Chapter 81 – Hill is messing up

Magnolia City has been very lively recently.

In fact, every time a movie is released in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, the entire Magnolia City will be lively for a few days. Then, Hill will launch movie merch in due course to let the excitement continue. The sales of the magazines after the film are also higher than usual.

Recently, it’s not the same. In addition to the routine excitement of “The Evil Monarch”, the turmoil within the Magnolia School of Magic has also attracted a lot of people’s attention.

The Magnolia School of Magic is the best magic school in the Magnolia Empire. Every time the school opens, people from the royal family will be there in person. Therefore, the internal turbulence of such an academy is naturally eye-catching.

As a result, everyone was speechless after paying attention. What is this? The professors wear cosplay outfits to protest the schools’ prohibition on filming in the sea? Is everyone so high?

Academy professors in the other world are naturally very different from modern teachers on Earth. Some of them are honorary professors like Ghost Binns, with special status and enjoy a certain reputation; some are teachers who become teachers after passing the college assessment, and there are also other identities: there are outstanding graduates, mercenaries who washed their hands in the golden basin, and some people with military status. Therefore, it is really difficult to manage these teachers from different places in a unified way.

The professors have all kinds of personalities, and many of the time in class are based on their own preferences. To put it simply, they are very willful and self-willed, and many people don’t have any arrogance to put up, rather they prefer to be unrestrained some to show their own maverick. This is the characteristic of many non-aristocrats who deal with aristocrats all the year round.

However, in fact, there are very few professors who are really annoyed by the principal for not letting them make movies. Most of the professors join the cosplay army because they don’t like being so controlled, and the other part just follows the noise.

So, to sum up, it is understandable that they made this kind of collective behavior of teaching in cosplay outfits.

Many movie fans find it very interesting, and the students also feel very magical. This farce has also shortened the distance between students and teachers, which leads to more playful professors to join the ranks. The principal’s head was all over the place.

Oh yes, everyone in the empire thought this was an interesting farce, and it didn’t have a big impact. It was fun to watch, and they could understand the psychology of the professors, so they didn’t take this matter seriously.

The only people who took it seriously were Joan Baker, for one, and Old Jackson, for another.

So, the movies could already have such a substantial impact? Old Jackson sat looking at the morning paper and thought.

Of course, Old Jackson also knew that those professors were not really angry for the movie, but it still surprised him that the opportunity of the movie could set off such a campaign in the largest magic school in the Magnolia Empire. The influence of the movie has reached the point that it can become some kind of opportunity.

Old Jackson stroked the family ring on his hand. This is his habit. He would stroke the ring whenever he did something wrong. Before that, when he flattered King Magnolia, he stroked his ring madly, which made King Magnolia think he was abnormal…

His father died young, he became a duke at the age of 14, and then he had an 11-year-old fiancée. At that time, he was too young to know how to treat his fiancée. Later, when she was 13 years old, they got married. At the age of 17, she gave birth to Jefferson for him. Then at the age of 19, she died of dystocia while giving birth to Olivia.

It’s hard to say if they ever developed love; it may have turned into a family affection before it did. But he still remembered when he couldn’t find her in the room after the wedding, and then on the balcony, he saw her sitting on the window sill, shaking her feet, eating a piece of cherry pie—”The food in your Magnolia City is better than that in Winter City. It’s so delicious!” She said to him with her eyes shining at the time. She was still a child at that time.

Old Jackson became a Duke when he was young and he was also young when he was widowed, so many noble ladies spied on him. Even King Magnolia asked on behalf of his cousin at the time, but Old Jackson rejected all these questions at the time, and he answered calmly. At the wedding, he swore that he would only love her from now on and never betray. So, he won’t marry another wife. King Magnolia was quite speechless, “Jackson, my brother, even the most traditional people will laugh at you… Who would take the wedding vows seriously?”

“I’ve broken too many vows and done too many things that have lost my heart. At least this time, I won’t break it,” the young and handsome Jackson said at the time.

Then more than ten years passed, the two children grew up, to now.

In fact, Old Jackson did a lot of uncomfortable things when he first inherited the family. At that time, he always liked to touch the ring of the owner of the house, which made him feel calm. He has rarely touched the ring now, maybe he has matured, maybe he has become a part of this cold world.

Old Jackson brought the ring back to him, and then sent a letter to Joan Baker, saying that he wanted to see Mr. Grindelwald.

Mr. Grindelwald is a demon with wild thinking, but his thinking is not thoughtful enough, and his political sensitivity, though high, is not as good as that of Old Jackson. During this time of getting along, Old Jackson certainly discovered this. Since he has already joined his group, then just help him out again. Old Jackson thought so.


When Old Jackson contacted Hill, Hill was doing the compilation of “Love and Demons” shamelessly, just like a programmer on Earth. After receiving the call, Hill finally crawled out of the bedroom under the watchful eye of Irvine who was almost moved to tears, and then ran to the hot spring in the volcanic area to take a bath.

Hill has never soaked in a real hot spring on Earth, only that kind of man-made hot spring. Many hot springs claimed on Earth are mostly fake. In fact, they just boil hot water. Many unscrupulous merchants add sulphur into it and use it repeatedly. It’s scary to think about it. There is a cold knowledge that 15% of the air we breathe in the subway is human dead skin cells, in addition to all kinds of other strange things you don’t want to know… and with some unscrupulous businesses, what’s in the hot spring, you can imagine.

But of course, this problem won’t exist in the other world.

Hill soaked in the hot spring comfortably, feeling the slippery water of the hot spring washing his smooth skin, and once again experienced the beauty of life now.

He intends to build a large hot spring resort in the vicinity later, where people of all races can come to soak in the hot spring. Then add a few more add-ons, such as red wine, medicinal materials, milk, flowers, plants and other types of hot springs, and make more tricks.

At present, Hill has built some small houses next to the hot springs, which were built by the skeleton family according to Hill’s drawings. Hill found that the skeletons have a very high level of construction, which may be related to the fact that when they are bored, they tear down their bones to build a small house… Oh yes, all the skeletons are hyperactive, and their racial traits also prevent them from getting other enjoyments, even worse, the skeletons can’t eat, and the worst thing is that the skeletons can’t have sex.

They reproduce monogamously and they reproduce in a very interesting way. When preparing to reproduce, take a piece of spiritual bones from their bodies and plant them in the soil, and then water and fertilize them every day. When the spring comes in the next year, the little skeletons will crawl out… That scene reminds Hill of the beginning of the plant vs. zombies.

I planted a bone in the spring and harvested countless skeletons in the fall ~

The skeletons maintain life by absorbing the essence of heaven and earth… It seems a bit esoteric to say, but in fact, it is a direct absorption of nutrients, without the process of enjoying the food.

Hill once gave them a big pot of soup with various nutritious ingredients, and then the skeletons jumped in one by one to use their bodies to absorb the nutrients inside. Afterwards, the head of the skeleton family said that this was the most delicious food he had eaten in more than a hundred years. Hill wanted to laugh at the time, so he popularized the different nutritional differences in various ingredients to the head of the skeleton, and provided a few recipes for cauldron soup at the same time.

Since each of the skeletons are hyperactive, Hill has assigned them various tasks, and they are also willing to do them. They have the potential to become workaholics.

After soaking in the hot spring comfortably, Hill’s exhaustion was wiped out. Then, he changed his clothes and prepared to leave for the human realm.

He is wearing a linen robe today, with a belt made of fish bones and high-quality cowhide around his waist, and is also inlaid with many pearls and gems—this is a gift from the Siren Patriarch some time ago. The coat is made of black mink, and the black cloak is pinned to the chest with golden ornamental pins. For the Magnolia City side, this should be a more retro dress.

The culture of the Magnolia Empire is still relatively open. Because there is no religious restriction, the clothing styles are also diverse. In fact, the mainstream clothing style is similar to the Baroque style on Earth, but a variety of other styles can also be accepted—including the cosplay clothes introduced by Hill. You must know that religion has a great influence on clothing. Religions on Earth once considered stripes as a sign of the devil, and there have been ridiculous historical facts that civilians were put to death for wearing striped clothes.

Hill saw old Jackson that night.

He first went directly to the mansion of Joan Baker. Joan Baker opened the door and saw Hill sitting in the living room yawning. Joan Baker froze for a moment: “You are really uninvited every time. “

“Because you never invite me,” Hill said.

“…You always have such witty words,” said Joan Baker.

“You always love to tell the truth so much,” Hill said.

Joan Baker: “…” Brother, I’m mocking you, didn’t you hear it? You really have the Lannister family’s talent in this respect: “The visitor does not refuse, regardless of his manners, as long as others give, I dare to take.” Joan Baker groaned silently in his heart.

“I guess you are complaining about me now, but don’t say it, so I can continue to pretend that you are complimenting me. What I can’t see is non-existent, okay, that’s it.” Hill stood up after saying this. “Okay, I’ll go to Old Jackson first, I will be back tonight. Let’s discuss some business matters.”

“Why did you come here first if you are going there?” asked Joan Baker. In his opinion, this is not in line with the optimal solution of the transaction.

“Oh, just come here to say hello to you.” Hill stood up and shook his black cloak. “It feels like it has become a habit of mine to come over and say hello to you first whenever I go to the human realm… I guess you wouldn’t mind it, my first collaborator.”

Joan Baker blinked his cold gray eyes and smiled, “Of course I don’t mind, Mr. Grindelwald.”


Jackson Residence.

Ever since Olivia left, Old Jackson felt that the house was empty.

Hill followed the normal procedure for the visit, and Old Jackson also received him in accordance with the normal etiquette. After the two had dinner together, they took a walk in the garden together. Old Jackson didn’t say any nonsense and said directly: “Do you know about the recent events at Magnolia School of Magic?”

“I know.” Hill nodded.

“Any thoughts?” Old Jackson asked

“Some ideas, but not formed,” Hill said.

Old Jackson: “What do you think?”

Hill: “Utilize.”

Old Jackson: “How to use it?”

“That’s why…it’s not formed yet…” Hill coughed, a little embarrassed.

Old Jackson was speechless. This was more than an unformed idea, it was simply an empty glove. Then Hill looked up: “Is the impact of this incident actually greater than I thought?”

Old Jackson was stunned for a moment in his heart, not expecting that the other party could actually think of this step by virtue of three words? “Yes,” he replied.

“Then specifically…”

“Test,” Old Jackson said.

Hill froze for a moment, and then understood what Old Jackson meant: “You mean to use this to test the public’s current thoughts about the demons now?”

Old Jackson nodded, “Yes, because almost everyone thinks this is a farce at present. If the result of the trial is not ideal, you can continue to use the farce as an excuse to end it calmly.”

Hill certainly understands that this “test” is real, not the demons’ confusing theme in the movie. This is indeed a good opportunity to test, but after this step is taken, there is no longer any possibility of reconciliation with the Church of Light… If possible, Hill really hopes to give himself a few years to develop with peace of mind.

But this is impossible.

And there was no possibility of reconciliation.

Then go ahead.

That evening, Hill wrote the manuscript:

“I’m one of the actors of “The Evil Monarch”, but because the article is more sensitive, I chose to remain anonymous.”

Of course, you have to pretend to be someone else when you do such deceptive things.

At this time, it showed Hill’s wisdom. He used various methods to increase the sales of magazines and kept the prices of magazines lower and lower in order to expand the influence of magazines.

“I love acting. I briefly experienced another person’s life during the filming…”

Then there is a line that Hill plagiarized on the Internet, which is very touching.

“Everyone thinks what’s happening now is farce, but I think that making movies is a very interesting, and it can also reap wealth and fame. In addition, teachers should also have the ability to do what they want to do… or is it not because of the movie, but because of the demons?”

—The highlight is here.

“Since we were young, the education we have been exposed to has always told us how evil the demon race is and how terrible the demon realm is, but now, I think everyone has a preliminary understanding of the first sentence, and for the latter sentence, I will go one by one.

Humans who have visited the demon realm can tell you responsibly that it is not true. The real demon realm, like the human realm, has a variety of topography and landforms, and many of its landscapes are more beautiful than the human realm. Everyone can also see some pictures of the demon realm through the magazine. I can tell you that the real demon realm is more beautiful than the photos.

I also came into contact with some races in the demon realm, elegant dark elves, and mysterious ghosts. The food they eat is the same as ours—of course, they eat more delicious food, as anyone who has been to a restaurant in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall knows. They also have their own culture, customs, and family.

Lord Grindelwald also mentioned the war to us. He showed a sad expression at the time. He said that both the demons and humans have lost a lot. Now, the demon army has been forced to disband, and the largest mine of the demons has also been taken away by the Church of Light.

Now, the demons are actually in short supply of resources, so they are forced to start trading with humans… And we all know that humans took the initiative to attack the demons…”

Hill felt a little bit embarrassed when he wrote his own part, but after writing the script of “The Evil Monarch”, his resistance to poison has been greatly improved, so he also finished this paragraph smoothly.

“In the treaty with the Church of Light, the Demon King at that time asked for fair trade, and the human side has already agreed. In fact, if they can develop slowly as they are now, humans and the demon can become friends, and even fall in love and get married like in “Natsume’s Book of Friends” and those in the movies. But I know this is impossible, even if we promise, we expect, the people of the church will not allow it. I knew that day would come, but I didn’t expect it to come so soon.

When I knew that the principal of Magnolia School of Magic had forbidden teachers to participate in the movie, I was really furious. We must face up to the tragic fact that all our desires are tainted. In a sense, we are in today’s situation because of the sacrifice of many people, but some people want to break it.

The superiors did not fulfill this sacred obligation. They just wrote a blank check to us demons and humans. The check was stamped with ‘insufficient funds’ and then returned to us. But we don’t believe that the bank of justice has gone bankrupt. We don’t believe that there are not enough reserves in this country’s vast pool of opportunities. “

Hill flew his pen, and his writing flowed. He wrote all kinds of deceptively induced words and all kinds of words that concealed concepts. Ah, thanks for the tip of Old Jackson.

Okay, the next issue of the magazine will publish this “anonymous actor’s contribution” to see how humans react.

The Five Elders of the demon realm: Huh…? The last paragraph is a bit familiar?

Oh yes, “I Have a Dream” has been used more than once.

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