Chapter 87 – He was creating dreams

These days, the people of Magnolia City and Josh Kenny are regularly in front of their magic phones waiting to watch “Natsume’s Book of Friends” which reminds Hill of his childhood watching cartoons on TV. He remembered that he was watching the central set of cartoons when he was a child, and there were big windmills and golden turtles and so on; when he was older, Hill remembered that there was a Star TV, they would play some Japanese manga, that was Hill’s Japanese manga enlightenment.

Later, there was the Internet, and the time of watching the TV was gone forever. When he thinks about it, he really misses it.

The Internet era has some more convenience, but also less of that sense of anticipation waiting in front of the TV, and very often there is no patience to settle down to watch the classic one episode at a time.

I have to say, this is a bit regrettable.

But now this situation can be reproduced in the hands of Hill, leaving aside various factors such as politics, race and money, Hill also has a simple happiness about it.

Film reviews about “Natsume’s Book of Friends” were also mailed continuously to the magazine. Theodore finally got busy, so he applied for someone from Hill. Hill found a dark elf with good cultural literacy and threw it over. Then the human candidates were handed over to Joan Baker, and Joan Baker handed over to Princess Delia, and Delia arranged her own people in. Hill did this deliberately to allow humans to work with the demons, while Joan Baker deliberately allowed multiple forces to come in. This would make things related to the Demon Realm Shopping Mall involve multiple interests, and at the same time, it would be safer.

There are more and more people under Theodore’s hands, and the people he is in contact with are all the existences that were out of reach before. In addition, he was deeply influenced by Hill and Joan Baker, and he was talented, so he became more and more outstanding while also gaining some momentum.

The reviews they’ve received recently have been very good.

“Book of friends, a book that records the names of friends. This can be said to record Natsume Reiko’s life, records her fetters and feelings, but today, Natsume Takashi has retraced Reiko’s path. I think Reiko deliberately left the book of friends to Natsume, so that Natsume had the opportunity to be friends with other demons, and at the same time, it also gave those lonely demons the opportunity to have other human friends. The name of the book of friends may one day be returned, but the feelings live on.”

“A piece of pure land in this chaotic world.”

“Initially, when watching Natsume, I will cry, but now I basically don’t cry anymore. That moving power has penetrated my heart and soul, so even my tears seem to shallow up.”

After seeing it, Hill felt that everyone’s writing was too gentle, and he needed some reversal and strength. So, he swiped his pen and put the knife madly.

“‘Natsume, bring me wine!’

“Natsume, I want to eat the steamed buns from Shichizenya!”

“Master Madara is drunk again.”

“Yes, how else would he say the name of Natsume-sama who has passed away for many years?”

Well, this small theater that has spread on Earth is nice and very flavorful.

Hill touched his chin and thought.

The magazine arrived, everyone was reading with joy, all basking in the warmth of Natsume, and then unexpectedly saw that little theater of Hill.

The smile gradually freezes.gif

—What kind of evil writing is this?!

—You go away ahhhh!!!

On the same day, Hill received a lot of “ahhhhhh” letters, so he was secretly refreshed.

If there is a howler in Harry Potter in this world, it is estimated that the magazine will be overwhelmed… However, after Hill released the Harry Potter complete works, some bored mages developed the howler, and after being abused by magazines and movies, they sent it to the magazine.

It was Theodore who was unlucky in the end.


The gathering place of the Fallen Angel clan.

This is undoubtedly an ancient city, but the structure inside is not simple, but rather intricate. The highest building in the city is a deserted stone tower, which was originally built to gain insight into the enemy. The entire city is made of mud and gray stone, and on cloudy days it is as gray as the sky, downcast and lifeless.

At sunset, the city, which looked on the verge of abandonment, would be much prettier. The golden afterglow gilding it with a shining glory, making it look as if it had been restored to its former glory. Although Hill also do not know what the former glory is like. But everything looks good in the sunset, including Monroe on the side.

Hill looked at Monroe next to him, his gaze gradually flushed with a faint obscenity.

Monroe: ?

Monroe: “What are you doing?”

Hill coughed lightly: “I find you quite good-looking.”

Instead, the paladin next to him, Harrick, smiled and said, “That’s natural, My King, the captain is quite a famous beautiful man in the Church of Light!”

“…No wonder it went so well when I took him captive.” Hill nodded, floating in thought, a new understanding of Monroe.

So, the beautiful man was quite famous, and he was taken away by the demon, so it’s logical for the church to think crooked. It’s okay to think crooked, think crooked ah. Anyway, he is not afraid of being distorted.

There was a fallen angel standing next to them. The fallen angels did not have a name. In fact, they rarely communicated with each other by words, and usually rely on eye contact. Hill felt that they must have a tacit understanding of playing LOL and the like, and they should also be very good in the Jian Wang 3… His thinking is also crooked.

A group of four walked into the ancient city together. The infrastructure in the ancient city is really not complimentary, the fallen angels live an ascetic-like life, and they do not care about it. Their way of existence is actually similar to that of a ghost, closer to an energy body. But while ghosts eat, fallen angels basically do not eat, and they do not take in other nutrients and energy.

Then one has to ask, wouldn’t that be a quick death? -Yes. Fallen angels are naturally powerful beings, and some of them never eat since their birth, waiting for their energy to be used and dissipated a little, and then die naturally. This process may last ten years, maybe twenty, maybe a little longer.

This is a race that makes people feel sad after hearing it.

They turned their backs on everything and became demons, and then waited silently for their demise in the ancient city.

But the demons will not feel sad for them anymore, they just think this is the custom of the fallen angel clan, and they respect them. Since the fallen angels believe that death is not what they believe to be death, other demons feel that they have no right to intervene, ask questions, or feel sorry. Facts have proved that only humans try to force others to hold the same opinions as themselves.

Hill generally admired the scenery of the ancient city and said, “It feels different from what I imagined.”

Hill has seen the fallen angels in the forest. They live in the tree house and feel that the conditions are better than those of the group of fallen angels living on the ruins. But to be honest, I’m laughing at every step of the way.

“It feels different from what I imagined too, My King,” said the Paladin Harrick.

Hill turned his head to look at him: “When did you start calling me my king?”

“Uh, it’s been a while, can’t I? Lord Demon King,” Paladin Harrick asked cautiously.

“You can, but I’m afraid Monroe will blow his beard and stare at me,” Hill said.

Monroe, who has become ruthless since he was transformed into a death knight, looked over and said, “I don’t have a beard.”

Hill: “Pfft. I feel like this sentence is too cold.”

“…It’s just the fact.” Monroe looked away again.

“This cold attitude of yours now reminds me of the saying, it’s not the beard you’re blowing, it’s the loneliness,” Hill said.

“I don’t understand what weird thing you are talking about,” Monroe responded lightly.

“Okay, okay, fortunately you don’t understand. If you understand then I will be scared to undress in place upside down,” Hill said.

Ice cold cool brother death knight Monroe said: “To hear you say so, I really want to understand a little.”

Hill: “Pfft.”

“…Sure enough, you really learned to be bad!” Hill stared, “Seriously, blowing a beard and staring at me. When you first came to the Demon Realm, you stared at me all day, when I tempted you with grilled fish, you didn’t give in.”

Paladin Harrick exclaimed: “As expected of Captain Monroe! If it were me…”

Monroe looked over, his eyes faint.

“Um… I won’t give in either. Cough.” Paladin Harrick quickly changed his words.

“So, I’m poaching all of Monroe’s men now. I’m worried that he will be upset.” Hill shrugged.

Harrick said: “It doesn’t matter, My King, you are the first to poach Monroe, so Captain Monroe has no right to be angry about this.”

Monroe said flatly, “Harrick, why didn’t I find you so glib before?”

Harrick answered without hesitation: “Because I didn’t dare to say that before, you were too serious before.”

Monroe looked at him coldly.

Harrick realized that he was improperly speaking as if he was not being serious now.

Harrick: “No, no, Monroe, no, no, I didn’t mean that…”

Monroe: “How is your swordsmanship recently? As your former captain, I have a responsibility to pay attention to this.”

Harrick: “Master Monroe, your Excellency Monroe, I am wrong!”

Monroe: “It’s no use even if you call me Father Monroe.”

Harrick: “Father, I was wrong!”

Monroe finally couldn’t bear it, he coldly drew out his sword…

The word “priest” has different expressions on different occasions, and it also has multiple vocabulary itself. Monroe said “father” (priest), but Harrick deliberately used the word “father” (dad)… His heart is clear…

Here, Monroe dragged Harrick out to practice the sword forcibly, and as Harrick’s screams sounded, Hill touched his chin, feeling that Harrick was still a moldable talent… ahem.

Twenty minutes later, Harrick came in with a swollen nose, but Monroe still didn’t have much expression.

“Yeah…you just happened to be back, the other races are also here.” Hill nodded.

The skeletons and the dwarves came here, as well as a Ghost Binns. Hill had previously planned to give the Fallen Angels a beautiful gathering place for the entire fantasy game CG, which could be used to make movies, become a tourist attraction, and attract the fallen angels scattered outside… There are many benefits.

The fallen angels have no objection to Hill’s large-scale construction in their home. They have no desires. However, they thought it would be good to gather the fallen angels scattered outside in one place. Of course, those who wanted to go out could still go out.

In fact, they are not so desireless now—because of Hill, because of the Fallen Angels Orchestra.

After all, accepting death calmly, or taking the initiative to die, is because there is nothing to do, and nothing to hold on to.

“Where do you think the fallen angels should live?” Hill looked at Monroe and Harrick.

“The story my grandmother told me when I was young said that angels lived above the clouds. They drank the magical agar jade liquid, ate the best sacred fruit and cakes, bathed them in the coolest spring water, and rubbed olive oil all over their body…”

“The last one sounds a bit gay,” Hill commented.

Everyone looked over, and Hill said as if he said nothing, “Harrick, go on.”

“Ah, the floating islands are connected by iron cables. There are waterfalls on the islands, slumping thousands of miles, and then disappearing in the smoke…” Harrick said.

“It feels like a fairy tale,” Hill commented.

Harrick looked at Monroe: “How about you, Captain?”

“Mother told me not to be too obsessed with things in the sky, and we should pay more attention to the envoys and angels who are saving us,” Monroe recounted.

“Ah, it is true. Rather than always thanking the gods, it is better to thank the church.” Harrick nodded.

“Then the church killed my parents,” Monroe continued.

“Uh…” Harrick showed a slightly embarrassed expression, and was instantly beaten in the face.

“So, I don’t believe in the gods in the sky or the church on earth now.” Monroe ended his description with these words.

There was silence.

Ghost Binns sobbed and said: “Too, too touching story…” His tears fell, and the attendant next to him hurriedly caught the tears for him.

…In a sense, he is really a super atmosphere destroyer.

Hill shook his head. He didn’t say anything, and Monroe didn’t need him to say anything, he knew.

But what made him feel concerned was that Monroe’s words seemed to have a trace of confusion, he had to talk to him another day.

Monroe has taken over the Dark Church in recent months, and he has consolidated there very well, so Hill thought he was in good condition, so he didn’t pay much attention.

“Actually, the scene mentioned by Harrick has the possibility of being realized.” Hill led the topic on the right track.

“Use magic power? This will cause a huge loss,” the fallen angel said.

“I have an idea…” Hill turned to look at the dwarf over there. “Do you know about magnets?”

The dwarf showed a blank expression.

So, Hill put on an MLM-expression like “Have you heard of” and started to explain the magnet briefly.


Hill’s inspiration came from the empty island in “Gulliver’s Travels”.

He intends to find a huge magnet mine in the demon realm, and then create a floating island.

Hill’s idea is of course very unreasonable, but he has the most basic theoretical foundation, and other aspects can also be adjusted with magical means… Therefore, the possibility of realization is still very high.

The power of science + magic is terrible.

The first step to build a fantasy game CG-like demon realm has officially begun.

Later, the history books commented on Hill like this:

“In the beginning, this great Demon King was indeed saving the demon realm, but later, he was creating dreams.”

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