Chapter 82 – The test is over + Annie’s Wonderland

The publication of the magazine did not provoke a particularly widespread discussion, and there was an eerie silence. Duchess Eri Dale had a conversation about it at tea, and the reaction of some of the noble ladies was intriguing.

They were sitting in the back garden of the Dahler residence, where a small stream ran through the garden, not much water flowing at this time of year, but the sound of the rushing water still added some interest to the afternoon tea.

In front of their small table there is good black tea with milk, next to them are three tiers of snack plates, the first tier contains ham and cheese sandwiches, smoked meat sandwiches, smoked fish sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches; the second tier contains strawberry muffins, cranberry scones, blueberry scones, strawberry tart; the third tier contains all kinds of puddings, including mangoes, strawberries, various fruit flavors and original milk flavor, in addition to the recently released jelly. In addition to the third layer, there are some small cakes, such as matcha cake and red velvet cake.

Most of the sandwiches and snacks in the afternoon tea come from the cake shop in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. The price of the snacks in this cart is so high that ordinary aristocratic ladies cannot afford it. However, the restaurant is originally handled by Eri Dale. In addition, her dead husband left her too much money, so she can afford these more than enough.

However, there were disadvantages to the improvement of afternoon tea. The first few times Ms. Eri had afternoon tea, no one talked, everyone ate the snacks, no time to chat… and then the ladies reluctantly took up their aristocratic manners, but almost every time the afternoon tea was over, the three layers of snacks were almost all eaten. You know, usually people can’t even eat a third of it.

In addition to afternoon tea and snacks, every noble lady also has the latest edition of “Demon Realm Magazine” on hand, and their topics usually revolve around it, and then extend to other places. Eri Dale also noticed that many people, including her, also wear jewelries from the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. Unknowingly, the shopping mall has been fully integrated into their daily lives.

Eri Dale took the lead: “I read an article in this issue of the magazine, this article is very interesting…” and then she cleverly led a lively discussion about Hill’s article.

“That actor has a point, but we can’t do anything about it, it’s none of our business, right? But I’ll be miserable if I can’t watch movies or eat all that food later.”

“I can’t say, but I’ll be sad if I can’t watch movies in the future. After watching movies and reading magazines, I realized how empty my life used to be.”

“I don’t know how to say it… because it would feel weird to be on the side of the demons directly, but I actually feel like the humans are doing it so much…”

“Well… everyone is saying that the demons are bad, but we have never seen the demons with our own eyes before. It is true that some demons are bad people, but not all of the humans are good people.”

“I don’t know, I can’t judge.”

Eri Dale listened by the side, interjecting a few words from time to time, and then remembered their words in their hearts.

This is the basic quality of the social flower.

Then she reported the results of this trial to Hill, and Hill felt very satisfied with it. It hasn’t been a year yet, and the results are pretty good.

As for not causing widespread discussion… this is a good thing.

After all, the discussion and controversy itself represents the confrontation of more than putting views. At this stage, some people heartily agree but do not want to say, some people cannot judge whether the words are right or wrong, and some people do not particularly hold opposing views, which shows that the demon realm and the demon race in the hearts of the people of Magnolia City, at the very least, is no longer an enemy. And many people still hold a close and even sympathetic attitude towards them.

Then Hill asked Eri Dale to test some more people, and they got similar results.


Then Hill spoke with Duke Jackson who sent his son Jefferson Jackson to test some of the younger men.

“What does King Magnolia think?” Hill asked.

“He doesn’t really care about the demons, he doesn’t have much of that concept in his head,” Old Jackson said.

“You’ve tried?” Hill felt that Old Jackson answered too quickly, and he let himself show a skeptical expression, and just looked straight into Old Jackson’s eyes with his blood-colored pupils.

“I can surmise that.” Old Jackson replied, “And, Your Highness Greenwald, could you please stop looking at me like that?”

“Are you shy?” Hill said casually.

“I am so old, your appetite is really big,” Old Jackson said.

Hill coughed and said stiffly, “As the saying goes, old ginger is hotter than young ginger.”


“So, if you eat the old one, it tastes better, and it saves more money… Forget it, I’m saying nonsense.” Hill couldn’t say it anymore.

“Praise the God of Light, you also know that you are talking nonsense,” Old Jackson said.

“Praise the Dark God, I know everything I do,” Hill retorted.

“The demons really believe in the Dark God?” Old Jackson was really curious.

“I don’t.” Hill answered truthfully, “I said that so that our conversation would show a neat counterpoint.”

Old Jackson: “…”

Old Jackson looked indifferent: “Let’s talk about business.”

“Oh, okay. What is King Magnolia doing lately?” Hill became serious.

“Suppose, Your Royal Highness Grindelwald, you, a demon, are asking a royal duke for information about the king to whom he owes allegiance?” But obviously, Old Jackson felt that his words were still not serious.

Hill said puzzledly: “Don’t assume, I’m just asking.”

Old Jackson: “…”

He feels that after a few more visits, his heart will become stronger as a result.

“Don’t be a prude old Jackson, we’ve been in cahoots for a long time,” Hill said as he came over with a grin.

“…I don’t know why I regretted hearing you say this,” Old Jackson said deeply.

“Well, then I will try to be more serious when I get along with you.” Hill shrugged.

“…So, you know that you are not very serious.” Old Jackson squinted.

Hill was a little guilty: “Well, okay, so what has King Magnolia been doing lately?”

“He’s been crazy about The Evil Monarch recently. He wants a lich to be his teacher… But he was persuaded by our joint efforts,” Old Jackson said.

Hill sighed: “That’s a shame.”

Old Jackson rubbed his eyebrows: “…Don’t go too far, Your Highness Grindelwald.”

“You are too much for not letting me do too much,” Hill said.

Old Jackson was expressionless: “If not uncouth, then this behavior can generally be defined as…”


“Being a baby,” Old Jackson said.

“Cough, cough, cough, okay, just pretend I didn’t say it.”

King Magnolia is indeed indulging in The Evil Monarch, and like most male readers who read male yy cool articles, while watching the movie he is also thinking about the harem girls. Speaking of which, as the king of a country, of course he really has the ability to turn YY harem into reality.

What made him feel egg-pain was that a major female character was played by his daughter, so he had one less object of desire.

As for the other female characters… Last time King Magnolia and Old Jackson talked, he said Olivia was very beautiful. At that time, Old Jackson’s face was almost green. Seeing how Old Jackson was about to get angry and murder (…), King Magnolia didn’t say any more rationally.

There is a one thing to mention, if King Magnolia really has an idea for Olivia and does something, Old Jackson will definitely go to the demons’ side completely. But even just such a mention is enough to make Old Jackson’s heart blocked for a long time.

At the same time, Old Jackson really let go of the last touch of friendship with Magnolia.

Jefferson Jackson received the following information.

“This matter? The demons are different from us and it is only right that we wage war against them, but it’s okay not to start them. I don’t think we got too much spoils from the war this time.”

“There is one thing to say, these movies are probably not approved by the Church of Light.”

“One? Where is one?”


After this subtle episode, the discussion continued.

“If there is another war, let them surrender the filmmaking technology.”

“I’m afraid it’s not that easy. We can also record things with projection stones, but to complete such a shooting requires a lot of magic. It is estimated that only the great mage can do it… Do you think the human great mage can do this kind of thing? And there are a lot of complicated things in it, not that simple.”

“Indeed… And what should I do without those delicacies? I asked my chef to try to make it. The taste is still not as good as that in the shopping mall. I can’t live without those delicacies!!!”

“Me too!”

“…There is also the Demon Realm Magazine. I can’t imagine how boring I will be if I can’t read the magazine in the future.”

“You can advise the demon race not to film demon race related themes in the future, just take some other themes, so it’s much safer.”

“But the demons don’t know what human life is like, so they can only shoot demon-related subjects? Or does the human world have to be open to the demons? So, they can understand the human world before making movies?”

“… But speaking of it, we don’t need to be afraid of the Church of Light, right?”

“Yes, the Church of Light can still directly do nothing against us? We can save the demons.”

“Yes. Compared to the demons who have already lost to us, it is obvious that the Church of Light and the Oitin Empire are more dangerous now.”

“I want to watch a few more movies.”

“Me too.”

“If I were King Magnolia, I would simply have a good relationship with the Demon Realm.”

Jefferson Jackson had a hidden motive in his heart (…), and he felt so guilty of hearing this that he finally found an excuse and ran away.

After hearing this, Hill was a little surprised. Tsk tsk, he didn’t expect that the attitude of men was more extreme than that of women. But he also smelled some boastful keyboard warrior flavor from those chat records, these people like to pass judgment on everything, pointing out this and that.

He remembered that he had seen a piece of news saying that a person was robbed. After calling the police, the police rushed to the scene ten minutes later and then caught the robber. Someone commented that the police were not being responsible. Hill: ??? And then he saw someone replied to that person: “Your barbaric spit can knock the robber down to the ground.” Hill nearly died laughing at the time.

But these guys who look like keyboard warriors are on the side of the demons, which is also a good thing. But in the future, just don’t have black powder (antis) vs powder (fans).

In addition to these very realistic words, the magazine has also received many romantic articles.

“After reading the contribution of Mr. Anonymous, I was really sad. I have always longed for peace. The war is really terrible. My brother is dead, my neighbor is dead, but I don’t hate the demons. I hate the war itself. My favorite is “Natsume’s Book of Friend”, where everyone lives peacefully together. Those beautiful, sunny stories… can it really only happen in stories? Can’t humans and demons just get along peacefully?”

This article is quite representative.

Hill read it and nodded, very good, the result of this trial is still very satisfactory. At present, people’s perceptions have been changed a lot, but if the demons really do too much they will probably still side with the humans, and then step by step, then it will be fine.

Then, in the next issue of the magazine, they will do another big thing, turn the page of this matter completely, and don’t let it expand its influence too much.


The magazine received a comment on the music that appeared in “The Evil Monarch”:

“Everyone is fascinated by the plot of the movie, but has anyone noticed the music in the movie? When I went to sleep, the music in my mind reverberated over and over again, and I couldn’t sleep for a long time…”

Hill dug up this letter after returning to the demon realm. It seems that someone has noticed the music, so the album can be released. It also happens that he wants to use the music album to attract everyone’s attention, so that everyone will stop thinking about the sensitive topic of demons and human beings.

So, Hill began to pinch Ghost Binns’ neck and asked him to quickly study the low-cost gramophone.

At present, the human world has a device similar to a gramophone, but the cost is relatively high, which is not conducive to large-scale implementation. Hill provided the principle and concept of gramophone and record to the scientific research institute of Ghost Binns: sound can cause vibration, and the sound vibration is recorded into undulating tracks, and the pressure changes of sound waves are accurately reproduced. The way the gramophone works is clockwork, and the clockwork technology is provided by the Black Dwarf clan.

The black dwarves have very low magic talents, so their research on machinery is very good.

The first gramophone was quickly designed with the efforts of several races, and it is the kind that does not contain magic, so the cost is quite low, and there is no requirement on who can use it.

Hill was very satisfied. Then the old technique was repeated, and the gramophone was also divided into three grades. The noble-class ones contain magic, can adjust the sound level, and can also properly keep the recordings. Then Hill waved his hand, causing the black dwarf to start mass production of gramophones.

At the same time, Hill also confirmed the content of the first music album.

The main hit is “Lonely Shadow of Heaven and Earth” in “The Evil Monarch”, followed by “Song of the Dragon” and Lullaby in “He is a Dragon”, and then Hill took a famous piano song on the earth “Annie’s Wonderland”, the music score was written down in accordance with the record of this world and handed over to the Fallen Angel clan. The fallen angels who like music appreciated and accepted it, and soon played “Annie’s Wonderland” with existing instruments and recorded it.

“Annie’s Wonderland” belongs to the Bandari Orchestra’s first album “Wonderland”. Bandari’s light music is well-known on Earth, and it is indeed very nice. So, this indicates that this orchestra will become a big source of Hill’s plagiarism… Cough… unauthorized performances.

The most unique thing about Bandari compared to other orchestras is that every time the music is produced, from the beginning to the end, it is done in the Alpine forest. They insisted on not mixing any artificial sound—a music commentary said: “Every sound of insects, birdsong, flowers falling, and water flowing, they go deep into the mountains, forests and lakes, visiting the Swiss Alps, the spring banks of Loch Lomond, the foothills of the Rose Peak, and Jungfrau peak, and record on-site.”

Hill planned to do the same in light music, recording various sounds in various places in the demon realm, and then blow it out in the magazine… well, the plan works.

Hill planned that all such beautiful light music would be handed over to the Fallen Angels, and he directly gave them the simple and straightforward name, “Fallen Angel Orchestra”, and printed it on the album cover. As for rock and roll… Hill felt that the Tauren Chief seemed interested in it.

Hill quickly assembled a band that looked like a rock ‘n’ roll overkill, with a tauren on the main stage, a dark elf on guitar (he played the zither, the originator of the guitar), a skeleton on drums—a skeleton with a talent for banging on the top—plus a ghost and a fallen angel. And then he threw them a bunch of rock ‘n’ roll sheet music that they could adapt to their existing instruments. Then he named the group Hell’s Frontline, a tribute to Big Brother Jiao. But this rock band still has to grind for quite a while before they can come out, and Hill intends to raise them first.

On the side of the Fallen Angels Light Music Group—

“I don’t understand, Lord Demon King,” a fallen angel said, “Why do you tell humans our name?”

“Because I want them to remember you,” Hill answered truthfully.

“Humans don’t like fallen angels,” the fallen angel shook his head.

“Humans don’t like liches in theory,” Hill said. “But there are still young girls who have written love letters to Aligeli.”

“That’s different, lich is a lich, but the fallen angel…” the fallen angel frowned slightly, “is a betrayal of both humans and gods, and our clan is contrary to the faith.”

Hill blinked, remembering the wild fans holding “XX Star is my faith” banners on Earth, and then remembering the new letters that he had received before that hoped that humans and demons could live in peace.

“Do not worry,” said Hill with a smile, “I will let you become faith itself.”

When he said this, his attitude was a little casual, as if he was joking casually.

But his identity is the Demon King.

The fallen angel slightly furrowed his good-looking eyebrows, and after a while, he said, “Okay, Lord Demon King, our clan… will wait and see.”

The appearance of the fallen angels is almost exactly the same. All of them have silver hair and silver eyebrows, with pale golden eyes, and they wear a white robe that is like water and mist, and they have black wings behind them. Their clan has always lived in seclusion, and none of the previous demon kings had too much communication with them. But Hill scurried everywhere and directly rushed to other people’s territory to ask them to play tunes. They would hesitate if they were asked to go on the expedition, but if they were to play tunes… and after all, that person is the Lord Demon King, so they all agreed.

Then Hill hurried to complete the album before the release of the Demon Realm Magazine, and then planned to release it directly with the gramophone after making a preview in the magazine.

Now that the compensation money has been paid out, Hill intends to slow down and wait for the shopping mall to take shape at Mülheim before making a move.

There are still many things to do, but fortunately, there are many things to look forward to.

Hill put the record on the gramophone and let the beautiful melody of “Annie’s Wonderland” flow out, then he fell on the bed and started writing “Love and Demons” again.

This light music is so nice… it makes him miss the Earth a bit.

Music knows no borders. He hopes such music can make waves in the Magnolia Empire.

Hmm… he can also apply with King Magnolia to open shopping malls in all major cities of the Magnolia Empire.

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Hell’s Frontline – from Thriller Paradise written by San Tian Liang Jiao

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