Chapter 79 – Second part of “The Evil Monarch” ✓

In the premiere of “The Evil Monarch”.

In the movie, Theodore came to the Ash School of Magic, which enlarged the map in the movie.

Including Theodore, there are a total of three S-level freshmen in this year. One is one of the female counterparts, the cold female mage. At first, she was cold and frosty with the protagonist. After being rescued by the protagonist, she began to softly stick to this ancient style set up. Another S-level freshman was used for face-slapping. The opponent provoked Theodore many times, and was finally slapped and slapped by Theodore. Then Theodore came out with a disdainful “S-level? Nothing special.” Seeing this plot, Hill was embarrassed, but the audience, especially those of Josh Kenny, were so excited that they screamed.

In the first year after enrolling, Theodore was known as the first person in the Ash School of Magic, an S+ level.

In short, the next step is “coolness” along the way. The movie describes how the Baruch family regrets, describes the deep regret of the former fiancée, and also lets Theodore abuse the domineering boyfriend of the former fiancée. Afterward, there was a joint test with all the magic schools in the continent, and Theodore was once again in the limelight… Because the movies are often limited, these plots have passed very quickly, and Hill felt that just a few shots would be enough. The audience will be bored if they keep trying to hold it.

Just when the audience’s mood was high, disaster came.

After Theodore was gradually becoming a myth in the academy, the school teacher took the students on an adventure, but accidentally provokes a terrible monster. Seeing everyone including the lead teacher are going to be eaten by the terrible monster (the friendly tentacle monster Xiao Ai’s cameo), Theodore tried the magic spells of the demon in order to save everyone, thus exposing his true skills—at this time, he has far surpassed the teacher.

While everyone was shocked by his strength, they also feared his use of the magic spell.

Of course, Theodore was caught by the teachers of the school and the church, tortured and questioned, and finally, he was about to be executed…

This plot is very much in line with the current situation in the human world. Sometimes as a reader, you may feel that there are so many loopholes, like why those people are in high positions and why the IQ is so low… But in fact, in reality, it is indeed low, and probably even lower.

A pirate at the Josh Kenny movie theater muttered: “He was met with this kind of disaster twice because of saving people. Where is the promised evil monarch? What is this?”

Some viewers have this idea in their minds.

“Don’t save people in the future. Those people are not worth saving.”

If this is an online novel being serialized, I am afraid the author has already been scolded.

But of course, this is not. Hill also had the intention to shoot in this way.

On the screen, Theodore was locked up in jail waiting to be sent off. Elena stole the key and came to him and secretly released him. Elena told him that Renault had also made great efforts to help him escape from prison. The sentence made the audience feel less hostile… It is still good to be able to know gratitude.

Theodore successfully escaped, but Elena was found by the church and was held accountable afterwards, so Elena replaced Theodore and was about to be executed.

Theodore was practicing in the mountains when he got the news, and then he stormed out on the spot.

“I want to save her, old man.”

“You can’t do it now.”

“I want to save her, old man.”

“There will be many strong men from the church coming at that time.”

“I want to save her, old man. I know you have a way. I want to save her at any cost.”

—Hill found this dialogue very satisfactory.

“You…oh, you child, okay…” Lich Ali sighed, “I’m doing this for your own good…”

The specific method is that Lich Ali will possess him and manipulate his body to save Elena.

“Aren’t you afraid that the old man will take advantage of the opportunity to take over your body?” Lich Ali asked.

“Along the way, some have respected me, some have feared me, some have liked me, some have helped me… but they have all done so because of who I am and what I am outwardly, I seem to have it all, but if I am not Baruch, if I am not a genius… then everything would turn to smoke in a flash. But only you, Ali, you’ve been by my side all this way to help me and keep me company.” Theodore smiled and said, “If in the end, you want my body, just take it.”

Okay, another contrast between humans and demons. Eh heh.

But what Hill didn’t expect was that afterwards, a lot of fanarts of Ali X Theodore appeared, and the phrase: “If in the end, you want my body, just take it.” It was written with all kinds of pornographic meanings… This can be a really ludicrous thing.

By the way, besides the Lich Ali X Theodore, there are many people who support Renault X Theodore. This is probably because the women’s feelings and likes for Theodore in the movie script are too taken for granted, while the men’s changing feelings for Theodore instead seem more vivid and interesting… This makes Hill sweat. All right, well, you guys win.

Then there was a climax. Theodore, who was possessed by Ali, appeared directly on the day of the public execution, and then a variety of shots exuding wild dominance, punching the Paladin, kicking the mage, and successfully rescuing Elena… At this time, the last heroine, the princess, finally appeared. She watched the whole process. She didn’t think it was a violation of the dignity of the royal family. Instead, she thought it was very funny, and then she said, “If there is a man who can treat me so well, it would be good.”

Next, the two have been running away + being chased and attacked. At the last moment, the cold female mage in the school of magic appeared and rescued them. The three strayed into the Demon Realm together, and then went on a series of expeditions in the demon realm. In the end, Theodore and the others could finally leave the demon realm, but the female mage made the choice to stay in the demon realm temporarily.

She said that she felt that the demon realm was different from what she had imagined. It was more pure than the human world. She wanted to practice here for a while and advance to the stage of the Great Mage. It should take at least ten years for her to advance to the Great Mage.

She also saw from her time spent with Theodore in the demon realm that Theodore did not have feelings for her as a person or woman anymore, so she also graciously chose to let it go, and said words of blessing.

“This female mage suits my taste very well.” Sarah said to the vice-captain next to her, “Decisive. Can let go when it’s time to let go.”

“I like Elena better,” the vice-captain said, “the one that can live and die with me.”

After leaving the female mage, the two of them returned to the human world. Elena lived in secret in a foreign country, and by chance and with the help of Theodore, she took charge of a business and had a new life. Seeing this, Theodore took the initiative to leave in order not to cause trouble for Elena. Elena was actually watching him from upstairs the night he left, but she never said: “please stay”.

Next, Theodore traveled to the continent, was chased by the church, and then fought, and then officially became the Evil Monarch. Once again, almost being besieged by the church, the princess saved him by deliberate mistake, allowing him to escape successfully. That night, the princess went to look for him and asked him why he was not with Elena.

“Elena is my sister,” Theodore stunned for a moment and replied.

“Then I have a chance?” the princess asked with a smile.

Theodore did not answer.

In the box of the Magnolia City shopping mall movie theater, Princess Delia asked in Theodore’s ear softly, “So, do I have a chance? Theodore.”

Theodore shook, “That… there are people around.”

Princess Delia chuckled lightly, sat up straight again, and continued to watch the movie.

The next plot is that Theodore rampaged the continent unscrupulously. After that, Theodore was involved in the empire’s civil strife, and then he supported the princess to the throne. At the same time, the princess’s feelings for him deepened, but the night before the enthronement, the princess or the future queen said to him: “I like you, but I love my empire more, if you endanger the empire, I will kill you.”

Theodore, in turn, smiled slightly: “I appreciate that about you.”

The story is basically over here. At present, Theodore has become a notorious evil monarch. The church regards him as the number one enemy. He also occupies the top of the list on the wanted orders of the major empires. Later, a demon dragon was born and the creatures were overwhelmed. Theodore went to a battle with him, and the audience watching the forbidden arts and special effects were full of enthusiasm. In the end, Theodore defeated the dragon and used the dragon’s flesh and blood to rebuild the body of Lich Ali.

“What exactly are you pursuing?” The past princess, now the queen asked with a complicated expression.

“I have saved some people before, and every time I saved people, I paid a very tragic price myself,” Theodore said with a smile. The movie recalled the losses he once suffered for saving people. “I was thinking, if I was strong enough, I could just save people casually.”

“What a joke, are you justifying your actions—”

“Of course not.” Theodore said, “In this world, saving lives is not allowed, killing is not allowed, and everyone is slowly eating each other up, whether it’s good or evil, there is a price to pay. Because most humans are not good and not evil, they are just mortals. So, I just want to be strong enough to do whatever I want. I don’t just save people, I also kill people.”

Once again, memories appear.

“You say we’re family and blood is thicker than water? Well, let me see for myself then.” Theodore raised his hand, and the blade fell, the First Elder fell on the shore, blood flowed in the lake, Theodore showed an innocent smile: “Oh, it’s really thicker than water, thank you for your hard work.”

“Ah, I know that you are only oppressing the people, and you are not guilty of death, but don’t make a mistake. I am not a messenger of justice. I am only killing people. No matter whether you are guilty or not, I just want to kill you.”

“Since you all call me a demon, then I am simply a demon,” Theodore said so to the crowd of paladins, and then went on a killing spree.

The recollection ends.

“Then you… what exactly are you pursuing…”

Theodore looked up at the blood-colored setting sun, “If the sky crushes me, I will split the sky, if the ground restrains me, I will smash the ground, I am born free, who dares to be high and mighty?” He laughed a few times after he finished the last sentence. And then stepped into the bloody dusk.

When he said this passage, the background music was “I am free to walk in the lonely shadow of heaven and earth”. In the beginning, the tight drums were gradually added with heavy percussion instruments. By the time he said the last sentence, the melody was fully unfolded, and the sense of magnificence was just “It’s like tens of thousands of rays of light bursting out from a dense cloud.” “Bright and solemn”, desolate and majestic, full of heroic spirit, and vigor.

This music is quite famous, from “Ashes of Time”, and was later quoted by many movies, of which the most famous is of course “Journey to the West”.

The movie also ends with this magnificent music.

The viewers have not recovered for a long time.

All previous movies were based on love as the main theme, but this one is different. Although it has the rhythm and plot of the male yy cool article, the connotation is with the spirit of resistance and rebellion. The passionate plot and lines make people really reminisce.

Helen Lestat looked at her notebook with a dazed expression.

She only wrote two sentences at the beginning, and didn’t write a single word afterward—because she was completely attracted by the movie and didn’t have time to think about any other issues.

Hiss… Helen Lestat couldn’t help sucking in a cold breath, and a line appeared in her mind: This movie is so terrifying.

Even she, a “professional film critic” became like this, just imagine how the other audiences will be…

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