Chapter 88.2 – Love and Demons will be launched soon

In recent days, the magazine has published short stories and BL fanfic related to “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, “The Evil Monarch”, and even “Daughter of the Sea”. The siren princess X the human princess who finally married the human prince, lily(yuri) CP.

At that time, Hill looked very confused, is this okay?

If you snatch my man, I will snatch you…?

After the prince married the human princess, the siren princess became darkened, so she seduced the king by means, and then… er… became the prince’s mother. Hill sprayed water directly when he read it, feeling greatly entertained himself.

The funniest thing is the “Daughter of the Sea” + “The Evil Monarch” fanfic, saying that the Siren Princess got the Lich inheritance, and then various counterattack plots, and finally, the Siren Princess became the Siren Queen, and there’s a harem of three thousand beauty. Hill checked it at the time and found it was Princess Delia’s contribution. He suddenly felt that Theodore’s position was a bit threatened… laughing to death.

These bizarre fans have opened the door to a new world for many people.

He has published all the fanfics that Hill thinks are good, and he wants to run a special fanfic issue in the future, but there is no need to do so now, after all, the number is still small now.

This time, Hill stuffed Snow White in the magazine and changed the seven dwarves to seven black dwarves.

Dwarves and elves, these races once existed in the Magnolia Continent. There are still a few skeletons of them in the Magnolia School of Magic. However, some of them came to the Demon Realm and mutated, and the other part traveled across the ocean and disappeared. As for why they want to leave, it is not stated in the book, but Hill thinks it is nothing more than two reasons, one is for more mysterious beliefs and pursuits, and the other is being forced by humans.

Hill’s goal now is to make humans’ impression of the demon realm better, so he changed the seven kind dwarves into seven black dwarves, and then he changed the hunter into a dark elf sent by the Queen to assassinate Snow White.

Speaking of the assassination of the princess, in Snow White, the hunter felt it unbearable and let her go. And the assassin in “The Witch Hunter” felt that the princess was very pitiful, and he couldn’t bear to assassinate the princess, the result… When Hill was watching this plot, it was so messy he couldn’t bear it, the plot was really dark. The princess in “The Witch Hunter” stabbed him to death with a hairpin when he was doing errands, and the combat effectiveness was still quite strong.

As for the other aspects of “Snow White”, there is basically no change, including the ending.

In fact, Hill has always felt that the plots of many fairy tales are very gloomy, not to mention the childhood nightmare “The Red Shoes”, just mention the “Snow White” in Grimm’s fairy tales. Its ending is that the prince and Snow White made the queen wear the red iron boots danced in the fire, and finally the queen fell down and burned to death.

Hill had no impression of this passage when he was a child, and after reading these fairy tales again when he grew up, he felt that the three views collapsed…

Well, in order to let everyone have a clear understanding of fairy tales, the next issue of the magazine will publish “The Red Shoes”, Hill thought. He’s really considerate of everyone.

In other aspects of the magazine, Hill intends to stop the second volume of “A Song of Ice and Fire” after half of the serialization of “A Clash of Kings”, and then publish the next few volumes directly. At present, the long series in the magazine that Hill is in charge of except for “A Song of Ice and Fire” is “Lord of Mysteries”. The latter is a very calm work, which means that he is slow.

At first, everyone habitually read all the contents of the magazine. The most anticipated novels are the other parts, as well as those short stories that Hill has collected from the Internet, including Andersen’s fairy tales Grimm’s fairy tales, as well as some famous short story writers abroad, works like O Henry. The others are readers submissions.

But in the past two months, the magnificent world of “Lord of Mysteries” has also been revealed, with a new power system and interesting night’s watch—these night’s watch are reminiscent of the night’s watch in the ice and fire, the same name, they are also burdened with heavy responsibilities. But compared to the night’s watch in the ice and fire, they are undoubtedly a lot cooler, and the relationship inside is also warm and funny, which makes people yearn for.

So gradually, “Lord of Mysteries” also has many fans.

Hill thinks it will usher in a surge in fans next month.

Hmm…Because Captain Dunn is going to die next month… from then on, his death can continue to abuse the reader a thousand chapters… for a long time.

As for the selection of the serialization after “A Song of Ice and Fire”, he hasn’t decided yet. Anyway, there is still some time, so just choose a powerful work when the time comes.

Next is the game.

This day, after halfway through the broadcast of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, a line suddenly appeared on the screen: Advertisement, come back in a while.

Everyone: ???

Someone jumped directly from the stool.

What is this? A commercial interruption?

The feedback from the masses is quite intense.

Hill said that everyone will get used to it.

Anyway, everyone protested but they couldn’t change anything. The screen went black and a line appeared first: Customize a new life.

After a few seconds, the line disappeared, and then a dialog box appeared, which read: your name

Then “Bella” appeared below, a very popular female name.

Then a dialog box pops up: Are you sure to use this name?


After the name is confirmed, the next thing that appears is “Please confirm your appearance and customary clothes.”

Hill feels that this setting will make the player feel more immersed in the heroine, otherwise, everyone will have the same look, and the sense of immersion will be less – especially when everyone can communicate offline.

The speed at which these are determined on the screen is very fast, and it flashes in a second or two, but in reality, many women will hesitate and spend half a day here.

Then a line of words appeared:

“Congratulations, you have completed the customization of your virtual life, let’s enter this character and start the journey of love and demons.”

Naturally, these are not needed when a promotional film is released on Earth, but it is different in another world. Everyone has never been exposed to this before, so Hill explained it as simple and clear as possible.

“If only there was no wind that day.”

The petals were scattered like a dream in the dark.

“If only… they had never appeared in my life.”

Then there were several scenes, which are familiar to the Magnolia City and the Josh Kenny people. Some landmarks in their towns were drawn into anime. In addition, the Blackrock Tower in the Demon Realm also flickered.

The girl stretched out her hands to catch the petals.

Then the title appeared—”Love and Demons “

The following small print is: a mobile game that can fall in love with the demons.

“Game, what does that mean?”

“Can you play on the magic phone?”

“Fall in love with the demons?! With what demons?”

As if to respond to her question, the picture that appeared next solved the confusion.

The first thing that appeared was a handsome boy with fiery red hair. He was wearing a black jacket with a white shirt underneath, with flowers on the cuffs, a light-yellow waistcoat, and expensive pockets and brooches. His smile is bright and beautiful:

“What I promised will definitely be done.”

A few words are written beside it:

Zhou Qiluo


Race: Fire Elemental Spirit

CV Ruifuer

He was originally sitting on the grass, but the next scene turned into him standing up and reaching out to the screen.

“For you, I want to stand higher.”

At this time, the audience has temporarily forgotten their dissatisfaction with the commercial interruption.

“What a refreshing feeling, very sunny.”

“Fire Elemental Spirit!! Will he cook!! If so, I can!!!”

“My dear Marlene, are you looking for a love partner or a cook?”

“Quite a handsome young man, but not in line with my aesthetics.”

Then the picture shifted, and there appeared the male wearing the glorious paladin armor. His armor is exquisite and gorgeous, white and brilliant like a snowy plain under the sun, and the insignia outlined in silver thread is even more shiny. The iron buckle is gold, in both shoulders tied with a fiery red cloak.

“As long as you are in the wind, I can perceive it.”

The basic information of this character appeared beside him:

Bai Qi,

24 years old,

Birthday: December 14th,


“Is it a Paladin?” someone guessed.

“It’s definitely a Paladin,” another said.

“Are you going to fall in love with a Paladin… It feels good, but isn’t it about the demons?”

Then the picture changed, the paladin’s armor was dyed black, his blond hair faded, his blue eyes darkened, the holy light turned into black mist, and then his voice was low.

“Other than me, I will not put you in danger.”

—former paladin, now death knight.

This slightly dark line stimulated the audience.

“Oohh—meaning I will put you in my danger, other than that, don’t get into the danger created by others?”

“This is so cool! There is a demon style!”

“From a paladin to a death knight! Wow!”

Then the third character appeared. He wore an early baroque style of men’s clothing, but the tones were elegant and simple, with a collar buckled by a lace ribbon around his neck, a long double-breasted coat outside, and a monocle in his gloved hand.

“Today, you belong to me.”

His voice is very quiet.

Xu Mo, Lich. His identity appeared next to him.

“Wow? Lich! I thought the liches were old grandpas like Ali!”

“This lich is so handsome! This line is also very exciting to hear haha.”

“Speaking of which, the lich can control the human body, right? So, it can control the heroine’s body… and he… hmm?”

Then the Lich put on the monocle and raised his jaw slightly, “Emotions will induce people into traps. Now… you still have time to escape.”

The lens was zoomed out, foggy, and you could see the white light reflected by his monocle, while the other eye was emitting a terrible red light.

“…I’m dead.”

“Too handsome…!!!”

The picture changes again, and the character appearing on the screen this time is familiar—the character is based on the overbearing demon in “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”.

“I just want to be king in your world.”

The heroine’s hands holding petals reappeared again. She released her fingers, and the petals were flying up and down, with a shrunken CG image on each petal.

Then the female voice of the monologue sounded again.

“I don’t think I would hesitate so much… nor would I be so happy.”

The back of leaving appeared on the screen, and then two dialog boxes appeared. He left, should I go after him?

One, chase after him.

Two, don’t chase.

Then it automatically chose to catch up, and the background music began to rise high.

The petals are flying, and the petals with the shrunken CG images are floating in front of the screen, presenting pictures of intense scenes.

The demon king came to the camera with a wall slam, leaned down and said in a low voice: “I want your time to stop just for me.”

The fire elemental spirit smiled and jumped from the tree. In the sunset, you can see that his hair is gradually golden-red: “I found you, don’t leave me again.”

The death knight approached the camera step by step: “You can only have me in your eyes.”

The lich stood by the bed and slowly took off his monocle: “Now, you still have time to escape.”

These pictures are from the first perspective, without the heroine.

Then more petals flew across the lens, and many scenes flashed by. In the end, the screen turned dark, and the title of Love and Demons appeared in front of the screen, and then the voice of Lord Demon King: “Finally, I can see you.”

—December 1, the official launching

—We are waiting for you here.

The commercial ends there.

The audience, especially the ladies, exploded.

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