Chapter 80.1 – Steamy BL Fanfictions

The movie was over, but no one left the room, everyone was watching the end credits.

Theodore – played by Associate Editor of “Demon Realm Magazine” – Theodore

Anna (princess) played by Paula (Princess Delia’s pseudonym)/ Alice

Elena (cousin) played by Olivia Jackson

Helena (female magician) played by Emma (succubus)

Special thanks:

Mr. James, Dean of Magnolia School of Magic

Demon Dragon Mr. Arman





Joan Baker

The last thing that appeared was the Skull Q(chibi) version of the Demon King Films and Television LOGO.

After the big screen was completely dark, with the buzzing of conversation, the audience left the cinema one by one.

“It’s really wonderful!”

“It’s so exciting to watch…”

“This is really a very surprising movie! Of course, its length is also surprising…” a nobleman said to his companion, “I think I need to solve my personal problems urgently.”

Hill has stated in advance that the movie is two and a half hours long. After all, its plotline and content are too much. Hill has cut it as short as possible, the two and a half hours of content can no longer be cut. There are movies on Earth that are longer than this, but general commercial movies still control the duration. But no one in the other world cares about these, and Hill, as the leader, can do whatever he wants.

“This is so exciting, I want to push this movie to everyone around me!” A young man said enthusiastically: “I want my father to see it too, he said before that movies are all about love affairs, not interesting, but not this one!”

Indeed, the previous movies had the same audience, but this movie has further expanded the audience.

Let Magnolia City and Josh Kenny fall into an unprecedented craze! Hill thought. Hill currently does not plan to make some specific films. He intends to continue making more mass commercial films, and then mix some private goods in them.

The next day, “Demon Realm Magazine” received a bunch of articles about “The Evil Monarch”.

It also included a variety of weird CPs, and there were also some steamy BL fanfictions, which almost frightened Theodore who was reviewing the articles. But some of the BL colleagues did write really well. Theodore even found that one of the BL authors was from Mrs. Helen’s film critics group… Hey, hey, you guys, this is an official film critic group ah, why don’t you write film reviews but write this??! Is this the deadliest official corruption?!

Theodore was torn and reported the story to Joan Baker, who was serious on the outside, but was actually snickering on the inside, and reported it to Hill, who couldn’t help but laugh wildly and then replied in a serious manner, “Theodore will sacrifice a little for the sake of promoting the movie.”

Theodore published this article in tears, and was arrested on the spot by Joan Baker for his attempt to publish it in an inconspicuous place. Joan Baker has sincerely modified this short story in the most eye-catching column.

The foreword is a reader’s contribution, “To Ali”.

“If Theodore hadn’t met Ali, his life would have continued on the established trajectory toward extinction, but he met him, and they met on that moonlit night.

It’s hard to say how Ali was feeling when he manipulated his body to rescue a woman who liked him.

… Ali, just simply pronouncing this name makes you feel as if your lips are savoring.

If possible, I am willing to stay together with a lich. “

The writing style is relatively beautiful, and the whole article is a confession to Lich Ali.

At that time, Lich Aligeli shook his hand after seeing this article, and almost lost his bone staff: “…what is this!”

Hill said with a smile, “A love letter from a human girl.”

“Is she crazy? I’m a moving undead and a natural disaster, I’m a lich!” Aligeli shivered and said, “I’m terrible, let me tell you!”

Hill: “Pfft…” How can Aligeli be so cute.

“She, she, what the hell is this…”

“Humans only want to see what they want to see.” Hill shrugged and said after laughing, “It’s not a big deal. Oh, in fact, it’s the same for the demons.” Hill patted Aligeli on the shoulder “Anyway, it’s always good for someone to like you, right?”

Aligeli froze for a moment, then nodded naively.

After Hill left, Aligeli read this article several times, and then he couldn’t help but become a little curious… There are actually human girls who would like this kind of self? And he looks very ordinary in the movie, not good-looking. Such a weak human being can be pinched to death by him with a single thought, she also knows this, but she still wrote such a warm confession… It feels… not bad.

In addition, there were many comments, and Hill took some of them out and published them in the magazine.

“The scene where Theodore stood and left in the bloody sunset is the most memorable scene this year.”

“A great movie!!! I want to marry Theodore!!!”

“Since watching this movie, my sister has been squatting at the door of the magazine every day like a pervert, waiting for Mr. Theodore to show up. How can I persuade her to be more like a noble lady? My dear, if the magazine publishes this comment from me, please watch your behavior a little…”

“After watching the movie, I went home and excitedly tore my dad’s “Sacred Code of Light”. My dad almost tore me off. Then I took him to watch the movie. After he went home, he tore my mother’s “Sacred Code of Light”, and then my dad and I were almost torn by my mother…”

But there are other voices.

“This movie is pretty good, oh yes, in my opinion, it can only be said to be good. I like the warm world in “Natsume’s Book of Friends” more than it. When will the second season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” come out this time…?”

“I have watched it, it’s okay, but I prefer romance movies.”

These voices are taken for granted, after all, they can’t expect everyone to like this movie.

This movie is more popular in Josh Kenny than Magnolia City. If it weren’t for the fire element spirit chef in the shopping mall, it is estimated that the projection stone of “The Evil Monarch” would have been robbed. The living habits of pirates are gradually changing. In the past, every time they came to the shore, they would spill a lot of money into casinos, taverns, and red-light districts, but now, their money flows into the shopping mall.

Go to a pub to drink? How can this be compared to the wine and food in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall!

Go to the red-light district? Still, various movies are more interesting.

Go to the casino to brag about gambling? No, no, no, I will buy two magazines first, and then let the literate person tell me the stories…

This led to the loss of a major source of income for the female groups in the red-light district. They once rushed to the shopping mall in groups to see what the movie was, and then, uh, they were also conquered… But there are some economically savvy people who bought the cosplay outfits on the first floor and opened up new businesses. Cough, let’s not talk about this kind of thing.

Hill sprayed water on the spot when he got the news, and Joan Baker over there frowned, “It’s too much.”

Hill thought, is this because you feel that they have tarnished the movie characters?

Then Joan Baker said: “According to the recent patent law issued by the Empire, if they make a profit in this way, they should pay us a royalty.”

…So, Hill sprayed water a second time.

Hey, hey, Baron Baker, your treacherous profiteer’s lower limit is really surprisingly low!

Irvine next to him also opened his eyes. For the first time, he admitted that human beings are really a terrible race. As a demon, he lost…

“Speaking of casinos, you can do the same.” Hill touched his chin and said, “What sexy card dealers online and etc…” This kind of advertisement on Earth really leaves a deep impression on people. The color scheme of the rich gold, the bold design… Speaking of which, the second most impressive thing is probably the coconut milk.

Everyone’s chat turned to a terrible area.

Irvine shivered on the sidelines.

Hill had new ideas through today’s chat. Since the movie is so popular in Josh Kenny’s pirates, wouldn’t it be possible to make a pirate-themed movie to further capture this group? Hill wrote this idea down in his little book, it can only be written down first, because there are too many plans.

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