Chapter 86.2 – This is a perfect reunion

While Olivia was working to conquer the Black family, the Magnolia Empire also began building shopping malls in large cities other than Magnolia City and Josh Kenny. Old Jackson presided over this event, and he planned to transfer all of his income to King Magnolia, after all, the Jackson family is not short of money.

Old Jackson thought so at first.

But later—

“Although I really want to say that the money should be given to His Majesty, but that money is too much.”

Hill almost died laughing.

“Then I thought, with His Majesty’s greed, knowing that the Demon Realm Shopping Mall made so much money, it was not good, so I took most of that share and gave the rest to King Magnolia. I think that amount is just right to satisfy His Majesty’s greed while keeping him from developing too much greed,” Old Jackson said.

“The result is that you have embezzled most of the money you intend to give to King Magnolia,” Hill said.

“I call it well-rounded consideration,” Old Jackson said plausibly.

“Okay, okay, it’s a well-rounded consideration.” Hill smiled, “I feel as if you sound a little moralistic, my dear Old Jackson.”

“In the process of getting along with you, I learned a lot of new things, my friend,” Old Jackson said leisurely.

Hill: “…I feel like you’re implying something?”

Old Jackson: “…I feel like I am being direct.”

Then Hill laughed, and Old Jackson laughed, and they just ha-ha-ha for a while. Then, Old Jackson looked straight: “I think I need to say something. I don’t know what the demon realm is like, but among humans, nobles like the Jackson family can easily get it if they want to make money. It just needs to be specifically ‘earned’… Of course, I am not referring to as much money as the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.”

“Well, I understand that you are not the same as Joan Baker, he is greedy for money, and you admire power,” Hill said.

“And what about you?”

“Me?” Hill thought for a while, then touched his chin. “Lustful, I guess.”

Well, greedy for money, lustful, hungry for power – all complete.

“It looks like I am safe,” Old Jackson joked.

“Hahaha maybe.” After Hill finished speaking, he also started talking about business: “How about use the gold coins you got in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall for public welfare?”

“Public welfare?” Old Jackson asked.

“Just as eyes can be donated to the needy if they are not needed,” Hill said.

Old Jackson: ?

“Cough, I accidentally associated them. I meant to exchange gold coins for supplies and give them to those in need,” Hill said.

“Like the Church’s charity?” Old Jackson asked.

The noble banquets here often use hard bread baked into plates. The plates made of hard bread are edible. After the banquet, those plates will be taken away by the local church to give to the poor. In addition, usually, the church has a free meal after the Sunday mass.

“Pretty much, but I think there could be an organization specifically set up to make the giving more rigorous and efficient, so that the resources are used more wisely,” Hill said.

“…I guess you want to say the next step, let the Dark Church organize this matter,” Old Jackson said.

Hill smiled shyly: “Can I?”

If this were in the comics, then Old Jackson would have flipped the table immediately, but this is in reality, no such exaggeration happened, but Old Jackson still squinted at him: “…Your thinking is no longer reasonable but too wild.”

“One must have something to look forward to in life, Old Jackson,” Hill said with a smile.

“You asked me to use the money to help the Dark Church propagate the faith… Is it because the Duke is not good or Magnolia City is not fun, I have to make such a terrible decision?” Old Jackson looked at him blankly.

“I thought we were on the same boat. As the saying goes, we can cross the same boat after a hundred years of cultivation…”

“I’m sure that’s not how that ‘proverb’ of yours is used,” Old Jackson said.

“Okay, okay…” Hill spread his hands and shrugged, “Then we have to proceed to the next plan… Let Princess Delia come forward to do this.”

This is actually Hill’s real idea.

Let the Dark Church do this? The Church of Light will immediately jump out and send angels to strangle them… but by letting Princess Delia do that, she would reap huge gains in prestige, which would later become the political basis for her participation in the game of power. After all, now Theodore is on their side, and Princess Delia is also half on their side.

Old Jackson asked: “Then why didn’t I step up myself? I had to give the money to someone else?”

“Unless you don’t want to live anymore,” Hill smiled slightly. “High merit and overwhelming success, kill the donkey when the grinding is done.

Old Jackson’s tone was subtle: “Although I understand what you mean… I suggest you change the word.”

“If you offend them, then they will kill the chicken and get the eggs,” Hill thought for a while and said.


“Ah, cross the river and demolish the bridge.”

What an idiom.

Old Jackson gave up entangled in this matter: “Then, why should I do this?”

“Because you are a good person who cares about the country and the people,” Hill smiled meaningfully, “Right? Old Jackson.”

“…Yes.” Old Jackson also smiled, and he also smiled meaningfully, “I’m a good person.”

“I actually want to be a good person too,” Hill said hypocritically, rubbing his chin.

#Villian alliance reached#


The second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” officially starts at 8 o’clock tonight!

At this time in the past, there were still a lot of people coming and going on the streets of Magnolia City, but today, there are a lot less people than before.

The nobles kept their magic phones at home. Those who couldn’t afford them squeezed to nearby taverns and restaurants. Some bosses also bought magic phones to attract customers. Because magic phones also have a projection function, the shop was transformed into a simple small movie theater. It must be said that the minds of these businesses are very good.

Everyone does not want to miss this opportunity. Hill said in the magazine that it will only be played once on the magic phone. If you want to watch it next, you have to buy a projection stone DVD. The price is the same as in the first season. It is 150 gold coins. Too expensive for many people.

Time passed and the projection was blank.

Three, two, one…

The clock struck eight o’clock.

A picture appeared in the projection moment.

Many people couldn’t help but cheered—

It appeared! The second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” that we’ve been waiting for for months is on!

The first thing that appeared was the familiar picture of a brown-haired teenager with a scarf walking on the street, with a cat running behind him.

Then there was a lively singing:

Face forward and run

I painted the lights in the sky

with these numb hands to brighten your future

Unlike the melancholic opening theme of the first season, the opening theme of the second season is cheerful and optimistic, full of enthusiasm and upward feeling.

Everyone got more excited at once – it symbolized the change of mind of Natsume Takashi, who went from being lonely in the past to gradually having friends now. It was as if everyone had grown up along with him, an experience they had never experienced before.

The familiar light painting style, the familiar figures passing by in the credits, the excitement in everyone’s heart slowly calmed down and turned into a moving experience.

These people in the opening credits really walked into their hearts, and now they finally saw them again, as if they were reunited with old friends.

Then there is a picture of maple leaves sprinkled on the stone, with a few large characters in the middle of the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.

Of course, there are some people who have not seen “Natsume’s Book of Friends” in the cinema before, but they have heard of it. So today, they took the opportunity to watch it for free in the tavern, and they watch it more seriously than those who have seen it before.

After the opening song was played, the big screen was dimmed and a line of words appeared: Chapter 1—The Stolen Book of Friends.


What happened?

How come the first episode is so explosive?

Before everyone had time to be astonished, Natsume was shot down from the wall by something called ‘football’ played by his classmates that just appeared in the episode.

Ah… this unbelievable plot.

The audience laughed heartily.

That’s the style~!

Then the students asked Natsume to help pick up the ball on the other side of the wall. The football just rolled to the edge of the woods. Natsume crawled over and stretched out his hand. Then a ghost with long hair and sharp teeth suddenly appeared next to the football.

“Pfft—” Many people in the tavern were so scared that they sprayed water directly.

And the nobles who were nestled in their bedroom, ready to watch “Natsume’s Book of Friends” quietly calmed their hearts, they almost flew in shock.

Okay, okay… Sudden horror, it feels like the beginning of the first season.

Okay, that’s the same style…

And the person who watched “Natsume’s Book of Friends” for the first time was so scared that he almost hit the wall: “Hell, is this good and warm?!”

It must be said that people in the other world have a negative resistance to horror shots.

So, Hill is not planning to make a horror movie at the moment. He is really afraid that the audience will be scared to death in the cinema.

After a short period of horror, the next scene became warm again. Fortunately, fortunately.

Next, Natsume’s book of friends was stolen by the black cat. In order to regain the book of friends, Natsume pretended to be a demon and mixed into their party, but learned that they were planning to attack humans because their lord who liked humans was sealed by humans. Then, Natsume successfully prevented the incident.

“The first thing I did after you lifted my seal so I could move again was to go see my important friend. But he had already passed away.

A human’s life sure is short. I think I know what everyone meant when they called me a fool.”

At the end of the first episode, the demon named Riou said so.

[Because human beings die so capriciously, but the demons who like them have to live on with the thoughts of them.]

Helen Lestat wrote in the notebook.

“Humans sealed you away, right? And yet you still prevented the demons from attacking humans,” Natsume said to him.

“That’s because I like humans.” The demon with sea-blue hair closed his eyes, his voice was gentle, “So I will never go to human villages again.”

After saying that, he rose into the air, and feathers fell in a dreamy radiant glow.

“Farewell, human.”

Natsume and Nyanko-Sensei were left standing quietly in the night, snowflakes and feathers falling silently from the dark sky.

Beautiful and lonely.

[In fact, they are very gentle beings.]

Helen Lestat wrote.

The black cat left like this, with a touch of melancholy.

In the last scene, Natsume sits by the window and a demon invites Nyanko-Sensei to go with her. Cat Madara replied: “No, I will stay with him for now. Until the fleeting time is over.”

The audience smiled, ah, the beauty after a faint melancholy, this is the real feeling of Natsume’s Book of Friends.

“Thank you! Nyanko-Sensei,” Natsume said with a smile.

“It’s creepy when you’re honest,” Cat Madara answered tremblingly.

Their room was plunged into laughter.

The tavern also fell into laughter.

The nobles couldn’t help but smile.

“What’s been troubling me lately are these small farewells that make me feel a bit lonely.”

Natsume and the cat looked at the snowy scenery outside by the window.

“Brief meetings and farewells, I want to treasure each and every moment.”

Episode 1—The End.

Helen Lestat wrote the last sentence in the notebook:

【—This is a perfect reunion. I’m in tears. 】

<< TOC >>


Kill the donkey when the grinding is done – to get rid of the person once he has ceased to be useful

Kill the chickens and get the eggs – It is a metaphor for greed for small benefits in front of you and harm long-term interests.

Cross the river and demolish the bridge – abandon one’s benefactor upon achieving one’s goal

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