Chapter 85 – Use Gen Urobuchi to pit humans

The impact of the first record continues.

“Music is the greatest joy in life; music is a refreshing spring in life; music is a melting pot for temperament,” said the musician Xian Xinghai.

“Music will always be the Garden of Eden of my soul,” said writer Ye Wenling.

“Music has the strongest power to invade the deepest part of the soul,” said the philosopher Plato.

Human researchers have found that the history of creating music is earlier than the use of language, which from a certain point of view can also highlight the charm of music to. There is music almost everywhere on Earth, even the “Wenzhou leather factory boss ran away and jumped to the property price sale” will be accompanied by music. People on Earth know the charm of music well. You may not go to the cinema to watch movies, but you will definitely listen to various songs actively or passively.

It can be said that if Hill gets the music right, the spiritual invasion of the other world will definitely be greater than the movie.

But the advantage of the movie is that it can be mixed with private goods, relatively speaking, the music is currently more ambiguous.

In fact, there are some classic music handed down in the other world, but over the years, there have been no innovations. Everyone is tired of traditional songs. Some troubadours’ songs are actually quite nice and catchy, but they lack the means of circulation. Plus, the level of the bards is mixed.

That’s why there are a large number of people who say they are not interested in music – of course, after the Demon Realm Records came out, they found out that they thought they were not interested in music. Therefore, it is conceivable what kind of craze will be triggered by the Earth’s classical music coming at this time.

The music had a greater impact on the pirates. Some pirate captains personally purchased gramophones and records. They felt that this music could soothe irritable moods and was as effective as “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.

The release of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” a few months ago gave these pirates a new way of entertainment in the vast ocean, and watching this anime will calm down their hearts, and people around them will be pleasing to the eye a lot, even more, a soft heart… This has led to a significant reduction in pirate ship fights, and a lot of gay men have also increased.

This makes William, one of the four great pirates, a little puzzled. William is different from other pirates. He is a nobleman and a cultured man. For this reason, he conducted academic research, specially went to other pirate groups to conduct field research, and finally wrote a paper “The Influence of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” on pirate groups getting laid”, and then submitted the article to the magazine.

When Hill saw it, he immediately sprayed water again. He really wanted to wave his hands in horror: This, this, this really has nothing to do with me ah!

This paper has caused quite a big reaction among the pirates, and the pirate captains are beginning to weigh it. Is it important to watch the film to make the atmosphere harmonious? Or is it important to reduce the number of gays on board?

And among ordinary people…

In the beginning, some pubs bought gramophones and played them. The business in these pubs was better than other pubs, so other pubs started to do the same. Some guests who didn’t know about it were surprised to hear about it and went to ask. What?! The most common gramophone is actually so cheap? Buy, buy, buy! So, the sales of gramophones have risen steadily. Then other shops thought this idea was good, so they started to use gramophones to attract customers, and even the streets and alleys were playing this kind of music for a while, just like some divine songs on Earth…

The ministers reported to King Magnolia, and King Magnolia had to introduce a new policy on noise pollution. This is already the second policy stipulation of the Magnolia Empire because of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.

Unfortunately, we all know that no matter how good the music is, under such frequent bombing, everyone will get tired of it…

Pity these few pieces of music, to be reduced to this situation later.

So, after the letter touting the first record madly, there were more letters requesting the release of a new record.

Hill hugged a bunch of these letters and scattered them on the land of the fallen angels, saying, “Many people are looking forward to your new record.”

One of the fallen angels leaned down to pick up and open a letter, and saw the sentence “Ahhhhhhh! I love it so much! When is the new record coming out?”, “Is this… expecting us? “

“Yes,” Hill said. “When will the second album be made?”

Hill plans to put the songs of the second season of Natsume’s Book of Friends on the second album, and then put Bandari’s “The First Snowflakes” and “Childhood Memory” in it.

“The early stage has been completed, and some polishing and adjustments are needed in the later stage,” the fallen angel replied.

Hill handed over the record to the Fallen Angels, allowing them to adapt and record music by themselves, and find the Black Dwarves to make the record. He only provided the scores, not the extra. Now that there are more and more projects, Hill can’t intervene in every one of them, otherwise he will be busy.

“Okay.” Hill nodded after hearing this. “I hope that the recording can be completed within a month, and then you tell the Black Dwarf Patriarch to produce a thousand records as soon as possible… Oh, yes, I took most of the money I made last time. And then gave a part of the black dwarves, the rest will be handed over to you.”

The fallen angel was really stunned this time, and after several seconds he bowed: “Thank you for your generosity, My King.”

Yeah, start calling me ‘My King’.

“Actually, I have an idea about how to spend money…” Hill said, “The place where you live is a bit unworthy of the identity of fallen angels. I’m looking for a few liches and a team of skeleton architects to come over and rebuild it for you…” In the future, it can be developed into a tourist attraction. A bunch of fantasy game CG has automatically appeared in Hill’s mind.

Wow, it would be really cool if he finally turned the demon realm into the CG of a large-scale fantasy game.

Hill thought.

Don’t worry, take your time.

But… hehehe, so interesting…


At present, the first part of “Love and Demons” has been written, plus stamina and other elements of the original game, enough to play for a long time. Hill also intends to develop this mode of real-time update of the subsequent content of the game. The target missions in the game are dubbed by the siren clan. Hill intends that most of the CVs of the games and animations will be performed by the siren clan. Their voices contain magical powers to bewitch people, it is just right to serve as the CV.

But before the release of “Love and Demons”, the carrier of the game must be sold first.

On Earth, televisions, computers, and mobile phones are all separate. Later, mobile phones carried many functions of TV and computer. In the other world, Hill found that he could directly make both TV and game magic device, simply directly named the tablet computer, well… tablet magic brain, this is really hard to hear. Hill spat. Forget it, let’s call it a magic phone, but it can’t make calls.

Hill intends to make this magic phone really look like a tablet on the earth, so that everyone can take out the magic phone to watch movies and play games anytime and anywhere, and the best thing is that Hill still intends to mount a projection stone on it, so the magic phone also has the function of a projector.

How to compress so many magic arrays into a flat plate is a problem. It can be done in theory, but in fact, it involves some magical element conflicts and other issues. After compressing the magic array, Hill also drew a solid array on the magic phone casing to avoid problems with the magic array inside the magic phone after a bump. The problem does not simply mean that it does not work, it may explode.


Hill remembered the story he read many years ago. When you travel to the end of the world, you can only choose one item in your daily life as an unlimited supply of weapons. What do you choose?

Answer: Samsung phones.


In addition to the design difficulty of the magic phone itself, Hill also had to design a CD-ROM drive to read the projection stone or engraved magic spar, which involved the dissemination of magical information… Then Hill went headlong into the library and spent three days and nights with the Ghost Binns, the two finally crawled out unkempt and solved the problem. The next problem that Hill needs to solve after this problem is solved is Albrecht who is jealous and crazy (…).

The next work was not particularly creative. Hill handed it over to Binns’ scientific research department, while he spent the day at the hot spring resort, guiding the skeleton construction team while taking a break.

Hill intends to promote in “Demon Realm Magazine” that the next “Natsume’s Book of Friends” will be played on magic phones. The second and third seasons are free, and the rest… let’s talk about it later. The magic array that emits magic information has been built, and the radiation range is the whole city. After further trials and adjustments, the magic phone would be able to watch programs like television on Earth.

This is Hill’s second solid position.

The first position is “Demon Realm Magazine”, which is the same as the cultural movement of ancient and modern China and foreign dynasties. Everyone is carrying out ideological enlightenment in newspapers and magazines. Although the movie is good, its continuity is relatively poor. Although Hill can put clips of local products in it, it can’t be too much, and some things are inconvenient to put in, but the TV is different. If he wants to, Hill can directly dig some people over and cry on TV shows how unfair the church is. If there are a lot of mobile phone users, then this power is particularly powerful.

There is a saying on the earth that traffic means value. If a certain IP has traffic, it means it has influence. If it has influence, you can make money or something casually. At present, Hill must first make the Demon Realm into a big IP so that humans feel that the Demon Realm’s commodities are good. Of course, he can’t always “lie” like this. He also has to quickly build the Demon Realm to make the Demon Realm look good.

Then Hill will make a lot of small IPs under the big IP, such as those movies and animations. Hill currently does not want the actors to be idolized too much. Anyway, he’s the one who picks the actors in the entire demon realm. He uses different actors as much as possible. So that the audience won’t feel torn—after all, there are too few movies now.

When more movies are shot in the future, he can use the same actors again.

With the IP, the peripherals must keep up. At present, the peripheral production is mainly undertaken by the dark elves. Their technology is absolutely excellent, and Hill is relatively relieved for the time being. In addition to the peripherals, various variety shows are also very popular, and Hill intends to make variety shows one of the fixed programs of the TV station.

Hmm… there are also advertisements.

TV stations can share part of the functions of the magazine. Now “Demon Realm Magazine” has too many functions, too busy. The creation of a magic phone can also relieve their pressure.

After the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” is finished and released on DVD, “Love and Demons” can also be released.

As for the anime that followed immediately after the end of the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, Hill had already thought about it—”Magical Girl Madoka”. Hill didn’t plan to let the magic phone that he finally got out had a free window. He hoped that there would be new programs to watch every day.

As for why the third season is not released directly after the second season? In order to maintain the popularity of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” longer, so that the merch can be sold more… When Hill told Joan Baker this statement, Joan Baker raised his eyebrows, “After dragging back and forth like this for a long time, will the audience have time to think about anything else when they have all kinds of anime movies in their heads and are looking forward to all kinds of anime movies?”

Old Jackson said calmly: “This is also one of his intentions.”

Hill said falsely: “I’m just bringing more happiness to everyone.”


“And really powerful people won’t be attracted by this kind of entertainment and delay business.” Hill continued, “Right, Old Jackson?”

Old Jackson remembered his experience of reading “A Song of Ice and Fire” all night, and said with a guilty heart: “Maybe.”


Over there, Hill did not rush to let the tentacle monster Xiao Ai continue to paint the third season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, but gave her a holiday. At present, the tentacle monster Xiao Ai is a celebrity in the Tentacle Monster clan. After hearing about Xiao Ai’s deeds, many tentacle monsters have also begun to learn to draw. Their talents are there, coupled with hard work, so the level is improved quickly, and the various styles of painting, so that Hill is very satisfied.

Then, Hill found another good painter Xiao Xing from the Tentacle Monster clan, and gave the script of “Magical Girl Madoka” to Xiao Xing.

“Magical Girl Madoka” is Gen Urobuchi’s work. It is a famous melancholic (depressing) and magical show on Earth.

The beginning of the story looks simple and cliche: Madoka Kaname, a middle school student, leads an ordinary and happy life, and then comes a mysterious transfer student Sayaka Miki, and then comes a mysterious creature named Kyubey who wants to sign a contract with Madoka to protect the world from the witches. It looks like an ordinary magical girl plot, right? When you think so, everything changes, and the gentle and kind-hearted senior sister’s head fell off with a thump… So, the plot began to rampage, it was almost as exciting as a roller coaster, and it made people say “f*ck” constantly.

The reason why Hill chose this show is very simple. First, it has a lot of details. Every scene in the magical girl’s transformation has a specific meaning, plus the reversal at the back… He thinks everyone wants to go back and forth and study it carefully, so it’s suitable for selling DVDs in the future.

Second, its world view is quite interesting, and if you think about it seriously, it has a blasphemous meaning, but under that kind of world view, people can’t criticize it as deliberately blasphemous.

Third, its background is still modern Earth, which can further penetrate some of the things of this era, so as to lay the foundation for Hill’s future works directly on earth.

Fourth, that is, “Magical Girl Madoka” is classic enough.

The tentacle monster Xiao Xing read the script carefully. After reading a few pages, he shuddered suddenly, then turned to the back and then to the front, and then he raised his head blankly: “She is… dead?”

Hill guessed that he should have seen the death of Mami, “Yes, she’s dead.”

“Really dead?” The tentacle monster Xiao Xing repeated again.

“Yeah, really dead,” Hill said.

Hill wanted to laugh at this moment. Yes, he often felt this way when he saw Gen Urobuchi’s works on Earth: Damn it, is she dead? Is she really dead? Unscientific? Isn’t she supposed to be resurrected? She died just like that?!

Seeing that people in the other world have also been harmed by Gen Urobuchi, Hill feels so happy in his heart.

Xiao Xing’s tentacles squirmed: “My King, this story… this thing…”

“What’s wrong with this story?” Hill asked.

“Ah… I mean this story is too… unique…” said the tentacle monster.

“It’s the kind of effect I want.” Hill laughed three times. “Hurry up and draw, and then we take it out to pit humans!”

“Okay!” said the tentacle monster Xiao Xing immediately, he also had this idea at this time: he can’t just let himself be traumatized! He wants more people to feel this kind of trauma! He must paint well. Hahahaha!

After launching the “Magical Girl Madoka” project, Hill announced in the magazine that the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” will be released.

“I don’t understand this a bit. Is this for each of us to buy a small movie theater and watch it for ourselves?”

“Playing regularly every day? Will there be more feature-length animations or movies on it in the future? Buy, buy, buy!”

“Oh, I see, such long anime can’t be played episode by episode in the cinema, and it’s too expensive if we keep buying sets of DVD projection stones, so why not buy a ‘magic phone’ and just watch it on it every day.”

“I see…”

“Then what should I do if I leave Magnolia City? Can I still watch it?”

“Then you can only buy DVD projection stones.”

Hill explained very clearly that his operation process is similar to that of TV dramas and animations on Earth—first broadcast on TV stations, and then sell complete sets of DVDs.

Now Magnolia City and the Josh Kenny people are still very receptive to new things, so after Hill said some of the words from Earth in the magazine, more often people followed suit. Occasionally, when a foreigner comes over, they find that they can’t understand what the locals are saying—neither can they understand what kind of thing is the magazine is in their mouth, nor can they understand the meaning of their vocabulary. Then the people here will enthusiastically tell them about the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, and then watch happily as the foreigner’s soul fly while looking at the shopping mall. Gradually, there are some demon realm products outside of Magnolia City and Josh Kenny, but they have not yet flown abroad.

Most people are more willing to buy the magic phone, except for the pirates of Josh Kenny.

After the pirates got on the sea, there was no signal naturally, which meant they couldn’t watch TV… So, the pirates cursed and left, and only the big pirates who were not short of money bought magic phones. Fortunately, a complete set of DVDs will be released later, so the pirates will not be too upset.

“The second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” will be officially aired from tomorrow at 8 o’clock every night, one episode a day!”

The news quickly spread to the two cities, so the sales of magic phones ushered in a surge.

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Xiao Xing – Little Star

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