Chapter 86.1 – Hawk and Dove

When magic phones became popular in Magnolia City and Josh Kenny, Olivia was trying to convince her uncle and his family to join the cult in Mulheim, the Empire of Ice (……).

Her behavior is quite statutory.

On the first day, Olivia took out the Demon Realm Paper.

On the second day, Olivia showed off the convenient functions of the magic camera at the dinner.

On the third day, Olivia gave the first volume of “A Song of Ice and Fire” to her uncle.

On the fourth day, Olivia didn’t take out anything, just calmly waited and waited…

Until the end of the dinner, Anthony Black, who was hard to get along with, unsmiling, cold, hard rock-like, unfriendly man, finally couldn’t help but say: “Olivia…”

“Is there anything I can do for you, Uncle?” Olivia said in a brisk tone, knowing that her uncle has taken the bait.

Sure enough, Anthony Black coughed to hide his embarrassment, and then said, “Are there any more content behind “A Song of Ice and Fire”?”

“There is one more volume.” Olivia said in a pleasantly surprised voice. “Do you like this book too? That’s really great. Many people think this book is too serious. Speaking of, my father also likes this book very much. He has written many articles about this book, so he is very famous among fans of this book, but no one knows his identity.” She is a person trained as an actor, plus after all, being a noble, this level of acting is more than enough.

“That’s those people who are too tasteless.” Anthony said, Olivia’s words made him very satisfied from all angles: “But you said, ‘fans’?”

“Just fans of the book. Magnolia’s new word,” Olivia explained, “to describe someone who is fascinated by something.”

“So that’s it…”

Anthony was now faintly shocked.

He can understand the role of demon realm paper. He heard from Olivia that the cost of demon realm paper seems to be very low. If it can be implemented on a large scale, it will bring about a big change. It can save a lot of money for the nobles, and it can also help the school collect books better… His thinking is still restricted by his identity, so he can’t think of much content.

He can also understand the role of magic cameras. There are actually magic tools with similar methods, but first, it is expensive, and second, it can only be used by people who can manipulate magic, which greatly restricts its promotion. But the magic camera is different. Its low price can make the nobles buy a lot, and almost anyone can use it. It will play an important role in politics and military, for example, use this to leave evidence…

These two beads of jade are in front. Although Anthony likes “A Song of Ice and Fire” very much, he feels that the novel has the lowest value in relative terms.

It’s been less than 20 years since he last went to Magnolia City. Is Magnolia City changed so much now? You know, Winter City hasn’t changed much in recent years… The Magnolia Empire is indeed the largest empire on the continent.

If his thoughts reached Hill, he would laugh out loud after hearing it. In twenty years, many cities on Earth will change in just one year, and in twenty years, don’t know what they will become.

With a modern mind, Hill will naturally feel incredulous that some cities look the same for decades. But he can understand why that happened, but understanding does not mean accepting. Speaking of the current Demon Realm alone, the changes in this year have caught up with the changes in the past hundred years.

Hill sometimes talked about his thoughts with Old Jackson, who thought he was too eager to get things done.

The weather was gloomy and the birds outside were making a raucous cacophony, it felt like it was probably going to rain. Hill just stood in front of the window, “Is it bad to be in a hurry?” The wind suddenly picked up after he said that, his white hair was blown by the wind, and then he turned his back on Old Jackson and said, “All I want is results.”

“If you tell that to Baron Baker, he’ll probably be swayed to work with you,” Old Jackson looked at Hill’s back and said.

“He’s already been swayed.” Hill seemed to be smiling, “I pressed it down.”

“…I was not particularly surprised either,” Old Jackson said.

“If greed is a virtue, I am probably a person of high moral character. Oh no, greed is a virtue in the demon race. After being in contact with humans for a long time, I sometimes mistakenly think that I am a human. After all, the line between the two is sometimes easily confused,” Hill said.

“That’s too bad,” Old Jackson said.

It’s raining, the pouring rain is falling from the gloomy sky.

“Do you want to say that among all monsters, humans are the most terrifying kind?” Hill continued to ask.

The rain began to fall with a crash.

“Yes,” Old Jackson replied.

Hill turned around and smiled. He said slowly, “You’re not denying it.”

The rain is getting worse.


After Olivia explained the meaning of the word “fan” to Anthony Black, the other party made such a comment: “Strange word.”

“But it’s very practical.” Olivia said, “A lot of novelties have appeared in Magnolia City recently. Mr. Grindelwald—he is the demon responsible for communicating with humans—he said that materials promote the development of consciousness. With material development, consciousness and culture, including language, will also change with it.”

Anthony Black repeated: “Materials promote the development of consciousness…” With his insights, he can naturally appreciate the weight of this sentence.

If Hill knew, he would have laughed wildly with his arms on his hips. You have a good eye! This is one of the two major theorems of Marxism, which is quite weighty.

“Mr. Grindelwald often says things I don’t understand,” Olivia said. “But if you think about it carefully, it will feel very connotative…. Maybe it’s because the demon culture is different from the human culture. Mr. Grindelwald also said that exchanges promote development and bring peace.”

After hearing these words, Anthony Black asked: “He is from the demon realm’s dove faction (peace party)?”

“I think so, he is still very friendly to humans,” Olivia replied.

At this moment, Olivia had a wonderful feeling that she was talking to an Earl in the capacity of a representative of the demon and human communication. This is something that she never thought about before. Although she never liked that the noble lady confined herself to a small circle, did not like their afternoon tea, they only did some embroidery and other things… So, she did not like Sansa when she first read “A Song of Ice and Fire” and prefers Arya instead.

At that time, she always wanted to do something big.

But even at that time, she had never thought that she would soon be able to have such an equal conversation with an earl, and exchange interests… and, in such a very bluffing manner. All this made Olivia excited. She also understood that most of this was the credit of His Royal Highness Grindelwald.

After Olivia answered that Grindelwald was from the dove faction, Anthony Black fell into contemplation.

Anthony Black will never express any opinions in the court. He is neither a hawk (war party) nor a dove (peace party). If he has to be divided into a faction, he is from the emperor faction, no matter what decision the Ice Emperor makes, he will support and execute. All previous Black Patriarchs have been like this, so that the Black Family can prosper in the Ice Empire.

But there is still a question, what if one day the royal family’s house loses power.

Other nobles may survive, but most of the Blacks will definitely die—because everyone in the empire knows that there is no doubt about the loyalty of the Blacks.

Then another rule of the Black family has to be involved: each generation must marry foreign nobles.

This is the last way out for the family given by the first patriarch of Black family.

So, the first-generation Black is really a very wise person.

Seeing her uncle lost in thought, Olivia waited for a while, and then said: “I came here to open a mall to sell the goods of the demons. In the letter, my father has already told you.”

Anthony Black asked: “You mean magic camera?”

“There are many more, such as “A Song of Ice and Fire,” Olivia said.

“Can this kind of book be made on a large scale?”

“Yes,” Olivia replied.

The reason why “A Song of Ice and Fire” was first brought out is simple, because it is not so rebellious for the church.

Anthony Black realized that his niece was not here to play, but to do big business: “Tomorrow, I will let the butler accompany you to find a suitable store in Winterburg. After you have selected the store, you will apply for a store certificate. “

“Uh, uncle.” Olivia said, “I may need a bigger place. I plan to build a large shopping mall by myself. I have brought enough money.”

Olivia’s words are very clever. If she says “I will pay the money by myself”, it will be too rigid. If she doesn’t say it, it will cause Anthony to pay the money. So, she said, “I brought enough money.”

Anthony nodded unconsciously, feeling that his niece was quite good.

“Can I invite you to a banquet tomorrow night? I brought the chef over this time. His cooking skills are superb,” Olivia said.

“Okay.” Anthony Black was noncommittal. He knew that the food in the Magnolia Empire was better than that in Mulheim, but it was only a little better. He had never been interested in appetite for food. After all, he himself was an ascetic knight.

Until tomorrow night arrives…

What the…?

This is not the usual delicacy, right?!!

Has the food in Magnolia City developed to such a stage?!

What kind of food is this—?!

Has he eaten pig food for decades?!

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