Chapter 80.2 – The follow-up of “The Evil Monarch” and the march towards the Ice Empire

With the hit of “The Evil Monarch”, the human actors who participated in the filming also tasted the taste of fame, especially the actor of Renault, a student of Magnolia School of Magic, who was reading about Renault X Theodore’s BL. He was a little embarrassed, but after the embarrassment, he forgot about it, but after a while, some school girls blushed and shyly said in front of him that they supported him and Theodore’s relationship… which made him want to hit the wall.

Others who played the role of mocking Theodore also received a certain degree of hostility. They didn’t pay much attention to it, but they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It looks like there are risks in acting in movies, especially villains.

By the way, the guest player who always bullied Theodore, the First Elder, was a teacher from Magnolia School of Magic. He was once walking on the street and was beaten with a fist by a little girl for some reason… Then he found out that when he was teaching in class, the students were always distracted, he was very angry.

The students explained that they wanted to distract themselves when they saw his face. He is also very helpless. The principal of Magnolia School of Magic therefore even considered whether to ban the teacher from acting in movies in the future. This has caused dissatisfaction among the teachers. After all, some teachers at Magnolia School of Magic are well-known in a certain field. Some teachers can’t be controlled even by the principal. Let’s just talk about the Honorary Professor, Ghost Binns. Who dares to control him?

At present, the liveliest thing in Magnolia City, apart from the movies, is the tearing up of Magnolia School of Magic.

Don’t know whose bad idea it was, but many teachers changed into cosplay costumes to teach their students when school started on Monday, expressing their discontent in this way. But many students said they went blind – after seeing an old male professor wearing a siren princess costume.

The principal couldn’t resist the pressure and was forced to agree.


Hill went back to the Demon Realm to deal with some problems left over from the movie, and then wrote a very official film review, and then he mentioned: “I noticed that the actor for Princess Ann, before and after, is not the same. This also explains why I think the latter Princess Ann is not as attractive as the previous one. This is really a pity. I watched the movie very seriously, but after noticing Princess Ann’s problem, I couldn’t help but keep noticing… Although the latter actor also played very well, in my opinion, it’s not as good as the previous actor. The young lady named Paula is so beautiful! Naturally beautiful!”

Then Hill frantically praised Delia’s acting skills, but did not belittle the latter’s acting skills—the succubus named Alice, saying that although Alice is good, Paula is more perfect.

Hill was actually talking nonsense… Anyway, they couldn’t see the difference, after all, the role of the princess has also grown and changed. In fact, the acting skills of the succubus are better than that of Princess Delia herself. But he writes it like this to give the audience a hint and planting a seed in their hearts. When they watch the movie again, they will be preconceived and think that this is really the case.

Soon after, a related letter appeared in the magazine, thinking that Alice in the back was not as good as Paula in the front.

Hill did not announce the actual role of the princess, which is what Princess Delia wanted.

These remarks were published in the magazine, which made Delia both happy and angry.

She is happy that these people recognize her without knowing who she is. This is achieved by her own strength. And she is angry because she can play in the entire movie, but only half of it because of her father.

Just look at the people who have returned from the demon realm, all of them are happy. Olivia also gave her a vivid description of many things, she described the beautiful forest of the Dark Forest, the clear river and the purple fog, and the unknown wildflowers. Of course, Olivia also mentioned the beautiful gardens in Deathstroke Town, and that impressive ghost dance… Delia thought about it more than once. So, she blamed King Magnolia.

Is King Magnolia really for her own good?

His attitude towards her is the same as every king’s attitude towards the princess. She can do whatever she wants within a certain range, even if it is murder and arson, it doesn’t matter, because King Magnolia doesn’t care about it. But the prerequisite is that she can’t harm the glory of the royal family, and she will marry a suitable marriage partner in the future.

—This is your value.

—This is also for your own good.

Many princesses have been raised to do nothing but marry, which is actually a tradition of sorts.


When everyone was addicted to “The Evil Monarch”, Olivia, as one of the leading actors, briefly enjoyed the feeling of being famous, and then just got up and went to Mülheim without hesitation.

She actually enjoys the feeling of being watched by others. In the past, she actually said that she was the daughter of the Duke, but she still couldn’t fit into the circle of the noble ladies. She had few friends and everyone thought her personality was strange. But now, it’s different. When she attended a banquet, all the noble ladies were looking at her with envy, yearning, and even longing. Many people started talking to her, even Prince Caesar even talked to her. Okay… This made her a little proud of herself.

But Olivia is sober, she understands why she is doing this, and she also understands that she can enjoy this feeling, but she can’t stay in it. Her battlefield is far away, and she needs to put the Demon Realm Shopping Mall in the capital of Mülheim, Winter City. She wants to be proud, and she should be proud of successfully standing the Demon Realm Shopping Mall in the future, instead of playing successfully by relying on the back door after the movie.

Olivia naturally understood that she was able to play the role of Elena, in fact, because Hill opened the back door.

It was a pleasure to make the movie. It is a great pleasure to completely immerse yourself in another character and experience another life while making the movie. And although His Highness Grindelwald was very strict and stern during filming, he was very nice to be around in private, funny and witty, with great quips. The real him is very different from the overbearing demon king in the movie. But Olivia found that being approachable doesn’t mean not being handsome, in fact after spending some time with His Highness Grindelwald, she realized that the affable charm was far greater than the overbearing cool charm shown in the movie.

Olivia sometimes felt that the time of filming really seemed like a dream.

Spending time with her idol, making movies, and later actually going to the lower realm… oh no, the demon realm! In addition to the movie, His Highness Grindelwald also arranged some sightseeing trips for them, and Olivia saw a lot of things she had never seen before. As a Duke’s daughter, she should reasonably have seen a lot, but the various new things she saw while in the demon realm made her turn into a child who was so excited that she shouted.

It’s so good, so yearning, if only I could see more… Olivia thought this before she left the demon realm.

Olivia’s transportation to Mülheim is an airship, accompanied by several servants from the Jackson family and a fire elemental spirit, who is the chef and the strongest fighter on Olivia’s side. The airship is powered by a mixture of coal and magic crystals and is much faster than a horse-drawn carriage. It is expensive and only the nobles and top merchants can afford it. Olivia spent this time occasionally admiring the scenery in the sky, but spent most of her time thinking.

Olivia felt that her life had completely changed from a year ago, no, not only her, but the daily life of all noble ladies and madams had changed.

In the past, their lives revolved around afternoon tea and social dances, and all they talked about were things that Olivia had no interest in. But now, the topic of these noble ladies always revolves around the demon realm, the movies of the demon realm, the food of the demon realm, the Demon Realm Magazine.

They would have their servants pack food in the restaurant of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall beforehand, then they would hand a Demon Realm Magazine at afternoon tea, and then start to read the novels inside together, talk about the recent movies, and share their afterthoughts together. Other than that is the discussion about jewelry and clothes, and the discussion is still about the jewelry on the first floor of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.

Olivia found that the demon realm has really affected their lives… or, has invaded their lives completely.

The noblemen were relatively better off, they would go to the movies and read magazines, but they also had their own jobs during the week, so the signs of invasion were not particularly obvious… while their wives and daughters had completely revolved around the demons.

The camera, which was launched some time ago, also caused a big wave. In almost less than a week, all the nobles had one in their hands. Olivia even saw some commoners with the camera. The first photo she took with the camera was a poster of Arman, the demon dragon at home, and the second photo was taken by the maid, a photo of her, Jefferson, and Old Jackson. That photo was on Olivia’s bedside, she brought it with her this time. It made her feel at ease.

Olivia felt a little surprised that Magnolia City, which had remained unchanged for a hundred years, had changed dramatically in this short year, all because of His Highness Grindelwald.

She was not the Old Duke and did not have such a far-reaching vision as the Old Duke, so she simply thought: His Highness Grindelwald is so great, the demon realm culture and food are so great.

In addition to these thoughts, Olivia also thought about the plan after arriving in Mülheim.

First, she needs to go to her mother’s natal family – the Black family, to find her uncle, Earl Anthony, and then through her uncle, buy a store that can cover the shopping mall, and then set up a teleportation array inside.

The teleportation array is a fixed-point teleportation, only the human archmage can master this spell. The layout of the teleportation array is from the hand of Lich Aligeli. Olivia only needs to follow the drawings to place the materials, then Aligeli will respond to the call to teleport over, and completely solidify the teleportation array.

Teleportation array in the human world is not so practical, short-distance teleportation is okay, long distance can only transport some small things, it’s easy to break apart if it’s large… By the way, people belong to the “big one”. As for how this point of knowledge is determined down… this is a not very interesting story.

Hill got this teleportation array not originally to transport people, but to transport some supplies. Things such as cameras are not easily damaged.

After setting up the teleportation array, Olivia needed to ask her uncle to help her set up the shopping mall first. Because the Church of Light was more powerful in Mulheim, Olivia intended to put the movie thing to a halt, unlike Hill in Magnolia City. After discussion, Hill let Olivia promote food as a knockout in Mulheim first this time.

The food in Mulheim is much worse than that of the Magnolia Empire, and the food in the demon realm will surely amaze the nobles of Mulheim. After the food has captured the hearts of a group of people, Olivia will then release all the movies at once, as many as she can… Next, just wait for the storm to come.

This will be the first collision between the demon realm and the Church of Light since the treaty was signed.

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