Chapter 89 – Hehehe

After the commercial of “Love and Demons” was shown, the female audience was distracted and lost in thought.

For the first time, everyone was absent-minded when watching “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.

After the end of this episode, everyone reacted. Damn, why is it gone? This episode is over? It’s gone? Is there no replay? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

So everyone wanted to cry without tears…

Not long after, Hill received a large number of complaints. The letter said that he did not object to advertising in the TV series of magic phone, but please put it after the broadcast, otherwise, everyone will be unwilling to watch the show. After all, the advertisements are too exciting.

The commercial was too good to watch. Hill found this amusing.

Hill initially worried that someone would turn on the magic phone and start watching the show at exactly nine o’clock, and also worried that the audience would turn off the magic phone directly after, not watching the ending song. In order to ensure the promotion of “Love and Demons”, he temporarily placed it in the middle of the show this time.

Let’s put an ad before the ending song after the next episode. This is more humane.

When Hill used to watch series on TV, the commercials started after the opening songs of those TV shows. Two or three commercials were inserted in the middle, the commercials were put at the end, and the ending songs were put after the commercials, making Hill die of waiting… He felt that Chafan‘s posture was a bit too unsightly. Well, he has to use a good-looking posture to catch a meal.

As for the game krypton recharge, Hill has long wanted to introduce the concept of virtual currency to the Magnolia continent.

Virtual currency is a powerful tool to promote consumption.

Presumably, everyone has experienced browsing Taobao before going to bed at night, and then see a pile of unwanted things lying quietly in their “to be shipped” the next day. Or when you play games, you just recharge krypton on impulse, but after drawing a row of Rs and sporadic SRs, you fall into regret…

—Virtual currency can promote passionate consumption.

Imagine that you lie down at home and play a game, and there is something that you want to use krypton for, but you need to go to the mall to buy some cards and so on, and then you will calm down when you go to the mall. As a wicked merchant, of course, Hill didn’t want this.

If everyone is allowed to directly spend money to buy virtual currency, even if Hill said that it is too much, the implementation may not be smooth at present, unless Hill and the bank talk about cooperation, but it is obviously not working right now. So, Hill intends to give away a wide range of gifts first, and announced that all products in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, except for mobile games, can be traded with virtual currency, and they are slightly cheaper. This is a good start.

So, the next day’s advertisement became the promotion of virtual currency—customers who bought magic phones can go to the first floor of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall to receive 10 Demon Coins. 1 demon coin = 1 gold coin. Demon coins are stored in the magic phone and can be consumed normally in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, and can also be consumed in mobile games, and can be exchanged for gold coins at any time in the demon realm shopping mall. In addition, you will also get some demon coins rewards when you buy things in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall on a regular basis.

Hill has set up a recharge desk on the first floor of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.

Regarding the virtual currency advertisement, the audience actually looked at it as if they were not understanding, and they didn’t know what Hill meant, but everyone also understood one thing: tomorrow, you can get 10 gold coins worth of demon coins on the first floor of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.

After the virtual currency is initially set up, Taobao and takeaway can be started immediately. The more the role of virtual currency, the less difficult it is to implement it.

‘Hmm… I need to recruit a batch of food delivery and express delivery, which can be guaranteed to be delivered on the same day.

But hiring means paying salaries… I don’t want to pay salaries,’ Hill thought stingingly.

Ah! I got it. Or find a necromancer, such as Leona Bell, the emissary of the Dark Church. Just arrange a necromancer in each big city and let them deliver courier and takeaway using the undead under their hands. In this case, Hill only needs to pay the necromancer’s salary. Hehehe. He is really a genius, this plan is good.

But the side effect is that customers are expected to be frightened at first. But the problem is not big. Seeing the money opened, Hill didn’t think of it sympathetically. Just get used to it.

Hill also knows that the takeaway and express delivery services in the other world are definitely not comparable to those on Earth. The main consumers of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall are mostly aristocrats, and they can just let their subordinates run errands without having to call a takeaway courier.

As for how to recharge the demon coin, Hill thought of this method when designing the magic phone. At present, the magic phone actually has its own ‘phone number’, which is a unique logo engraved inside the phone. When recharging, the customer needs to go to the currency exchange on the first floor of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, pay the corresponding coins, and then the staff there will use the magic device jointly made by Ghost Binns and Hill to operate the magic phone to recharge it. Magic is so convenient, Hill thought.

In theory, Hill can really make mobile phones call each other and send text messages, but at present, it doesn’t make much money. There are many alternatives for human magicians, and Hill is not interested in developing this business.

This kind of krypton gold thing is monopolized by the state, and the effect is really scary. Hill thought.

But speaking of being monopolized by the state, Hill remembered that the Canadian government legalized this kind of making money. The official reason given was very funny, saying that after the ban, there were many illegal black market and illegal transactions, so they simply opened up for easy management…The slots are full.

——read this at

At present, the Demon Realm Shopping Mall has begun to be built in other big cities in Magnolia City. The chief person in charge is still Joan Baker. Now everyone knows that Joan Baker has a special identity and has a connection with the demons. The status of Joan Baker in the Magnolia Empire has also improved a lot. No one dared to fight him, and no one dared to speak rudely to him.

That day, Joan Baker told Hill that there was a Josh Kenny scoundrel who wanted to see him.

“Meet him, then,” Hill said.

“The other party is a villain,” Joan Baker repeated.

“If he is an ordinary villain, you would definitely not report it to me. If you report, it means that he is worth seeing. I believe you have the most basic judgment… But your current expression is probably intellectually knowing that I should go see him, but you don’t want me to see him emotionally, so I say…” Hill said, “Is he your old lover?”

“…The previous reasoning sounds very reasonable at first glance. Why is the final conclusion so crooked?” Joan Baker looked at Hill imaginarily.

“Because I let it slip, and the words flow from my mouth as from the pen of a master,” Hill said in a breath.

“Sometimes I think you shouldn’t be in business, you should be a troubadour and talk about jokes,” said Joan Baker.

“You envy my eloquence, just say it,” Hill said smugly.

Joan Baker took a deep breath, suppressing the thought of beating this person in his heart.

Seeing that Joan Baker is dying (…), Hill turned back to the topic, “So is it an old friend?”

“Acquaintance, not an old friend,” Joan Baker replied simply.

“Oh, that’s a competitor who sympathizes with each other. The other party is a merchant, isn’t it?” Hill said, “Is he your competitor in Josh Kenny?”

“…Good reasoning.” Joan Baker said, “Did you infer it from my background, words, and expressions?” He thinks Hill is really good. If this is the case, Joan Baker thinks he should take control of his expression.

“No.” Hill said honestly, “I guessed blindly, and I think this conclusion is not as realistic as the old lover.”

Joan Baker: “…”

“…right,” said Joan Baker, as long as you are happy.

“So, the other party is a villain merchant from Josh Kenny, just like you,” Hill said.

“I am a nobleman now,” said Joan Baker.

“Okay.” Hill smiled, and he raised his hand. “My respected Baron Baker, please arrange a meeting.”

“Okay, Your Royal Highness Grindelwald,” Joan Baker gave a noble salute, but his face was still cold.

The merchant named Jacob Samson was indeed one of Joan Baker’s former competitors in Josh Kenny. After Joan Baker moved to Magnolia City, Jacob had already bought the textile factory of Joan Baker. The living space is almost squeezed. He is the partner of Sarah, the female pirate leader, who is quite shrewd and greedy for money, and possesses the usual qualities of a Josh Kenny people: there is no lower limit. When Jacob Samson saw that Joan Baker had made a lot of money, he arranged his affairs, and then set off to Magnolia City, looking for opportunities to get a share of the pie.

Jacob was a yellow man with dark hair and dark eyes, his skin rough from years of dedicated life in the harbor, and he looked a little more weathered than Joan Baker, but his weathered eyes shone with the same cunning light as Joan Baker’s.

“First time to meet you, Mr. Grindelwald.” Jacob drew the Poseidon symbol on his chest, “Blessed be the Sea God.”

“Meeting for the first time, Mr. Samson.” Hill thought for a while, and grabbed a hand in his chest, “Blessed be the Dark God.” Or by the Crab God.

Jacob didn’t talk nonsense, he directly explained his intentions, roughly asking for cooperation.

Hill is also very straightforward: “Joan is very short of people, you can find him.”

“I have been with him on an equal footing in the past, and I hope it will be the same in the future.” Jacob said: “I have the same ability as him, and I don’t pursue fame.”

“I don’t think he is very much in pursuit of fame either.” Now there are various rumors about the relationship between Joan Baker and Grindelwald, and since the magazine began to serialize all kinds of strange fans, rumors about their relationship are getting more and more terrible. But Joan Baker didn’t seem to care at all.

“At least I don’t seek to become a nobleman.” Jacob said, “I didn’t indulge in the beauty of Magnolia City, let alone those imaginary names.”

“Oh. It sounds like you are mocking Joan,” Hill said.

“I hope you won’t take issue with my words; that’s the consensus in Josh Kenney merchant circles these days.” Jacob shrugged, “Yearning for the comforts of the capital city and abandoning his past…”

Joan Baker, who has been listening to them over there, said lightly: “Privilege means more money. The low self-esteem in your heart makes you refuse to see the problem clearly. Over the years, I have made more money by virtue of my aristocratic status than with the initial investment. And I don’t have to work with pirates and gangsters, I can make more money more safely. You only see the tangible value, you don’t see the intangible value, and you don’t know that intangible value can be converted into tangible value. Samson, you let me down more and more.”

Wow, this mouth cannon is amazing. Hill started the spectator mode.

“But I also have my own pursuits,” Jacob Samson said, his face turned blue.

“Oh, people like you are just like that. You can reason when you can reason, and you can intercede when you can’t.” Joan Baker shrugged and said, “I despise this behavior from the bottom of my heart. I suggest you don’t continue to discuss this, lest I despise you more and turn from the heart into the soul.”

“Do you think people who have abandoned the Sea God like you still have souls?” Jacob Samson said. In fact, this is a very strict duty in this era.

“Then it is,” said Joan Baker politely, “I take back those words just now, and change it to don’t make me feel like vomiting when I see you.”

Hill next to him was already too happy.

Joan Baker continued, “Besides, I’m richer than you are now. Very rich.”

For a villain merchant like them, this was a heart-stopping blow.

Victory for Joan Baker.

Jacob’s face turned from blue to white.

Joan Baker smiled faintly at this, “You two talk first, I’ll go and have some food prepared over there.

“Okay, you go ahead,” Hill said happily, he was greatly entertained today.

After Joan Baker left, Hill smiled and said, “He’s really quite a scary guy.”

Jacob murmured something that Hill didn’t hear, and then Jacob said, “Even though… I won’t take back what I just said.”

“I’m very happy that you have this courage, but it doesn’t matter.” Hill said, “I care more about what you can bring to me.”

“Except for Magnolia City and Josh Kenny,” Jacob said.

“For the entire Magnolia Empire, Baker is the person in charge.” Hill said, “If you are willing to work under his hands, you can.”

The corner of Jacob’s mouth twitched, “I didn’t have that plan.” Then he said, “I mean the place directly outside the Magnolia Continent.”

“Oh?” Hill was interested.

“Plague Islands, even Storm Island,” Jacob said.

“Oh.” The smile on Hill’s face deepened. “Then we have to talk carefully.”

After Jacob left, Hill fell into deep thought.

To be honest, since Joan Baker let Hill see Jacob, it means that he is in favor of Jacob joining the group. Hill will definitely give Jacob a position. What exactly is the position? It depends on his personal performance.

Joan Baker came in with two wine glasses, “Would you like some ice wine?”

“Okay.” Hill nodded, he asked after a sip, “What do you think he came to do with me?”

“Talk about things overseas,” said Joan Baker.

“Sometimes, I really think you are a roundworm in my stomach,” Hill said sincerely.

“I don’t know what this sentence means to you demons, but it sounds disgusting to humans,” said Joan Baker.

“It means you really understand what I think,” Hill said.

“I didn’t,” Joan Baker denied.


“If I know you enough, I won’t still have the urge to pour wine on you. Sometimes your words are too disheartening,” said Joan Baker.

“Haha, all right. But I advise you not to do this,” Hill smiled.

“Because of your distinguished status?” asked Joan Baker.

“This is one reason, and the second reason is,” Hill raised his glass, “Don’t waste such a fine wine. Cheers, Baker.” Hill gave a nice smile.

“Cheers, Grindelwald,” he said.

“I guess you deliberately mocked and suppressed Jacob so much, because in this case, I will negotiate with him more smoothly, and he will not assume too high a posture,” Hill said.

“This is a reason,” said Joan Baker.

“What about other reasons?”

“People who steal business from me,” Joan Baker said with a faint hum: “Are pain in the ass.”

Hill laughed.

Ah, it feels so good.

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He felt that Chafan‘s posture was a bit too unsightly – chafan translates to have a meal / people always have to eat to live, and sometimes they have to do some very low-minded things. Hill thinks the way of inserting commercials on Earth is not good and too inconsiderate. I also hate it, that’s why I just watch it online. Haha

Words flow from the mouth as from the pen of a master – What you say becomes an article. Describes one’s quickness and good eloquence.

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