Chapter 84 – They just want to find a reason to toast

There are four major powers on the Magnolia Continent, the largest being the Magnolia Empire, the Oitin Empire (the Church of Light is stationed in the Oitin Empire, which is a theocracy), the northern ice empire, Mulheim, and the Dijon Tribe on the western steppe. In addition, there are many islands overseas, the more representative is the Storm Island, the mysterious Misty Island, and the more famous Plague Islands.

The system of government in Mulheim, the Empire of Ice, is very different from that of the Magnolia Empire. Mulheim is more typical of the old European feudal system, where the noble lords live in their own territories, they own their own castles and the towns are built around them. The Black family is one of the two guardian families of the royal family of Mülheim, so their territory is close to Winter City and is called Winterburg. The other guardian family is the White family, and the territory is called Limburg – it’s all named like X-Burg here, except for Winter City.

Olivia received a gracious welcome from the Black family when she arrived at Winterburg, her Aunt Ingrid and Anthony Black were very welcoming, but the food on the table made Olivia choke up. Beet and onion salad, curdled beef brains, buttered snail gumbo, goat meat, buttered garlic… Olivia’s eyes went blank, she politely ate some of the stew, and then her mind went blank too.

Olivia should be grateful that there is no horrible custom of Chinese relatives suddenly putting a bunch of dishes in your bowl and forcing you to eat them.

This was the first time Olivia had seen her uncle’s family since she could remember. After her mother died of dystocia, Anthony Black came to attend the funeral of his sister. At that time, Olivia was just a newborn baby.

Anthony Black is a typical northerner, with a deep facial profile, dark blue eyes, lips always closed, and a cold look, like the cold, hard rocks of the snow-covered mountains west of Winterburg. He looks particularly unapproachable, and indeed he is unapproachable.

The Blacks are the guardian family of the Royal House of Aes, the successive Blacks have been knights loyal to the king, and their ancestors were once commoners without a family name who followed Aes I. After the foundation of the kingdom, they were granted fiefs and became nobles. Although their fiefs may be smaller than the other lords, they are the most closely connected to the House of Aes – it is the same for the White family.

For Anthony Black, the king’s orders are supreme, whether it is a wise decision or a foolish decision, he will do it all. It’s not like he is unable to think, but gives up thinking. He knows that he is only the executor, only so can the Black family maintain its long-lasting glory.

But one interesting thing is that the first-generation Black left a rule that successive Black family must be married to a foreign noble. When combined with the family motto that the Black Patriarch must unconditionally obey the royal family’s orders, a very interesting conclusion can be drawn.

—The first-generation Black was really a very wise man.

During dinner, Uncle Anthony asked about the Jackson family, and Olivia answered, calmly facing the strange family and talking to her cousin and sister. And then she brought out the gifts she had prepared in Magnolia as a thank-you gift for the dinner – expensive furs, bows and arrows, beautiful dresses, jewelry, and a magic camera and a notebook that came with the magazine.

The ladies were attracted by the clothes and jewelry, while Anthony looked at the notebook: “Is this… new paper?”

The paper was white as jade, neatly cut, lightweight, much stronger than sagebrush, much lighter than parchment, and such a thin pile of dozens of pages.

It looks like a magical creation, it should be very valuable.

Anthony thought.

Is this the latest invention of the mages of Magnolia City?

“It’s a new kind of paper,” Olivia said with a pleasant voice—Old Jackson had asked her to speak of the paper first. Old Jackson knew that anyone with a brain could see what the demon realm paper could do, as opposed to movies and magazines and novels, which people who hadn’t experienced them firsthand couldn’t tell how powerful they were—Olivia said this with pride, “It’s a product of the demon realm.”

“The demon realm?” Anthony’s stony—cold and hard—face appeared a little puzzled emotion.

“Because the treaty allows it, the demon realm has started trading with humans.” Olivia thought about what the old duke had taught her beforehand and calmly explained, “The demon realm is selling some of their specialties there, and we are also selling some of our things to the demon realm.”

There is nothing wrong with that, after all, Hill also imports some seeds, poultry, and other raw materials from the human realm from time to time. In a sense, Olivia is telling the truth, but from another perspective, she is purely changing the concept, avoiding the important and neglecting it. These were all taught by Old Jackson.

It must be said that, Hill + Old Jackson + Joan Baker, the three of them together is really a match made in heaven (……).

“How come I didn’t hear about this?” Anthony frowned. Humans and demons trade? That’s what the treaty says…

“Because it is currently only conducted in the Magnolia Empire.” Olivia replied, “The number of merchants visiting both sides is limited, and it’s already very tight just to supply the daily needs of Magnolia City, so there was no idea to expand the market further.” This is true in a sense, after all, the only “visiting merchants” in Magnolia City were Joan Baker, and Eri Dale, who was in charge of the restaurant, but Olivia made it sound like as if they were ordinary travelling merchants.

“Something from the demon realm is popular?” Anthony heard Olivia’s meaning behind her words.

“Like the notebook in your hand,” Olivia said.

“Indeed, if it’s such an excellent paper, it’s normal for it to be popular among the nobles.” Antony nodded thoughtfully.

Olivia showed a little embarrassed expression to say, “Uncle, in fact, I want to say that the notebook is just a complimentary gift.”

Anthony: “…huh?”


When Olivia painfully finished dinner, and then sharpened her knife ready to scare her uncle half to death, Hill is happily collecting smoked bacon in the demon realm.

He started doing this a month ago. He used the production method of the southern part of the country, which was divided into four processes:

First, select the white wild boar with thin skin and tender meat, then cut the pork into suitable strips, and then apply salt and a small amount of spices on the meat strips and put them in the vat for marinating for a week. This is the second processes: seasoning and marinating.

The third process is to dry the meat in the vat, wash it with the ice spring on the black dwarf’s side, and hang it in the woodland of the dark elves, where there is no air pollution and is filled with the natural scent of flowers and plants, which Hill thinks the bacon made in this way is more delicious.

The fourth process is the smoked meat. The fuel Hill chooses is the fruit trees and pine wood in the forest where the black dwarves live. He asks the black dwarves to process the wood into sawdust, and then sprinkle rice and peanuts on it, and then the fire elemental spirits come to control the fire for smoking. Let the fragrance of fruit trees and pine wood, rice and peanuts mix together into the bacon, plus the fragrance of the bacon itself, seasoning flavor and the original smoky taste.

The smoking of meat will last for more than a week. Hill set the time as nine days. Today is the ninth day.

The Black Dwarves who helped to collect the bacon also looked at Hill with bated breath, Hill gave some of it to the Black Dwarves with a wave of his hand, and then sent an equal amount to the Dark Elves, after all, they also contributed.

Hill took a portion of it and decided to eat it himself. Hill handed over the work of making bacon on a large scale directly to the Tauren Tribe. The way of making bacon is still very simple, but the ingredients and processes are irreplaceable. Just let the tauren honestly follow the method provided by Hill.

This kind of bacon has a longer shelf life and can be supplied to pirates.

Of course, Hill has noticed the Josh Kenny pirate market, and he plans to produce a batch of fast-food products such as canned food and luncheon meat with a relatively long shelf life, specifically to develop the pirate market.

In order to celebrate the complete success of the bacon, Hill called everyone to hold a banquet… Now, he always likes to find excuses to hold a banquet so that everyone can be happy and lively together, and communicate with each other by the way. The demons below have also discovered this, but everyone is also yearning for the Demon King’s banquet, after all, they can eat a lot of fresh food in it.

The banquet was held in the habitat of the Skeleton clan, who lived in the forest.

This forest is quite dark, and the trees that cover the sky completely block the sun, so it is very dark from day to night, giving a rather gloomy feeling. The skeletons live in wooden buildings. The surface of the wood is covered with dark green moss, and they don’t take it to heart. Pumpkin is one of the staple foods here. Pumpkins can be seen everywhere outside the house. They also put candles in hollow pumpkin shells to make lanterns. For the distinguished guests, they would take off their skulls to pour wine for the guests. The other demons happily accepted their skull wine glasses, but Hill’s mouth twitched twice, feeling that he really couldn’t do it.

Among today’s dishes, Hill’s favorite is the spicy crab and spicy crayfish, the orange-red crab looks tempting in color and the spicy smell comes to the surface. The meat of this large crab is quite a bit more than the crabs on Earth. Crushing the shell, then revealing the tender and snow-white crab meat, picking the meat out and dipping it into the red oil sauce, then sending it to the mouth… Wow, that taste, it really is delicious enough to let people fly, ah. The soft texture, fragrant and spicy taste, one bite after another, completely cannot stop, ah.

Hill doesn’t like to eat crabs on Earth, because the meat on a crab is really too little, and it’s not enjoyable to pick it up for half a day.

But the big crabs here are different. The meat in the claws is a lot thicker than human fingers. They are tender and full. They are even more delicious when they are dipped in a spicy sauce.

Needless to say, the spicy crayfish is a classic dish. However, this crayfish was forcibly named by Hill. It was the smallest lobster that could be found in the demon realm, but it was still much larger than the crayfish on Earth. Hill also got salmon sashimi this time. He is actually not very interested in sashimi, but he thinks other demons might like to eat it.

In addition to the previous desserts, Hill also added the candied sweet potatoes, but the raw material used is not the honey of the flame bee, but the honey of another giant flower that has been discovered before. This flower preys on animals. It will release a very psychedelic sweetness to attract animals, its petals and leaves are poisonous, but the nectar is not poisonous—this was discovered by the Encyclopedia Department.

Hill intends to promote the cultivation of this thing in the demon realm, and give them food regularly… In fact, it is good to plant it on the front line, Hill thought, maybe it can become the first line of defense…

Hill picked up a piece of candied sweet potato with chopsticks, the golden nectar attached to the candid sweet potato dragged out a long golden thread. Hill’s fingers moved slightly and cut off the thread with magic, and then he put it in his mouth. It’s delicious, better than the ones on Earth.

This way of cutting the thread is also quite fun. Hill thought.

The surface of the candied sweet potato has a crispy honey shell. After the shell is crushed, the soft inside is felt. The nectar is not particularly sweet and greasy, but a refreshing sweetness. The sweet potato inside is sweet and soft. The crispy outside and tender inside are also refreshing. This is a holy product for those who love to eat sweets. Hill thought. Hill has a general sense of sweets, his taste is relatively crude, he likes to eat meat, all kinds of grilled meat.

After everyone ate and drank, they entered a state of freedom. The patriarch of the black dwarf clan jumped directly onto the table. He held up the skull wine glass (…) of the Skeleton elder and said, “Let’s toast to the wise Lord Demon King!”


“Let us toast to the delicious food!”


“Let’s toast to the development of the demon realm!”


“Let’s toast to the successful completion of the bacon!”


As the black dwarf patriarch yelled, the atmosphere on the table became more and more warm. Hill smiled and raised the wine glass to be persistent with them, then walked to Monroe and sat down, “Unexpectedly, in his heart, the food in the demon realm is second to me.”

Monroe seemed to smile, and said, “They are very happy.”

“Yes.” Hill raised his glass to greet Monroe.

Monroe also picked up his own wine glass, he was very much at home, holding the skull wine glass, “What about you?”

The two clinked glasses, and Monroe took a sip of his wine, but Hill drank it all in one go, and Monroe froze for a moment, then finished his glass as well.

“At least at this moment, I’m very happy to see you drink it all because of me,” Hill said with a smile.

Monroe froze again, “Hill.”

Monroe’s appearance now is very different from that of humans. His black eyes are as gloomy and dull as a swamp. Hill’s gaze falls on his fingers. Once he held the knight sword in his long and powerful hand, he could see the rippling veins. Hill actually thought it was sexy.

“Shhh.” Hill said, “You can’t call me that now.” The noise echoed in the forest, and the black dwarf patriarch was still yelling for everyone to join him in a toast. Candles flickered in pumpkin lamps, and the Blood clan on the side was playing the violin solemnly. The stars twinkled in the sky, the night sky was still, and the night wind blew through the forest, bringing swishing sounds, but the forest was not so still. Occasionally, huge colored spiders crawled through the forest, and they made rustling sounds.

In this situation, Hill approached Monroe and smiled at him, “You have to call me Lord Demon King in front of others, but in private, when it’s just us, you can call me Hill.”

The candlelight in the jack-o-lantern was so vivid that it seemed to be alive when it was blown by the wind.

“…Good,” Monroe said. A faint scarlet light seemed to emerge in the dark eyes.

“Cheers for the Demon Realm Shopping Mall to be full in the human realm!”


“Cheers for My King to have a baby soon!”


Hill couldn’t help laughing.

“What’s going on?” Monroe asked.

“They just want to find a reason to toast,” Hill said with a smile, and then he got up, “I’m going for a walk.”

“En.” Monroe nodded.

Hill took a few steps and then turned back, “Honestly, I was just waiting for you to say something about coming with me.”

“Hmm, do you need me to accompany you, Lord Demon King?” Monroe asked.

Hill waved his hand, “It’s boring if you ask, forget it.” After speaking, he walked towards the woods alone. The sound of everyone having a lively banquet can be heard from behind. They should be really happy, Hill thought. Ah, he thought that if he stayed here long enough, he would gradually stop missing Earth, but he didn’t expect that with the passage of time, this ‘missing’ would actually be deeper than in the beginning. In fact, it was fine in the beginning, he didn’t miss home that much.

Hill stood there and looked at the starry sky for a while, gradually draining his mind, and then filling it up again.

The lanterns and flames on the trail squirmed unnaturally.

Hill couldn’t help but smile, “Irvine, aren’t you tired in this flame?”

Irvine got out of the lantern, then knelt on one knee, “My King.”

Then Hill raised his head to look at the woods on the side, “Al, are you trying to assassinate me when you follow me with such a restrained breath?”

Albrecht emerged from the darkness and knelt on one knee, “I’m sorry, My King, I’m just worried about your safety.”

Then, Hill looked at the treetops over there, “Gormund, you will be bitten by a big spider if you continue to squat on the tree.”

Dragon Gormund jumped down from the tree, “I have thick skin, it can’t bite me.”

Hill couldn’t help laughing. Finally, he looked at the darkness over there: “Monroe, you ran out of the armor and turned into a black mist to follow me. Does your current state belong to running naked?”

The black mist quickly condensed and turned into Monroe wearing a white linen robe, “…Although I know what you mean, but this expression of yours is really not commendable.”

“Hahaha…” Hill laughed, and he laughed happily.

It’s nice to have everyone around.

“Go,” he said.

“Where are you going?” Irvine, the fire elemental spirit, came over with his tail wagging.

“The second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” is finished. Let’s go and watch it all night!” Hill said enthusiastically.


“As you wish, My King.”

“Looking forward to it~!”

“Wow, I’m so excited to be in the same room with My King!”


It was also a very pleasant night.

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