Chapter 88.1 – Jack’s first subordinate

Josh Kenny.

Since the Deathbird’s little pirate, Jack, got the gramophone, he has loved it like a baby. This gramophone brought him happiness and at the same time, satisfied his vanity in the bar fight. The Deathbird stayed in Josh Kenny too long, and this day was the time for everyone to return to the ship. Jack had just boarded the ship when he heard that the chief mate was looking for him, and he kept the gramophone in place before going to the first mate.

Jack was a little apprehensive, and after entering the cabin, he first drew the sign of Sea God on his chest: “Blessed be Sea God.” He followed the usual routine to start.

“Blessed be Sea God.” The chief mate also said, and then he said casually: “You are very famous in Josh Kenny recently.”

Jack was more flustered all of a sudden.

An existence like the chief mate can decide his future at will. Is the chief mate dissatisfied? Should he apologize? Did it cause trouble to the Deathbird? A series of questions appeared in his mind, and he began to be as habitually at a loss as before. So, he opened his mouth: “I’m sorry, chief mate.”

The chief mate glanced at him, and he couldn’t tell what emotion the chief mate was feeling at this time.

On the Deathbird, the power of the chief mate is higher than that of other pirate ships, because their captain Rod is taciturn and seldom manages things, so the chief mate is in charge. Many decisions of the chief mate can be implemented directly without going through the captain.

The two of them are very good friends, and the chief mate’s sister is Rod’s lover, which makes their relationship better. Back then, the Deathbird was called the Lightbird, and it was still a merchant ship. Later, the girl died on the bed of a local official, and Rod went crazy. It is said that he colluded with the demons for revenge. He used witchcraft to blacken his ship, and he turned the crew into skeletons and crawled into the official’s mansion in the middle of the night. The next day, the city found that no one survived in the mansion, and blood flowed into the river.

At this point, Lightbird became the Deathbird, and Rod became a pirate.

As for the rumors… actually part of it is true.

Rod originally found the Dark Church and wanted to dedicate his soul in exchange for the clergy to avenge him, but obviously, the rumors about the Dark Church are a bit unrealistic. They are not interested in human souls, mainly because they don’t know what human souls can do.

The people of the Dark Church took away two-thirds of his possessions—as a merchant ship captain, he saved a lot of money, and then Leona Bell, one of the Five Great Emissaries, came forward to help him. Leona Bell is a necromancer, and she did summon the dead to kill at the time.

Later, Rod became a pirate while selling illegal goods for the Dark Church. Leona Bell had habitually tempted him, but he loved his dead lover deeply and remained unmoved. This made Leona think he was pretty good, and this was the beginning of their friendship. Rod learned some necromancy spells from Leona, which made him even more frightening at sea.

Later, in the war between the demons and humans, the Dark Church was in danger, and the person who was in contact with Rod died, and Rod could not contact Leona—she used to come to him, so time passed. Until the second demon realm movie “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” was released, Rod found that the heroine in it was Leona Bell. Only then did he confirm her safety.

But now, he is one of the Four Great Pirates, and now, the power of the Dark Church is greatly weakened. In fact, in theory, he does not need to run errands for the Dark Church. After all, the Dark Church used money to kill people, and he has done so many things for them over the years. The kindness of the necromantic magic is almost paid off…


Rod once said to the chief mate: “I hope the kindness I owe will never end.”

The chief mate was silent for a while, and said, “So you have the motivation to go on?”

“Yeah.” Rod nodded. “There is no special meaning or purpose to live. I don’t have a special pursuit of wealth and strength, but I always need a reason to live… Then, just repay the kindness.”

The chief mate sighed. He stood on the deck and looked at the sea while Rod was looking at the sky. After a long time, the chief mate said, “At least I will be with you.”

“Yeah,” Rod said.

Rod did not have many pursuits. He practiced necromantic spells every day when there was nothing to do, but he was free every day because he put most of his work to the chief mate. His attainment in necromancy is now so high that if he were to die normally from a physical attack he would immediately turn into a ghost.

Because of Rod’s philosophy, the overall atmosphere of the Deathbird is relatively relaxed, so mediocre pirates like Jack can continue to exist. If it were on the ships of the other four pirates, Jack would have been killed or kicked out a long time ago. On the Deathbird, if everyone fails to fight, the captain will choose to release them.

The chief mate was also a little helpless about this, but forget it, this is fine, after all, everyone is useful, and such a relaxed pirate life has attracted many strong pirates to join.

So, for the Deathbird, the chief mate is often the same as the captain.

Therefore, Jack is so nervous.

After taking a look at Jack, the chief mate walked to his desk, opened the lamp cover on the desk, and added some powder to it. The powder is made by grinding bones and some stones, and then the captain applies the necromancy technique. After being ignited, it will emit a bright blue flame. This flame is low temperature and will not worry about the fire problem. Most of the people on the ship use this kind of lighting tool…cough, so Captain Rod is also responsible for illuminating the entire ship in addition to being the main power.

While adding powder, he said: “Every tavern in Josh Kenny is talking about this, the crew of the Deathbird, the gramophone, the pirates who got swarmed. What do you think?”

The chief mate took Jack’s performance in his eyes, and honestly, he was disappointed with Jack. Jack is of average abilities, but there are other people with average abilities on the Deathbird. Those people quickly found their own suitable positions, and they must have this kind of good adaptability when drifting on the sea. But Jack didn’t. He was even being bullied by people from other ships. He didn’t resist, and didn’t come back to say, it was too shameful. Jack’s situation is what a teacher would say in school, “It’s not a matter of ability, it’s a matter of attitude.”

Jack still wanted to talk again, but he suddenly remembered the movie he watched some time ago, and remembered Theodore in “The Evil Monarch”. His fate was unfair to him, but his soul was still strong even when his body was weak. Then he thought of the moving music on the gramophone again, and he felt his fear gradually disappeared, “Johnny has committed public anger, and it is reasonable to be treated like that.”

“Oh.” The chief mate put the lampshade back on, then covered the log box, put it in the drawer, and said casually: “But I heard that you are still being bullied by that person.”

Jack has calmed down. He plucked up his courage and said, “Yes, I was just about to speak to you… They are desecrating our dignity by daring to bully the crew of our Deathbird.”

“You mean for me to lead a group of men to take that whatever ship…”

“The Black Sea, chief mate,” Jack said.

“Oh, okay, the people from the Black Sea and fix it?” the chief mate asked.

“If you can…” Jack hesitated, but he said it anyway.

“If I had gone by my old idea, I would have made the Black Sea pay and then would have had you kicked off the Deathbird because the Deathbird tolerates ordinary people, but does not tolerate wastes,” the chief mate said.

If it was Jack before, he would have been scared to death after hearing this, but now he still has the ability to think after being taken aback, so he cautiously said: “You said it, it’s the “old idea”.”

“Very well.” The chief mate nodded, “Show your worth.”

“I will.” Jack’s voice became firm.

“Do you know what your value is?” the chief mate asked.

“I don’t know, but starting from today, I will work hard to find it,” Jack said.

“You are lucky to be on this ship,” the chief mate said.

“Yes.” Jack said sincerely, “I am very lucky to meet the Deathbird. I hope I can die on her in the future.”

“Very good.” The chief mate nodded. “You go out.”

“Okay, chief mate.” Jack saluted again, “May the Sea God be with you, chief mate.”

“May the Sea God be with you, Jack,” the chief mate said.

Pirates on the sea usually talk like this, starting with “Blessed be Sea God” and ending with “May Sea God be with you”.

After Jack left, the chief mate suddenly remembered his recently read “Lord of Mysteries” which also has a life at sea. They believed in the god of the storm, so they always said “May the storm be with you”. The chief mate sprayed water when he read it for the first time… Isn’t it too unlucky?

Jack felt blood surging when he returned to the cabin, and everything around him changed after he changed.

He feels that Theodore of “The Evil Monarch” gave himself courage, but also thanks to those music to soothe his own anxiety.

Early the next morning, the Black Sea was declared a vassal of the Deathbird, and Johnny was dispatched to the Deathbird. Under the order of the chief mate of the Deathbird, Johnny became Jack’s first subordinate.

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