Chapter 83 – Hot Light Music

Jack is a small pirate, he has an ordinary appearance and ordinary identity, he is an ordinary sailor on the Deathbird. Although he is not considered clumsy, he definitely belongs to the type of inflexible hands and feet. The reason he became a pirate is also very simple and very common, too poor to live, so he became a pirate. He did not have a heartfelt story, no legendary experience, nor the ability to experience a legendary story.

He is an ordinary man, with ordinary people’s troubles, no money to enjoy, no capital to flirt with girls, no ability to have money, and no perseverance to make themselves capable. Of course, in this era, the troubles of ordinary people there is one more: Don’t know when you may encounter death.

In the pirate ship, Jack is one of the tasteless and discarded type of chicken, but he generally has many years of experience, so he will not make any big mistakes. In addition, he seems to be a bit lucky, so he also worked for three years in the “one of the four great pirates” Rod’s Deathbird. He didn’t brag about himself outside either, he was afraid of being told off by others on Deathbird if they heard.

This day, the Deathbird returned to Josh Kenny, Rod ordered all pirates on the ship to move the precious treasures and supplies out of the sale. He received the coins the next day and then released his men, and of course, paid them what they deserved.

Jack’s payment is small this time, because he played dead again in the battle.

However, at this moment, he looked at the other pirates going to the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, still somewhat envious.

He is not interested in women because with his economic strength, the types of women he can sleep with are old and ugly. He tried, as a result, he couldn’t finish it. Waste of money, he was too embarrassed to ask for a refund from that woman.

But the shopping mall is different, it’s the pirates’ dream place, of course, is also Jack’s dream place. In addition to the movies that most people like, because of the perennial drifting on the sea, they cannot eat good food, so they have become more obsessed with the food in the shopping mall.

One movie after a few months, he can still afford, but the food in the restaurant is not affordable, and there is also a problem. After eating the food in the restaurant, Jack feels that the food in other places is difficult to swallow… which is simply a nightmare.

“Hey Jack, let’s go to the magic mall together.” Someone tapped Jack’s shoulder, and Jack looked back to see that it was Andrew, who was familiar with him.

“Still can’t.” Jack pretended to shrug, “I’m going to go to the tavern.”

“Even if you don’t go to the shopping mall restaurant, you can still see what is good in the first floor.” Andrew said: “Last time, the boss was boasting about the camera, the most important thing is …” He squeezed his eyes to Jack, Jack understands what he meant, so two people say: “—it is very cheap. Hahaha…” The two laughed together.

At this moment, the balance scale in Jack’s heart tilted over endlessly.

Jack continued to play it cool and said, “Okay, maybe we can find something cheap and practical.”

The first floor of the shopping mall has a lot of new things on the shelves, the most striking is called the “gramophone”. Andrew’s expression is some disappointment: “This only has the function of playing music and recording sound?”

“Yes, sir,” the salesperson said.

“Oh.” Andrew shrugged, “Then it’s better to save money and go to the second floor to eat.”

Andrew has no special interest in music, the commoners also have no special interest in music. Speaking of music, they will think of elegant but uninteresting opera, will think of the bar songs with nasty paragraphs about the tramp, will think of the church’s solemn kind of hymns, but also think of the street side troubadour who played the lute by himself… and that’s it.

“Jack, shall we go upstairs and get something to eat?” Andrew asked.

But Jack stared at the gramophone, and he spoke, “This is cheap…”

In fact, 50 silver coins is not cheap, but it is indeed cheap compared to the price of other things in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.

“But what do you want it for?” Andrew asked.

“I don’t know what to use it for, but they are selling it in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, so I want it,” Jack answered truthfully.

“You have this idea too…” Andrew was about to laugh at Jack, but then he realized that he seemed to also have this idea, so he shut up, “Well, you buy it,” he said.

“Okay,” Jack nodded.

If Hill had known, he probably would have laughed three times to the heavens and said: This, is the power of the brand!

Twenty minutes later, Jack walked into a tavern holding a gramophone box, a very typical dimly lit tavern in Josh Kenny, even though it was daytime, there were still a lot of people gathered inside. Sunlight shone in through the windows and broken holes in the walls, forming a column of light in which countless dust was flying. But many people here are not drinking for fun, but waiting for business.

Jack also saw two pirates from the Deathbird inside the tavern, and he greeted them, “Why didn’t you go to the restaurant?” He knew they were financially strong enough to afford the delicacies.

“Went late, it was full, bah.” One of the pirates named Lem said disgruntled, “What are you holding?”

“A gramophone from the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, and a record,” Jack said and sat down next to the other.

“Oh.” Lem said, he was obviously not interested in music either, but asked one more question, “Is it music from a movie?”

“Yes,” Jack said.

“That’s not bad,” Lem said.

After some time, the food was brought up, the appearance and smell, it cannot be compared with the shopping mall restaurant, Jack is used to it, Lem sighs up: “Tonight, I must go there in advance to line up…”

If you let the pirates outside hear Lem say this sentence, they are estimated to laugh out loud, what a joke? Pirates lining up?

There was a time when the pirates of Josh Kenny thought the same way… until they were thrown out one by one by the chef and were put on the restaurant’s blacklist, they realized the seriousness of the problem.

“Good luck, and may the gods of the sea bless you,” Jack drew a Poseidon symbol on his chest and said.

“I converted to the Dark God,” Lem said.

“When did you decide that?” Jack asked.

“When I found out the restaurant was full.” Lem put the sea fish tart in his mouth and then pooh-poohed it, “It’s awful… Hopefully, the Dark God will bless me with demon realm food every time I go ashore in the future. I’m thinking of changing my career to be a demon, I just don’t know where I can apply.”

Jack laughed dryly, “Maybe you should check out Famagusta, which is said to be where the Dark Church is stationed.”

“If I get the chance,” Lem shrugged.

They chatted about this and that, and Lem wanted to talk nonsense to distract himself. But it was a side-effect of the fact that in Josh Kenny, the gods really didn’t have the majesty they deserved.

Jack ate a cherry pie, then swallowed it with a frown.

Lem slapped the table, “How come there isn’t even a singing gnome to cheer you up?” He looked around the room, bored, then said, “Jack, why don’t you turn on that gramophone and listen to it.”

“Okay.” Jack had no comment.

Although Lem wasn’t interested in listening to music specifically, he thought it would be okay to listen to the Song of the Dragon while eating.

So, Jack put the gramophone on the table, then put the record according to the instructions and started it up.

At once, music like flowing water bubbled out of the phonograph, and the first song was “Annie’s Wonderland”.

Light and dreamy melody, unspeakably good tune, can hear the instruments in it, harp, flute… which are all instruments he has heard, but the combination, how come it sounds so good? All the grumpiness, all the unhappiness, all the depression, all melted away in that dream-like moving tune. People seem to be in the clouds, floating, pillowed with marshmallow-like clouds to sleep, the wind blew, no sea smell, but a refreshing sweet taste…

More than three minutes passed quickly and the music ended.

Jack and Lem then woke up.

This, this, this is too good, right?! What is this? Jack’s mind once again appeared a corny thought: this, is the demon’s temptation?

It is no wonder that people always have such thoughts, because for people who have never been exposed to these things, it is still their first time to feel that culture can actually have such a terrible attraction, so it is natural to think that this is the demon’s temptation…

Then Jack noticed that the tavern quieted down and everyone was looking at their side, everyone’s face was mesmerized.

Music has no borders, let alone such light music without lyrics. It directly used the beautiful melody to everyone to convey that calm and beautiful feeling.

“It’s too amazing, so unreal!”

“What is this?”

“Is this the sacred music of the Church?”

“I feel the urge to cry when I listen to it!”

“I feel like I won’t have nightmares after hearing this before I go to bed.”

“Let’s listen to it again!”

“One billion times more!”

Immediately afterwards, the discussion rang out.

A man over there wearing Josh Kenny’s popular leather armor asked, “What’s that you’re holding, my friend?”

“Gramophone.” Feeling his vanity satisfied after attracting so much attention, Jack replied, “The latest item from the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.”

“It turned out to be.” The man suddenly realized, “I wasn’t too interested in that one earlier, but it turned out to be so good… Sure enough, all the ones launched by the Demon Realm Shopping Mall are good.”

There is a popular phrase on Earth to describe this situation: If it’s Demon Realm products, then it must be good.

At this time, the door was kicked open, a few fierce pirates walked in, the leader laughed when he saw Jack: “Isn’t this our famous Deathbird pirate Mr. Jack!”

Jack’s face hardened when he saw the other side, the man’s name was Johnny. They knew each other before Jack got on the Deathbird, and had a beef. Johnny’s pirate group is a small to medium-sized pirate group, by definition, he should not continue to provoke Jack, but Jack knows he is only at the bottom of the Deathbird, and Johnny’s force value is indeed good. If the trouble attracted Deathbird, Jack knows Johnny will be unlucky, but he will also follow the bad luck. So, he would normally just put up with it, who made him not as good as others?

But today, it looks like it can’t end well.

Johnny took a few of his associates and taunted Jack as usual, and Lem, who was next to Jack, asked curiously, “Is he your friend?” He thought Johnny’s words were a bit too much, but if it is Jack’s friend, maybe this is their unique way of making friends? After all, the pirates have a more unique, special way of getting along…

“Of course, we are the best of friends.” Johnny laughed out loud, he walked next to Jack, hooked his neck, then looked at the gramophone in front of him, and said, “So, if I accidentally broke your stuff, you will also forgive me, right?”

After saying that, he raised his hand and pushed the gramophone to the ground.

Jack instantly showed an angry expression: “You!”

“What’s wrong with me?” Johnny laughed again, “Angry? Come on, dare to fight me, you…” he said feeling wrong, because he felt that the whole tavern was looking at him, and all of them were angry and wanted to strangle him.

What’s going on? Johnny felt bewildered.

The gramophone had broken, the good music is gone. They still wanted to listen to it a few more times…

Jack stretched out his fist and hit Johnny’s head hard. But Johnny, after all, has much better hands, so although bewildered, he still subconsciously dodged the punch and pressed Jack to the table. This time, he should say some insulting words, but he saw the people around have gathered and surrounded him…

“Wait, what are you doing?!”

This afternoon, there was a tragic group fight in Josh Kenney.

The Black Sea’s Captain, Johnny, and several of his men were beaten up by a whole tavern full of people, the trigger being the new gramophone in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.

Joan Baker stroked his chin and found a new form of publicity that never fails.

—Want to know what got the Captain of the Black Sea beaten up in the street?

—Come to the shopping mall, the new gramophone will satisfy you.


What happened in the tavern caused quite a stimulus to Jack, there is a seed that fell in his heart.

At that time, after everyone beat those people, they have gone to the shopping mall to buy gramophones. Jack, Lem, and the others took the coins from the guys who could not get up. Jack used Johnny’s money to buy a better gramophone. By the way, the tavern owner also bought a gramophone, and it is the highest kind, he intends to play music in the tavern to attract diners.

Kings, great nobles, minor nobles, commoners, pirates. Good people, outstanding people, ordinary people, mediocre people.

All of these are being influenced by the culture of the demon realm, and all have their own changes.

At the same time, because of this incident, the gramophone in Josh Kenny officially became hot.

As for the Magnolia City’s side… many of the nobles over there in Magnolia City are interested in music themselves, and they all have a lot of money to spend, so the gramophones and records went straight into a hot state from the beginning. After Lady Helen publicly played “Annie’s Wonderland” at her own social ball, the gramophone immediately changed from a hot-selling state to a very hot state.

Well… is off the market again.

And the Fallen Angels Orchestra written on the cover of the album also caught the attention of many people.

Letters about it rained down on the magazine.

Sure enough, a true classic is able to transcend time and space.

“I now have to listen to “Annie’s Wonderland” twice every night before I can fall asleep.”

“Annie’s Wonderland” is like a fairy tale, which is very suitable for a fairy tale in Demon Realm Magazine, but I prefer the “Lonely Shadow in Heaven and Earth” in it, the name is also powerful.”

“Who is Annie?”

“The Song of the Dragon is as good as ever, finally, I can hear my favorite song anytime and anywhere!”

“Annie’s Wonderland” is really too good, I can’t describe the feeling with words anymore.”

“Fallen Angels Orchestra? Is it really made up of fallen angels? Is this the music created by angels and demons together? It has both the beauty of the angels and the temptation of the demons… This song reminds me of childlike beauty.”

“Fallen Angels Orchestra… Wow so yearning, will they make a movie? Are they males or females?”

Hill saw the letter and sprayed straight away.

You, this big brother, you win…

Then, Hill handed over some compliments letter for the Fallen Angels Orchestra for Irvine to sort out, and then he changed his set of clothes, and went towards the Fallen Angels to…

Well… he went there to show off a little.

Then, let them hurry to prepare the following music as soon as possible to get an album to debut.

But whether the Fallen Angels are male or female, to be precise, they are genderless, and they don’t have those organs… Of course, after all, there is magic, so they can also forcibly grow that organ is also possible. As for that fallen angel in the Hell’s Frontline band, Hill plans to let him continue to wear that robe, showing the black wings, and also put a sunglasses, hehehe.


Olivia was in the airship looking at the landscape below, she knew nothing about what was happening in Magnolia City right now.

The terrain was getting higher and colder along the way, with dark green forest after dark green forest below, and cold streams running between the rocks, and gray rugged hills. Not long after, Olivia saw the mountain range which was grayish-purple, the peak is covered with snow.

In fact, the human world also has a lot of beautiful scenery, Olivia thinks so, but most people can’t see it. She picked up her magic camera and took a few pictures, thinking: Noble ladies spend their lives circling the city and rarely get a chance to see the real sights of the world. They grow up, marry, have children, have afternoon tea, or at best, follow the men around the edge of the forest during hunting season, then their children grow up, let them marry, and age, and die. That’s the end of their lifetime. There is no magnificence like in “The Evil Monarch”, no breaking of shackles like in “He is a Dragon”. All they have is a seemingly gorgeous and ordinary life, but their ordinary life is not as warm as the “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.

Culture is something that can change people’s outlook on life.

Olivia thought, “I will never spend my life like this. I don’t pray to have a life as glorious and splendid as the ones in movies, because I have too many things I have to do, but at least let me shine and let me spill the seeds of that awakening farther away.

Mülheim, Winter City, here I come.

Olivia thought.

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