with a golden rim, majestic, but his expression is indifferent from start to finish, which gives people a more irresistible feeling.

‘Monroe is so handsome,’ Hill thought.

Before the last person exited, Monroe spoke lightly: “Close the door.”

So, the door of the hall was closed, and the sound of heavy closing echoed in the hall. The candle flickered for a moment and then quieted down.

Monroe got up from the pope’s chair, dragged his vestments down the steps, and then knelt on one knee in the darkness: “My King.”

The picture at this time has more or less a dark and grotesque beauty.

In the deserted church sanctuary, the gorgeously dressed pope gathered all his pride and knelt down into the darkness.

He no longer has power and majesty in his eyes, and turned into loneliness and obsession.

‘How beautiful,’ Hill thought.

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